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Happy Australia Day to all. We have a thread up on the discussions about changing the date for celebrating Australia, and that got me thinking that this weeks belated top five is about Australians. Now – this is a very subjective list and I think that mine might even change by the time I have read some of the nominees that the blogocrats themselve put up.

So here is my top five:

  1. Geoffrey Robertson – Human Rights Lawyer
  2. Percy Grainger – Composer
  3. Howard Florey – Scientist
  4. Patrick White – Author
  5. Doc Evatt – one of the framers of the UN Decaration of Human Rights, and born in Maitland too!

Remember, there is no right or wrong, just a chance for us to remember the Australians that make us feel proud.


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  1. Weary Dunlop comes to mind, as does Sister Vivian Bullwinkle. RM Williams was also another great Aussie, not because he made boots, but because of the enriching life he lived. Pater Lalor also gets a nod.

    Equal first would be all those Australians who gave up their families, jobs and friends to face the advancing Japanese in the jungles of New Guinea, for the one driving purpose to defend our freedom.

  2. Can I add Curtin?

  3. Sure – the “five” is optional… hehe.

  4. My downer of an opinion is “out of 20 000 000 how can this be fair. besides 2 tennis players have been australian of the year, so how serious is this.

    see, i should be flogged.

    p.s it now takes about 20 seconds to post.(submit comment)… could it be my computer?

  5. From the other side of the gender divide:

    Miles Franklin
    Caroline Chisholm
    Nancy Wake
    Edith Cowan
    Fiona Wood

    And for a bit of colour, try

    Tilly Devine Lol.

  6. see, i should be flogged.

    Careful saying things like that around here aquanut – you’ll get too many volunteers to do the flogging 😉

  7. Here is my go at it:

    1. Fred Hollows..ok so he was a kiwi
    2. Howard Florey, for his development of penicillin
    3. Sister Elizabeth Kenny for her work with rehabilitation of polio victims and for fighting against the medical establishement
    And too many others to count and so I’ll go with Daisy Bates and Albert Namatjira.

  8. I should have added an Indigenous Australian. One springs to mind: Gavin Wanganeen.

    Min, I did consider Albert Namatjira. His is a sad story. Treated so poorly by the whites. And did you know that Daisy Bates was briefly married to Breaker Morant?

  9. Greg Norman

    Mel Gibson

    Rupert Murdoch

    Christopher Skase…god bless his resting soul

    Prince Charles

    Princess Mary

    Jason Donovan

    ummm, I know there’s more…

  10. Jack Lang as my first…I’ll have to think about the rest.

  11. I see your Wanganeen & raise you an Andrew McCleod & a Graham Johncock.

  12. TBoss I can match that with a Byron Pickett. Game over.

  13. I suppose you mustn’t remember Eddie “The Scud-missile” Hocking?…hehe.

  14. Yes I remember him TB. The gorillas on the outer used to wet themselves with excitement when he went within cooee of the ball.

  15. Wangas is an excellent choice, Miglo! What a champion he was and is.
    Namatjira did indeed have a pretty rough trot, but should be remembered and honoured for his extraordinary artistic talent. Prints don’t do his work justice; they just don’t convey how brilliantly he captured his subject matter and how vibrant it is. Seeing his work in the flesh, as it were, is enough to reduce you to tears.
    David Unaipon, “Australia’s Leonardo” is another indigenous person of great distinction eminently worthy of inclusion.

  16. Tboss, I’ll raise you a pair of Burgers, a couple of Motlops and a Krakuer.

  17. In no special order:

    1. Damir Dokic
    2. Marcus Einfeld
    3. Alan Bond’s acting coach
    4. ex-Governor Richard Butler
    5. Smiling Steve Bracks

  18. Jane, Tboss has nothing left in his hand to play. All he has are a handfull of memories.

  19. Never mind the frolyks, Toiletboss, Miglo.

    I’ll raise you a Premiership (very rare commodity), 2 (two) Brownlows, a Norm Smith, a Judd, and a Cousins.
    Ah, thems were ze days.

  20. Oops! Almost forgot.

    ‘ . . . we’re flying high ( pharmaceutically unassisted)’

  21. My dad loves the WEagles OB…& even he is sickly trepidatious about how much further they might sink into the ranks of the abyssmal this year.
    I didn’t believe it ’til it happened but it certainly appears that once the Big Two weren’t there the wheels started falling off.

  22. I think Ron Barassi is lining himself up as the Australian of the Year for next year.

    First he’s a hero for defending a woman being attacked, so he’ll probably become chair of a “reclaim our streets” committee.

    Then he prompts a “conversation” about the date of a national day. He’ll probably be invited to join some committee out of this.

    By the time the year is out we can expect a whole lot of additional pontification, which is what you would expect from an individual that has coached Melbourne, Carlton, Sydney, North Melbourne. This is clearly a man without standards.

  23. How about (in no particular order):

    Douglas Mawson
    Edith Cowan
    Weary Dunlop
    Fred Hollows
    Lachlan Macquarie (OK, he’s a 19th Century pommie Governor, but he was certainly the best of them and did a great deal to transform NSW from a mere convict colony into something a bit more civilised).

  24. This is clearly a man without standards.(Tom).

    To the contrary, Tom, Ron Barassi has long been an advocate of Indigenous rights and recognition in this country. His standards, and values, are high.

    Maybe he coached a team that you despise, hence your tainted opinion.

