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Lurking by the Watercooler

It’s time to gather by the watercooler..!



I don’t know about you but my watercooler’s nearly empty what with all this hot weather..

Interestingly, at least for me anyway, I’ve been trying lots of exotic tropical drinks. One is called Gana – half ginger ale, half ginger beer, bitters and a slice of lime. Very refreshing.

Another is hot ginger tea, made from freshly pounded ginger root, hot water and milk. Surprisingly cooling.

Anyway, let’s catch up on the latest gossip, or offload and issues or anything that’s got your goat up!

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  1. My goat is up because reb is enjoying himself (and I hope only himself) on holidays while I am working damn hard.


  2. LOL! Would it get your goat up any further if I remind you that I have two more weeks of holidays still to go?

  3. “We just copied the great black masters for two and a half years and all of a sudden it just hit me. What I’ve got to do is get the feeling and the blueprint that they presented me with and write an Australian blues’.” – Matt Taylor

    Chain’s ‘Black and Blue’ was genuine Australian blues. A chain-gang song about the convict past with authentic roots, it struck a raw new chord with young suburban audiences.

    Chain – Black and Blue ,1971

  4. Soak up your well-earned break reb. Enjoy your travels.

    The wife and I are not travellers, though we intend to do so one day. Instead of spending our earnings on travel we opted for investments, to give us a little nest egg in retirement. It won’t be huge, but it will beat a pension.

    Because we opted to invest in property the younger generations call us greedy baby boomers. Funny, but a lot of these same younguns have trotted happily around the globe and enjoyed what the world has to offer, and then complain because the baby boomers have a monopoly on real estate.

    We are not greedy. We are shrewd. When retirement finally dawns we will use our assets to fund our travels. We will just be a couple of baby boomers exercising our options.

    It baffles me why the younger generation have a problem with that.

    Nuff said. Have a drink for me.

  5. Cool, TOSY, cool.

    Is it you, or Tom (ya know, uniontom), who lauds Hunter S. thompson?
    Too poisoned to remember at this point. Other, realworld (as opposed to tinfoil internet interactions) have strongly steered me in his direction.

    I didn’t realise that the watercooler was open for lurking.

    Perhaps, in light of lovable IATW’s bitter sockpuppetry & previous excellent, blunt contributions you may like to replace the segment with “Lurking within earshot of Teh Boss’s Porcelain Bowl”?

    This is where I cower in case of an expected attack from Love U Long Time & other spiteful Blogojudges.

  6. Miglo,

    My intention in retirement is to visit the outback first – in one of these.


  7. Tony,

    Do you intend being the owner?

  8. Holy religious experience Batman!

    I was just sitting here, as I typed my last dribble….& the bunch of keys on the wall jiggled & tinkled as if someone were picking them up off of the hook!

    But there’s noone else here awake…eery, I looked over my left shoulder, then my right…I checked all of the 26 doorways of the [haunted] buffalo lodge (Centrelink operated from here not a sordid decade ago).

    Nothing, noone…just a nervous Jack Russel & a disturbed mortgagee.

    But then I had a profound realisation, if you will…a godly experience.

    It is actually a Jack Russel(L) & the fan is making the keys jigkle.

    I’ve been naughtier than Michael Phelps this afternoon, thrice.

  9. Miglo,

    A wise man once told me:

    If it flies, floats, or f**ks: don’t own it; rent it.

  10. I’ve been naughtier than Michael Phelps this afternoon, thrice.

    Hmmm. That explains plenty (including, but not only, your taste in musical enjoyment.)

    / Myself? Not unaccustomed to Phelpsian perception enhancements.

  11. “Because we opted to invest in property the younger generations call us greedy baby boomers. Funny, but a lot of these same younguns have trotted happily around the globe and enjoyed what the world has to offer, and then complain because the baby boomers have a monopoly on real estate.”mig 29

    I must admit I had a stereotypical view of what a babyboomer was prior to reading some of todays threads re such.
    I am a bit younger than Will & had a certain feeling that it was the last 40yrs & its graduates in high positions (Kissinger & too many others to mention…there are so many, he probably isn’t even one by definition; I’m not sure ) that really took the bull between the horns & ploughed the Earth’s biopop relentlessly & deeply beyond the point of return.

