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The place where we get to talk about anything and everything.

Well what an eventful week its been! A plane crashed into the Hudson River this morning,  Ricardo Montalban has snuffed it (remember the tall guy in Fantasy Island with the white suit?).   Interesting in that Tatoo (the little guy that shouted “the plane…the plane!”) blew his brains our with a shotgun a few years ago.

Also Patrick McGoohan, star of the pyschedlic 60’s sci-fi show “The Prisoner” has kicked the bucket too.

Meanwhile in more important news, a guy in Sydney reckons he’s got a statue of the Virgin Mary trapped in his lava lamp. Personally I think it looks more like a piece of snot, but then again I’m sure it’ll fetch a handsome price on ebay. 

Anyway, so what are your plans for the weekend?   

I’ve sworn myself off chamomile tea, in fear that it may be trying to kill me. If something so benign as Listerine can be deadly who knows what the f**k chamomile tea could be doing…

I think it’s about time that someone made another movie about a robot that just goes about killing people. 

This week’s music is a bit of a 70’s flashback…



UPDATE:  We have decided to shut down the “dummy spit” thread following the wise suggestion of one of our concerned regulars. I find myself in complete agreement with the reason cited.    Now let’s all move on shall we…


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  1. Wow! Things are getting drastic with the binning of an entire thread! Please don’t take it one step further and bin the whole blog.

  2. Excellent for kitchen dancing. As per usual, forwarded to daughters for end of week meltdown.

  3. What the?

    I had (what I thought was) a witty and insightful comment to add to the dummy-spit thread, but it looks like the whole thing’s been consigned to the memory hole.

    This happened once at Tim’s place that I’m aware of, but didn’t expect it to happen here.

    Did someone threaten to sue or something?

  4. Just to repeat… Lurker Seano??

  5. Nope, Tony not me. I just went to cook dinner.

  6. OK, I’ve just noticed the update. Now I’d just like to know the “reason cited”.

  7. Everyone

    No one threatened to sue or anything like that.

    It was just brought to our attention by one of our regulars that the direction in which the entire thread was just deteriorating into “he said” “she said” abuse.

    I found myself in agreement and felt that the action was warranted to just get rid of the entire thing, so that we can all move on, and hopefully re-kindle the spirit that we had when we set this place up.

    Hopefully it will be the first and only time that we have to do it.


    Lurker was not Seano, however we do know who that individual was and “advice” has been given.

    Apologies for what seems like, and probably is, drastic action. But really I thought it would be in the best interests of just putting it all behind us, not dwelling upon it, and just moving on.

    I hope you all understand and hopefully see where I’m coming from…


  8. Ahh you youngies (meaning you reb). Ricardo started off his career playing Indians as in circling the wagon trains in B grade movies. Patrick MacGoohan I remember best for his role as Danger Man, yet another James Bond spin off.

    I saw the lava lamp thing too reb, minds me of the thing a week or so ago when someone discovered the image of Jesus in a tortilla (or similar). It looked more like a wombat to me.

    Reb stick with the chamomile. How is your salt intake?

    And no it’s wasn’t me re the thread shutting down which I am certain that reb can verify.

    And aye to the matelots who I immediately thought of re our 1st VC in 40 years. Yes I know that it’s only an award, but it’s important to people in the services and certainly more important than the BAFTA awards.

  9. I see where you’re coming from Reb, but believe the appropriate action in the circumstances would have been to close off comments, but let the thread stand.

    (It could have served some purpose as a kind of a study in online group dynamics. Or: what happens when kids don’t play nice.)

  10. In light of media hysteria and the attack by the opposition over the last two days on the latest unemployment figure, and the lie (especially from Hockey) that Rudd promised everyone job security in December (I have really attempted to find out where he said or intimated this but have found naught), this article from Pollytics is very timely and even more interesting.

    The Statistical Reality of the Unemployment Figures

    His summation that in light of the statistical error in the job figures the current low unemployment numbers in light of the global situation is remarkable indeed.

