Midweek Mayhem

I have been scolded (in a nice way) for not putting up the midweek mayhem thread – my excuse is that reb is away galavanting around SE Asia and he normally puts up the thread.

So – here it is, play nicely folks.


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  1. It’s @#%$ HOT here!

    All of the precious petals in Adelaide are crying because the State government yesterday suggested that maybe people could do a few alternative things to mitigate the heat before turning on their refrigerated aircons. Big mistake! that kind of interjection of practical reality drew such a hysterical outcry that the (equally as pissweak as its citizens apparently) SA gov gutlessly amended/retracted its statement by lunchtime.

    How fragile we have become, living in a cosy bubble, how dare the weather cause us discomfort.
    Needless to say, the goading comments about flimsy city people I sent to the (overcrowded with sooks) comments section of AdelaideNow didn’t get published.

    My fans (not supporters, the mechanical type) will get me through as always.

    In light of such public futility it seems clear to me that the planet is pretty much rooted as long as humans dwell here.

  2. T Boss, I wonder if the people that scream loudest about CC fore-go their air conditioners?

    My guess would be no way!

    We don’t have or want air conditioning as we live in a high set reproduction Queensland with breezes penetrating the under house and have ten foot ceilings.

    On hot nights we just open the bay French doors and turn the ceiling fan on in our bedroom…scapette opens her French doors and does the same.

    Air conditioning will be a thing of the past in a lot of houses due to the introduction of the ETS!

    Some jelly bums are in for a real shock I reckon.

  3. One should try living in a rural area – when one’s electricity carks it then you have no water either (no pump) which means no loo.

    If I had my wish then all new houses north of mid north coast NSW should be built in the Queenslander style – deep eves, windows oriented towards prevailing breezes, high ceilings. Yet here we are in the driest, hottest continent on earth building houses with shallow eaves and little insulation as if we were living in the Northern hemisphere.

  4. “Air conditioning will be a thing of the past in a lot of houses due to the introduction of the ETS!
    Some jelly bums are in for a real shock I reckon”

    I don’t know how people can afford to run a refrigerated aircon now, let alone after an ETS. I can’y see electricity getting any cheaper under any circumstances.

    The shock is coming.

    I should add that the infirmed, elderly & infantile are obvious exceptions to my rant.

  5. “infantile”?

    That covers most of the blogocrats, myself included.


  6. T Boss, since our wise Labor government deregulated the electricity industry some providers have lifted the tariff by around 20%!

    When the ETS comes in it will skyrocket as the industry will want to maintain their profits and the consumer will have to pay.

    The PM’s churn won’t be enough compensation.

  7. In exchange for giving up their time, members of the new Community Corps would get discounts on their university HECS debts. The proposal could attract tens of thousands of volunteers from the 1.3 million Australians with a higher education debt.


    Gee, I thought volunteer meant working for nothing…it will be interesting to see how many people actually sign up…from I can gather we are breeding the me generations.

    Just 2020 pie in the sky!

  8. Scaper, youngest already does volunteer work. I think that this is excellent that our young people can gain credits in order to work off their HECS debt.

    As you know daughter is visually impaired and yet has managed with the help of us plus her nana sending a little from her pension to be now into her 2nd year of her PhD.

    Daughter as above is already doing volunteer work and so this is excellent that a little will be chopped off her HECS debt.

  9. “T Boss, since our wise Labor government deregulated the electricity industry some providers have lifted the tariff by around 20%!”

    I may be wrong, but I’m fairly sure that it was the Libs that did that in SA…same spiralling outcome though.

    Yoiks! I just had a look & it got to 45+ in Adelaide today, probably hard to begrudge using an aircon in that kind of heat.
    I still hope that most of the city blacked out though.

  10. Nothing like deregulation to increase competition in the market place.

  11. “I think that this is excellent that our young people can gain credits in order to work off their HECS debt. ”

    As someone stung by a HECS debt, admittedly many years ago, I also like the sound of that scheme.
    HECS is fine if mummy & daddy can pay it upfront for you & finance your comfy uni festivities but not all are that lucky; seems like a reasonable trade-off & volunteering is not the same as getting something for nothing. Finding the time, depending on contact hours, would also be a consideration.

