Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem! The place where we get to talk about anything and everything; now with decreased job security!  So post at your peril.

On a personal note, I’ll be fleeing the country on Friday and won’t back til mid-Feb.

I’ll try and stick my nose in every now and then to post, but it’ll probably be fairly sporadic…

Meanwhile try to keep it civil,  and no long ‘cut and paste’ jobs (you know who you are!!).



Fantastic Voyage and science

It seems that nanobots might soon become a reality.

Australian creators hope their tiny motor – which is less than the width of three human hairs – will soon power medical nanorobots that can swim through tiny blood vessels into the brain.

I love this sort of stuff.

Last night the boyf and I watched a BBC documentary on the History of Maths, and how the many of the major advances in mathematics were actually made by the Chinese, Indians and Arabs. Continue reading

The best of Voices without Votes

Voices without Votes is winding up with a roundup of some of the best posts from around the world during the last year:

Less than one year ago, Voices without Votes was created to offer a voice of those who couldn’t vote in the U.S. presidential election to those who could. Our exciting journey has reached its final destination with Barack Obama’s inauguration today. However, before we say “goodbye,” our authors have chosen their top posts (in a time-line order) of the most memorable, prolific or simply silly moments from the election.

The link: The best of VwV and the presidential campaign

Kevin Rennie