Lurking by the Watercooler…!



Yes folks, it’s time to lurk by the watercooler for our general working week kick-off chit chat!


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  1. Adrian – see – the alignment is all good again!

    And i am first at the watercooler – nana na na na naaaaa.

  2. Magic…

  3. We went to see the film Fantastic Planet last night at Darling Harbour as part of the Sydney Festival – where the music was performed by a live orchestra, and I must say it was wonderful. Two events so far for the festival and both great.

    Mind you, the film is still very disturbing.

  4. Hmm…

    Speculation that interest rates could drop to 3.5% next month. Well I’ll be “buggered” (that’s a finance technical description).

    Now who was it that said something along the lines of interest rates always being lower under a different Government…?

  5. Isn’t Fantastic Planet some retro sci-fi flick?

    How was Grace Jones BTW?

  6. So we still have the Monday Water cooler thread, are we going to have another Thursday Dummy Spit???

    How about making it a little easier for everyone to participate, and have a standard format eg –

    “The things that get up my nose about (insert name) are as follows (insert details)”

  7. Yeah reb, it is the one with blue aliens and little humans (oms). Very bizzare.

    But compare to Grace – completely normal and balanced.

    She is bonkers. I tried to get a clip up onto youtube but it did not work – but I will try again tonight (after my rent-a-crowd youtube clip was posted OK).

  8. Who else would be first at the watercooler other than joni? :))

    Nothing important to report other than yes hubby did manage to put up the rails for the curtains and did scrape some of the bug-ugly white stones from the front garden (scaper where are you!).

    Am making ye olde meatloaf tonight. It’s really nice with smashed spud and veg. And as it’s been a long long time since we’ve had a recipe day, since lekhni… here it is.

    *The quantity below is large [4-6] to serve the entire crew. But it’s v.v nice heated for next day’s lunch (serve heated [sliced and heated in a fry pan] on toasted crusty bread the next day).

    1kg mince
    1 cup breadcrumbs
    1 large onion
    2 teaspoons curry powder
    chopped parsley
    1 egg
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup water (or 1 cup of lite milk)

    Combine all of the above ingredients. Shape into loaf and place into greased or lined baking tray. Cook in a moderate oven for 30mins. Pour off any juices. Add sauce, return to oven for another 45mins.


    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup tomato sauce
    1/4 cup worcestershire
    2 tablespoons vinegar
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    1 teaspoon instant coffee
    2 tablespoons butter/marg
    2 tablespoons lemon juice

  9. Has anyone seen The Day The Earth Stood Still. I was going to drag hubby along to this as the original with Michael Rennie was my start along the road of my love of science fiction (the real stuff). However I’ve read a couple of bad reviews.

  10. I was supposed to lay two hundred blocks today but when I got to site I was feeling tired and weak so I set the guys up and scapette and I went home.

    An early night is in order I think…what is the problem, Min?

  11. The remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still has received only average ratings. Mind you, I’ll get along to watch it due to my love of the original – still considered one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Can’t for the love of me get the wife to sit down and watch the original – she has a thing about black and white movies.

  12. Scaper, you are a treasure. And thank you so much. I was just wondering what you would recommend as a garden surround as we are having to dig up the concrete and the whole thing. But don’t worry, I can see that things are very full on for you. I know that you have far more important things at hand.

  13. I always recommend pavers laid end to end on a 100mm thick concrete footing with a 10mm gap filled with mortar…there should be siicone expansion joints at all corners or no further than six metres apart.

    This should last a long time if done to specifications…I have a repeat client and his edges are still structural that I installed in 1994!

  14. Thank you so much scaper. We’ve had several quotes and several contradicting opinions and so I very much appreciate your expertise.

  15. Miglo..I can sort of understand this re G, that it isn’t real if it’s in black and white. Try bribery, chokkies and cuddles.

    This is why I asked. I heard only average reviews too for The Day That The Earth Stood Still. But then a number of movies that I very much enjoyed were canned by the professional critics.

    One that comes to mind is Man of La Mancha with Peter O’Toole. The critics hated it due to O’Toole having an inferior voice, but I loved it due to the acting ability.

  16. As I’ve always said, “if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth paying someone else to do it right.”

    Although, I dare say scaper, that even you would be moderately impressed with my recently laid gravel (limestone) path and sleeper steps…


  17. Good for you, Reb!

    I’ve seen some horror jobs by so called landscapers in my time…last August I was with a client looking to replace a 1200mm high sleeper wall and pulled a post and the whole section came down.

    The posts were in the ground 250mm and the concrete I could break in my hands!

