Friday Frolyks

I feel a bit nervous putting up a free thread after my last disaster. They say that fortune favours the brave  – so, here is the open thread for the weekend.

What is everyone up to for the Australia Day long weekend?

For me, I will be either having an expensive long lunch down at Sheep-Toilet-Cow-Toilet or a picnic in a park with friends. The boyf has to work, so I will then meet up with him for the fireworks in Darling Harbour. Additionally, it is also Chinese New Year so we will be doing a bit of celebrating for that too.


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  1. So who will be the Australian of the year?

    My guess is Glenn McGrath.

  2. Scaper, the good money’s on Mick Dodson. Any winner will be a worthy one.

    I see that Patrick Dodson gets a mention in the senior award.

    Is politics at play?

  3. The list of Young Australian of the Year Nominees is interesting. 3 sportspeople on the list 2 of them paralympians the other an indigenous footy player..

  4. I think the fireworks at Darling Harbour always mark the end of the Amway pyramid selling convention, or similar.

  5. Tom

    Does amway still exist ?

  6. Huh, the list is:

    ACT – Jack Heath – Young Adult Writer
    NSW – Kurt Fearnley OAM – Paralympian
    NT – Rachel Meldrum – Talented Scientist
    SA – Matthew Cowdrey OAM – Paralympic Swimmer
    TAS – Sam Cawthorn – Motivator
    VIC – Leigh Mathews – Charity Founder
    WA – David Wirrpanda – Indigenous Footballer
    QLD – Jonty Bush – Victims Support Worker

    Yes I am happy about that 2 Paralympians, 1 indigenous football play amongst a field of 7. OMG, there is a Charity Founder toooo…and not only but also, a Talented Scientist (they’re the worst of the worse of these layabouts).

  7. Shane, I’ve wondered about that myself.

    It’s been years now since a friend/acquaintance/ has hit me with “I’ve got a business idea you might be interested in” blah blah blah.

    Got suckered a few times.

  8. Miglo

    Yep got suckered a number of times myself

    Yes, the old can’t tell you what it is, you have to attend the invitation, sworn to secrecy, convert others, make a fortune yadah, yadah, yadah

  9. I made zilch Shane, but I had a clean house.

  10. I made zilch too Miglo and importing products from the USA rather than having them made here in Oz never sat well with me as I am a staunch buy Aussie made person.

  11. I just had a look, there’s a company called Amway – “A global leader in multilevel marketing. The Amway business opportunity reaches people all around the globe, helping them to live better …”

    Sounds like the familiar spiel.

    I’m sure they will put on a great fireworks display at a most appropriate location – the equally dodgy, glitzy Darling Harbour – the place where the shysters hang out.

  12. Tom

    Sounds like an ideal investment opportunity for Babcock and Brown, Enron, Most of the Worlds Banks and many others too numerous to mention.

  13. And Tom, you can do it in your own home.

  14. As long as you have a whiteboard Min to put the wonderful graphs on for your meeting attendees ( proepective suckers).

  15. Actually I have been shredding things at home for the last week. Things like my power bills from 1987 ( yes true) and I shredded invoice receipts for the amway motivational tapes they used to sell to distributors every month.

  16. I once had an acquaintance that seemed very pleasant. Always friendly and good company until they invited themselves to my house.

    Amway seem to indoctrinate otherwise decent people with this propaganda. Scientologists could learn a thing or 2 from them about indoctrination. Amway types are the most annoying forms of zealots.

  17. I believe we will hit 200 000 in five days. if im right i want a ticket to the space station for a month.

  18. Hello aquanut. I have a business plan you might be interested in.

  19. Shane..cleansing is good…especially when it is ’87 power bills. And motivational tapes when one no longer has a record/tape player. Sounds very similar to hubby’s garage.

    Mind you Amway’s glass cleaning was excellent..hate to think of which chemicals might have been in it tho’.

  20. cool miglo here is my open credit card, dont make me look silly ok.

  21. “Actually I have been shredding things at home for the last week. ”

    Cripes Shane, you sound like George Bush.

  22. Aqua, if we hit 200,000 in 5 days then everyone is invited around for a seafood spread/bbq. BYO as all that you will find is 2 stubbies of light ale and a half bottle of cooking sherry.

  23. lol cleansing, I need a dump truck, cannot believe the things I have hoarded. Think keeping all the paper and bills and receipts is the bankie in me where you have to keep everything for at least 7 years. However I think 22 years shows my obsession and I may need a shrink 🙂

    The Amway tar and bug remover for the car was excellent as well.

  24. Min i bags one of those stubbies, ill get there the day before to make sure.

  25. Talented Scientist ”

    What about the other nominees? Where are their superflous adjectives? Here’s my revised list, fixed for fairness:

    ACT – Jack Heath – Prolific Young Adult Writer
    NSW – Kurt Fearnley OAM – Skilful Paralympian
    NT – Rachel Meldrum – Talented Scientist
    SA – Matthew Cowdrey OAM – Gifted Paralympic Swimmer
    TAS – Sam Cawthorn – Inspirational Motivator
    VIC – Leigh Mathews – Generous Charity Founder
    WA – David Wirrpanda – Speedy Indigenous Footballer
    QLD – Jonty Bush – Caring Victims Support Worker

  26. # Half a bottle of cooking sherry.

    Min i wont be suprised if you see Miglo tonight.

  27. Miglo

    While I LOL I also cringe at my name being in the same sentence as George Bush.

  28. I just had an accident, just spilt a can of scotch and coke down my throat.

  29. “Huh, the list is”

    Yes, I can and did read the list. Your point?

  30. Yes can do aqua. I have the divan in the spare room laid out. By the way, are you married or partnered as I have 2 single daughters. In joke for lekhni and me.

  31. In the officer cadets we were encouraged to use Amway floor polish as starch for ironing. The pants could stand up by themselves after that.

    I tried Amway shoe shine once when I was running late for parade (hungover), and not having the time or motivation to spit polish my parade boots I sprayed on the Amway show shine instead.

    Come parade inspection our a/hole captain (who graduated from Duntroon) noticed my less that perfect boots and asked the NCO to put me on extra duties. Extra duties was a euphemism for extra hell. On his inspection behind the row he again noticed my boots and said to the NCO “put this man on extra duties as well”.

    I muttered “I’m the same bloody man a/hole”.

  32. I have 2 single daughters.( bits thumb)
    Sorry min i’m owned already.

    its a cool 39 degs today here in caboolture, if not here tonight i have evaporated.

  33. And your point Huh, huh huh.

    Huh, please change that name as it sounds like a teenie-bopper in the school ground at playtime. Scaper gave you the hint eons ago.

  34. “And your point Huh, huh huh.

    Huh, please change that name as it sounds like a teenie-bopper in the school ground at playtime. Scaper gave you the hint eons ago”

    Here we go again. Do as I say not what I do. Attack the person not the argument. Typical of the hypocrisy on this blog apparently.

  35. Huh, I’m fairly sure Min was just being pleasant, and indeed helpful. No need for sarcasm.

  36. “Huh, I’m fairly sure Min was just being pleasant, and indeed helpful. No need for sarcasm.”

    Really? Could have fooled me.

  37. Aqua..ah well, never mind. Was just thinking that you would be a good catch (as always) re one of my daughters.

    Yes same here although we’re getting a bit of sea breeze here at Banora Point plus some big crashy loud thundery things are now happening.

  38. Do not feed the trolls.

  39. lightning is just hitting here now aswell. i got to turn the computer off, i already lost a modem to this before.

  40. I’m thinking of changing my blog name to “Alarmed and Bigoted of Melbourne”.

    I’m just floating the idea at the moment to test the reaction. I don’t wish to have a blog name that anyone would regard as a problem.

    Kind regards to all.

  41. What? So now I’m a troll because I call those who keep demanding others ‘play nice’ while doing the opposite hypocrites?

    Well, well, well. The hypocrisy appears to extend to those running the blog as well now.

  42. Huh

    Shall we discuss IP addresses then?

  43. Huh.. Now tell Auntie Min what is your problem? I can tell that you are angry.

    Might I say, that the problem is the name Huh. From your inputs over several months I would say that you are an extremely insightful person. The name Huh suggest Huh, huh which to me doesn’t give justice to the strength of your arguments. However, of course this is your decision.

  44. And someone again takes the default position of aggression. Shite, we all get in blues from time to time, but I know of no other that is consistently nasty to begin with.

