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Top Five – Aussie Bands

Image created by www.wordle.net

Image created by http://www.wordle.net

This weeks top five is all about Aussie Bands – as we discussed on the Friday thread. But what constitutes an Aussie band? Does Split Enz qualify? What about Air Supply? OK – maybe bringing up Air Supply was a bit wrong, but you get my point.

My top five are:

  1. Spy V Spy
  2. Chisel
  3. The Whitlams (sorry)
  4. The Radiators (all down to a night at Cessnock RSL)
  5. INXS

(Sorry for the lack of new threads, but work is a bit silly at the moment)

42 Responses

  1. I have ony four, in no particular order:

    1. Midnight Oil
    2. Hunters and Collectors
    3. Masters’ Aprentices (their 60s stuff only)
    4. The Twilights.

    If the Beatles were Australian I’d have them at number 1.

  2. Ohh dear… forgot H&C…. d’oh

  3. Gee, I can’t narrow it down to ten, little well five!

    I like this band for their ability and arrangements…if I close my eyes I see a bit of Brian Cadd.


  4. My try..

    1. The Oils
    2. The Zoot (a group of young blokes including Daryl Cotton and Beeb Birtles)..and I had their poster and my mother threw it away.
    3. Cold Chisel [why do most groups seem to come from Adelaide?]
    And hubby’s pics
    4. AC/DC
    5. Bee Gees..earlier stuff.

  5. Stuck in the spam bin again…HELP!!!

  6. Rescued.

  7. Min,

    Rick Springfield was also in the Zoot.

    “Why do most groups seem to come from Adelaide?” Because there is nothing else to do over there apart from join a band.

  8. Oh no, not again. Come on blogos..time to rescue scaper again. This is going to take a team effort, here grab an ankle, and another ankle and give it the good old one, two heave-ho.

  9. Min i cant imagine in event which would involve me grabbing Scapers ankles.

  10. Brian Cadd!!! Scaper that reminds me of another great old band – The Groop. Which reminds me of another great old band – The Loved Ones.

    How come there’s no great old bands amongst the new bands these days?

  11. I can’t remember Rick, but most definitely remember Beeb and Darryl. This would have been in about ’67.

  12. Min,

    Rick joined in 1969/70 by memory and they changed their image – went leather and turned into heavy rock, as this vid shows:


  13. That’s easy…





    The Bezerker

  14. Thank you for the reminder scaper. Somehow Icehouse and Great Southern Land is missed over when one thinks of great Aussie songs.

  15. 1. Cold Chisel
    2. X
    3. The Beasts of Bourbon
    4. The Hoodoo Gurus
    5. The Drones

  16. This Stevie Wright song brings back fond memories…those were fun days.


  17. Too hard – again – I’ll never pass the test!

    1. Little River Band
    2. Siverchair
    3. Easybeats
    4. The Twilights
    5. The Bits ‘n’ Pieces (my old band from the ’60’s..he he) 😆

    Then I look at the other lists – too hard (or the bands are too good!) – hey! Apart from TBoss – WTF is Psycroptic – apart from him? 😉

    Our best exports would have to be AC DC, Bee Gees, The Seekers, Air Supply, Savage Garden – bugger here we go again – why only five!

  18. Aqua, re scaper’s ankle..you would if you had to.

    Sadly must choof as once again duty calls aka dinner.

  19. Thanks for that song scaper (Easybeats). I had planned to have a link to it earlier but I wasn’t sure if you young blokes knew of it.

  20. Back in Aus and had to contribute to the Top 5 (no particular order).
    1. Hunter and Collectors
    2. INXS
    3. ACDC
    4. Powderfinger
    5. Midnight Oils

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds would be there as well but I knda think of NC&THS as a soloist – John Butler Trio is in the same category – both would have made the list and displaced one of the above although deity knows which ones.

    Other great Aussie bands (some new(ish, some less so) worth mentioning and many close to making the list: Silverchair (of course) Icehouse (AKA the Flowers), Boom Crash Opera, Noiseworks, Australian Crawl, Whitlams, Cruel Sea, Eskimo Joe, You Am I, Cat Empire, Frenzal Rhomb, Cordrazine, Regurgitator, Spiderbait, Sneaky Sound System and Wolfmother (and many more from the 60 and 70s that I haven’t really had a good chance to get to know. Unfortunately never got to see the Oils or INXS live but rest of the list (inc also ran) I have seen at least once (except Cordrazine except for a live performance of Crazy on Recovery which blew me and everyone else watching away) – all are brilliant live.