    Anyway, I ripped it down and consructed a blue stone pitched wall to specification and that led to another two friends of the client engaging myself to the tune of $130,000 worth of work!

    One of those two referred me to two of their friends so far…what recession???

  18. reb, are you available for concrete removal duties this weekend?

    Visualise: concrete drive, concrete path, white stones with 3 shrubs. 3 palms dumped into the middle of the lawn with a concrete edging. I want to turn this into a garden. All ideas gratefully received…with due regard to a very limited budget.

  19. I did the grounds around redhill school in mudgee.
    Scaper at times i had to restart jobs due to unforeseen things from the industry(slopes, buliding edges,boundries and underground works) but i kept on it till i knew how, im sure i made friends with Google that year. by the way i did the work for free.

  20. Yum, i think we have all the ingredients for that one.
    Thanks Min.

  21. Min,

    Sounds like your house was previously owned by Greek imigrants! They tend to go in for that “all over” concrete look.

    The gravel path nearly killed me – shovelling 3 cubic metres of gravel plus lugging the railway sleepers around, battering posts etc.. So regretfully I shall have to politely decline your kind offer of some concrete smashing.


    Word of mouth…without a doubt the best form of advertising…!

  22. Hi Aqua, my claim to fame is Quinn Reserve Mt Evelyn (Vic). They were going to transform the creek into a drain. Likewise a freebee, unless you count the $27.50pw that I received as a Shire Councilor, and this I always donated.

  23. Aquanut/Min

    It’s the “instant coffee” that’s got me stumped?!!

  24.’s that stuff that comes in jars often labelled Nescafe. It’s a granular substance. However, if you don’t have this in the reb household, a substitute would be 1 tablespoon of the real coffee brew.

  25. And previous reb. I just wish. If it was Greek immigrants then at least we would have pumpkins in the front yard.

    And yes Great Nana Coloretti (Italian) concreted the entire back yard but by gee she kept the whole family supplied with lemons for at least 2 decades. The lemon tree survived, the lawn didn’t.

  26. Min
    “the creek into a drain”

    Poor council didnt have a clue, creeks are drains.

    I’m glad you were there by the sounds of it. Vic is the one state i know little about in regards to its enviromental challenges.

  27. Drive way and path: acid etch concrete with 10:1 water Hydrochloric acid mixture pourd on with watering can and hose off.

    Apply two coats of Dulux pavement paint with the non slip sand added and stirred every ten minutes with a paint stirrer…best to pick a neutral colour, recommend charcoal as it softens the look.

    Cost…around $300!

  28. “The things that get up my nose about (TOM) are as follows (HE IS FROM MELBOURNE, I don’t know for sure but I am willing to decree that he smells)”

  29. Another four chickens today, lets see how these ones go. At 20 dollars each im thinking golden eggs for sure.

  30. or they come out boiled already.

  31. Aqua, imagine a very steep cliff with at least 4 sets of environmental bodies starting at the creek ending in dry land species. And this is in an extremely small area.

    It was worth saving. And I met some wonderful people along the way via MEEPA.

    A problem with shire is that you need to be specific in your directions, and especially engineers who after all think that if it’s water then you should put into a drain.

  32. Bit harsh there on Tom Tboss. Personally, I consider our friend Tom to be a fine custodian of moral virtue.

  33. MIn, it looks like – somewhere along the family line – you’ve been given privelage to our family’s prized recipe for meatloaf. The coffee was the clue.

    Try as I may, I just can’t get it as good as Mum used to make. Mine looks more like a stew.

    Fails the visual inspection every time, but passes the taste test.

  34. Good news!

    eco-Kinetics have just approved our “site, suitable for installation” of solar power! All we have to do now is wait for the subbies to contact us! (and fork out the extra $480 – to split and cable the array onto two roofs) and we are in business.

    We are also in dispute with the manufacturer of our carpet – we had new carpet laid just before we retired (4 1/2 years ago) – the change in colour is astounding, from a medium brown to cream (and we still have some of the original to prove it). 10 year guarantee – extened a further 3 years by the retailer…

    The carpet in our bedroom looks like a gang of scapers, live there 😆 – tracking and staining around the bed…

    The carpet rep. turned up last Monday – report should be in by Thursday – our last carpet (same manufacturer) lasted 20 years…why are products so shoddy these days – seems everything we buy, we have a problem with or I have to modify somehow to get it to work…

  35. Sorry Migs, but I had to try out his new format.

    As you can see, it works a treat. Tom will thank me for championing his cause.

  36. Good news! (TB).

    TB, I just read on the other post that you’ve poured yourself a Wild Turkey. By now you probably be on your fifth. After that many WTs, any news is good news.