  12. “Nothing like deregulation to increase competition in the market place.”

    Yeah, it seriously fattened my water bills too.

  13. If it says it on News.com then it must be so…cough.


    I’m not sure that I agree that “wellbeing” can be quantified.

  14. Eekk. T’boss. Who has the money to pay for one’s kids uni fees upfront. Nobody that I know.

    Youngest daughter lived on $200pw for 4 years and this 200 included rent of 100pw (share accomodation) plus for bus/train fares, books and food. It’s just lucky that she’s a vego.

    And no she couldn’t live at home as we are 60kms away and she doesn’t drive due a visual impairment and no she didn’t qualify for Austudy as she is under age 25yrs.

  15. Tboss, I was certainly happy to leave Adelaide for the mid north. Too many Crow’s supporters in Adelaide. Screaming a/holes every one of them.

  16. Scapette will have $45K to pay for her fees if she decides to do Uni.

    We’ve been contributing to ASG since she was a week old…don’t even notice it coming out of the account.

  17. I’m with Min & TBoss on the HECS volunteer proposal. Son will be looking at about $40K HECS debt when he finishes his degrees. Anything that can help reduce that will be a good thing!

    The other positive I see in the scheme is in giving youngsters experience in volunteering, which I reckon will lead to an increase in volunteers even after HECS debts are paid. The increase in social and community awareness amongst those who take part will also be well worth while for them and for society.

    “Finding the time, depending on contact hours, would also be a consideration.” – My understanding is that the scheme will also be available to graduates TBoss. You’re right, students often are time-poor while studying and working, but a little volunteering will be good for the souls of many young graduates and students who can spare the time.

  18. “Youngest daughter lived on $200pw for 4 years and this 200 included rent of 100pw (share accomodation) plus for bus/train fares, books and food. It’s just lucky that she’s a vego.”min

    Sounds very familiar to me, apart from the vego bit. Cost of living was cheaper when I did it but I reckon I was living on about $120pw, it sucked…cask wine, public transport etc. etc.

    I note from scaper’s comment that HECS debts look to have rised drastically in the last 15 years…that sucks too.

  19. I wouldn’t have a clue the cost of a degree…in nine years time who knows how much it will rise.

  20. Hopefully not as large as an island forming in front of your eyes.

  21. And on a lighter note ye olde Spag Tuna mornay.

    Boil 6 eggs. Halve. Mash yolks with 2 tablespoons mayo, drained tuna (it comes in cans too) , pepper and place back into whites.

    Boil pasta until al dente. Place pasta into oven dish, add stuffed eggs (which might indeed be stuffed by this stage).

    2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard. Add 1 tablespoon corn flour and 1 cup milk and mix until thickened. Add 1 cup grated tasty cheese and 2 tablespoons parmesan.

    Throw (neatly) onto the egg/pasta then top with breadcrumbs and bob’s yer uncle. Serve with chats, potatoes that is.

  22. No jobs for Uni and TAFE graduates? Oldies not all retiring now their Super is a bust? Oldies still getting older? Government tax revenues going down and service demands going up? Wages frozen or deflating while people cling to existing job? What to do with a glut of educated unemployed people coming into the system? Divert them and sell it as a positive!

    Hey kids, why not do some unpaid work? Put your skills to good use! Earn pixie dollars to put towards your pixie debt!

    Done right, the volunteering should just about make up the shortfall between the below-cpi wage increases (you won’t be getting because there won’t be a job for you) and the cpi-indexation of HECS debt, which sees the pixie debt accumulating faster than the wages are rising from which the pixie debt is being garnished just when that extra taxation is starting to bite ‘working families’, err, soon to be un(der)employed families. A nice little debt trap the government has going for HECS, and Gens X and Y, really. 😉

  23. “What to do with a glut of educated unemployed people coming into the system? Divert them and sell it as a positive!”

    I hadn’t thought of that, seems plausible to my inner cynic.

    If there is another summit maybe someone can suggest that the volunteers are manacled to teh unemployed & low-security prisoners so that they can all build us roads , hospitals & statues of our leaders in their time off.
    Happy cattle all toiling together selflessly under the southern cross.

