Tony Abbott and John Howard. Age shall not weary them.

Tony Abbott reckons that politicians are the unsung, unacknowledged and generally under-appreciated war-time heroes of our generation, and specifically is still waxing lyrical about John Howard’s contribution to Australia, the word and generally the wellbeing of the universe overall.

 Mr Abbott noted that in an online poll 82 per cent of more than 11,000 respondents said Mr Howard did not deserve the medal.

“It’s worth pondering though, in the different reactions to these medals, the different responses people have to courage in battle and to courage in public life,” Mr Abbott wrote.

He then quoted former soldier and governor-general Sir William Smith who “once said that moral courage was a higher and rarer virtue than physical courage”.

Mr Abbott complained at the lack of recognition for political courage, referred to the “unknown soldiers” of politics, said it was a thankless life where participants were often viewed by the public as having their “snouts in the trough”.

“If there was anyone in politics who deserved a medal for political courage, it was Howard,” Mr Abbott wrote.

But Mr Griffin said there was room for a legitimate debate on the merit of Mr Howard’s award.

“However, Mr Abbott’s contention that political courage is ‘a higher and rarer virtue’ than physical courage suggests that he clearly sees Mr Howard’s medal as superior than the Victoria Cross,” Mr Griffin said today.

 “The deeds required to be awarded a Victoria Cross are incomparable with the challenges of political life.”

He said Mr Abbott had a complete lack of understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families.

Trooper Donaldson was awarded Australia’s first VC in 40 years for distracting enemy fire to protect wounded soldiers and for crossing 80 metres into enemy fire to rescue an injured Afghan interpreter last year. 


To paraphrase Tony Abbott, I’d suggest it’s perhaps more important to ponder why this guy thinks anything he has to say has any remote relevance or significance whatsoever…


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  1. I have just two things to say:

    1) Abbot is completely out of line with these comments.

    2) Reb, WTF are you doing? You’re supposed to be on holidays. (Do you have room for one more hand-made suit? Charcoal-grey, pinstripe, three button, wool. Fix you up later. kthanks.)

  2. Oh, one more thing:

    42 Regular.

  3. Dag-a-dag-a-dag-a-dag-a- dag-a!!! Closest I can get to an M60!!!!

    Trooper Donaldson has just donated his VC to the Australian War Memorial…

    …who would want to see The Rodent’s lollipop from GDubya! (I bet the little prick wouldn’t donate it to the local ABC Learning Centre!)… Agggghhh!

    Abbot & Costello comedians alright!

    Only 82% – 18% of 11, 000 (BS Howard doesn’t have that many rellies! – I frackin’ hope!)

  4. ToSY

    I know. I just can’t help myself. A charcoal grey suit? No problem. But are you sure you want 3 buttons? That’s very ‘nineties”


  5. Is it? Oh, ;-(

    /So should it be four, or two?

  6. two.

  7. Hey you two – jeans and sand shoes…

    Bugger! This ith a therious thread! OK!

  8. *Looks through closet*

    F**king nineties crap. (I hope that Tasmanian knows what he’s talking about. Well, he is gay, so who am I to question his fashion sense? That’s not stereotyping is it.)

  9. Thorry I meant “thith”

  10. Thorry I meant “theriouth” ..

    …Bejebus, thet’s heard ta do, Father Ted…

    sreb, yer on holidays, get holidayin’, FFS!

  11. “once said that moral courage was a higher and rarer virtue than physical courage”.

    what a stupid quote with little regard to anyone who puts themselves out for someone else. from now on if i stand there and think about helping and how i would do it as long as my brain is strained in the process it deserves equal merit.

    lets see what interesting words come from the barn (search and rescue) .I no longer work for them but i do visit often.

  12. that last sentance was to short to explain, they are mostly howard sheep with excellent skills to save people, they are not all perfect. this should stir the pot a little.

  13. noted TB, let us return to the topic at hand.

  14. When will they introduce legislation that makes public acts of masturbation by politicians an offence?

    Wake up Abbott…the tea lady could do a better job than you lot.

  15. Stephan, on January 24th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Well said, Stephan! 😆

  16. I have just been informed that THE JACKAL is about to begin…(in other words – I’m bored with the tennis…where are you?

    You understand, Mig, I know!

    sreb, get off the blog, enjoy your holiday and pay attention to those around you – in the REAL world! Enjoy, mon ami!