  37. As you can see, it works a treat. Tom will thank me for championing his cause.

    I’m sure he will, Toiletduck. Tom holds you in the highest regards.

  38. Ah Min, meatloaf. A woman after my own heart. Nothing beats it, except maybe bangers and mash (with brown onion gravy).

    As for The Day The Earth Stood Still, I can’t see Keanu Reeves out-rennying Michael Rennie.

    The original is a classic. One of the very few 1950’s Sci Films that weren’t kill-it-before-it-multiplies homilies on Communism (think: The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Them).

    Another classic that comes to mind is Forbidden Planet (which I also hear is being re-made).

    As Rennie would say: “Klaatu verada nictoe”.

  39. Min from what you described it sounds like an important little area. But your not wrong about the people you meet, makes it that much more worth while.

  40. Miglo, on January 19th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Mate, I have to work on sneaking TWO! and sh’es trying for ONE a day!

    Are my posts that incherrent – inkohenrent – incho – hard to read?

  41. Yes Eva, a remake of the Forbidden Planet will be released in 2010. Try as they may though, they’ll never find anyone to match those legs on Anne Francis.

  42. Sorry I meant Evan.

  43. “The original is a classic. One of the very few 1950’s Sci Films that weren’t kill-it-before-it-multiplies homilies on Communism (think: The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Them).”

    Owing to my age I missed out on some of the “classics” often referred to here from the dark ages of cinema.
    I make this point only because last night I watched “The Invasion” (which I believe is somewhat of a remake of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers)…oddly enough it also featured one of the (anti)favourites here Nicole Kidman, who was once invaded by the mindsnatching Scientologists…Operating Thetan LVL9 Hollywood.

    I actually thought that the premise of the movie was pretty cool, I love anything bleak & nihilistic; disappointingly, the forces of good eventually triumphed, as they do in the well sanitised Hollywood spin cycle.
    Daniel Craig also featured, for those keen on a bit o’ man action.

    Also watched 28 Weeks Later, which I thought was much better & satisfyingly bloodier. Robert Carlyle rarely disappoints. Typically, the US firebombs half of London in an attempt to eradicate all organisms, both infected & unlucky “colaterally present” survivors.

  44. Oh yeah, going for the WT bottle now meself, I doubt that two will be sufficient.
    TB, you obviously have much better restraint than I. Can’t say no to the Turkey.

  45. Min, can you come to my house and cook? My hubby will love you, promise. He cooks, I clean.

    Who said interest rates would be going down to 3 something percent? Is that on creditcards? No, I didn;t think so.

    $20 for a chook Aqua?

  46. Well Angel its not all bad.
    With the $80 i get four real egg layers, i was able to unchain my wife from the wall mind you she is pathetic at laying eggs, i told her a few times and they eat all the food scraps, mow the lawn, stop any creepy crawlies from getting near the house.

  47. I have a bottle of Ballarat Invalid Stout in my beer collection. Actually, it’s the only specimin in my failed collection, which began about 35 years ago.

    I noticed on the web that the labels for this drop are selling for $25 each. I’m tempted to part with my collection.

    Having an unopened bottle on the market might cause a frenzy, similar to an unkown Shakespeare being found.

    I’m tempted.

  48. “Invalid Stout”…surely you jest?

    I’m all for you whipping up frenzies among the (miniscule) echelon of gravy drinkers.

  49. Miglo,
    23 small wooden creates 50 bottles in each (3 nips) of pure alcohol around 80 years old. used as leprosy cure. Found in little bay near maroubra in Sydney.

    some have water in them as the cap has corroded
    had that for 14 years.

    i think i want you to drink one 🙂

  50. Aqua, they also poo. Do you walk barefoot in the backyard? Or have kids that do?

    I hate chooks, I’m frightened of the damn things. I bought a house once, and inherited chooks. It had an outdoor loo, and one used to perch on the seat. They peck hard! I used the bush instead.

  51. Just like that! Aquanut stumbles across 23 crates of alcohol. He even knows the age of them.

    Sounds more like to me that our friend aquanut is into the smuggling racket.

    Aquanut, let me know if you stumble across some 7 star very, very old St Agnes brandy, or when you are likely to stumble across some. Just one crate will do.

  52. Angel, my sister has a small block in the SA Riverland. A sign in the chicken coop reads “No eggs. No head”.

    One day her young 3 year old was screaming. Worried mum runs to child wanting to know what the drama was. The youngen replied in a horrified voice: “A chook was looking at me”.

    So cute.

  53. Miglo, I’m tipping they fell off the back of a trawler.

  54. My thoughts exactly Tony.

    The crew were all speared with his trusty battery-operated speargun. Their bodies are in Davey Jone’s locker.

