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So Blogocrats…what Australian songs typifies our great nation?

Here’s one to get you started…

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and have a drink for me as I’ve gone off alcohol.



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  1. How can anyone compete with ‘Down Under’?

  2. Well that’s buggered that – hasn’t it!

    Oh! What about this one:

    On Monday, please think of all our soldiers, sailors and air personnel serving overseas – and don’t forget all our business people who also serve our country, working overseas…

    Avagoodweegend all

    Happy Australia Day

    (…and yes, now that you ask, I do think we could change the day/date to one less abrasive to our cousins, aboriginal Australians!)


  3. who pinched my post?

  4. Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’?

    I didn’t do it TB

  5. Try this one JMc

    On Monday, please remember all the soldiers, sailors and airpersonnel serving overseas and don’t forget all our business people who also serve…

    Avagoodweegend all

    Happy Australia Day

    (…and yes, now that you ask, I do think we could change the day/date to one less abrasive on aboriginal Australians!)

  6. again!

  7. Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’?

    I’m having trouble posting as well TB

  8. Try this JMc

  9. Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’?

  10. Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’?

    Trouble continues with posting TB?

  11. And wasn’t it lucky that the yanks (with apologies to yanks) didn’t understand the lyrics or else it would never have made it past the censors.

  12. How can anyone compete with ‘Down Under’?

    This might

    But I am guessing international visitors might not get it 🙂

  13. Scaper and Tom. Both very worthy nominations. This would have to be in the mix, given the genre:

    Great Southern Land

  14. The singer’s haircut would have to rate as an all-time mullet as well.

  15. Last try!

  16. Another version perhaps?

  17. I’ve been trying to post a Peter Allen version of – I Still Call Australia Home – driving me up the wall! Anyone help!


    On Monday please remember all the service personnell serving overseas and all the business people too (I missed far too many celebrations)…

    …and now that you mention it, yes, I would agree to a change of date to make Australia Day less abrasive for our Aboriginal Australian cousins..!


    Don’t forget the…. (I refuse to advertise!)


  18. It seems for some reason TB, John’s and myself’s posts with links go to the spam bin.

    I’ve approved them but they have not come up.

  19. Bloody hell – I hope joni can clean up the mess! 😆

  20. Mess averted.

  21. Tom

    Khe San, love it, what about

  22. Nice choices people

    Unfortunately, we won’t be having music where we are going on the day, but would have all made a nice back drop.

  23. TB

    “I’ve been trying to post a Peter Allen version of – I Still Call Australia Home – ”

    I’d love to help, but that song is utter shite.

  24. reb, on January 24th, 2009 at 10:17 am

    Thought it would be right up your Allen, sreb!

  25. And maybe he’d want to have a tender feel?

  26. And a favorite of mine from ’87.

  27. My wife’s first husband was 19 when he went to Vietnam

  28. Let’s not forget the Aussie legends for whom we write songs about.

  29. Let’s not forget those that became legends.

  30. Testing – my 3 previous posts didn’t work.

  31. Miglo

    Your youtube clips are being caught in the spam queue – but I do try to rescue them as often as I can.

  32. Gotcha now Miglo. One of the most poignant ballads.

  33. Don’t talk to me about ducks..hubby has had to clean the pool twice this week because they keep visiting and doing their poopies in the pool. However, I am certain that it wasn’t Miglo.

  34. I see they all got through. Sorry for all the repeats.

  35. you will be..

  36. I am.

  37. i was expecting somthing funny.

    as if its your fault. my bad humour

  38. Don’t worry, I appreciated your humour.

    I’m a bit embarassed over my stuff-ups. I had the wrong text with the wrong songs etc etc.

    I feel a right old goose.

  39. Min, I knew a young, rich Greek girl in Adelaide who couldn’t score a hubby.

    One morning she saw a duck in her swimming pool. She arranged to have the pool cemented over to spite the duck.