  45. Min at 3.41pm……….Huh????

  46. “Shall we discuss IP addresses then?”


    First rule of sock-puppetry:

    Always use a different computer.

  47. Feel free. I share an IP address with a couple of others who have posted here. Polly introduced us both to your site. Do you have a problem with that?

  48. Indeed ToSY…. indeed.

    If Huh would like me to reveal his/her alter egos I will and then we will see who is guilty of hypocrisy and deception..

  49. Please Joni, please?????

  50. Sorry joni..I did the bitey thing every time don’t I. Am off to make a beetroot dip etc and to stock up the ‘fridge just in case aqua and crew decide to lob.

  51. Haha – the same old “we use the same addresses” line.


  52. I’ll turn for a day…….

  53. “Haha – the same old “we use the same addresses” line.

    Believe what you like.

    “Please Joni, please?????”

    Polly, who I work for, and Rigels who also works here. I have no problem identifying the individuals because I know there are 3 real people.

  54. Indeed I will believe what I like and I will let others draw their own conclusions.

    And let me just say that no-one is forced to blog and comment on here. If they do not like it then the solution is simple – do not come here.

    Most who come here come to learn and grow and for the sense of community. Others, well….

  55. Well Huh/Polly (was once a woman) and et al. You cannot blame people for becoming a wee bit confused about who you are.

  56. Damn! I’m heading out to the farm until Monday arvo so I’m gonna miss out on the IP Inquisition.
    So that I am not disgraced in my absence I’d just like to come clean & let everyone know that I have been posting as…

    Neil of Sydney (& then berating myself as Toiletboss)

    Dennis Shanahan



    I am soooo ashamed of myself, I only hope that Alarmed & Bigoted Of Melbourne can find it within its black soul to forgive me.
    All readers may choose to either swallow or doubt the veracity of this comment.

    I nearly forgot, I’m also ABBA & as you may have guessed I used to run a blogsite at under the pseudonym of Tim Dunlop.

    BTW I enjoy Huh’s commentary, just not the bits where EVERYBODY here is tarred as being hypocritical & supersensitive.


  57. Toiletboss,

    Well – at least you are not Akerman as well.


  58. I also think that polly & Rigels are good value, but that’s just me.
    This ain’t a popularity contest, nor is it a compulsory contribution.

  59. joni@4:14

    Aha, but I am one of the “wide range of activities” that Jabba refers to in his blog bio.

  60. LOL Toiletboss – avagoodweegend on the farm.

  61. Since we’re all in confession mode, I might as well come clean as well:

    I am a practicing barrister and left-wing blogger. My name is Jeremy Sear.

  62. “having an expensive long lunch down at Sheep-Toilet-Cow-Toilet…”


    Oh yeah, I vote for the conjoined Howard/Bush entity as Australian of the year.

  63. I am Huh, Polly ( and yes, she is female) is my boss. We post under different names because we are different people although we do have a lot in common. I made no secret of knowing Polly and mentioned it a few weeks ago.

    Rigel’s also works for Polly. Although I don’t think Rigels has posted here much I did see a couple of posts yesterday. Unfortunately Rigels is back in hospital again but it probably explains the ‘brain fart’ yesterday. Probably released from hospital too soon as part of the eternal scramble for beds.

  64. “Young Liberal president Noel McCoy said the aim was to provide a sizeable low-cost workforce that would help to offset the effects of the financial crisis.”,25197,24951935-601,00.html

    I thought it was not a bad idea until I read the above…unbelievable!

  65. ToSY@4:22

    I knew it!
    While you’re coming “clean” I implore you, no more linking to coarse 4 letter words.

  66. Sorry to hear about Rigels, I thought that his/her comments yesterday reflected many of my own thoughts.

  67. Gotta go, seeyaz.

  68. Toiletboss,

    Re the c word: I did try to warn you cleanskins, but no, you had to go and click the link .

    Enjoy the farm. I’ll be back here listening to some death metal (an online mate put me on to).

  69. I’d like to return to something Min was saying earlier before the IP scandal…….. Min, you have a couple of daughters you’re shopping around??? 😉 If that’s you in your pic, then I may know of some interested parties. Sadly, I’m gone in about 6 weeks but I have a fine young brother…..

  70. “Sorry to hear about Rigels, I thought that his/her comments yesterday reflected many of my own thoughts.”

    I agreed with some of Rigels comments but I thought it went too far saying Shane was equivalent to the madman.

  71. “Sheep-Toilet-Cow-Toilet…”


    Sheep = wool
    Toilet = loo
    Cow = moo
    Toilet = loo

    Joni doesn’t want to admit too publicly that he is hob nobbing. Not good for his left wing cred 🙂

  72. Yes shane did not deserve that dribble. but i do wish Rigels gets well.

    There has been times i have felt like letting go at nights, but i made a promise to Reb, Kevin and everyone about the nonsence i typed when confronting Neil of sydney.
    I do regret over doing it and has left me paranoid to argue since( but i do regret promising).

    What happen to Another girl another planet. she hasnt been around for yonks.

  73. James, it was a joke between me and lekhni. It’s a bit like the old Italian/Greek/Indian mums trying to marry off their single daughters.

    Yes that’s me in my pic and I think that I might be old enough to be your mother. The pic was taken late last year. And so behave or else I’ll send you to the naughty corner.

  74. i have recovered twelve from woolloomooloo and 16 at watermulla(however you spell it) Hate those national park areas in sydney due to the constant recovery in those places. that just make me so sad to think back.

    once again, there is no point.

  75. Do you notice how tuff i am while rigel is in hospital.
    Huh can you let me know when he is out so i can move house.

    Its true Huh, its such a hard name to reply too. i think Min said it right when she said it dosnt suit your character.

    You work for Polly( she is a tough lady), are you handcuffed to the desk? 🙂

  76. are things? I know that everything has been very full on. I just can’t imagine the stress in finding all those dead turtles.

    Eldest daughter’s study was re stingray wallows in tidal pools.

  77. I’m just interested in where the Huh/Polly/Rig..somethin’ or another desk or is that desks might be?

    Is it in Australia?

  78. “Its true Huh, its such a hard name to reply too. i think Min said it right when she said it dosnt suit your character.”

    I don’t like the choice of screen name of some other posters but I don’t attack them for that and I don’t believe it is acceptable to be attacked by other posters because they don’t like mine.

  79. Oh min i would feel so upset if it was me who found all those turtles. At the dive shop the owner just writes stuff down from reports he gets back. i go behind the counter and look up whats been reported that month.

    If your talking about my recovery at the 5.10pm post then i ment something else a little more human.

  80. Huh
    not attacking you, and im am sorry for being to up front in my comment. It’s up to me to get use to it so please feel free to kick me in the head.

  81. “Is it in Australia?”

    Any reason it wouldn’t be?

  82. Aqua, thank heavens. Son J is in the Navy on the patrol boats out of Cairns having completed 2 tours to The Gulf and to East Timor and has reported similar to me. I am very thankful that some sort of study is going to be done. What you have is experience and caring and all that…

    You know that you and crew are welcome here any time. Hugs to you and fam.

  83. “not attacking you, and im am sorry for being to up front in my comment”

    Sorry, you were making an honest comment and not in an insulting manner. The attacks have come from other posters who prefer to make snide comments about school children and teeny boppers.

  84. Well Huh, then stop being obscure. You’re amongst friends.

  85. Where all the money is, of course. Where else would you expect a firm of accountants to be.

  86. Min
    i envy the experience your son is recieving, its the next generation and onwards who will discover many things and push the old thoughts of “lets do nothing at all” yeah yeah.

  87. Huh then you will trust when i say

    Cheer up its friday 🙂

    i’ll tell Polly you wont a pay cut.

  88. If people think that Miglo is a stupid name then please tell me. If they don’t like the duck, please tell me that too.

  89. i didnt start anything and i know nothing…. (opens window, climbs out and runs)

  90. It’s impossible to prove now, because the ‘dummy-spit’ thread has been consigned to the memory-hole, but we almost certainly had a case of duelling sockpuppets. (Only Joni, Reb and the puppeteers know for sure.)

  91. Testing, testing…

  92. Tony your conspricy theory is not helping anyone

    By the way Aquanut is the most intelligent poster in the room and should get space station tickets if he is right about the numbers.