  55. #He even knows the age of them.

    Not accurate age, but thats the time the boat stopped delivering it to the hospital and there are lots lost to the bay. The hospital was closed some years ago now but leprosy was the common patents at the time.

    Little bay hospital is what i know it as.

    But i will look out for that 7 star st agnes. (bloody)

  56. lol… bastards

  57. “With the $80 i get four real egg layers, i was able to unchain my wife from the wall mind you she is pathetic at laying eggs, i told her a few times and they eat all the food scraps, mow the lawn, stop any creepy crawlies from getting near the house”.

    Aquanut, did you tell your wife that they shit everywhere and wake you up at 5am?

    I prefer ducks.

  58. Tony, we’re bastards.

    Bit rich coming from aquanut.

  59. Miglo thats called a rooster, i already had them but this time there chickens…. i hope. They poo in there pen then eat it again i think.

  60. They poo in there pen then eat it again i think.

    Sick bastards.

  61. Miglo/ Tony i never ment that coment in a bad way.

  62. Gross, eat their own poo? I’m never eating chicken again.

    Ducks bite harder. I had one hanging off my backside as I ran away!!!!!!!

  63. Aquanut, I knew you were joking.

    But you’re chooks are leftist perverts.

  64. #I had one hanging off my backside as I ran away!!!!!!!

    Yes thats our Miglo

  65. Angel, strange, but I’ve never been bitten by a duck.

  66. LOL. I know aqua. (You don’t need to be quite so careful around some of us.)

  67. I only wanted to chat.

  68. I’ll have to say ‘bye to the nightshift. Got an early morning to drop the car in on the way to work for the 15,000k service.

    I really do have to get up with the chooks.

  69. Cheers Tony,
    At times id like to be sure, as to continue if im in the mood or back off if ive over done it.

  70. #I really do have to get up with the chooks.
    tell me how lucky you got tomorrow.

    have a good night buddy

  71. “They poo in there pen then eat it again i think.
    Sick bastards”

    I believe it’s known as refectation.

    People do it too, they are known as “coprohagics” but I prefer to think of them as “shiteaters”.

  72. Aqua, you know I would elbow you hard. You don’t need to stand on “eggshells”. I’m a big girl now, sometimes.

  73. Angel its not a bad thing. when i drink its better i dont over do things.

    (watches for incoming elbows)

  74. Im still here, albeit briefly. Remembered I had to iron a shirt.

    Aquanut, just letting you know that there is nothing you could do os say to offend me, so don’t worry yourself about that ever happening.

    The only “things” I can’t tolerate are sexists, racists, fools or Adelaide supporters. You are neither.

  75. And I forgot RWDBs. Can’t tolerate them either.

  76. And I don’t like large spiders either.

  77. Yes HExxxnut, you don’t need to be so careful.

    We’re all adults here, most of the time, even if our sense of humour is in the gutter & less than adult.

    You’ve apologised often enough for anyone familiar to know that you’re a caring person.
    I won’t be apologising on here anymore. If people on here haven’t worked out by now that I mean no harm then they don’t take a strong hint & I absolve myself of responsibility.

    Out damn spot out…

  78. Tingleboss, I expect an aplogy from you.

  79. Migs u r a SOB re AFC supporters…

    Spiders are my friends.

    But you are well founded on the RWDB’s.

    Goodnight bloke.

  80. z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

  81. And I forgot RWDBs. Can’t tolerate them either.

    Hey, I heard that.

  82. I don’t know if spiders come before or after chooks/ducks/geese/emus on my list. Maybe a spider by a freckle.

    I have a phobia too (apart from the above), which you’ll think is really stupid. A fear of old sick people, I’m absolutely terrified. I have an anxiety attack and run out the door. Stemming from childhood. Long story.

    I don’t like Eagle supporters in the footy season either.

  83. “coprohagics”…ooops, of course I meant coprophagics.

    Apology migs, WTF for? Men spawned in the land of Teh Big Lobster are made of sterner stuff than that.

    BTW, of all of the 50+ empty beer bottles that I’ve thrown at it over the yaers gone by not one smashed or put a hole in its fibreglass hide.

  84. Tony, you are more of a genuine conservative than a RWDB IMHO, your (incorrect, LOL) observations tend to be substantiated with tangible facts.

  85. I’ll take that as a compliment. See youse all tomorrow. Gonna watch The Mafia on ABC.

  86. I’m singing in the rain (kick)
    Just singing in the rain (kick)
    What a glorious feeling
    I’m happy again (kick, kick)

  87. (Yeah, I’m sure the Latrobe Valley is just full of Eagles suppoters!)

