Music Break

So Blogocrats…what Australian songs typifies our great nation?

Here’s one to get you started…

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and have a drink for me as I’ve gone off alcohol.


Friday Frolyks

I feel a bit nervous putting up a free thread after my last disaster. They say that fortune favours the brave  – so, here is the open thread for the weekend.

What is everyone up to for the Australia Day long weekend?

For me, I will be either having an expensive long lunch down at Sheep-Toilet-Cow-Toilet or a picnic in a park with friends. The boyf has to work, so I will then meet up with him for the fireworks in Darling Harbour. Additionally, it is also Chinese New Year so we will be doing a bit of celebrating for that too.

Slumdog: a local Mumbai perspective

For a local Indian perspective on the latest cinema hit and Oscar nominee, visit: Video: Slumdog Millionaire and the Indian Slums

Global Voices introduces Ruchika Muchhala, who writes in the Channel 19 blog and her recent post about Slumdog Millionaire.

Kevin Rennie


One of the first presidential orders from BHO (yep – we have already acronymised him) is that he has asked for the military commissions at GITMO to be suspended for 120 days, as well as shorter delays for hearings for habeas corpus. Here is a link for the order

Now that is a good start.

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