    I suppose I’m now wavering towards the (obvious in hindsight) understanding that not every single person of chronologically categorised subgroup is proportionally responsible for the largesse & callous ignorance resulting in the plight of the teeming billions not involved personally in their day-to-day lives.
    What a terribly verbose mouthful (not in accordance with Tony’s rules of articulate, concise, memorable blogging), I don’t even understand it upon a second read…but I kinda see where I was coming from. potplants

    What I really mean is, it’s a mistake to think of gigantic samples of the population (ie. all babyboomers, all Gen Yers) as one dimensional automatons that belong to a particular group without individuals exercising personal judgement. Not so much separates us all. Labels are analytically usefull but largely detrimental to objectivity.

    Of course I intend to use labels more often now as a matter of principal & a helpful statistical tool for padding out my bias.

  12. “Hmmm. That explains plenty”

    Hmmm, that’s not a particularly Vic filter to apply to my ramblings I hope.
    The contrast between the accusatory tone of the Vic version & the SA version of News.com today re the indiscretion (big deal, pretty thick with his public profile but he is only human…unlike Steve Waugh) was striking.

    I was who I am long before I relaxed this afternoon.

    Today a bloke (in the spirit of Australia Week) rather than a boss. When I was 21 they (the royal “they”) made me a boss, being in charge of others sux2the max. Much easier to do things correctly yourself the first time without the bitching.

  13. Tbloke. Good post.

    If you take away the stereotypes and the generalisations, you’d find that most of the population have less differences than we’re lead to believe. Some of us, admittedly, have a different heirachy of needs.

    I place security fairly well close to the top.

    I’ve been down and out a few times, so broke that I had to go hunting for empty bottle so that I could buy some hot chips for tea. I’d so the same the next day.

    I’ve begged for food vouchers from just about every benevolent society so I could get a meal.

    Going nowhere in life, I decided to do something about it.

    Ten years ago I went to uni and Jedda supported me (and a son) on her $500 a week salary. We moved towns a couple of time so I could get work after completing my degree(s) because I wasn’t getting anything in Adelaide.

    But the main thing is we never, never, never wanted to be on the bones of our arses again.

    I was in my mid 40s and had nothing but a car worth $1500. The one thing I had was determination and self belief that I could make something of my life and something for my family.

    Ten years later and Jedda and I have an income that I’d be embarassed to reveal. In ten years we have gone from nothing to owning 3 houses and receiving huge salaries.

    So when the younger generations get personal with me, I stop and think that ten years ago they had a better station in life than I had, and now they begrudge me for achieving my dreams.

    I tell you, fear of failure can be a great motivator.

  14. T Boss

    My clumsily conveyed point was that I occasionallyy enjoy similar “Phelpsian convivialities”.

  15. Migs.

    Life is absolutely a distinguishably individual journey which is only relative to the eyes of the beholder…unless of course you (as I think many here do) often deliberately imagine life through the eyes of your fellow sentients.
    It is harshly presumptious to imagine that we hold the answers to our own lives questions, let alone the lives of those around us, Understanding is paramount & a little empathy goes a long way to achieving objectivity.

    I know how it is to scrape by. A mistake commonly made in reference to me (in this town) is assuming (wrongly)that I’m well off because mum is a dr..
    She has only been since the turn of the century, so I well understand what you mean by…

    “determination and self belief that I could make something of my life and something for my family.”

    …this is an ageless trait relative to people of quality wherever they may be on a human timeline. I do tend to think that age gives a little more perspective & focussed ambition, how many among us truly knew where it was that we were going when we were 16, 20, 25 or even 29. I still don’t at 33; but I look around me & many of my generation are fitting the die. Ignorance can easily be bliss but the less ignorant to the world around you that you become the harder it is to accomodate said blissful(L) ignorance IMHO.