  88. Oh, Woof’nwhinge! Of course it is. They are everywhere. Like chooks, eat their own pow. Go back up the thread for the latter.

  89. PS Please don’t sing. It hurts my ears.

  90. Your pic says you do not have ears. Is it any wonder?
    Another Kneel Diamond fan, perhaps?

  91. My pic does not talk! You are listening to the fairies talking. Not a Neil Diamond fan, but if you keep singing I will turn into one.

  92. Angel, have you not yet bought the Ry Cooder CD I recommended?

    Enough of this frivolity. Where’s Stephan when required?

  93. No, sorry I haven’t. I think it would have to be especially ordered in for someone from the sticks.

    I don’t know where he is. Haven’t seen him post again since you know.

    I gotta go to sleep, work tomorrow. BUT holiday on Friday!

  94. Yeah, ok, sleep tight Angel.

  95. Night Woof.

  96. Leonard Cohen appearing (imbibed) on Teh Green at Leconfield Winery on the weekend OB.
    I’m gonna be minding the farm while the rest of the xtended nuclears go & prostrate themselves before the resonant one.

  97. What? Leonard ain’t getting any younger, you know, Toiletboss. Pull rank.
    Anything! Mamma mia!

    ‘All my firends are gone,
    and my hair is grey,
    I ache in the places where I used to play . . . . .’

  98. The first Newspoll of the year has a normalising after the outlier in December but already the RWDB media (which includes the ABC) are dooming the Rudd government.

    Labour 54-46 (December 59-41)

    They are all but crowing that the Rudd government is now doomed and a resurgent Coalition will sweep into government in two years.

    In reality all that has happened, reinforced by the earlier Essential Research’s surveys, is nothing has changed much. The opposition is still mostly on the nose and ineffectual and the Rudd government continues to be the Rudd government.

  99. Well Bush ends up showing what an incredibly shallow person he really is. He spent last night ringing the leaders of 11 countries to say farewell and thanks. Australia wasn’t amongst the 11, he snubbed us.

    Bush over the last six months has set up an organisation called the Bush Legacy Project. He has gotten all the White House aids to write glowing praises of his administration and has PR compiling a positive spin on his two terms in office. It appears he is attempting to ensure history will be good to him by writing that history now.

  100. And to think that Rudd saluted him and we do not get a phone call…. I bet the former member for Bennelong would have got a call.

  101. The presenter on ABC Breakfast made the point that it appears Bush’s entire relationship with Australia was Howard.

  102. Interesting Adrian that the Australian goes to great lengths to tell the reader that a quarter of those polled are dissatisfied with Rudd.

    That’s good news. It tells me that 75% ARE satisfied. Not that the Australian would dare mention it.

  103. Miglo/Adrian… it is not Shanahan that is on with his mystic tea-leaves readings of the polls is it?

    Did he mention the “honeymoon”?

  104. Joni, it was Samantha Maiden writing under the heading “Coalition reels in Labor”.

    Let them all rejoice.

    Could someone please tell them that the opposition is a rabble and Malcolm is a joke. Could they please also add that Kevin’s doing just fine.

  105. An appalling situation has developed in the African country, Chad, where a ban has been introduced on charcoal, as “part of an effort to halt tree-cutting for fuel, which they said was essential to fight desertification.”

    As a result, residents are desperately scavenging for anything that can be used as fuel for cooking fires:

    A government ban on charcoal in the Chadian capital N’djamena has created what one observer called “explosive” conditions as families desperately seek the means to cook.

    “As we speak women and children are on the outskirts of N’djamena scavenging for dead branches, cow dung or the occasional scrap of charcoal,” Merlin Totinon Nguébétan of the UN Human Settlements Programme (HABITAT) in Chad, told IRIN from the capital. “People cannot cook.”

    “Women giving birth cannot even find a bit of charcoal to heat water for washing,” Céline Narmadji, with the Association of Women for Development in Chad, told IRIN.

  106. A bit late aren’t I. Miglo, on January 19th, 2009 at 6:44 pm. Think of meatloaf as a giant rissole. If it looks too sloppy then throw in extra dried breadcrumbs. Cook it at about 180 degrees (fan forced, 200 for non) for 1/2 an hour. Then you throw on the sauce.

    And Evan yep, bangers and mash with brown onion gravy.

    And Miglo again Ducks, we have a pair that arrive and do their poopies in the pool every morning around 6am. However, they do eat the snails, and the dog’s food. In fact infighting this morning between the ducks and the baby magpie. And kelpie just sat there looking at them.