  24. Strange Ice Circle Video

    A massive 2000 ft spinning ice circle at Gaspe Bay, Canada.


  25. I advertised for employees the other week and set up interviews but half never even bothered to turn up!

    I put on a couple of guys and one did not turn up and the other turned up at nine in the morning as he had another job interview…needless to say that I declined his position.

    People out there seem to think it is a privilege for me to employ them…a labourer can earn $60K+ working for me but obviously people don’t think it is enough so they can get stuffed!!!

    I’ve decided not to expand because I can not find the staff and quite frankly it is not worth the pain…I don’t need the money…silly me was trying to counter the unemployment…I’m through trying to help people that are too flucken lazy to get off their collective arses and help themselves!!!

  26. 10 things men would do if they woke up with a vagina for the day:

    10. Go shopping for cucumbers
    9. Squat over a mirror
    8. See if they can do the splits
    7. See if they can launch a ping pong ball
    6. Get picked up at a bar in less than ten minutes
    5. Have consecutive multiple organisms and be ready for more without going to sleep first
    4. Go to a gynaecologist and ask to have the examination recorded on video
    3. Cross their legs without rearranging their crotch
    2. Pray for breasts too

    1. Find the damn G-Spot

  27. 10 things women would do if they woke up with a penis for the day:

    10. Get ahead quicker in the corporate world
    9. Get a BJ
    8. Find out what’s fascinating about beating the meat
    7. Pee standing up
    6. Figure out why you can’t hit the bowl consistently
    5. Find out what it’s like at the end of a surging orgasm
    4. Play with your crotch in public without worrying about others
    3. (my favourite) Jump and down with an erection to find out if it feels as funny as it looks
    2. Understand the importance of rulers

    1. Do 9 again

  28. Adrian – that’s more like the type of commentary that will keep us interested.

    Another – learn to nag.

  29. For Toiletboss: Are you anywhere near Ashmore or Conmurra?

  30. Tony
    I watched it and have an answer but i still questions.

    Dose it dip in the middle or is it flat from the sides?
    How long has it taken to get to this size(tells me speed of circular motion.

    this is caused by current and you will find its very deep and more then one channel runs beneath.

    Amazing footage. i was trying to find movement in the background to confirm some authenticity

  31. scaper…, on January 28th, 2009 at 7:55 pm :

    Consistent! And expected.

  32. Interesting to see that there apparently is a consensus to the AGW debate.

    Love to hear the opposition to this one.

  33. You know what else gets me about this Tom R. When we had a spate of lower than average temperatures the RWDBs and opponents to global warming were absolutely crowing about how local cold weather events prove there is no such thing as global warming, and in fact the globe was cooling.

    Well I have looked and looked, but Bolt, Blair and many others have yet to make one single mention of the current spate of well above average temperatures and heatwave records proving global warming. In fact they have now gone very quiet on the whole subject.

    According to the way they represent things, if below average temperatures for localised weather prove global cooling, then surely well above average temperatures for localised weather proves global warming?

  34. Adrian @ 8:28.

    I think you’re spot on there Adrian. Have wondered much the same thing myself. But waht else can we expect from the likes of Bolt and the majority of RWDBs?

  35. This kinda blows Bolt’s decade of cooling out the window;


  36. And just as we talk about it in our neck of the woods over on the other side of the Pacific the deniers are now taking up the cause and their RWDBs are following in Bolt’s and Blair’s footsteps;

    Al Gore summons DC’s 1st real snow storm of 2008-2009 winter, follows it up with an ice storm

    Yet again weather = climate and local event = global event.

  37. Adrian

    Like the link

    Don’t know why you bother trying to prove Bolt wrong.

    The only ones who listen to him are those who’s minds are made up anyway.

    I must admit, it does make entertaining reading sometimes 🙂

  38. Nature 5 – “Consistent! And expected.”

    Would you care to elaborate??

  39. Watched ‘Across the Universe’ this morning. Most impressive use of colour, sets, costumes & musicians…and the cinematography & visual effects are outstanding. Really blew me away. The use of vivid & ‘way out’ colours got me thinking of how DRAB looking our societies became under the control freak, war-mongers Bush, Howard & Blair. Also renewed my respect for The Beatles.

