Midweek Mayhem

I have been scolded (in a nice way) for not putting up the midweek mayhem thread – my excuse is that reb is away galavanting around SE Asia and he normally puts up the thread.

So – here it is, play nicely folks.

Thailand and refugees

I don’t know if anyone has been following this story, but the details are very disturbing.

The latest boatload of Burmese migrants to arrive in Thailand has been handed to the police rather than the military, after an outcry over their treatment.

The Thai military picked up 78 Rohingya boat people, who are Burmese Muslims, and handed them to the police.

It follows claims from other Rohingya, washed up in Indonesia and elsewhere, that the Thai military had beaten them and sent them back to sea.

It is thought almost 1,000 have been set adrift – with hundreds feared dead.

It appears that the Thai authorities are gathering the refugees into crowded boats that do not have any engines or supplies, and then dragging them back to sea and cutting them adrift. Effectively leaving them to die at sea.

I really do not understand the inhumanity that can do this sort of thing.