  93. I hear you Hexx. By the way, I agree with you about Aquanut.

  94. Min is because son has always called me Mini Mum because I’m 5′ 1 and 3/4. Otherwise I answer to Carol…but not often. Most often I am, Mum and Where is my (insert description of missing item).

  95. Aquanut rocks.

  96. Alarmed and Biased seemed very smart!

  97. 🙂
    Can anyone tell the difference in my postes when im drunk…or no difference?

    Oh Tom for some reason i got ” Alarmed and bigtoed” but now im not sure how i got that from “biased”.
    But i like it.

  98. You mean sometimes you’re sober?

  99. lol, tony… bastard.

  100. Aqua,

    I’m at home, watching and betting on Moonee Valley races, and I’m not exactly a picture of complete sobriety. (You wouldn’t be dead for quids.)

  101. Aquanut, I didn’t know you drank until I saw you sober.

  102. So Rigles, Polly and Huh all know each other. And Polly is the boss. Accountants? I don’t think so.

    Perhaps they keep the books for the Anti Fun and Miserable Mindset Collective.

    And I think Huh should be the supervisor.

  103. Tom,

    Now now, don’t be like that. The accountancy firm where they all work is so astute that they can make do with just the one computer. I don’t know of any other firm that can do that. Do you?

  104. miglo, when you comment i know i have left myself open. lol

    Tony good luck on the bets,

    # The accountancy firm where they all work is so astute that they can make do with just the one computer.

    you bring up a point worth thinking about. If it wasnt for that i wouldnt off had any regarding it. now im confused, Thanks Tony.

  105. Huh,
    may i ask about that?

  106. Aqua,

    Backed the first four winners, but missed on the fifth. Three to go.

  107. i cant do racing. i do dice and cards but i’m not allowed to gabble anymore.

    # Backed the first four winners.

    a long time player i see with the dedication. Not many can pick winners like that unless you spend a lot on it.

    Hope your ahead. 🙂

  108. I am ahead. The next race – a group two – is at 9:15. My money’s on (at 9:11) Lucky Secret.

  109. Race is running late. Still waiting for a horse to be reshod.

  110. Lucky Secret wins. Five from six.

  111. Yes aquanut. I meant Alarmed and Bigoted.

    Being biased is far less mean spirited.

  112. Polly, rigels and huh

    I believe that you share the same computer and are different people – you don’t even have the same syntax or other giveaway signs.

    I think it’s a bit unfair to call troll when huh, polly and rigels all used to post on Tim’s blogocracy site too, it’s not as if they just lobbed here looking for an argument, I enjoy their posts and welcome them just as much as toiletboss.

    Pretty soon the blog will be down to a few core posters practised in the art of groupthink.

  113. Kittylitter,

    The ‘three’ amigos will no doubt appreciate your words of solidarity, as they stand in line at the high-flying accounting firm – “where all the money is, of course” – awaiting their turn at the lone super-computer. One wonders how each manages to get their own work done, in such a compu-share shift-working fashion, let alone find any time for internet trolling blog-commenting.

    But that’s just me.

  114. Hello you lot!

    Currently in transit at Kuala Lumpor airport. Waiting to catch conecting flight to Penang.

    We had a brief stopover in Brisbane (Gidday TB) and went to the Museum of Contemporary art. Very Impressive . Then had the worst Italian meal of our lives at the Itlaian “restaurant” (I use that term loosely), next to this man made beach area.

    Anyway we met a friendly lizard, and now I want a shower and a change of clothing. TRust you’re all having a good weekend…


  115. Come one all you IT gurus here. If I have a router connected to (say) bigpond with an address something like with many machines connected to it “internally” with addresses like 192.168.0.x, any message I send to a blog like this one from any of these machines will show as coming from the address? Network Address Translation?

    This is not my area of expertise, so I’m sure those who do know of such trickery on the etherwaves will correct me if I’m wrong?

  116. Hi Reb,

    Yes I know, I hate Itlaian food.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

    Hope you have a great time. And don’t be a stranger (there’s enough of ’em round here at the moment).

  117. Hi Tony,

    Thanks. Just killing time at the airport at the moment. “Itlalian?”

    Typical bloody pedantic bastard!


  118. Hey reb…. hope the holidays goes OK and that the blog still exists when you get back 😉

  119. Hi joni!

    Surely you’re not telling me there’s been some *gasp* drama?

  120. OMD – what would make you think that?

  121. Joni’s been doing a spot of bouncer work. He’s had to start checking IDs at the door.

  122. hmmm “familiarity” I’d suggest LOL!!

    I have to say the service we had on Malaysia airlines was sensational. The cabin crew were excellent. The drinks were flowing the food was good and they even had a dedicated Customer Service Manager, walking around greeting passengers, taking additional drink orders, serving snacks and this was in addition to the already friendly and generous cabin crew.

    It really does make qantas look like a miserable pack of b@stards.

  123. How’s the new KL airport?

  124. Bouncer work? Have been playing “door bitch” joni?

  125. Oh yeah – and not enjoying it at all.

  126. Nice. Free wifi network at KL airport. I’m using the bf’s Macbook thing.

    Latest news is that the Malaysian govt wants to make Penang Island completely wifi and free of charge!

    It’s very fast too!


  127. reb, on January 24th, 2009 at 9:40 am

    G’day sreb, did you see me wave as you flew over?

    Watched your plane land from the deck – bit wobbly… 🙂

    That man-made beach is called Southbank (was home of The Expo in 1988 – always remember theyear ’cause we were living in PNG that year!) – the “beach” is consider by some to be a “wonderful” place of relaxation – I did say some!

    I’m looking forward to your posts from VN – I almost visited there myself in 1970 – 😯

  128. Hi Reb, I wondered where you got to. For some brief moment I thought that you had been banned from Blogocrats.

    Can’t say that I go to Italian restaurants. My first wife’s father was a chef in Rome way back in the 50s before migrating to sunny Oz. The one thing I salvaged out of that dreadful marriage to his psychotic daughter was how to cook “village” Italian.

    I will boldly declare that I can cook anything better than you’ll find at an Italian restaurant. That’s why I don’t go.

    Kittylitter, I thought there was a bit of sarcasm creeping into the blogs yesterday. Fortunately, it died a natural death. Send me a fruchoc.

  129. And good to see you BF has great taste in laptops.

    Can you get a drink from the bar for all of us? It’s hot work here in blogocratalia.

  130. I’m looking forward to your posts from VN – I almost visited there myself in 1970 (TB).

    TB, don’t tell me you were jailed as a draft-dodger!!!!

  131. TB – that was a joke. On reflection a very poor one.

  132. Miglo, feel like posting a recipe? I’ll give it a critique for you 🙂 Hubby’s grandfather was from a village in the Genoa area and as far as hubby is concerned there is only 1 way to cook spag bol and that is the same way as Nana.

  133. Miglo, I thought it was funny! Witty too! 😀

  134. Min, I would appreciate a recipe for traditional spag bog as I have forgot and I just can’t get the spice combination right…it always is a bit bland.

  135. Hi Min, I’ll email one over the weekend. Gloria is demanding that we begin the long weekend with a walk around the shops, and that ordeal begins in a few minutes. It will be a long day!

    TB, Gloria’s first (late) husband spent a year in Vietnam. In that year he wrote to his young bride 300 times. Oz soldiers in Vietnam were issued with a lettergram marked something like Australian Occupation of Vietnam, with a map of Vietnam on the left hand side. After their divorce she burned all but one of the letters.

    Some years ago I saw in a stamp catalogue that these leters in used condition are worth $600 each. My wife, in my summation, burned $18,000. Whenever I’m trying to scratch a few dollars together for a meal, when I don’t feel like making rope soup again or eating wallpaper again, I think of how handy that $18k will be.

    I doubt I’ll ever forgive her. We Scorpios never forget.

  136. Scaper, I’m sure Min will be pleased to pass my recipe on to you. My one fear is, that after tasting my cooking, you’ll want to marry me.

    That’s OK with me, but I insist on leading off when we dance.

  137. The boyf and I went to the launch night for Chinese New Year last night and they had a stall where they were using vegemite in Chinese food!

    Has anyone tried it?

    I do use Worcestershire Sauce in my Spag Bol, but vegemite in Chinese food?

  138. scaper, even I know that! Whack some Heinz tomato ketchup into it (or for that extra zing – HP).

    All the good Italian cooks use it – in England 😆

    Sorry, Min, its Miglo’s fault… 😉

  139. Miglo, I can hardly type, I’m laughing so hard about the love letters, and thinking of your reaction when you realise that 300 times $600 is not $18,000 but $180,000.

