One of the blogocrats sent me these photos. So I put them into a youtube clip. 

I think the photos are amazing.


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  1. So, where is this?

    I’m genuinely interested.

  2. Amazing pics. Wonderful!! Thank you to the blogocrat for forwarding these along.

  3. I suspect pumicestone rather than “sand”.

    …and the volcanic action is a bit of a clue. 🙂

  4. TB

    I know – but the email I got referred to it as being “sand” and I thought I’d keep it like that for suspenders (sic).

  5. Tom

    It was an eruption near Tonga.

  6. “suspenders” 😯

  7. TB, it’s keeping one in suspension..aka suspenders. However….

  8. So… when N5 says they’re going to a tacky holiday in Broadbeach, presumably to indulge in the “all you can eat” menus and visit the tackiest casino, they’re actually sailing around volcanoes near Tonga??

    Note – ensure that N5 commentaries are treated with ever increasing levels of suspicion.

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