One of the blogocrats sent me these photos. So I put them into a youtube clip. 

I think the photos are amazing.

Great PM statements of the past

In 2007 the former member for Bennelong said:

You have to look at everything I said during the election campaign and you will find that I repeatedly said that interest rates would always be lower under a coalition government than Labor.

Not sometimes, but always.

In 2009, we have a Labor government and we have the following after todays 100 basis poit cut.

The cash rate has not been this low since 1964, according to Bloomberg data.

Seems that the Australian public made a wise decision in dumping the former member for Bennelong for mis-truths – or could it be that interest rates are not solely the result of the Australian federal governments policies?

Recession Obsession

The Government has unveiled a massive $42 billion nation building and employment plan aimed at retaining 90,000 jobs over the next two years and insulating Australia against the worst of the global economic recession.

Billed as a “rapid response” to the deteriorating global economic conditions, the centrepiece of the plan is $28.8 billion of spending on schools, housing, energy efficiency in homes, community infrastructure and roads, and support to small business to be delivered mostly in 2009-10 and 2010-11.

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Bashing the Bishop

I find it odd – well actually I don’t – that none of the MSM have picked up on Julie Bishop’s comment yesterday where she said:

Well, it would depend what the package included, but we would be urging the government to include in any stimulus package tax cuts, broad and sweeping tax cuts that will increase the tax base and increase tax revenues.

Imagine if Rudd, Swan or Tanner said that. The MSM media would be all over it.

From what I can see only Joshua Gans (Core Economics) and Larvatus Prodeo have picked up on it.

Update: Peter Martin references the comment in The Age.