    I understand she’s still single. Might be something about her baaaad, twisted and bitter attitude.

  40. huh, now you know why i say sorry at times.
    Miglo this is the time i have learnt from you to attack.. lol

    Cheer up bud, you nothing wrong now give us all 10 bucks each and forget about it.

  41. Miglo,

    I hope you’ve forgiven me for laughing about your wife’s love letters. I definitely was not laughing at you. It was just the situation. I couldn’t help it.

    Hi Aqua.

  42. Hi Tony, go ahead, laugh your head off.

  43. Mig, how’d the shopping go?

  44. TB I didn’t spend a cent. The only thing I spent was time: time waiting for the missus.

  45. Well, done, Mig!

    Although I’m thinking you didn’t actually have an influence on the outcome?

  46. Not quite TB. She shoved a selection of nighties in front of me asking which one I liked. I said neither. She bought the lot.

    My comments definitely weren’t valued. Idon’t know why she bothers to ask.

  47. Nice one Tony, divert attention.
    listen mate just focus, Miglo needs your apology.

  48. My fave Australian band when arriving back in 82 after being away for 8 years…they MOTIVATED and made LIFE more tolerable during the recession, the drift from Brissie to Sydney & out to the Bush NSW.

    (The Church-Reptile)


  49. One more for memory’s sake:

    The Church-Metropolis


  50. The Church – Almost With You (1982)

    my first love affair w/ The Church…happened in a caravan…steamy, smoke-ridden…

  51. A caravanserai of sorts…

    The Time Being: Being the diary of a certain Mr Kilbey

    Fore some reason, Australia Day always reminds me of Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’.

  52. I thought someone here would have posted this gem…brings a tear of pride to the eye.

  53. scaper…, on January 25th, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Just heard another version of that and it didn’t start with the Aboriginal segment (I came from the Dreamtime) but with the convicts (I came upon the prison ship).

    Do you know if the original started with the aboriginal or convict segment?

  54. Adrian, here are the lyrics so I’d say you watched a shortened version…or worse.

  55. Excellent scaper. It’s a wonderful song..includes all, or does it’s best to. And to hear The Seekers once again.

  56. OK I listened to it again more closely. It is from an old cassette tape of mixed Australian songs.

    It states The Seekers – We Are Australian.

    The male singers voice is different to the one in your YouTube clip. In the middle there is an aboriginal singer who comes in and does the “I came from the Dreamtime bit”.

    There is also a massive choir that comes in for the last chorus, so I guess the piece I have was a special of some sort. I would really love to get a CD quality version of the piece I have on tape. I have the ability to capture audio from analog sources and convert them to digital but I have found the quality from tape to be far from optimal.

  57. My favourite Australian song of all time was a song by an Adelaide group in the mid to late 60s. I dare not reveal for fear of ridicule.

  58. Adrian, if you can give me the title I’ll have a look into my cousin’s vinyl collection when I visit him in Huskinson this winter.

  59. The cassette just has an Australia flag with “The Best of Australian Songs” in a gold wavy font. Down Under a bunch of other songs already mentioned here are on it.

    I have converted the song from tape to digital mp3. Don’t know how this will work but here is a link to a very old Yahoo Briefcase account I was given access to. I’ve uploaded the song to there for anyone that wants it.

    PS. If you are heading to Husky we might be able to meet up at the Husky pub. My best mate does Defence DVA claims from there and I go to that pub quite often.

  60. Adrian, looking forward to meet.

  61. “Fore some reason, Australia Day always reminds me of Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock”:

    I agree Legion. Saw them live at a free concert in a Sydney park in early 83 (I think that was the year)…superb.

    It’s important on Australia Day long weegend to remember the other countries & peoples we’ve had a huge influence and impact on:

    (Not Drowning, Waving – The Kiap Song)


  62. nasking, on January 25th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing that song….beautiful and quite disturbing at the same time. Much food for thought, there.

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