  11. Fair enough Tony. Maybe closing comments would have been more appropriate..

    To be honest, this entire episode is taking quite a toll on me and particularly joni, who, as you will have noticed is taking some time off today, largely due to all the in-fighting.

  12. Sorry to hear that Reb, and about Joni too. I hereby move on.

  13. Min,

    If I recall correctly, Ian Fleming originally wanted Patrick McGoohan to play the role of James Bond, but producers Albert Brocolli and Harry Saltzman chose Sean Connery instead.

    Also, I don’t think McGoohan was all that interested in the role because he didn;t approve of all the womanising…!

    How times have changed…

  14. …largely due to all the in-fighting.

    Ohhh, I’m so happy we really have become a family.

  15. HTFU, Joni and Reb, ya pair of………..oh I’d better not, someone unrelated to the targets may take offence!!

    *Jokes everyone*

  16. “Poofs,” James “Poofs”


  17. I thought it was “Bond, James Bond” 😉

  18. You are quite right reb, I had forgotten about that. I think that they wanted someone slightly younger, mind you Connery was/is only 2 years younger than McGoohan.

    I can’t say that I was ever a Connery fan until he got older. One of those people whom time improves.

  19. Yes Adrian, you can give any meaning you want to the figures. The MOE is so large that the number of FTEs could have risen. But that’s good news and this is not the season for good news.

    I watched an ‘expert’ on TV this morning who claimed that the net loss of FTEs was 1 200 which she said was an excellent result given they were expecting a loss of 20 000 FTEs. If you want bad news you can always find it.

    I also watched Hockey and listened to that claim about Rudd offering job security. I was amazed (again) that the journos let him get away with the statement. Hopefully as the day wears on someone will take the avuncular Joe aside and do the job journalists are supposed to do.

    In a sense Joe was doing his job – crap against the fan – but the journos weren’t.

  20. Alastair @2.33

    LOL!!! Good call!!


  21. Look what happens when you try and find statistics for an argument.

    A whole blog disappears.

    I though I was going mad as I was trying to find where I was up to in this one. LOL.

  22. Was it something I said?

  23. Was it something Tom said?

  24. Moving on . . . Thank **** it’s Friday.

    The wife is out of town tonight so within 5 minutes of getting home I’ll be sitting under the pergola with a glass in one hand and a half corona in the other.

    She’ll never know.

  25. Yes Miglo. It was.

  26. And just because scaper is busy at the moment. Can’t find it, but someone said something about this blog becoming a love-in.

    Just ‘specially for joni and reb and partners.

  27. Something you said

  28. Good grief scaper. Talk about parallel universes, both posted at 3.46pm. Ok, your music is much better than mine.

  29. Dummies duly sanitised before going back in mouths?

    I can still get some mileage out of missing things, perhaps, given the lava-lite theme. If people can foment conflict, real and perceived, over the tiniest of intra- and inter-group differences and consequent tensions, what hope is there for a bald and unfalsifiable assertion that the world would be a better or worse place sans religion(s)? Without any people, and only non-psychopathic androids in a purpose built West World, maybe…but dummy spitting and poo flinging seems pandemic; and dribbling $hit is all well and good until someone poisons the well and mass dis/dysentery breaks out and spills over.

  30. Whoopsie, I mucked it up again. It’s at:

    Not sure whether it’s worth a reposting, but here it is.

  31. I might kick around here for a few days as I have caught up on a few urgent matters.

    The phone will be running hot tomorrow as I have advertised for labourers…the first stage of my business plan for this year.

    Min, this one is for you.

  32. Thank you scaper, how did you know?

  33. MIn

    I think it is hilarious where your love boat rendition came from, LOL. Considering I remember watching it every week with the parents.

  34. Shane..absolutely no idea what you mean about retrojunk. I just found it on YouTube. It was just a joke. Agreed, it’s fairly horrible isn’t it.

  35. Welcome back scaper…

    “The Love Boat Theme?” “Horrible????