  21. Welcome back Dave55…hope you had a great time on your honeymoon…any photos?

  22. Thanks, Migs, nice to find another fan…!

    You noticed I put up my old band on my list – we won a Battle of the Bands in the mid ’60’s at, The Scene, “the” place in Brissy…

    …our prize was a contract for Friday and Saturday night gigs – play at The Scene – Adelaide St, (pack up the gear into two cars and head across Brissy), play at The Bowl -South Bris., (pack up the gear into cars back to Adld. St) finish around midnight at The Scene…

    …on one of our gigs at The Bowl – The Twilights were the “headline band” – we came in just as they were finishing thier first spot and they started singing “Paperback Writer” in five part harmony – I still get goosebumps (right now) – no instruments, just voices – been a fan ever since! (You will notice LRB in my list!)

  23. This will be my last clip.

    This is not really a band, more a theme of a comedy that in my eyes was the defining moment that influenced a new genre.


  24. G’day Dave55

    This may be a bit late but James of Melb is getting married – I just lifted a post to him – for you! 😀

    …when I was at work, we always gave, “about to be marrieds”, a jar and a bag of peas…

    …and told ‘em…

    …in the first year of marriage – every time you “jig a jig” put a pea in the jar – after the first year take a pea out – no matter how long you are married, you’ll never empty the jar…

    BTW – its probably not too late to start now! 😆

  25. scaper…, on February 1st, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    …yep! Definitely a defining moment in Aussie comedy but you must have watched Monty Python?

  26. scaper…, on February 1st, 2009 at 6:41 pm Said:

    Miglo, this is an old favourite.


    First live concert I went to was Daddy Cool at the Melbourne Myer Music Bowl.

    The first album I bought with my own money was Abbey Road.

    Rockwiz: What was the first live concert you went to?
    Rockwiz: What was the first album you ever bought with your own money?

  27. What about Olivia Newton John…? I ask…

    “Yeah, what about her” replies the united throng….

  28. “jig a jig”

    WTF is that…? Highland dancing…?

  29. 1. The Church
    2. Died Pretty
    3. Crow
    4. Laughing Clowns
    5. Art of Fighting


    Dirty Three
    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    Gaslight Radio
    Paradise Motel
    Underground Lovers
    Crystal Set
    Augie March
    Radio Birdman
    Not Drowning, Waving
    Decoder Ring
    Big Heavy Stuff
    Hugo Race & the True Spirit
    Bluebottle Kiss
    The Necks
    Sealife Park
    The Saints
    Something for Kate
    The Panics
    2-Litre Dolby
    Celibate Rifles
    The Drones
    Beautiful World
    Youth Group
    The Models
    The Clouds
    The Hummingbirds
    The Go-Betweens
    Midnight Oil
    Dead Can Dance (originated in Australia)

    off the top of my head…


  30. scaper …

    I have photos but am still getting them together (cutting out the junk ie choosing the ones that make me look better etc) to send out.

    Thank’s for the ‘advice’ TB – I’m hoping that I don’t live long enough to prove that little story right 😉

  31. nasking –
    Triffids and The Saint’s: Another two great bands I never got to see.

    And I forgot Something for Kate, Youth Group and The Panics (My bad 😳 ). I’ve seen the first two live but not the Panics unfortunately.

  32. I don’t know if it can be called a concert but it was the Rocky Horror Show starring Reg Livermore at Glebe in the early seventies…failing that Lou Reed at the State Theatre I think.

    First album bought was Leo Sayer…Just a Boy.

  33. First Live Concert was Boom Crash Opera at the Sydney Showground Royal Easter Show. Can’t remember the year.

    I was dragged to a Ted Egan concert in Alice Springs when I was about 7 but I don’t count that one.

    First Album bought.. no idea. I do recall having a Whispering Jack tape but I hope that I didn’t fork out the cash for it 😳

  34. 5 bands from an outstanding era –

    Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
    Mental as Anything
    Mondo Rock

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