    And the latest Newspoll which has all the Skynews commentators gushing…ya mean that 2PP that it’s back to October ’08 but with Lab one point down. And that Turnbull (wow!) is now 60/22 preferred PM which means that Rudd is one point better than October ’08 but sadly that Turnbull is down 25 to 22 from October ’08.

  107. Miglo, on January 20th, 2009 at 9:29 am

    “it was Samantha Maiden writing under the heading “Coalition reels in Labor”.

    I would say that Mitchell wrote that headline as Samantha in my opinion tells it how it is.

    Personally I think that the polls when there is no election on the horizon are not worth the time or space.

    Another thing…the coalition only need seven seats to retake government thanks to Neal and the crazy Fundy from NQ!

    They only need a strong leader and a good policy platform…the only problem is there is none there!

  108. Interesting link Tony. My understanding is that charcoal is a 2nd or 3rd or even 4th use of timber. Think of one tree. One Chad family can use and re use this same branch for months.

    I am a little suspicious that some of the powers that be do not want the people taking timber due to the need to export same.

  109. “Well Bush ends up showing what an incredibly shallow person he really is. He spent last night ringing the leaders of 11 countries to say farewell and thanks. Australia wasn’t amongst the 11, he snubbed us.”

    Thank God for small mercies, I say. I dare say Kevin Rudd isn’t seeking counselling as a result.
    I wonder how Dubya’s backside feels now that the Man of Steel has been surgically removed?

  110. Jane, you’re back? Didn’t I need you when Tboss was getting stuck into Chad and Warren.

  111. Hehe, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this migs but jane is also from roundabout the land of…

    Big Lobster @ Kingston SE, Australia

  112. I should clarify, just in case, that would be janetheunhowardhugger.

  113. i saw “know it all” in the plane accident blog in i left him there.

  114. Wow, that’s amazing Triviaboss. Three Blogocrats that came from the same little village in SA! Now we are three. And I do remember janetheunhowardhugger from Tim’s blogs, as well as her passion for the wharfie team.

    Later in the year the wife and I will be travelling down to Melbourne and taking the coastal road to Adelaide. I can see us having a catch up if it’s OK with you.

    I have a namesake who was also born in our little town. He captained Norwood in a premiership.

    Who am I?

  115. Fear not, Miglo.
    Come April, those dogs of unbelievers will be forced to eat their foul words when we flog the bejesus out of the Fruit Tingles and grind their bones to make our bread and dance about on their graves singing “Hallelujah!” etc.
    They’re consumed with envy because they haven’t got Saints Chad and Tredders playing for their pathetic bunch of no-hopers.
    Hah! and double hah! to the infidel Tboss, I say.

  116. I nominate Jane’s post at 8:30 as blog of the year.

  117. “I have a namesake who was also born in our little town. He captained Norwood in a premiership.
    Who am I?”migs

    I’d only be guessing, coz I dunno if he’s from Lobsterville, but I’m leaning towards…

  118. Or perhaps…

    If not, I give up.

  119. “I can see us having a catch up if it’s OK with you.”

    Work permitting, keeping in mind that I am subjugant to a permanently rotating 5 shift roster, that would be fine with me.

  120. It’s the old guy, nunan…ain’t it?

  121. Sorry Tboss, it’s neither Aish nor Nunan.

  122. Okay, Tboss, I’ll see your Michael Aish and Michael Nunan and raise you a Russell Ebert.

  123. Tboss, missed your posts at 8.13 & 8.14. I am the janetheunhowardhugger to whom you are alluring. I actually live at Cape Jaffa and am originally a Robite. Apart from your appalling taste in footy teams, you’re obviously a damn fine person as are all Lobsterville types.

  124. Lurking, I spoke a while ago about the bobbing affect and today nearly fell victim to my own advise and feel so silly and looked it in front of two other divers i had spoken about saftey and what to look for.

    the one shark i feel cautious about more then any other is the Tiger shark, and it missed me , hehehe but took one of my fins( i have 7 single fins now).

    I got a very close look at it went it broke the surface of the water and it had a gaff stuck in the gill(just the hook not pole). i was only in 3m but unfamiliar waters off Redcliffe.

    If we can find the shark tomorrow(team of 3) we will try to remove the hook. 3 divers makes the task pretty easy.

    24 dead green sea turtles + 12 other breeds have been reported washed up to the dive shop in different areas in the last fortnight.

  125. Miglo could this
    be the bloke?

  126. Migs & I were both born at Lobsterville SMH.
    Not sure if it may have been the old, candle powered hospital,in his case.