    That’s blasphemy Min!! I have a fantastic extended disco version that was played at Mardi Gras once where all these spunky guys did a dance routine dressed as sailors – the scantily clad variety. It was awesome!!

  36. Min

    You have got me wrong, if you look at the movie while it is playing in the bottom right hand corner you will see where it came from before it was psoted on you tube and the place is called which I think is hilarious as I didn’t think i was that old for tv shows I watched to be called retro.

  37. Reb, any chance of a link? Any chance of joni joining in?

    Any chance of finding Nothing Like a Dame from Connie and Carla. I found the original version but would love to see the C & C interpretation.

    Just a small ps..Tim’s blog was moderated and he was getting paid for it, these blokes are all volunteers..and so they should be appreciated.

  38. Thank you shane. Gotcha now. If you are ‘retro’ then I am antique.

  39. Hi Scaper, good to see you back at last.
    Reb the site is gone which i do not blame you. but whatever tension was, is still there i bet.

    Hey Min that hurt when you implied i was untruthful. but i wont take it to heart. 🙂

  40. I’m not biting aqua. As my 84yr old mother would say, Have had sufficiency.

  41. that went over my head… I didnt get it. 🙂

  42. Aqua..rather than clogging up reb and joni’s blog, if you have something to say to me please write to min underscore kelpie at yahoo at dot com do au.

  43. Scaper
    how many do think you will hire, How long will this work go for?

  44. Hexx, most probably two this month…how long is a piece of string?

    I also have the comfort of farming them out to my builder mate Bruno whilst I rustle up the next block of work.

    I will be taking bookings for May soon.

  45. Photo Gallery: A Sculpture of European Stereotypes

    The Czech Republic wanted to add an artistic accent to its six-month stint as holder of the rotating European Union presidency, which began on Jan. 1. But the sculpture in Brussels has not been universally well received. It depicts national stereotypes across the 27-member bloc. And some countries find the piece insulting.

    Bulgaria is particularly upset by the sculpture. The country is shown as a Turkish toilet, perhaps recalling that Bulgaria spent centuries under the Turkish yoke. Bulgaria has demanded to be removed from the sculpture.

  46. Disappointing………

  47. I knew I shouldn’t have gone to bed, now I’ll never know…


  48. 16 January 2009

    Dear Toiletboss

    I am interested in the subject that you find disappointing.

    While the previous thread concerning dummy spitting is now closed by the editorial constabulary, I am unwilling to discontinue the most entertaining exchanges I had with you, and indeed with several other contributors. Some of whom displayed what is know as a “sense of humour”.

    I trust that this contribution does not offend.

    Yours sincerely

    Tom of Melbourne

  49. Dearest Thom,

    You shan’t be immune…is shan’t even a word?

    Yours Retributively,

    High Commander of The Single Lavatorial Throne of The Buffalo Lodge

  50. That should read “Not Currently” [High] Commander…etc.

  51. Min no reply?

    Sorry. I offend people often as i write what comes to mind with little thought at
    I keep my postes short and hardly explain my words. I was refering to you saying “you
    didnt buy it” I read it in two ways.
    1. you thought i was a liar.
    2. you thought long and hard and believed something more serious with my health and i
    was eeping it back.
    Why my comment to me being untruthfull.

    I am so sorry for my ignorance as you have felt attcked a lot lately by many.

    I have taken your point on the last post, Thought about it and as hurting as it is my many
    posts are undoing the good character of the blog.

  52. Aquanut

    and as hurting as it is my many
    posts are undoing the good character of the blog.

    I totally disagree. Your posts are refreshingly honest, and to the point. You have much to offer, particularly, but not only, with your knowledge of matters aquatic.

    Don’t change a thing.

  53. 16 January 2009

    Dear aquanut

    I was interested to read one of your contributions recently regarding shark repellent. I found this most interesting, as I also tend to spend some considerable time enjoying water related activities (as distinct from dust related activities).