    (I’m so sorry, but I just find it hilarious.)

  140. If you listen carefully you can just hear Miglo scream.

  141. TB, another Vietnam story:

    My oldest brother married while in the armed servives. The best man was a fellow soldier called Bruno (with a surname about 4 miles long). Bruno went off to Vietnam, my brother left the services, and contact with Bruno was lost.

    He often wondered what happened to Bruno.

    Some years ago we visted the War Memorial, and there on the Honour Board of those who had died giving service to thir country, was Bruno with the surname 4 miles long. Same Bruno, same regiment.
    Mystery solved. It was a moving moment.

    I see now that Private Kovko is also on the board. Interesting.

  142. Miglo

    The Minister burnt our letters to and from each other (mainly from Singleton 3TB) about ten years after I was discharged. She said she had didn’t want to remember that time…

    She regrets it now. I wanted them as the basis for a book… although I suspect Gloria’s stamps would have been worth a lot more! 🙂


    I’ve just informed the wife that she burned $180K and not the $18K I had found her guilty of.

    She picked a bad time to tell me just then that there were probably 350 letters, not the 300 I assumed. Can somebody please calculate that for me – my hands and mind are too weak.

    While quickly departing the room she did humbly remind that she did keep one letter. Big effing deal!

    Yes folks, this is the same woman who once had John Lennon’s glove when it was thrown into the crowd from the hotel in Adelaide.

    Here’s the irony: the ex hubby stole the glove and ran off with another woman. That’s when she burned the letters. The woman he ran off with now has Lennon’s glove.

  144. PS – But my wife has me.

  145. Your wicked – ToSY!

    Miglo, now you know one of the reasons Anzac Day is important to diggers (to find out who’s still around!) – I just missed my old sergeant last year (he’s in his late 70’s now) – told my son we’re off early this year, to see if I can catch up with Chips (my sgt) at the RAEME gathering…

    BTW, anyone with an unpronouncable (?) name, in the army, is referred to as Wheelbarra! Kovko, mmmm, very interesting…

    I shall now adjourn to clean the BBQ plate, put clean sheets and p/cases on the bed and replace two new flouro light tubes – a retirees chores are never end…

  146. Watch out she doesn’t burn YOU, Miglo! 😀

  147. She won’t burn me TB. Instead, I’ll probably be an item in the next garage sale.


  148. Speaking of wives, mine is a lot happier now she has new boobs.

    She had the enlargements placed under her muscle to avoid the porn star look.

    She told me before the op that she was going to her original size…yeah right!

    Now she is a size D…maybe the Chinese surgeon misunderstood the B?

    Oh well…I suppose I’ll have to get used to them.

  149. If it’s any consolation Miglo (which it probably isn’t) a friend of ours was minding some sketches, none framed. This was about 20 years ago. They shoved them under the bed in the spare room where various creatures made a meal of the them. The surname was Whiteley.

  150. Min, that also reminds me that Gloria gave away an original Ambagtsheer.

  151. And my mother put an original Singer sewing machine which belonged to my great grandmother out on the street for junk day.

  152. I reckon we will hit 180000 tomorrow night.

  153. Gloria stll has one original Ambagtsheer. She’s just waiting for him to die.

  154. I am to and fro today with hubby where were we? That’s right, I promised a spag bol recipe.

    This is the Genoan variety, or at least hubby’s granny’s variety.

    500g lean mince beef
    1 brown onion chopped
    1 cup chopped ripe roma tomatoes (or a can)
    2 clove garlic crushed
    1 rasher lean bacon chopped
    1/2 tspn basil
    pepper [I don’t add salt as the bacon makes it salty enough].
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire (no I know that it’s not Italian but it somehow made it’s way into the Coloretti spag sauce)
    1 tablespoon tomato paste (add extra if the tomatoes aren’t fully ripened).
    Fry mince in a little olive oil, add bacon, onion and garlic, stir until the mince browns. Throw the rest in with the exception of the tomato paste. Cook, lid on for about an hour adding water if necessary. Add tomato paste and cook lid off for about 20mins. Serve with al dente pasta and garlic bread (of course).

    Leftovers: mix spag with the bol sauce and fry in a little butter the next day on a medium/high heat or until spag turns crisp and brown.

  155. Sounds yummy Min.

    The secret of course is too cook the sauce in the meat. Italian restaurants these days take the easy way out – just pour heated sauce over the meat.

    What a difference a little bit of patience makes.

  156. Tony of South Yarra, on January 24th, 2009 at 7:02 am

    Yeah well, I’m just saying that, unlike some, not everyone is a highflyer, not all belong to the wealthy, esteemed and successful club for males as seems to exist here and in other blogs. For all I know TOSY you could be using your computer in a homeless shelter, in Turnbull’s HQ, Jamie Packer’s offices or in your senior’s residence!

    It’s not unknown for shared computers to have the same IP address eg

    What happens if two computers have the same IP address?

    “I have got an Internet router and I have connected my computer and two laptops to the router. I was just wondering do all 3 of the computers have the same IP Address or will they all be different?
    Posted by: J Seehra at February 5, 2006 10:59 AM

    They will all have their own IP address on the local network you’ve created with your router, but will all share the same IP address out on the internet.
    Posted by: Leo at February 5, 2006 11:03 AM “

    It was good enough for Tim Dunlop and he’s a smart and experienced blogger.

    Just because you may not share the views expressed doesn’t mean you have to run the people out of town the blog.

  157. One thing that I forgot to mention is that after draining the spag, Nana Col’ would then throw in the bol sauce and mix them and reheat rather than as per a restaurant which would place the pasta on a plate and cover with the sauce.. which means that the outer spag would be cold.

    Now if someone can teach me the intricacies of Chinese fried rice (dinky-di style as per the local takeaway) I will be enternally grateful. Mine always seems to end up like mush rather than fried.

  158. Howdy folks,

    Just arrived here in Penang (one hour flight from KL)

    Yes TB I was thinking of you and the minister as were scoffing back the pasta in the sweltering heat. Is Brisbane humid or what??


    Yes the Macbook is nice the hotel has free wifi too! So it’s very convenient, alhough I reckon the Mac Air would be the way to go, I remain unconverted especially when it carries a $2000 price tag.

    Anyway, off now to take our friends to the mall next door, a bit of shopping, and then dinner tonight at this outdoor seafood restaurant on the beach….

    Tiger beer anyone…?

  159. reb

    1. stop making us jealous
    2. stop checking the blogocrats and get out and about
    3. see No. 1


  160. Batu Ferangi?

  161. Well Kittylitter – I think it is great that Polly, Rigles and Huh are all grumpy accountants – and that they don’t mind sharing their grumpiness with us.

    I always think that I appear bright and reasonable by comparison to the trio.

    They should participate more often in my opinion – and they should take it in turns on the computer. Huh seems to hog it. Heavens – I don’t know why Polly puts up with it. Particularly with poor Rigles so crook – he’s in hospital you know.

    I hope everything is ok at their accounting office.

  162. Miglo you poor thing you, i’ll send you a create off little bottles.

    Lol what a fuuny cheery site.

    Huh, Kittylitter is right and im glad i did read her comment to put me back on track. when your not angry i think your good value as is Polly. oh i dont care much for rigles other then he gets well, i dislike him for his comment to Shane, as it was low.

  163. joni & co – I’m sending this message from my computer…

  164. This one is from daughter’s laptop

  165. And this one’s from my wife’s PC…

  166. This one is from son’s PC

  167. Do they all appear to come from the same IP? I reckon they will, even though they’re from 4 different machines…

  168. Scaper,

    Batu Ferringhi is on the schedule for tomorrow night …

    4.30pm here now. Almost time for pre-dinner gin and tonics….

    Did I mention the outdoor tropical seafood restaurant…??


  169. Min, @ 3.16pm. Make sure your pan is very hot. Having it too cold makes the rice sweat, same as meat etc.
    Also, it’s best to use day-old rice which has been spread out on a tray in the fridge. The refrigerator dries the rice so the grains separate and voila! no glug.

    Miglo, what a bastard!

    On a similar note, my husbandy substance could have bought a cray licence and boat for 120 grand in the early ’80s, just before the price started to escalate, but wouldn’t borrow the money although I begged him to. The rest is history.