    The director Julie Taymor also made ‘Frida’ (2002) based on the life of artist Frida Kahlo…another accomplished & impressive film…the role of colour is obviously just as important in that film. Going by IMDb (Internet Movie database) Taymor is presently filming ‘The Tempest’…can’t wait.

    Was impressed by Emilio Estevez’s ‘Bobby’ too.


  40. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24978700-421,00.html …Mr Tully called on the Queensland Government to make it illegal for store owners to require shoppers to submit to strip searches in public.

    Ya’know, just as a PR exercise.

  41. Nasking, I’d like to see it. Was it on TV or is there a dvd available?

  42. nasking

    I watched “Across the Universe” a few weeks ago and loved it. I liked trying to predict the next song from the story.

  43. I watched “Across the Universe” a few weeks ago and loved it. I liked trying to predict the next song from the story.

    Me too, I got Dear Prudence right!

  44. I take it it’s on dvd then.

  45. I watched it on foxtel, but it should be on DVD.

    And can I just mention how excited (is that the right word) I am that I will be seeing Leonard Cohen tonight – the first time for me in over 15 years.

    And my favourite song lyric is from the great man (and was in the SMH today – see the last para).

  46. Thanks joni.

  47. Miglo, I watched it on Pay TV…and yes joni & kittylitter I did same…thought the “Summer of Love” sequence using “I Am The Walrus” & “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!” was awesome, & the imagery connected to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ evoked a powerful nightmarish mood related to the Vietnam war & the sense of being powerless on the verge of apocalyptic-like destruction. It all spun me out…and brought back fond, some sad, and confused memories of that era…sitting on the carpet as an early teenager listening to the awe inspiring music of The Beatles, Moody Blues & Hendrix, taking in the amazingly colurful and imaginative vinyl covers…mind floating in space half the time…anywhere but here…whilst concurrently watching the last years of America in Vietnam…wondering why some people felt the need to destroy whilst others created. Yet so many who created ended up destroying themselves…and those who destroyed argued that the fight for freedom from Communism would create unprecedented peace.

    And kittylitter, wasn’t ‘Dear Prudence’ beautifully sung?

    By the time “All You Need Is Love” was sung I’d had to push a few tears back.

    I sure hope that Rudd & Brown & Obama put more money into the arts that fosters love and peace and diplomacy & motivates colourful imaginations rather than focusing on the KILLING MACHINES. I see the Republicans have shown themselves to be as bitter, twisted & ugly as ever today in America. They’d much rather bailout financiers of war & greed than assist educators & the health of the nation…bloody SCROOGES…they talk about caring for kids but they let schools rot & families go bankrupt over healthcare.

    Anyway, here’s the list of Beatles’ songs from ‘Across the Universe’:

    Girl” — Sturgess
    “Hold Me Tight” — Wood, Hogg
    “All My Loving” — Sturgess
    “I Want To Hold Your Hand” — T.V. Carpio
    “With A Little Help From My Friends” — Anderson, Sturgess, “dorm buddies”
    “It Won’t Be Long” — Wood, “students”
    “I’ve Just Seen A Face” — Sturgess, Anderson
    “Let It Be” — Woods, Mitchum, church choir
    “Come Together” — Joe Cocker, McCoy
    “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” — Fuchs
    “If I Fell” — Wood
    “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” — Anderson, Fuchs, Carpio, soldiers
    “Dear Prudence” — Fuchs, Sturgess, Wood, Anderson
    “Flying” instrumental – The Secret Machines
    “Blue Jay Way” — The Secret Machines
    “I Am The Walrus” — Bono, The Secret Machines
    “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!” — Eddie Izzard
    “Because” — Wood, Sturgess, Anderson, Fuchs, Carpio, McCoy
    “Something” — Sturgess
    “Oh! Darling” — Fuchs, McCoy
    “Strawberry Fields Forever” — Sturgess, Anderson
    “Revolution” — Sturgess
    “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” — McCoy, Sturgess
    “Across the Universe” — Sturgess (interwoven with “Helter Skelter”)
    “Helter Skelter” — Fuchs (interwoven with “Across the Universe”)
    “And I Love Her” (brief extract incorporated into the orchestral score during the “Across the Universe”/”Helter Skelter” sequence)
    “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” — Anderson, Hayek, patients
    “A Day In The Life” — Jeff Beck
    “Blackbird” — Wood
    “Hey Jude” — Anderson, Mounsey
    “Don’t Let Me Down” — Fuchs, McCoy
    “All You Need Is Love” — Sturgess, Fuchs, Carpio, McCoy
    “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” — Bono, The Edge