    I have hurt & sweated menially to get to where I am. For many reasons I am a broader person for it.
    There are certainly several class divides within comfortable society.
    To be born into it is removed from clawing your way over the rim of the pie.

  16. “My clumsily conveyed point was that I occasionallyy enjoy similar “Phelpsian convivialities”

    Oh dear, how is it that senor phelps can clip your sentences so efficiently but makes mine blossom with unnecessary words?
    I underestimated you. I’ve never seen Herr phelps as an impediment to clear thinking & that makes you a case in point. Today is my Friday, very convivial.

    I like to see the cracks in carefully manicured (not by him) icons such as phelps, it reinforces the failure of my own pitiful attempts to be the world’s ultimate anthropoicthyus; I could lurk on a nutrigrain box if the $ were right & the new realism took over commercial advertising imperatives.

  17. I can’t remember if the watercooler thread is a politics free zone or not.

    Anyway, thought this was interesting:

    Israel pays damages for death of journalist James Miller

    To be fair, Will was not having a go at anyone in particular, just pointing out the reality of life for the younger generation.

    5th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (pdf)

    Australia tops the list and is way over represented in the Severely Unaffordable Housing Markets (page 6).

  18. # In ten years you have three houses.

    I made a huge mistake buying my second house(after selling the first off course) and got sued.
    I found this house i was so happy with on the internet, got photos of the whole house with huge land so i placed a deposit on it. Wife and i drove up from mudgee to see the house. We found it on a half hour drive on a dirt road… hell with that. So the owner showed up and i said,” you didnt think a dirt road wasn’t important information, i nearly belted him (cause i signed the contract via the real estate back in Mudgee)” he said nothing. so i got in the car and drove down to sydney and the bloke tried to sue me for $80,000 for settlement over the contract, i freaked. so i told him to keep the $8000 deposit and i threated to file bankrupcy and say im an alcoholic/gambler if he persisted. It ended there so i bought in caboolture.

    I feel asleep reading my own post… so i thought i’d submit it

  19. Kittylitter @ 12:59am.

    You are right. I prepared my defence against Will without reading down the list and his subsequent comments.

    If you’re out there Will, all is cool buddy. You don’t have to explain anything to me.

  20. “I feel asleep reading my own post…”

    Aqua, I usually fall asleep reading your posts too.

  21. Miglo, I sense something of a paradox here.

    You say you’re fortunate and reasonably well off these days. But you live in Canberra, support Port Adelaide…

  22. That word “paradox” haunts you, doesn’t it Tom.

  23. Miglo

    Should it not be a “paraducks” when you are involved?

  24. LOL joni. Duck season works all year round for you, does it not?

  25. Abtholutely – you notice these things when singing songs in the jungle.

  26. Joni, you’re despicable.

  27. hehe, Miglo… that has given me a giggle.

  28. Nothing wrong with Port Adelaide, I used to barrack for Essendon, but my support followed Wanganeen back to Port!

    I did not mean to bash you if you are a Baby Boomer, I know that just like us most Baby Boomers did not have any real profit until mid 30’s, my point was they (as a group) had more houses and secure enough jobs on the whole, but for us the government took away support from younger generations too suddenly leaving us with debt we did not understand. I don’t think I would like jobs that secure though in retrospect… I would get bored ;O)

    I wonder what the world will through at us next… my bet is that after a few years of infrastructure spending and a lot of waste, the academics and scientists will start to dominate the economies, which historically has done wonders for the world. Last time science pulled the world properly from a recession was more than 100 years ago I think.

    So if you are wondering what you kid should be doing at uni right now? Science would be a good bet imho.

  29. Yo, Wills old bloke. The Power’s the way to go. All of a sudden you’re a legend.

    Funny about science. Twenty years ago the world was full of unemployed science graduates, now they should be able to write their own pay cheque (you’d think).