  170. Here’s something we can all laugh at.,27574,24957917-421,00.html

  171. Hi Jane,

    In 1982 blocks of land at a soon-to-be-developed beach site on Kangaroo Island were $500 each. They couldn’t give them away and I too snubbed a deal.

    You’de be lucky to get one under a $100k these days.

    Sob sob.

  172. A certain bloc doth protest too much (about all things IP), methinks.


  173. Migs, just popped up a post about that very thing!

  174. Ah, miglo the tyranny and the tragedy of hindsight. Buy shares in Gillette, I can feel a wrist slashing coming on!!! Aaaaaggghhhh!!!

    I saw that article in the paper but couldn’t bring myself to read it. Just confirms for me that the Mad Monk should have been committed years ago.

  175. # Also, it’s best to use day-old rice which has been spread out on a tray in the fridge.

    Joni i do the same but in the freezer

  176. Nooooooooooooooooo,
    My wife is leaving to go overseas, what will i eat?

  177. in april but she said she would be back after a month, can the human body survive without food for a month?

    How selfish off her to want to see her family.

  178. What are you trying to say Tony? Out with it man – don’t be shy…

  179. Bacchus,

    If the cap fits, wear it. Otherwise, flame wars are not my thing. Look elsewhere if that’s what you’re after.

  180. ToSY, what’s a “flame war”?

  181. Not after a war Tony – answers would be nice though, rather than snide insinuations… I posted those comments from 4 different computers – from a technical perspective, I’d love to know what the logs tell the owners of this blog. That will help inform me as to the veracity of sock-puppetry claims thrown around on this blog.
    If joni & co choose not to share such information for whatever reasons – that’s their prerogative though. I could set up my own blog, become the administrator and send test messages from different computers – seems like a lot of trouble to go to when there are those who are already able to provide the answer…

  182. Thanks ToSY – my learning continues…

    …interesting that “Recently, several online forums have actively encouraged flaming amongst fellow posters… (thinks, Peirs Ackerman, Andrew Bolt Janet Albrechtson (?) et al!

    …I do like to think that Blogocrats “actively” discourage it…and the “flamers” get pissed off! 😀

    So in one week, I’ve learned:

    “Don’t feed the trolls, Granda”…and the “link” with “flamers” …I’m still alive!

    Oh! and thanks, ToSY!

  183. Gee. I had a problem with someone on my web site so I banned him.

    Next week he pops up again giving me grief from another IP!

    I’ll leave it at that.

  184. bacchus? I’m trying to figure out your “beef” with, joni?

  185. Bacchus as well as you made your point with typing from different computers, (which i didnt know, so thank you for showing it) it shows you made an opinion, Tony read it and still holds his. Thats not for you to tell Tony what to believe.

    What i do get from Tony is if you do continue his is right to point out flamming which i also didnt know.

    Bacchus ive never had a problem with your postes so i am not attacking. 🙂

  186. Before Xmas I was approached by Telstra MBA Corporate and was offered a very good deal on an Internet connection…I declined due to the fact that I would have too many future and past clients to notify.

    It would be bad for business to change my IP as my inbox in many cases is the first point of contact.

  187. I know how to find my usb port. beyond that you guys a talking at a level i can not reach.

  188. Scaper

    Our friend is vehemently denying he’s ABBA but has yet to deny being Nature5. He doesn’t like either of us, but I think he dislikes you even more which leads me to the conclusion that it is probable ABBA (lol). So back to the equation: ABBA + Nature5 +M1+M2+M3=M3 Squared= MPD

    Ssssssssh TB he might be watching us (wink)

    M1+M2+M3=M3 Squared, on January 24th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Why would Squared be concerned about “cracking” his ID – so dumb – hey!”

    Pretty hilarious stuff really

  189. miglo,

    i let the chooks into the garage and they cleaned up all the spiders, mainly daddy hot legs but they were everywhere but it sounded like a bar fight.

    Yes the poo, only four chooks one poo per half hour
    it dries and you kick it out

    also about your money bud which i felt bad/laughted about. i found out duck eggs are worth a bit.(gold in the spermbank)

    (more sick humour)

  190. ok few weeks back i was playing a linked game of spacecraft, when the game widow minimised and the red warning came up, so thinking my computer genious cousin saw what happen to me i opened the game window and typed:

    (me) do think i got penetrated?
    (long silence, he even stopped playing)

    (me) can you check?
    (again silence)

    i only just got it a couple off days ago.

  191. aquanut, on January 24th, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Sigh! Its Daddy LONG Legs you, Dick! Not HOT legs!

    Do you live in Tasmania or somefing? 😯

  192. Nooooooooooooooooo,
    My wife is leaving to go overseas, what will i eat? (aquanut).

    You have chooks don’t you? They lay eggs, right? You also have a speargun, correct?

  193. Joni,

    On American Dad just now:

    “Optimist drowns in half-full bathtub.”


  194. Night Shift.
    Daddy HOT legs?
    Aqua, she’s only going for a month, and you’re already looking at daddy hot…….OK, going home now.

  195. Can’t get over how kids talk these days.

    I was in Red Rooster (tip for aquanut) and I was listening to a young girl giving her order: “I want like, a BBQ pack, like, extra chips, hey, yeh, and like, I want to eat in, like, hey”.

    I simply asked for a BBQ pack.

  196. TB – I have no beef with joni at all – sorry, I must be coming across as agro when it’s not intended. I was a little p’d off with Tony’s irrelevant interjection,so maybe that’s carried through in the rest of my post – once again, I apologise for that.

    aquanut, of course Tony can express any opinion he likes – that’s what I especially like about reading this blog, but I saw his remark as a back-handed accusation that I was somehow involved with the Huh, Polly, Rigels accusations earlier.

    If he has a problem with my posts, I’d much prefer he just say so and why, rather than make “snide accusations”. If you read Tony’s link to the wiki flaming article, then re-read what has been posted, you’ll see that it was in fact Tony that was engaging in the art of flaming, not me…

    joni, is it possible to let me know the result of my tests here, or are there privacy or other considerations which preclude you from letting me know if the IP addresses appeared the same from all posts? I realise that I’m the only one who knows for sure that I actually posted from 4 different computers, but that will be sufficient to prove my hypothesis to myself for my own satisfaction – selfish , aren’t I?

    btw, I’m upstairs on my wife’s PC now – any difference? Maybe a different port numer? Oh, and I have respect for all the posters here, including Tony, but especially the owners/moderators who provide this wonderful online community .

  197. it was going to be daddy hot long legs but it seemed to long, its my humour so go with it.

    the chooks are to young to lay…when they get older i’ll have my with them .

  198. like, hey, your wrong about.

  199. They have to extract my body from the hot widow chicken display. When i go in, i mean to eat not time to order.

  200. Aqua, what is the hell is going on here? I didn’t read all the posts, but got half way up.

    Toiletboss is who?

  201. Im the last person you should ask Angel, i hardly know what im talking about.

    Toiletboss is who?
    im lost, dont know.

  202. He/She said he posted as Toiletboss, Neil of Sydney, someone else and Tim Dunlop???

    I must admit, I will be heartily pissed off, if he is, or if he did.

  203. Someone tell Angel whats going on!

    so i can find out too

  204. I think they’ve all gone to sleep. Someone send me an email or something. Won’t tell, promise.

    How’s your chickens? I hope you count them. You better behave while your better half is away, or watch out for the elbow.

  205. lol, i have four pure black chickens that change colour(pearl effect) in the sun to dark purple, there 2 months old and they should start around the 3 month stage so i should have eggs but i might just have to resort to seafood.

  206. Angel, I think it was just a tongue in cheek dig at all the sock-puppet accusations flying around earlier in the thread. AFAIK, Toiletboss is still Toiletboss…

  207. Aqua, the colour sounds gorgeous. Funny, if I saw them, I couldn’t eat ’em. Had a pet sheep………….long story. Lent him to a friend without a lawnmower, months go by. Invited to their house for tea. More long story………How’s Mr Woolly? Reply: You’re earing him. I went outside and threw up. NEVER forgave her either.

    bacchus, I’m assuming you were someone else as well? I tried blogging as 3 people, stuffed up badly, so now keep me to me. Too much BS.

  208. ToSY,

    Optimist gag very funny. Has me giggling now.

  209. No Angel – I’m just me, in spite of what Tony might try to infer.

  210. Just back from Symphony in the Park in Sydney.

    The sound at these outdoor events is just amazing.