    Grew up on a farm inland at “Biscuit Flat” but had a shack where we spent every summer at Pinks Beach.
    Robe is beautiful & where I first learned to surf. Cape Jaffa is undergoing development which may make or break it; I’m not sure how I’d feel about that if I was a resident.
    These days I live a little further south of Beachport & Southend, still get out to the farm regularly & have a great job 15 min’s from my front door. Aaaah, the blissful microcosm of regional South East S.A..
    I’m NEVER, EVER going back to the Ratrace.

  127. Hi jane
    Nice to see you here.

  128. Michael Taylor it is then!

  129. Id like to get a boat that suits my needs but i guess im a little tight when i comes to boat prices. That boat today was nice twin hull lights under the water like a cockpit all the switches but the price is like buying a house.

  130. Cheers, aquanut. Good luck finding a boat at a reasonable price.
    Yes, indeedy, Tboss, the f@#!king marina we apparently had to have, which is running out of readies according to the scuttlebut. One can only hope. They’ve more or less finished the basin, but the residential area is a bit light on for infrastructure.
    I was an import from the big smoke, just in time to start school at Robe, thence to Lobsterville for a dose of high school, then to Millicent and finally Norwood High, wot was my mother’s old school. Scarred for life I was, having to wear Norwood colours at both Lobsterville Area School and Millicent. I still wake up at night sweating….oh..hang on, maybe it’s THE CHANGE!
    3 of my kids were born at Lobsterville SMH and one at Millicent.
    I live about 40 paces from our grindstone and am happy to be far from the sinister smogginess of the Ratrace and loving it.

  131. Oh, I forgot. How’s Riley, Shane? I’ve been out of the loop for such a long time. We have recently acquired another Whipster, one Jasper, a fine figure of a dog.

  132. Nice early start . hope we find it.( My fin that is).

  133. Hi Jane

    Thanks for asking, Riley is doing well other than his left front leg being a bit of a mess as he forgets it doesn’t work properly and when someone visits and he gets excited he tears off the nails or dmages it by thrying to race at 100km an hour.

    You will have to post a picture of Jasper. Glad you got another whippet, I think they are the most amazing breed.

  134. Hi Tboss and Jane. You now know who I am.

    A bit more about me: Didn’t actually live in Lobsterville at birth, lived on a station called Murrabinna outside Reedy Creek. Moved on to the Strathalbyn area, then Jamestown, before Dad got a soldier’s settlement farm on Kangaroo Island in 1960.

    Moved to Adelaide when I was a teenager where I stayed for 30 years. Lived in Blackwood, Unley, then Maylands (next to Norwood). Moved to Port Augusta in 2000 and then to Canberra in 2003.

    The wife reckons we’re due to go back to SA but I’m in no rush to get back to Adelaide. Compared to Canberra, Adelaide is just like the big smoke. I’m a country boy at heart, and always will be.

  135. “lived on a station called Murrabinna outside Reedy Creek”migs

    Dude! Murrabinna is so f@ckin’ close to our farm it’s uncanny!

  136. Dude! Murrabinna is so f@ckin’ close to our farm it’s uncanny!

    Well thank Christ we moved! I can see us drinking bouts in the summer and having punch-ups during footy season.

    You’d probably win both.

  137. He-he, I am not a man of violence…the tongue has a few lacerating barbs though.

  138. Hi Shane, young Jasper is already doing whippet stuff like going through any rubbish carelessly left lying around for him to poke his needle nose into.
    He’s 2, and although too leggy for the job description, is only too prepared to take on the role of lapdog! Not an option in the summer considering the amount of heat these little blighters generate!
    Nice to hear Riley’s come on so well, but it’s a shame he doesn’t give his poor leg an easier time. I guess whippetses only have one pace-super fast!

  139. Shane re Riley. I finally got through to my cousin Bren who is a greyhound trainer in Victoria. She said that you can obtain leather pads for Riley via the Greyhound Assoc and that puppy size should fit Riley.

  140. Hi Jane

    They sure do generate some heat and I agree lapdog is out in summer, although sometimes I give in and feel sorry for Riley and take him on my lap for a while.

    True, it is superfast or stop, thats why he gives hig leg a torrid time as his right one takes off at a million miles and hour and lurches him forward whereas the left one drags behind. LOL they sure do have a needle nose, but I think they are one the most beautiful looking and elegant dogs and always happy.

  141. MIn thats wonderful news will get onto the greyhound society in brissie sometime today or next week depending on time and let you know the outcome.

    He really does need them.

  142. I had to drop my scotty off to the vet this morning for an operation. I found a lump on her face about the size of a swollen pea, so it needs to be removed.

    Asked the vet to also clip her nails while she’s out for the count. May as well get my $600 worth!