    We must find a better way to live, and to best utilise our dwindling resources, or to create artifical ones, and we turn to science to do that for us. Yes, we are in their hands.

    Must disagree with you about a secure job though. OK, they don’t provide stimulus, but at my age I need tenure of security. As we age, we tend to lose the sense of adventure.

    These days my adventures are confined to watching the Power.

    Incidentally, the main street in my Canberra suburb is called Wanganeen Ave. Guess who it must have been named after? Ninety nine per cent of the streets in my suburb are named after prominant Aborigines or Aboriginal words. Our particular street is a Ngunnawal word, the meaning of which i don’t know. The same word in Adnyamathana (Flinders Ranges) means penis. I’m sure it has another meaning in the local dialect. I’d just hate to live on Penis St.

  30. Migs,

    That was(is) a very inspiring life experience. Thanks for sharing.

    My travel is mostly around SE Asia. My partner is from Penang, so we usually visit his family once or twice a year and then through in a side trip to somewhere nearby like Cambodia or Thailand. This time it’s Vietnam where we’ll be heading off to tomorrow.

  31. “I’d just hate to live on Penis St”

    I trust there are no restaurants there..?

  32. # Aqua, I usually fall asleep reading your posts too.

    you mean more snoring.

  33. Im hearing a report on crocs up north getting around due to the floods. Great not only do you have a flood but now you can be eaten cleaning it up.

  34. Hello Aqua, son and crew have reported in and they are fine. No bread left at Coles, but M is a good bread maker. And forgot to buy loo paper, however they do have baby-wipes 🙂

  35. Min thats good news about coles being out of bread.
    We only just making our own bread and the chooks are getting a good feed. im good at damper by the fire with the vegetable and vegemite stew. But normal bread is i little harder.

    Good to hear your son is fine.

  36. Lol Kitty, just got my internet speed back so i opened the link.

  37. And aqua, and because it feels to be eons since we’ve had any recipes (missing lekhni) damper with an Italian flavor.

    Damper with cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes:

    1 1/2 cups SR flour
    25g butter
    3/4 cup milk
    1/3 cup kalamata olives, chopped
    2 tablespoons chopped sundried tomatoes
    2/3 cup grated mozzarella
    1 tablespoon plain flour

    Rub butter into SR flour (use those things called hands). Mix in the rest with the exception of the plain flour. Roll into small loaves, sprinkle with plain flour and bake in a preheated oven (I always forget to preheat). Moderately hot.

    Leftovers, grill topped with a little extra cheese – ham – tommy-ato.

  38. Plus cooking with vegemite, I have the Vegemite Cook Book which came as a 3 pack from Peter Russell-Clarke. And no, I am not yet game to make any of the recipes.

  39. Thanks heaps for that Min. Yum olives.
    Wifes eyes lit up when she saw the tomatos in the ingredents.

  40. While Miglo might have a pair of ducks – Canberra and Port Adelaide, I can own up to being a dux – singular.

  41. And Tom, Migs is double dux.

  42. Here is as good as place as any to post this and it’s terrible shocking stuff. Sorry for bringing in a downer in this mostly light hearted thread.

    Katrina killing spree

    Just when you though you had heard it all on Hurricane Katrina out comes the story of whites going out and deliberately shooting blacks, many to death, then the whole thing being buried even though there is incontrovertible evidence of New Orleans police involvement and some of the whites who committed the murders bragging about in videos.

    This is well worth listening to and shows the worst of white America. Here’s hoping with Obama in office and this starting to make waves (albeit small ones) that he orders a thorough investigation, and all those involved in the shootings and cover ups are prosecuted.

  43. Damn scaper, Rudd has done it again. First greening 2.7 million homes and now a massive spend on public housing.

    Who was it in Blogocrats that flagged this as a must and I think also raised by scaper?

    Cue Twilight Zone music, but is Rudd reading this blog?