    And thank deity that the southerly has hit as it would have been unbearable in 40C temps.

  211. Joni id love to hear a symphony live
    They just have to put the volume down and get rid of the crowd which im sure they will cater for one day.

  212. Sheesh – I go away for a week or so, get married and log in from Bali and the Blogocrats are at each other (or sort-of) and having debates about IP addresses – I guess it must be the heat getting to everyone.

    Anyway, Just wanted to say I hope you’re all having a great long W/E and have a good Aussie beer for me on Monday. I’m going to see what Chinese New Year on a Hindu Island is like- should be fun.

    For the record, My pick of Best Aussie Song (about Australia) is Reckless by Aussie Crawl. Ice House’s Great Southern Land is also up there as is Gangagang’s ‘This is Australia’.

    Cheers Folks


  213. Whoa – Moderation hey – I must have been away for too long 😉

  214. D55

    Congratulations – how did it go?? Tell us all about it.

    And you have been rescued.

  215. Who’s this Dave55 guy…:)

    You tease on where you are, but congratulations on getting married i wish you a lot of energy for the cumming nights.

  216. My goodness after reading other threads posted during the week what a bunch of pill addicts of all types you ( OK not all) come across as.

    All still hating John Howard

    I did not vote for him but

    Even if he was the worst PM you lot cannot just move on can you ?

  217. Such bitterness squared, i guess your point is you hang were the pills are

    either way squared ( wish i read what cut you so much) you have come back under a new name cause your so emmbaressed of your old one.

    Im enjoying this now its fun to see a grown person act like such a child to gain respect.

  218. That’s it…there will be no more discussion here on our noble ex PM…by order of the blow in!

    You hear?


    Not listening Scaper …. LOL

    I will continue to bring him up because he deserves to have his actions questioned.

  220. We will stop talking about Howard when the RWDB’s stop talking about Whitlam, Hawke and especially Keating.

    For stuff’s sake he was just kicked out and ruled for 11 years during a time of great prosperity. Despite saying he would keep a low profile he keeps popping up to make political commentary. His book is still to come out and the full revelations of his time in office and whole political career are still trickling out.

    If Howard didn’t want to be commented on for the rest of his life then he shouldn’t have become a politician, and especially should not have run for the leadership of the party so as to become the leader of the country. Leaders of all countries are spoken of in perpetuity. We still talk and debate on ancient leaders, going back as far as primitive nomadic tribes.

  221. Abbott really is a nasty piece of work.

  222. Oh well, the person will just have to put up with it or go back to where else he blogs.

    Incidentally, I have googled the name and there is no record on any blog…must be a new blogger???

  223. Indeed scaper, if we cant/wont move on maybe they should on. No one is forced to come to the blogocrats.

  224. I wish they would as they are a distraction to the discussion…maybe we should all ignore them?

  225. Watching a repeat of QandA on ABC at this moment with Abbott on the panel.

    Abbott really is a nasty piece of work joni, and he’s proving it in spades.

    Plus it is so hard to believe any person can be so much in denial.

  226. scaper…, on January 25th, 2009 at 9:46 am

    I am not going to ignore them because all voices are valuable, and behind the ad hominems there is thought and reason and more than a few allusions promising more thought if those part-thoughts were expanded upon, some of it quite interesting and quite capable of adding breadth and depth to discussion. Imho.

  227. Not after a war Tony – answers would be nice though, rather than snide insinuations…

    Snidey insinuations are what he does – constantly, never actually coming right out and putting a name to who he is flaming, does it to gee up the others to make an attack.

  228. Bacchus… same IP address.

  229. Thanks joni – very much appreciated.

  230. M1+M2+M3=M3 Squared, on January 25th, 2009 at 2:49 am Said:

    Oh by the way you are so much of an idiot scaper.. that you should be certified.

    You are a total joke/jerk !

    You are just thick.

    So explain to me Legion which part of this post is quite interesting and quite capable of adding breadth and depth to discussion???

    I eagerly await your savant response…

  231. Thank you to Jane for her help. I think that this is what I am doing wrong, that is oil not hot enough. I still have a problem cooking with oil, which I think comes for the old advert (I think for house insurance) with the woman on the phone screaming Help! The chips! as the kitchen bursts into flames.

  232. joni, on January 25th, 2009 at 10:18 am Said:

    Bacchus… same IP address.

    Exactly, very unneccessary nastiness from blogocrats

    What happened to the ‘play nice’ atmosphere?.

    Seems to have been forgotten by the blogocrats on this thread, or is it only ‘visitors’ who have to abide by the policy.

    …I do like to think that Blogocrats “actively” discourage it…and the “flamers” get pissed off! 😀

    And how do you tell the flamers from genuine commenters – is it whether you like what they say or not? If they oppose and challenge opinions? Blogocrats are actively discouraging any and all dissenting voices IMO.

    It all seems very incestuous and non-democratic to me. Do you want a closed love-in or do you want a thriving community of people who have different viewpoints to offer?

  233. Aqua. I’ll send food parcels.

  234. Kitty, so you too think it is okay for people to be called names instead of discussing the topic at hand???

    I DON”T!!!

  235. Aqua. Chook story. When we were living in Lilydale Vic we had some excellent chooks but one less than excellent rooster by the name of Agro.

    Fortunately in those days I also had a mini fox terrier who had the rooster bluffed, mostly.

    When hubby forgot to tuck Agro away in the pen and I needed to hang out the washing, I would go equiped with 1xfox terrier/1xbroom.

    Then we acquired another pup, a lab cross. Arrived home one day to find legs scattered around the yard. Bye bye to Agro. 🙂

  236. 180,000 hits!

  237. scaper…, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:14 am

    None of that particularly post is acceptable, Scaper; but it’s also not the only interaction which you had with that person, either; which is not a slight on you, nor a validation of that particular comment. I was interested in where M1 was heading over on the other thread. They had enough good grace to acknowledge a counter-point when presented with one, and also were beginning to outline their own counter-thesis to their perception of John’s thesis: that indicates thought and reason, and a willingness to engage in robust discussion. I figure that challenges to ethos followed by challenges to logos are within bounds, and can be met with ethos and logos, and John (and others) did a reasonable, but not perfect job, of doing that, eventually (from M1’s perspective, it’s entirely possible that John did appear to cast the first ‘name-calling’ stone). I can also see how M1 might have felt as subject of speculative conspiracy theories: frustrated by a ‘closing-of-ranks’ and de facto (and now explicit calls for) exclusion. I remain interested in their thoughts on substantive matters, regardless of who they are or might be. I also did rehearse personal responsibility for maintaining integrity and tensegrity of relations over on the other thread; your node-node relationship with that person is apt to be different from mine as a consequence of your personal you-them experiences. Overall, I tend to follow John’s catharsis on the matter: “if you (M1 or anyone else) have something you want to say or different to say, tell it” (minus the name-calling, all round). (Having said that, I freely acknowledge that I’m only a ‘visitor’ on somebodies else’s blog site and don’t really get a say in how things play.)

  238. I am a diabetic and for the past six months I’ve had trouble keeping my blood suagr levels low. Also for the last six months I have practically laid off red wine. I mentioned to the wife this morning that maybe there is a correlation.

    Her response in unprintable.

    I will seek a second opinion, and a third, and a fourth if necessary.

  239. Legion..just doing a precis. Ya mean that they were having an argument?

  240. Min, on January 25th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Yep…more storming.

  241. Joni/reb,

    My wife also contributes to Blogocrats, albeit on rare occasions. We have different computers and different email addresses but the same IP address.

    Just letting you know so that you don’t think I’m blogging as two different identities.

    For the remaining Blogocrats, I will not reveal her identity.

  242. “In fact just looking at your photo I doubt you have even ventured out of your cave today. Far too risky for you isnt it.”

    Now the prig is attacking Adrian on another thread.

    And you think disclusion is wrong???

  243. Using the same IP address is not a crime nor is it discouraged. As wiki says it is a problem when someone uses aliases for “fraudulent, disruptive, or otherwise deceptive purposes”.

    So don’t worry Miglo.

    And I repeat again – no-one is forced to blog on here. If they do not like it, then they should just not come here. I realise at times that some get hot under the collar and some things are written that in hindsight are not very nice. But we apologise and move on.

    reb and myself work very hard at keeping this blog ticking over and I am beginning to wonder whether the effort is worth it. Another option is that all comments will be moderated, but that will slow down the interactive nature of this place.