    Sleep well all!

  17. “…where participants were often viewed by the public as having their “snouts in the trough”

    Remember this was the same Tony Abbott who profusely complained about struggling to live because of the drop in pay when he went from government to opposition.

    I could almost give some of what Abbott states about Howard’s courage merit if Howard had been the slightest bit courageous, but Howard was hardly ever in any way courageous.

    Howard’s life is littered with bouts of cowardice, making the easy decisions over the hard ones and taking the easy way instead of the right way. Short sightedness strews his political life, especially as treasurer under Fraser and even more so as PM, where nearly everything was aimed at election cycles or done with winning an election in mind, instead of what was good for the long term prosperity of the nation, or indeed what was right for the democracy of the country. Surely undermining a country’s democracy for political gain is real cowardice?

    The only medal Howard should ever receive is one with a white feather on it.

  18. I disagree Adrian, I think he needs lots of white feathers – as well as some tar.

  19. He can have both joni. Tar and feathers whilst wearing his white feather medal as he is being hounded out of town.

  20. Abbott has many less than fine moments but I think that it was his personal attack against Bernie Banton for which he will be remembered. Delivering a petition is ‘just a stunt’ is it Mr Abbott?

    And then as previously mentioned by Adrian, later launches into a whinge about struggling on the lowly pay of a member of the Opposition.

    A hell of a lot of difference between the sacrifices made by service personel and their families compared with the ‘sacrifices’ made by Howard. Anyone for tea and scones in the gardens at Kirribilli?

  21. The really sad thing is that rabbit is still a senior spokesman for a party that are supposed to be an alternate Government. Thank heavens that his party was not re elected, they would all be awarded VC’s and knighoods. Can someone please tell Rabbit that there is a difference in making a decision to invade a country because you want to support a dickhead that you are exchanging bodily fluids with, and actually putting your life on the line for a fellow soldier. Rodent wouldn’t know how to get his hands dirty, the only think on his hands is blood. Everytime I hear Rabbit open his mouth the more I think he is heading further Right. In his case it would be better to shut his mouth and let everybody think he is an idiot than to open it and actually confirm to the world that he is one.

    As for the Rodent’s medals, the awarding of it on a political basis weakens everyone who has actually deserved one. Everybody that has been awarded this medal in the past should send theirs back and demand Howard return his, or be the only living human being on the planet with one….because it has no value.

    18%, I didn’t think we had so many biggotted clowns in Australia still, but when we multiply all the LNP politicians and their families, together with the rusted on LNP voters that couldn’t care less about policy only the cow dung they live in, then at 18% one could safely assume that all thinking Australians voted against the gong, pity it wans’t a noose.

  22. Is that you Dave55?

    If it is congratulations!

  23. Very interesting points Dave. The 1st being that Abbott is somehow still a spokesperson for the Liberals. It makes me wonder how much control Turnbull has.

    Do Abbott’s statements have the endorsement of Turnbull? And so you have 2 scenarios, that Turnbull is egging Abbott on OR that Turnbull has no control over Abbott. Me thinks the latter…

  24. An addendum, Howard made Abbott apologise re Bernie Banton. Will Turnbull have the nuts/balls/gumption to insist that Abbott apologise?

    Come on Turnbull, show us that you are a real leader.

  25. TB its not Dave55, just a irregular contributor, but an avid reader. Thanks for the encouagement though.

    Min Turdball can’t control himself, what chance is he of reining in a cowboy like Rabbit.

  26. Min, the latter.

  27. Cyrius01 has a new year video on our beloved ex-PM: John Howard George Bush 2009 Medal of Freedom Fail

  28. Congrats Dave55.

    What wine was served at the reception?

  29. War heroes? Oh fer fuxsakes.

    The most dangerous thing Howard ever did was to order the stew in the Member’s Dining Room (it’s yesterday’s roast). If he’s entitled to any sort of medal for that, it’d be the Order Of The Martini (Second Class), at best.

    As for Abbott, apart from having his minders rush him through the odd gaggle of demonstrators, he’s never been in any situation where anything more substantial than his ego was at risk. Christ, he’s never even been in a decent pre-selection stoush. All he’s entitled to is the standard Parliamentary Service Award: The Superannuation Cross. (Being one of those crosses that we, the opublic, have to bear for the rest of his miserable life.)

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