Flick Crit: Frost/Nixon

I have clear memories of watching President Richard Nixon’s resignation speech live in ’74. Just as we had watched Nixon congratulating Neil Armstrong after his walk on the moon in ’69. Tricky had a real sense of occasion as we also saw when he joined Mao Zedong on the Great Wall of China whilst secretly waging war in Cambodia. For the anti-Vietnam War generation, these interviews with David Frost were supposed to nail him. He owed an apology for Watergate, pure and simple.

Despite its straightforward narrative style Frost/Nixon is not simple. Neither adversary is presented one dimensionally. Nixon is not pure evil nor is Frost a completely naive political novice.
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Top Five – Aussie Bands

Image created by www.wordle.net

Image created by http://www.wordle.net

This weeks top five is all about Aussie Bands – as we discussed on the Friday thread. But what constitutes an Aussie band? Does Split Enz qualify? What about Air Supply? OK – maybe bringing up Air Supply was a bit wrong, but you get my point.

My top five are:

  1. Spy V Spy
  2. Chisel
  3. The Whitlams (sorry)
  4. The Radiators (all down to a night at Cessnock RSL)
  5. INXS

(Sorry for the lack of new threads, but work is a bit silly at the moment)