The best of Voices without Votes

Voices without Votes is winding up with a roundup of some of the best posts from around the world during the last year:

Less than one year ago, Voices without Votes was created to offer a voice of those who couldn’t vote in the U.S. presidential election to those who could. Our exciting journey has reached its final destination with Barack Obama’s inauguration today. However, before we say “goodbye,” our authors have chosen their top posts (in a time-line order) of the most memorable, prolific or simply silly moments from the election.

The link: The best of VwV and the presidential campaign

Kevin Rennie

3 Responses

  1. The slippery slope for the US under Obama is already evident. From his speech:

    “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.”

    Bad enough to equate Christians and Muslims but to include non-believers is blasphemy. Lol.

    I wonder why the Lord didn’t send down a ‘Bolta’ or two. Probably just ‘bidening’ his time.

  2. Nature 5

    OMG!!! Did he really mention n, n, n, n, non-believers..???

    Damn him to hell!!

  3. Am I on the right track here Kevin? But I believe that in several states of the US that many people are disenfranchised for even minor things such as traffic violations. And that this has lead to (mostly) colored people losing the right to vote.

    But bad luck, the colored bloke won anyway.

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