Peter Costello and Friends and Family in Christ

Fellow blogocrat Adrian of Nowra, has drawn our attention to this recent speech by Liberal backbencher Peter Costello.  

“Good morning to everybody that is meeting together in the Melbourne Town Hall on this Australia day.  I can’t think of a more important thing to be doing than to Unite in Prayer on this, our National day for our nation.  And I bring you special greetings to each and every one of you that is there today and is praying for our nation standing in prayer on its behalf for it and for all of our people.

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Unions. Let the Turf Wars Begin!

An article in The Australian recently outlined some of the misgivings about the industrial relations legislation of the Rudd Government, soon to be considered by the Senate. One of the critical issue of concern is the facilitation of “turf wars” by union that become hungry for membership.

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Watching the INTRADE World Crisis Index

INTRADE are following the global financial crisis. Although this is not meant to be a free ad, ‘Intrade, is The Prediction Market where you can buy and sell “shares” in financial, political, weather and other important subjects’.

Their latest email from John Delany on 28 January claims:

The Intrade World Crisis Index will tell us whether the Davos World Economic Forum Matters!

A higher post meeting index means our markets predict a more disastrous 2009 than before. A lower post-meeting index means our markets predict global leaders have reduced the probability that 2009 will be the disaster we previously thought.

We hope the global leaders convince our traders that 2009 will not be as bad as previously thought. We hope to see the index react to the keynote addresses.

You can also bet on the Academy Awards. Slumdog Millionaire is currently at 77.5 for Best Picture. You’ll have to visit their website for an explanation of the betting system.

Kevin Rennie

Unhealthy NSW

Cross post from Politcial Duo (the boyf’s site).

According to a latest Sydney Morning Herald report, a spokesperson for the Premier of NSW, Nathan Rees, said he was too busy with other issues when asked to comment on the sorry state of Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS).

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