  44. Oh and of a very minor side note and almost totally shoved into the noise of the background was Turnbull spluttering on about a large deficit and the bad structure of the spending meaning Rudd is clueless.

    Meanwhile all around him just about every group (with some provisos and reservations) have been praising the package to one level or another.

  45. And Tom, Migs is double dux.

    Thankyou Min. One day I’ll have all my uni awards framed.

  46. Will, I know you were only joking about yolking your good self to the Portscum.
    I’d hate to have to view all future comments through that unfortunate prism; there’s already one devotee to the subspecies here.

  47. Hey Bloke, you forget about Jane.

  48. That’s some seriously nasty business Adrian.

    Any idea why it’s taken so long to surface…apart from the Bushistas.

  49. Toiletbloke you hit on it in one word, the Bushistas.

    Even though it was known to have happened within two to three days after the event, the whole thing was rapidly buried as Bush was already getting massive flak for how badly he treated the New Orleans black community, and still is to this day.

    Read up on how he implemented a deliberate policy of relocating New Orleans blacks to the poorer areas of other States and has handed over black areas of New Orleans to white developers for future white communities.

    New Orleans’s demographics are gradually and deliberately being altered to upmarket the area for whites.

  50. Adrian I take it that you also listen to Late Night Live. I download it daily as a podcast. I eagerly look forward to listening about Katrina tonight, if I don’t fall asleep. That Mr Adams has a damn soothing voice.

  51. Yes I also podcast it in case I miss it, and even got a radio on my motorbike just so I can catch the repeat on the way home from work. It was on the way home from work on my motorbike where I heard about the Katrina shootings.

  52. Apologies to Jane who also tethers herself to the subspecies.

  53. Anybody know how to open a FLAC file? effed if I know, tech gurus please rescue moi.

    Somebody “shared” a copy of Leonard Cohen’s New Skin For The Old Ceremony with me but my Windows Media Player won’t have a bar of it.
    Not for me, it’s the only one dad doesn’t have.

    Not sure what to do.

  54. Adrian and Miglo both avid listeners of Phillip Adams. Now THAT explains a lot.

  55. Gee, what a day I had…firstly dealing with the earthmoving company…ordered a bobcat and ten metre tipper last week to get the excess fill off site and got a call telling me that a six will turn up.

    I told the lady that I want a ten metre and she replied that the truck will have to do two trips…told her to put me onto the manager…ten metre it is.

    Ordered twenty five cubes of mulch last week and the lady rang me up and said that it will be in a semi…I was about to sought her out when I got a call on the hotline that scapette fell off her bike and split her head open…four stitches later that was sorted.

    What really got to me is her best friend drove past as it happened and her mother just kept on driving…what do you expect from a methodist that dresses and paints her face like a two buck tramp…Mrs scaper is going to have a piece of that bitch!

    I don’t know how much longer we will handle living in this ant nest but it won’t be long…society up here ain’t worth a piece of the proverbial in my opinion…not the Australia that I grew up in.

  56. “Adrian and Miglo both avid listeners of Phillip Adams. Now THAT explains a lot.” (James).

    Yes, Late Night Live is a leader in the field of intellectual dialogue.

    Bit above you, me thinks.

  57. Thanks Mig, James is having a friendly dig or really doesn’t know just how good LNL is and it’s not a left wing shoutbox, though Phillip was once in the Communist Party.

    Very few shows or compares can do multi simultaneous interviews across the globe as good as Phillip can, and the subjects and guests are interesting and many downright fascinating. Take the piece on the white shootings of blacks last night, extremely well done without one piece of sensationalism. If that was aired on commercial network by someone other than Phillip it would have been all about sensationalism.

    As an aside has anyone seen the two photos from Katrina where in one it shows a black couple wading through chest deep water with a bunch of stuff on makeshift rafts, and the other showing a white couple wading through chest deep water with a bunch of stuff on makeshift rafts.

    The caption on the first; Looters make their getaway through deep waters.