  244. Legion M1 has another way to redress what they perceive as an unfair conspiracy of personal debasement against them.

    I was once a long time member of a forum that no longer exists. A debate (political of course) became heated with one relatively new poster becoming very abusive all round. This poster put up a bunch bull and I called them up on it, posting heaps of sources repudiating their bull. Instead of debating with counter sources or facts the poster became particularly abusive towards me, so much so they were banned.

    The next day my alias and avatar began appearing in forums, boards, online media opinions and blogs all over the place, only it wasn’t me making the posts. The contributions to these websites using my alias was abusive, confrontational and aggressive in the extreme, of course garnering much antagonistic replies and moderator warnings.

    To cut a long story short I ended up having to contact the admins of most of these sites and give them my real name and contact details so that all the posts from the imposter could be removed.

    M1 could always do this here and I’m sure if the moderators are absolutely certain they aren’t a sock puppet or a multiple identity then they will tell everyone that.

  245. scaper?

    “Don’t feed the trolls, Granda”

  246. “reb and myself work very hard at keeping this blog ticking over and I am beginning to wonder whether the effort is worth it. ” (joni)

    Joni, to me it’s worth it. Because of your efforts you have lightened up the lives of many.


  247. thuferring thukotath miglo…. much appreciated on the thanks.

  248. Warning, warning! Big storm thing happening in far north coast NSW..warning, warning, bring in your washing and get your cars under cover and be prepared to eat salad to tonight’s din-dins.

  249. TB I understand you like cowboy movies. I watched Appaloosa the other night. Highly recommend it.

  250. Thanks, Migs,

    …I haven’t seen it, will check it out…fan of any “good” movies (I tend to analyse a bit too much for The Minister)…

    I have a Certificate in Cinematography (16mm & 8mm), I studied in 1978…made a few training videos but that’s all…

  251. “made a few training videos but that’s all…”

    Were nude people having sex?

  252. Adrian of Nowra, on January 25th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Not a big fan of ‘cloning’, nor of identity fraud in general. Keep wondering when the powers-that-be will require identify-verification as a passport to any and all online activity…I’m sure they’re thinking about it for a whole range of reasons.

  253. Thank you Adrian. Love it! And duly forwarded along to the juniors. Favorites are Pusillanimous Pip-squeak, Presumptuous Popinjay, Impersonal Collection of Inanimate Hardware, Dehumanized Lie Dispenser..among others.

    Now that’s how to get your point across and one doesn’t even have to insert ****es.

  254. Defective detective was one of my favourites.

    Never fear, Smith is here.

  255. I’ve said before that I think this is a great site. To the extent that I follow it from my mobile – eg now.

    Joni and reb do a sensational job–thanks.

    I do think we can get a little precious about the sharpness of some of the commentary.

    I think it is best to have such a level of vanity to become impervious to the barbs.

  256. Fourth in the list was the most pertinent to Min’s weather warning.

    Saw a fairly recent interview with Jonathan Harris where he said those insults weren’t scripted, but he ad libbed once and got so much positive feedback he continued it for the rest of the series.

  257. Adrian, Jonathon Harris was a fine actor. There will never be another like him.

  258. Tom @ 4:40.

    Gosh you HAVE changed Tom. You’ve become nice.

    Your friends and family must be proud of you.

  259. And I have not forgotten the Top Five… just that I will put it up first thing in the morning for Australia Day.

  260. And Professor Dodson is named Australia of the Year. A very proud moment.

    And also, The 2009 Young Australian of the Year was Queensland anti-violence campaigner Jonty Bush.

    And I can’t leave out: A 76-year-old entrepreneur from Victoria was named Senior Australian of the Year.

    Pat LaManna, an Italian immigrant, came from a poor background and economic adversity to give back to charities in Australia and around the world.

  261. Miglo, on January 25th, 2009 at 5:03 pm Said:

    Tom @ 4:40.

    Gosh you HAVE changed Tom. You’ve become nice.

    Your friends and family must be proud of you.

    hehe, a paradox wrapped in an enigma?

    You’re always good value tom.

  262. Kittylitter,

    Don’t mention the word paradox.

    I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.

  263. BTW, it would be remiss of me not to say, that it goes without saying, that I appreciate the efforts, the angst and the frustration that goes into the blog from joni and reb 🙂

  264. Well, just as I’m advocating niceness, Miglo and Kittylitter start dishing out the insults.

    I haven’t consulted a dictionary but a “paradox” sound very insulting, like a sexually transmitted disease. While an “enigma” suggests something similar to an enema.

    Very nice. Thank you.

    By the way, it is not just my family that is proud. My mistress is swollen with pride, if you know what I mean**

    **Insert wink suggesting that this means artificially enhanced breasts.

  265. Well you do have a whole lotta enlarged love to give tom.

  266. “Well you do have a whole lotta enlarged love to give tom.”

    Yes thank you Kittylitter. Everyone is pleased. The missus, the mistress and all the lads at the club are impressed.

    Increased self esteem is the important factor, and it doesn’t matter how much we spend on artificial enhancements to get it.

  267. “artificially enhanced breasts”

    A growth industry? But perhaps only for those in need? On both sides of the gender divide apparently.

    Ain’t love grand!

  268. first and most important to me and glad i saw it.

    # “reb and myself work very hard at keeping this blog ticking over and I am beginning to wonder whether the effort is worth it. ” (joni)

    Miglo is correct,
    without this blog i would be stealing handbags. Seriously I can not thank you enough for your time into this blog enough. !

  269. Lol, at poor agro (cracked me up)

    The food packages will be needed, its got to beat going cannibal

  270. # all the lads at the club are impressed.

    A night on the pool table… 🙂

  271. Off to Bribie surf beach, lunch at the pub and home for the cricket.

    Have a good day everyone.

  272. scaper…, on January 26th, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Have a great one, scaper…even if I now have ‘The Day I Went To Bribie’ swirling around in my head.

  273. Legion and scaper. I now have “George of the Bribie” in my head.

  274. Lol Joni, you and your tunes.

    Last night while crabbing i met this bloke who couldnt sleep and wondered over to see what i had. soon after we were sitting beside the combie with beers on chairs and he had is gituar. I frooze still and listened with a tear as he played two songs one was” i was only 19″ and the other was something about a” tin hat and gun and they sent me away to the war”.

    so I gave him crabs

  275. “so I gave him crabs”…. I’ve met a few who have given me that as a “gift” too.

    And I am just about to head out for an extended long lunch down at Woolloomooloo, so any comments that get trapped in moderation (not something I will be doing this afternoon) will have to wait until I get back home later.

  276. I guess people are out having BBQ’s with family or loved ones, at lunch sharing drinks and a nice discussion, celebrating Australia day with fire crackers in a festival somewhere,

    and here i am on the subject of crabs.

    ( hope you have a great Australia Day) 🙂

  277. Hope you enjoy your day at wooloooloollmmoolo

  278. Well, aquanut, if its a topic you need to scracth then go ahead.

  279. Lets not get rash.

  280. LOL – good comeback

  281. I think you two better nip that one in the but.

  282. lol, miglo
    your not going out today?

  283. Miglo

    Nit picker!

  284. No diving for me, which is causing me to shrivel up and turn brown.
    Need my new fins which take about a week to arrive.
    This time i got 5 pairs.

  285. Staying put for the time being guys. The wife has taken a drive to Yass and she wasn’t 2 minutes gone and I had a half corona lit up and enjoying it with a drink under the pergola.

  286. “No diving for me, which is causing me to shrivel up and turn brown.” (aquanut).

    Any particular body parts?

  287. Thats wrong Miglo, arnt you suppose to be vacuuming

    # a drink under the pergola.

    I have one too, but my stepdad use to feed the magpies all the time…… so i get annoyed there now, the hungry birds own it.

  288. Any particular body parts?

    No matter how i answer that i loose.

  289. However I am certain that Mrs Aqua loves the ones that you have left 🙂

  290. lol, min
    while im on the meds nothing works. i’m broken.

  291. Aqua, if you feel like a chat to your old Auntie Min….

  292. Thanks Min
    Im getting off the meds very shortly to do a Tarzan in the bedroom, if i dont i’ll loose her. She wants kids and my excuses dont stack. She is right, so i’ll find a way to make it work…. out.

    shortly as in a week or so.

