Protest for Gaza – Sydney 18th Jan

Here is a clip I just made from the protest this afternoon in Gaza.

John Pilger says that we have a responsibility to “get angry and informed” as to what has gone on in Gaza. And I think he is right. 

I wonder how much good the money that Israel has spent in the last three weeks could have done in Gaza to stop the hatred and distrust that Palestinians have against them. Instead, they seem to have just wanted to continue the cycle of violence into a new generation.

Top Five – TV Comedies

This week we turn our attention to TV comedies. I have limited my top five to shows prior to 2000 to try and give some times based perspective. And so my top five are:

  1. The Goodies – still my all-time favourite
  2. Australia You’re Standing in It – Tim and Debbie, The Dodgy Bros and Hot Yak Fat.
  3. The Gillies Report – this covers all series. With John Clarke’s reports on Farnarkeling.
  4. Fawlty Towers – “Oh I know!”
  5. Yes Minister – this gave me the phrase that I still use to scare management: “That’s a brave decision, sir.”

I think this thread might bring up some old choices that I have forgotten. So over to you blogocrats.