  48. “I’d like to see it. Was it on TV or is there a dvd available?”

    Miglo, I just checked a DVD site & apparently it was released in Jan 09…but i’m not sure how reliable that info is…& I guess it depends on where you live in Australia.


  49. Thanks nasking. If it’s not available in Australia I still should be able to get a copy from America.

    Not long back I ordered a Ross Ryan cd (remember him?) from Melbourne and a couple of dvd’s from America and one from England. The couple from America arrived after a few days, the English one after a week, and the one from Melbourne took 5 weeks (after I complained).

  50. Just looking at two of the top stories on the news.com.au website. Marriage breakdown……how does it reach the point where these kinds of things happen??

  51. James, just had a look and could not find what you are referring to…got a link?

  52. news.com.au.

    1. Dad threw his kid off the Westgate Bridge, eventually killing her.
    2. Mum abducts children and takes them off to Sweden, never to see Dad again, possibly assisted by a women’s group in Sweden.

    I’m not looking to make a comment on the facts as such, the reports are probably innaccurate to some degree, but how do things reach the point of abduction and murder of one’s own children?

  53. James, perhaps it was genocide.

  54. Miglo, to the naughty corner. The little girl has died.

  55. I’m sorry to hear that min. I didn’t know about the story so I feel very bad now.

    It’s not in my make-uop to make fun of a death. Totally out of character.

  56. The guy who threw the child off the bridge, well the last i heard she was in serious condition.

    there were so many witnesses, but it was a police boat that recovered her, a five yoar old child deserves more that just spectators.

    what a sickening event.

  57. I thought that, aqua, but it’s 58m (certain death if you jump) and at least a 15 minute round trip by car. There was nothing anyone could have done to save her.

  58. I know Migs. Don’t worry. Your heart is right where it’s meant to be, in the right place.

    James makes a pertinent point, when do people arrive at the stage where they not only abduct their own small children, but kill them.

  59. “James makes a pertinent point, when do people arrive at the stage where they not only abduct their own small children, but kill them.:”

    The parents kidnapping their own kids (usually non-custodial parents) are understanable – they want their kids. It’s the ones like this little girl and the young girl the other week that are truly incomprehensible.

  60. James i have some experiance jumping from heights into water. quick option:
    The moment you witness the girl go over the bridge you ram the car the guy was driving, get out and drag him to the railing and throw him first ,2 secs later jump after him.

    Your right james

  61. Huh..yes I certainly do understand why people kidnap their own children. And there are certainly many instances where in spite of court orders that non custodial parents are denied access so that kidnapping might seem the only option. But to kill ones own children as revenge as has been reported is a tragedy.

  62. James, it is beyond me and I can only speculate what leads to these heinous acts!

    A problem could be that some people don’t plan to have kids…it just happens due to lax or failed contraception.

    I know of people who are not travelling very well getting pregnant in the belief that this will bring them closer together and the result was divorce and a child being deprived a father due to the fact that the mother made false allegations.

    I have witnessed a mother denying access to the children unless she was given money…my mother!!!

    Some people just believe they own their kids as if they are some type of fashion accessory instead of being the custodian to nurture the young person to reach adulthood.

    All this is quite disturbing because it perpetuates a bad culture that is difficult to break without interdiction…but who is to be the judge in these matters…church or state???

    Both approaches have failed in the past…just look at the indigenous problem.

  63. She is gone. He is still here. He remains a father to two boys and whatever other relations he happens to have with family and society. Emotion often trumps reason; he may even be nuts, whether permanently or temporarily. Any object can be thrown over the brink to break surface tension and ramming a car with two boys still in it prolly aint such a hot move.