    Poor wee thing that she is…

  143. OCK!

  144. What nobody interested, Guess you had to be there.

    Just wait till i start talking about killer tadpoles.

  145. aquanut, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:27 pm Said:
    What nobody interested…

    Where are you located Aqua? I’m in far north coast NSW.

    Eldest has a Science degree in coastal management and did an excellent study re tidal pools. Ok, so it’s not fisheries, but one flows to t’other.

    What do you think is the reason for the demise of so many species within such a short time frame? Plastics? Warming? Lack of food along the food chain?

  146. aquanut, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:27 pm Said:
    What nobody interested…

    Where are you located Aqua? I’m in far north coast NSW.

    Eldest has a Science degree in coastal management and did an excellent study re tidal pools. Ok, so it’s not fisheries, but one flows to t’other.

    What do you think is the reason for the demise of so many turtles and others within such a short time frame? Plastics? Warming? Lack of food along the food chain?

  147. Aqua

    Always interested in turtles, one of my favourite animals, just sometimes I get overwhelmed with work and here and lose trail of some of the conversations.

    I was walking along one of the beaches a few years ago and witnessed the hatching of turtles. As i walked along I found one of the little guys heading into town rather than to the ocean. So I took it to the people that were guiding the other little fellers and they told me to place it on the sand at the top of the beach and let if walk to the ocean, (but follow it so the birds don’t get it) that way it will get its magnetic bearings and return to the same beach. If they are placed directly in the ocean without walking down the beach they will not have their magnetic bearing.

    I think plastic bags should be banned immediately for the protection of all turtles.

  148. Aqua and/or Shane and/or Min

    If one of you wants to write a thread on this (turtles), then I will be more than happy to put it up on here.

    I think we need to get more details of this out into the blogosphere.

  149. So true shane, but remember the squillion objections when Garrett suggested banning the plackie bag. shall we manage!!! Think of all the old ladies who..well, somethin’ or another…something to do with being able to line one’s garbage bin. All a matter of priority me thinks.

  150. Clear plastics is a huge problem, I dont know how it happens but they also get into crab pots. speed boats hitting them and most recent the king tide had effect to, but not sure how at the moment. Min i’ll try to find out about the king tide affect on them a little later.(autopsy on some turtles is under way also).

    Hatching of turtles would be a great site. I have never seen it. but i have seen a turtle graveyard.

  151. MIn

    Even the poorest little old ladies i see have these pull along trolley things on wheels that they could store all of their groceries in.

    As for lining rubbish bins, put the rubbish straight into the wheelie bin. Then no rubbish inside getting smelly in a little bin and no need for liners.

  152. My neighbour has a bin problem, i just tell people my house is next to yard with all the junk on it. when the wind blows it stays in the same position but its in my yard now. it hurts to throw it cause its her kids drawings but if thats how she treats them why have a heart.

    when i have the chance to drag this guy away from his five million jobs i will ask him to show me how to transform my film from tape to computer so i can start showing you my day instead of typing it. by the way i didnt get the shark string my leg but got the bastard swimming away with my flipper afterwards.

  153. lurking by the watercooler? i know lots of people bludge in the toilet (excluding t-boss) . lurking by the cubicle could be a future idea, it would give me more incentive to speak sh8t. 🙂

  154. Before the ubiquitous plakkie bag, people wrapped their rubbish in newspaper and bunged their food scraps in the compost or into the 4-legged waste disposal aka the family dog.
    Obviously, composting isn’t an option for lots of people these days, more’s the pity, but the thought of packaging old prawn shells and other equally offensive rubbish in an opinion piece by Shanahan, Albreshtson and the usual suspects, has a certain compelling charm to it, I think.

  155. But Jane, how would we know what the foul smell is coming from then?

  156. Albreshtson, correct me if im wrong but isnt she the mole with a female attached to it.?

  157. i really dislike her and akerman, but Akerman is a man i would like to take scuba diving.

    Thats how it happened officer, trust me he is down there somwhere.

  158. joni, no plan is completely without flaws.

    aquanut, taking Pies diving would require a massive weight belt. Do they come in the required size?

    But a dive charter on the reef near a deep channel probably wouldn’t need a big fat weight belt and your chronic absent mindedness would account for your failure to pick him up at….. what was that rendezvous point again? In a perfect world………

  159. Yer, my kinda girl, Jane (bin watchin’ cowboy movies)

    You are a girl I hope? John Wayne was really a – Marion…so-oo 😐

  160. Thanx, TB Queensland, she says blushing modestly. I haven’t bin watching cowdies, the voices dun tole me it would be a fun way for Pies to drop a few hundred kilos.

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