  293. Nice, i entered a competition where i have six games a week over six months last year. In a game called Backgammon, 55,000 people i was ranked 11.
    Im happy with that. I didnt do so well with chess. 602 out of 58,000. yahoo did the comp.

  294. Aqua..have written.

  295. Min, replied.

  296. Min there was no comma after your name when i wrote it. it must of been Joni. 🙂

  297. Aqua if you could teach me to play chess, that would be a prize in itself. I am wrong-brained, as in a left-handed female..but by gee I can crochet 😉

  298. Ok..I apologise. Me versus the comma was Min being pedantic. The New Rule Is: I promise to never criticise anyone’s punctuation…unless it’s really really bad, in which case I am channeling my English high school teacher Miss Klemm.

  299. Min i can teach you chess in ten minutes which is in what the peices do, but chess the game is a series of war, defend or attack the rest is strategy and that involves many many hours of game time.

    But im not good enough to do that online. 🙂

  300. Min,,
    Some days i can spell fine but other days i forget how to spell small words like i have never used it before. Like repeating a word over and over it looses its meaning i think so hard i cant see the word in my mind.

    4 years ago my brain acted up in some areas, but i also gained but thats a long story which would explain my brain strains…:)

  301. Min/aqua,

    Do any of you play cribbage?

  302. No Miglo i havnt heard of it

  303. Aqua..believe me. You would not be able to teach me what the pieces do. Think female..think trying to back out of the driveway. It ain’t going to happen.

  304. Aqua, it’s also called crib. It’s a card game with a board to peg your scores. It is one of the only card games where you need a brain to play it. On that token, I’m surprised you don’t know of it.

  305. Weren’t you in the Navy Aqua or have I mixed you up with someone else?

    Cribbage is standard fare for the Navy, along with Uckers (Ludo/Parcheesi) and Bones (Mahjong but not Mahjong) both with unique RAN rules making them more savage.

  306. Miglo
    oh ok, sounds good. lol that was a subtle last line.

    No i wasnt in the Navy, but had training by and contracted for the navy

  307. Aqua, have you eaten?

  308. just got back from dinner.

  309. That was it, I remember you saying something about working with the Navy. That would have been the bubblies and I know they used to play a lot of Cribbage. One of my best mates throughout my pussers career was a bubbly, and it was he who taught me Cribbage.

  310. Adrian, one of the problems with cribbage these days is to find someone to play against. Fortunately my wife can play the game so now I don’t have to seek far and wide for an opponent.

    I grew up on Kangaroo Island where my father had a Soldier’s Settlement farm. All the farmers were returned servicemen. You wouldn’t go visiting anyone without taking your crib board.

  311. we were not allowed to communicate with others especially navy personnel. navy teaching contractors ?

  312. “Toiletboss is who?
    im lost, dont know”

    Sorry for any confusion Angel & Aqua.

    I thought it was fairly obvious that I was only taking the piss. I find the animosity here surprising & unnecessary at times. Who cares if he/she doesn’t like him/them or she/it/they reckon that we/us/him is/are full of shit? A bit of perspective helps soothe the tangential huffing & puffing.

    I have only ever posted as Human Dividend of The Buffalo Lodge & more recently as Toiletboss.

  313. “I grew up on Kangaroo Island where my father had a Soldier’s Settlement farm”migs

    I’ve spent the last 3 days on the Soldier Settler’s farm that I grew up on. It’s (thankfully) still in the family.

  314. How about Tingledrunk?

  315. Yes I am slightly, still on days off afterall. Not yet tingling though.

    Got to go & cook tacos for tea now, back in a bit.

  316. The farm may not be ours anymore TB (we sold in 1968) but my heart is still there.

  317. TBoss i couldnt even find what Angel was talking about so i really didnt know. maybe if i found it i would of come to that conclusion. but i still dont know what post we where all talking about..

  318. GULP, yes I forgot about Tingledrunk. That was Xmas Eve & from my mum’s laptop…I was drunk & tingling at the time; I would note that those who were online then (except aqua who picked it up when I told him) knew who I was, or at least I assumed that they did. I’m pretty sure that Tingledrunk was labelled as being from the Buffalo Lodge.

  319. Whoa. Don’t type 1968 in brackets or that little face will appear.

  320. These stunning pictures were taken by Australian photographer Patrick Boland. I don’t know how they found them, but they were linked to by a conservative US blog. Highly recommended.

    Cockatoo Island is like Peter Pan’s Never Never Land for a photographer who likes industrial and historical decay. It’s a wonderland of rusted colour. Machines smeared with grease from a thousand men’s hands. Sandstone hewed by convicts. An apocalyptic museum of towering H.G. Wells tripods and cranes. I was entranced the minute I stepped off the ferry.

    The first thing I noticed was the lack of graffiti, thanks to its girt by sea isolation. It’s a historical layer cake that served as the heart of Sydney Harbour’s ship building since 1850. It has functioned as a convict gaol and contains on its plateau the only remaining convict public works complex in the state. It was an aqueous chastity belt for wayward girls, often casting their eyes to the anchored ship off shore in which their male counter parts where sequestered. It was the island prison that bushranger Captain Thunderbolt made his Clint Eastwood Alcatraz-like escape from. After the 1942 fall of Singapore and the loss of its shipyard facilities, the Cockatoo Island’s dry dock became the hottest place in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 20 ships were built there during the war. More than a thousand men and women have stepped upon its shore with axe and hammer and book and welder in hand. The remnants left behind will sing to you if you’ll just stand still long enough…

  321. ToSY

    I was out there for the Sydney Bienalle last year and it is a fantastic place to take photos.

  322. Got any you could show us? 🙂

  323. Um…. let me try and get my youtube clip back up

  324. [1968]

  325. (1968)

  326. Holy crap miglo you’re right!

    WTF does that happen???

    That’s currently the only emoticon in my repertoire.

  327. the eight and the ) are an emoticon that gets interpreted by the browser as smiley with sunglasses. that’s all.

  328. (1528)

  329. where are the emotions located.
    by the way i now know two and before Tboss did that post i only had the smiley face

    8 )
    i think i found two more

    : ) )

    : d

  330. We have a link on the FAQ page for all the emoticons that you can use.


  331. damn it that worked well.

  332. Ta Joni.

  333. joni posted some info on emoticons on the FAQ page T Boss:

  334. doh – beat me to it joni..

  335. Hey Toiletboss, you are 😈

  336. That’s OK – we all here to help.

  337. Oh dear – what have I started? 🙄

  338. The record for most posts on one thread???

  339. “before Tboss did that post i only had the smiley face” (aqua).

    So, aqua, now you’re two faced.

  340. The record for most posts on one thread??? – scaper.

    And only one post from John McPh.!!!!!!

  341. Now 350 posts. Getting close to my batting average.

  342. I thought it was your golf handycap…LOL!

  343. Some people think it’s my IQ.

  344. LOL scaper.

  345. DD bra size is home…got to catch up with the office gossip if I like it or not.

  346. ZOMFG! I bet that goes down a treat…

  347. scaper
    mission point is that vehicle access?

    i have been north on the pumicestone passage by water only (floating)

  348. Going to hire a boat from Sandstone Point and troll our way up there.

  349. well then Scaper if you hit somthing big on the way up please help into the boat.

    if i paln it well i might get a picnic basket,

    seriouly scaper give me a ring and ill see if i can give you a boat for the day(full cabin).

  350. I reckon we should all make a day of it…I’ll ring you tomorrow.

  351. it will be nice to have a verbal for a change instead of typing.

  352. i should hand out free donuts and coffee to keep people awake in the evening and dont say ” i have work tomorrow unlike yourself” cause truely i have little care for it.

  353. Oh while i remember and dont care if get attacked for this,
    Reb, Joni, have you thought of placing advertising in the room( we have sufficient numbers) to earn a little cash for the time you put in, or is that to cheap(offencive).

  354. ‘thought about advertising’ – Aquanut

    Yes. I have. Have a plan, too. Don’t know that it’s altogether feasible, but a good marketing plan nevertheless.

  355. OB,
    I’m a little confused, hell i’m clueless. Did you mean you have a website or your going to advertise here?

  356. No Aqua. Neither. Although I have thought about a marketing plan for Blogocrats to carry selective/selected advertising, and a way to attract that advertising $.
    Not yet sure that WordPress will allow.

  357. OB
    In that case sounds good. 😉

  358. Yes Aquanut. But that would entail creating and registering an internet domain name/blog. Nuff said for now.

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