  25. What about
    John Howard
    Jo Bjelke Petersen
    Chris Corrigan
    Tony Abbott
    Peter Costello

    (Just Kidding)

  26. Stephan and David, while you’re at it how about the lovely Eddy Groves? He’s got to rate a mention at least.

  27. Miglo – “Maybe he coached a team that you despise, hence your tainted opinion.“

    Perhaps you’re right. At least he stopped short of coaching Port Adelaide.

  28. “Perhaps you’re right. At least he stopped short of coaching Port Adelaide.”

    Mate, he wouldn’t even get a sniff.

  29. Hubby’s question: Who is the only Australian sportman who was so good that they had to change the rules of the game due to the fact that he couldn’t be beaten?

  30. Walter Lindrum.

  31. Alfie Langer?

  32. Um…. squash…. um…. what’s her name?

    Heather Makay?

  33. And the prize goes to Miglo. Walter Lindrum for billiards. And hubby was not impressed that it took Miglo only 3 minutes to work it out..had better go and cook him pork chops for dindins and give himself a neck massage to make ‘im feel better.

  34. It can’t be Alfie because his tackling style did not make the Broncos unbeatable.

  35. I have an unfair advantage over scaper and joni . . . I’m a genius.

    My wife prefers to call me a f***ing know-all, who remembers things in my little head that not another single person in the world would be the least interested in.

    Until now.

  36. joni, as you know I rarely disagree with your posts but top five Australians?

    Mate, there’s 21 million of the buggers and they’re all TOP!

    Now, we have to include that little bloke with the squeaky voice, Leo! 😀

    Alright, 21 million and 1

  37. Fair enough TB… we are all (mostly) top (nearly) Aussies.

  38. Don’t let him off that easy joni. TB’s just too lazy to pick a list of five.

    But here’s where it gets harder: TB has only chosen the living ones. Do not the dead ones count?

  39. (1968)

  40. Miglo, on January 27th, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Don’t know about you, Migs, but I believe in egalitarianism…part of the Oz psyche, I always thought…but people keep wanting to create “living icons” and making some people better than others.

    …BTW, MIgs, as you say what about the dead…it just gets harder and harder…

    Its always the ones that “do” that no-one knows about – the little old lady outback who’s brought up 200 kids as a

    – I’ve just come on board has anyone mentioned:

    Fred Hollowes (eyesight)
    Grahame Clarke (cochlear implants)
    David Warren (the black box)
    John Simpson (Anzac Cove)
    97 VC winners? (as Migs said what about the dead?)

    Keep this up and I could be here all night 😉

  41. edit! …200 kids as a foster mother…

  42. David Warren (the black box)

    Met his son at the Avalon air show once. They (the company David Warren started) had an exhibitors stand near ours and their stand included a whole tribute to David Warren. He was more than just the inventor of the black box, a fascinating man and deserves to be in the list.

  43. On ya, Adrian, don’t know his history but always thought that our government of the day (do they ever change) made a massive mistake not supporting his inve ntion.

    Really like the avatar, Count du Monte Cristo… oui ?

  44. Is it “V”for Vendetta?

  45. TB, I can tell you that David and his family are still angry about it. DSTO now honour him.

    He was in a wheelchair at the last Avalon Air Show two years ago. The next one is in March this year and I think I’m going this time depending on my office workload, so will look him up and say he was mentioned in a blog on Australia day awards.

  46. ‘Ron Barassi – clearly a man without standards’ TomOM
    Haha. Not true, but I understand.

    So Toiletboss, I presume your dad is a croweater? Hmmm. Strange allegiance there.

    Let us not recount how and why the 2 Eagle guns departed the flock. Sad for WA footy, to a point. The writing had been on the wall for years prior. Eagle management failed miserably to compensate for the exodus of those two stars.
    On another point, sad for me to see Bryce Gibbs playing at Carlton. Ross Gibbs (one of my favourite players of all time), Bryce’s dad, played 99 WAFL games, therefore missing by one game for qualifying Bryce to play for WCE under the father son rule (rule which allowed Ben Cousins to become an Eagle as his dad played enough WAFL games, plus VFL for Geelong).
    WCE have drafted far lesser players than Bryce. WCE also let Mark Merenda and David Palm go to Richmond, Derek Kickett to Essendon, Bill Duckworth to Essendon, Ronnie Burns to Geelong, and more.
    Still wondering why hawthorn did not consider drafting Ben Cuz into a team which was losing Shane Crawford.
    I’ve probably given away enough hints as to who I follow in the WAFL. Let there be no doubt. Two other names, apart from all of the above should give it away.
    John Duckworth, John Wynne.

  47. “So Toiletboss, I presume your dad is a croweater? Hmmm. Strange allegiance there.”OB

    Yep, a croweater indeed. The lucky sod has lived on the farm since he was 3 y.o. & never had to move anywhere or change jobs.

    As for the allegiance, we (the family) all barracked for WCE when they entered the AFL/VFL because (even now) we wanted to see the Vic’s get the shit kicked out of ’em; that 1st WCE premiership was awesome!
    I jumped ship when the Crows entered the comp. (& was lucky enough to be living in Adelaide when they won their 2 flags, much debauchery…but that’s another story) but dad has stuck with WCE.
    Supporting the Portscum was NEVER an option because my own irrational loathing of the filthy Port slime stems from my father- who grew up a Sturt man.

    I still put WCE at #2.

  48. Conversations between Toiletbouncer and Oftenyelp contain nothing but shite.

    Ross Gibbs (while at Glenelg) was the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen play the game. He was also selfish, seeking glory at the expense of a team mate. But the glory never came.

    Portscum. I’m not sure what it means. Is it a word used only in Lobsterville TB?

  49. PS TB. When the Crows entered the AFL I barracked for Collingwood. But it only lasted 6 years.

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