Wealth plummets, Private Debt Rises

I chose April Fool’s day in 2008 to post the following comments on Blogocracy, but I wasn’t playing a ‘doom and gloom’ prank,  I was deadly serious:

The average price of housing is currently estimated at $470K – taking that figure into account, and lets face it, the housing market has taken off like a rocket since 2000 – then I’d have to say its time for the brakes to be applied because if it’s beyond average Australians to afford and beyond the banks and other lending institutions willingness to lend, what hope is  there that prices will continue to rise at traditional rates.

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona: lightweight lifestyle

When passing through Lisbon in 1980 I watched a Woody Allen double feature: Manhattan and Annie Hall. They were English language with Portuguese sub-titles. It was a packed crowd of mainly locals. My frequent loud laughs led the chorus, with the locals following about a second later as they read the jokes. Sometimes Woody’s unique humour was lost in translation leaving just a few of us chortling away.

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I’m melting

It seems that as more of the detail of Climate Change is analysed and published, the more convincing the argument that man is contributing to the warming of the planet.

We have been told that Antartica is cooling and how this must disprove any suggestions that the planet is warming, but it seems that this is not the case.

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“Keys to a Successful Marriage”

A week or so ago, I wrote a post about how Muslims seem to be given a fairly hard time in Australia, and that the prevalence of fear and suspicion of Muslims in Australian society was proactively perpetrated by the Howard Government and by the mainstream media.

It is unfotunate, to say the least, when self-professed Islamic spokespersons come out and add fuel to the fire by expressing extreme views.

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Minchin on Internet Filtering

Finally someone from the coalition has actually stated what a lot of people believe, that the federal governments proposed internet filtering plan will fail. Nick Minchin writes in todays SMH about how parents must play the most important role in providing supervision for their children: Continue reading