  64. I suspect Aqua that you would have liked to have been there so that you could have saved this little girl.

  65. I guess where I’m coming from is I’m about to get hitched and I just can’t imagine it all coming to this, the abduction or the murder. I’m not after any comfort, I’m comfortable, I just don’t get how far things can deteriorate. Perhaps if we could nail the reasons behind this, then we might get to some understanding of the more global issues.

    I wonder if people are looking to resolve disputes with a solution that makes them “happy” rather than looking for solutions they can “live with”, and the failure leads to this kind of despair.

  66. i didnt know about the two boys, i should off read the update. How ever i was being silly.

    Vehicles/trucks with rope(reduce the height)

    objects thrown by witnesses in one area before you jump.

    waiting for the wake from the motor of a boat.

    depending on the current the water breaks just after the pylons to meet up again.

    But to far fetched for most.

  67. i ment you would expect these from anyone.

  68. lol “wouldnt”

  69. “For Toiletboss: Are you anywhere near Ashmore or Conmurra?”miglo

    VERY, very, very close! well the farm is anyhow. I actually live in a town south along the Princes HWY.

    Grew up 15-20mins drive from Ashmore, are you familiar with West Avenue Rd?
    My brother lives & works near Conmurra.

    45 here today.

  70. Hexx, I’ve looked in every folder in Outlook and can’t find your number…can you resend?

  71. And congratulations James. Life is what you want to make it (cliche) but true. Hubby and I are coming up to 34 years married in a couple of weeks.

  72. ” I just don’t get how far things can deteriorate. “james

    Life is what happens in the middle of our plans, some people aren’t well equipped to roll with the punches & things don’t often play out precisely as we envisage them in our mind’s eye..
    This is in no way an excuse for the act above.

    Very hard to have an understanding of the motives or circumstance with the extremely small amount of available information at this stage.

    Never say never.

  73. While I’m at work I will open Blogocrats occasionally and read the last few blogs to get a drift of what’s going on, at which point I often rush in. Hence my stupid, ignorant comment earlier about the little girl.

    Upon arriving home and learning of the story and the events that unfolded I was near tears over what I had said, and of course, over what had happened.

    This is again an apology to all that may have been offended, and I thank Min for pulling me into line.

    TB, last night my oldest brother was talking to me about the McBride properties down the South East, hence my question to you.

    You’re not in Millicent by any chance are you?

  74. Maybe society has created a stereotype that many people can not live up to and see themselves as abject failures?

    James, my experience of marriage is two people growing together and offering mutual support through thick and thin…coming up to twenty years for us and still going strong.

  75. Min, it may be to do with your diligence with cooking etc? I have pointed this out to “the darl” more than once and received my deserved backhander! 🙂

  76. And a couple of my inputs have gone walkies. I said to Migs, please don’t worry..and I mean it.

    James, and my ‘alure’ over 34 years of marriage is..umm..my cooking?

  77. Well that, and um, what I could detect from a small fuzzy photo that has since been removed. As to “allure”, I will NOT comment despite your attempts to “lure” me into doing so……..I have seen people burnt before. 🙂

  78. James I removed the pic of self because I copped heaps. You said that you were going to write, well do so.

  79. these things happen Miglo. Dont worry buddy, when things get bad just think how much i stuff up and that should help.

  80. “McBride properties down the South East”miglo

    Big landowners down here. I probably shouldn’t libel myself by telling tales of friends who have been employed by them, among other things. It seems as though you are familiar with them anyway.
    As you would know, there is a league of difference between the “family farm” (ala soldier settler properties) & the institutions which have swallowed most of them up over the years. Most of the jobs in the industry (on farm jobs at least) are now provided by the handful of heavyweights; the way of the world I suppose.
    Of the dozen or so homes (all originally soldier settlers) along the road only 3 are occupied now, dad’s being one of those.
    You can’t stop “progress”.

    Your following deduction was also correct.

  81. picture this….

    Just sitting by the beach side patio bar of the Penang Club, enjoying a fresh watermelon juice while the tropical breeze gently sways the palm trees.