    The caption on the second; A family struggles through deep waters with their only possessions.

    The truth as it turned out. The black couple were rescuing the last of their possession and the white couple had looted goods amongst their possessions.

  58. True Adrian. I’m guessing that James hasn’t even listened to any LNL shows. He would be surprised at the quality of guests and of Adams’ art of being an oustanding interviewer.

  59. Mayhaps he has only learned about Adams through the eyes of Albrechtsen, Bolt or sundry other polar opposite ideologues (not that Adams isn’t an ideologue himself)…just a thought.

  60. Shit 200,000 tomorrow.

  61. Shit a brick, if I may.

  62. Toiletbloke, on February 3rd, 2009 at 6:55 pm Said:

    Anybody know how to open a FLAC file? effed if I know, tech gurus please rescue moi.

    Ask your favourite search engine Tbloke – you’ll find pages like:


  63. thanx bacchus.

  64. Adrian, received an email in the form of a Leunig cartoon re the Obama election, the other day. Southern white guy sitting on a rocking chair saying how times have changed. Once the only jobs black people could get were cleaning up the mess left by white people. Black guy with a broom says funny how nothing changes.

    Shane, a Jasper anecdote for you. We had a barbeque the other night and a piece of steak was left over. Husbandy substance put it on the table and waddled off. A crash was heard and the Halfwit Hound careered out with the steak firmly clamped between his teeth.
    I took immediate punishment action, beat up the alleged offender and gave the meat to Jasper. Slowly, the truth dawned. The Halfwit couldn’t have done the deed, it had to be the whipster.
    Jasper had achieved all his dark aims-HH had been blamed and punished for Jasper’s wicked deed and not only had Jasper got away with the crime, but he’d been rewarded with the loot!
    Whipsters-criminal masterminds!

    Miglo, go the mighty Power and sod the unbelievers and infidels!!!

  65. Did anyone see this thread on our friend Ross’s site?

    I’m not falling for it.

  66. BTW, Shane how’s your little champion? I’m sure he’ll be heartened when he hears how Jasper is keeping the Whipster faith.

  67. “Did anyone see this thread on our friend Ross’s site?”

    I liked the post titled “HUH?”. And not because of the title.

  68. Jane

    Aahh the mind of a whippet LOL. Even though he was naughty I bet you still smiled at the actions of the mastermind. Those things don’t happen as muich at home anymore as Riley just doesn’t have the control. For starters you hear his front and back left legs drag across the floor boards as soon as he gets up.

    Riley climbed up the back stairs yesterday morning but before i could get the little door open he tried to turn around to go back down and lost his balance. My heart jumped in my throat as I watched him careen down the 17 steps trying desperately to balance and fall at the same time while only having control of his right side legs, Amazingly he bounced and bounced down to about 5 steps off the cement and then launched himself for all he was worth away form the cement and onto the ground.

    He made it, JUST

    So relieved he survived as he has no control and was expecting broken legs everywhere.

    Has numerous cuts and bruises to his whole body but still in one piece although very quiet at the moment I think he is very sore all over.

  69. Jane

    Riley is fine, although they are all legs they are a wonderful dog to nurse or cuddle up to, so gentle and such a soft coat for a short haired breed and can lay so still compared to most other breeds.

  70. Bloody hell, Shane, your heart must have been between your teeth! The little buggers look so delicate but are really as tough as old boots. Still, Riley will need lots of extra cuddles for a while. Give him a pat from me.
    Jasper is planning his next heist as I write this, so will have to be extra careful not to leave temptation in his way.
    I still can’t make up my mind whether they’re Artful Dodgers or Fagan.

  71. Jane

    I think they a bit of both, cunning and also opportunistic. You are right as well they are tough, Riley falls over on the floor boards all the time due to lack of control but never a sound and he pauses for a moment, remembers he has no left control and does it all again but slowly and gently.

    Think you should have called Jasper, Oliver 🙂

    Will give Riley a pat from you tonight Jane.

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