    I read the article about the guy who threw his daughter over the bridge in Melbourne as well as the one about the schoolboys that sexually assaulted the teenage schoolgirl. A catastrophe for all concerned.

  82. An absolute extreme right wing religious nutter lets loose at a Catch the Fire prayer meeting last Monday; http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=szOu9a_8oBM

    Really people listen to what this nutter has to say about the Christian religion being the be all of our Australian society and that all other faiths (and atheism) being a threat to the order of that society.

    Scary to think he may have become the leader of our country, maybe Howard knew something the rest of us didn’t.

  83. There’s a camel story I recall, something about 9 out of 10 men.

  84. oh and I see we’ve been introduced to Ian Thorpe’s “best friend” Daniel. Why doesn’t he just admit that he’s gay? Seems really bizarre to me….

  85. “Just sitting by the beach side patio bar of the Penang Club, enjoying a fresh watermelon juice while the tropical breeze gently sways the palm trees.”reb

    decadent so & so…

  86. reb@7:58

    Careful, you’ll upset the swimfans.

  87. decadent will be when I add a large dash of malibu to the watermelon juice! 🙂

  88. OK my post didn’t go through, strange.

  89. Adrian, it just got caught in the spam filter. (It sometimes does this with posts that contain links). It has been set free now! 🙂

  90. Sorry Adrian, it did get through, and I had the unfortunate experience of listening to that whack job all the way through.

    So, if I (an UNBELIEVER) were to run this country, we would be damned.

    Probably right, but for none of the superstitious reasons this moron thinks so.

    Lets hope we Rudd and co aren’t quite so, er, extreme

  91. I just want to do a follow up for those who don’t want to sit through the nauseating video, so they can read the text. I’ll wait until the post appears before doing the follow up. I’ll give a heads up as one thing struck me as very odd and that is the bookcases filled with framed photographs but not one book.

  92. I may be an UNBELIEVER, not to mention cynical about what motivates voters at the ballot box, but I’m fairly confident that the majority wouldn’t be particularly keen to kneel before the kind of deity infecting that guy’s mental processes.

  93. “one thing struck me as very odd and that is the bookcases filled with framed photographs but not one book.”Adrian

    When you’re as far gone as him you only need one book. The convenient fallback position becomes teh one True Word.

  94. Adrian,

    May we should give that topic a dedicated thread for discussion?

    We haven’t discussed religion for a while….

  95. “I just want to do a follow up for those who don’t want to sit through the nauseating video” (Adrian).

    That includes me, although I did last 7 seconds longer than the wife.

    Only the other day I watched Dawkins’ “Root of all Evil?” If that wasn’t bad enough you now throw Tip at me spewing crap while I’m trying to eat a greasy pizza.

    Please give me a warning next time.

  96. Here’s a brief on the speech from the Catch the Fire website;

    Historic Message From Hon. Peter Costello For Australia Day United Prayer At Melbourne Town Hall

  97. oh and I see we’ve been introduced to Ian Thorpe’s “best friend” Daniel. Why doesn’t he just admit that he’s gay? Seems really bizarre to me….

    Purely speculation on my part, but couldn’t it be pressure from sponsors, who might prefer a more ‘traditional’ image for their sportspeople?

  98. It definitely needs its own thread. Much to laugh at in those links, or perhaps much to be truly thankful for that we didn’t end up with Lucky Pete; was he ever as (publicly) as openly gushing for the fundies when he was 2IC?
    From memory I’d say he was a bit more careful not to exclude everyone but the “godly people” when he was heir. I hate to say it but I prefer Howard (gag, choke) over that effort, at least he just pretended to be pious.

  99. That’s what I thought too Tony, but now that he’s hung up the budgie smugglers does it really matter anymore?


    I’ve popped up that Peter Costello thread (thanks for the link),


  100. but now that he’s hung up the budgie smugglers does it really matter anymore?

    Probably not. I’d be willing to bet Matthew Mitcham has earned endorsement contracts, despite his being openly gay.

  101. VRWC…hehe, glad I googled that one. I wasn’t aware that there was one.
    Everybody knows about the leftist meeja conspiracy.


  102. Thrown the troll a few bones to pick over…goodnight.

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