    I happened to comment to my wife that I would carry a syringe of chlorine when enjoying my activity. My wife requested that I enquire of you as to whether you were able to recommend a shark attractor.

    She cleans my wetsuit with a chicken carcass, should I be concerned?

    I trust that this contribution is not offensive to lovers of chicken carcasses.

    Yours sincerely

    Tom of Melbourne

  54. Nonsense aquanut, you are refreshingly introspective & good natured.

    Also amusing.

  55. Tom,

    Have you been to confession? You seem different.

  56. He has taken a good hard look at himself & turned over a rotten leaf.

  57. Min, glad you’re “good”.

    It was the Yarzidis thread that was pulled.

    Aqua, you have never upset me.(watch out for the elbow)

    I shouldn’t have gone to bed either, I don’t know what happened, frustrating.

  58. The mirror cracked. What’s the bet?

  59. I see the nightshift has clocked on. Hello Angel.

  60. “I shouldn’t have gone to bed either, I don’t know what happened, frustrating.”

    More of the same I should imagine. People acting like people. Beats the hell out of Days of Our Lives.

  61. 16 January 2009

    Dear Mr Miglo and Leader of a Fixture for Disposing of Bodily Waste

    Whilst you may prefer a sense of retribution, I can attest to the merit of less overt disparagement.

    Am I correct in my understanding that Mr Miglo is both a holder of remunerated office in the service of the Australian public and a supporter of the football team representing Port Adelaide?

    I had been my pre existing understanding that to hold office candidates had to meet certain standards, including those related to intelligence, character and not have have a criminal record.

    Thus, I simply cannot accept that a Port Adelaide supporter can also be a pubic servant.

    Yours sincerely

    Tom of Melbourne

  62. Nightshift begins in 2 hours for moi. Two more to go then ten, well deserved, days off.
    The end of my daughter’s school holidays this week ahead so I’ll be able to spend it with her doing all kinds of cool stuff; I’m gonna teach her how to surf, among other things…(she already knows how to spot Portscum from a distance). It will be the best ten days off for the last 12 months, can’t wait.

  63. have had…

  64. LOL@Thom

  65. Actually Tom, there are a lot of Port Adelaide supporters in Canberra. Explains why there’s such an intellect about the place.

    Yours lovingly,

  66. Hi all.

    Night shift is right, the mirror cracked, and people acting as people, just normal stuff. This time, I wasn’t involved, so…

    I have visitors from Perth for 2 weeks, and I still have to go to work until the 23rd. I’ll be stuffed.

  67. WHO or what is Port Adelaide?

  68. Tom, you can have a criminal record and be employed by the Public Service, however if the conviction is in an area like fraud, then I wouldn’t like your chances of getting a job in finance.

    People have drink driving convictions yet still work in the Public Service.

    There is also what is called a Spent Conviction. That is, if 10 years has expired since the conviction then it does not have to be declared.

  69. WHO or what is Port Adelaide?

    Ask Toiletboss.

  70. “Actually Tom, there are a lot of Port Adelaide supporters in Canberra”

    I wasn’t aware of a wormhole connecting Alberton to Lake Burley Griffin!
    I call on the government to fumigate it immediately & then seal it forever so that the mania cannot spread further.

  71. Toiletboss, who or what is Port Adelaide?

  72. Time’s up Toiletboss. I’ll have to answer it myself.

    Angel, Port Adelaide is the intellectual centre of the universe.

  73. “WHO or what is Port Adelaide?”

    It is a miserable, ill conceived place of human downfall. Some say we should deny its right to exist & make a fundamental effort to wipe it from the map, concentrating particularly on the eradication of Sporting Facilities at Alberton Oval& its forlorn denizens who suffer from recurring bouts of uncontrollable choking.

    I dream of a day when 100years of tradition (cough) is cleansed by fire & the sword.

  74. I take it you are being sarcastic?

  75. Miglo@9:40

    Bwahahahahaha…hahaha…splutter, choke….bwahahhaaaa!

    That’s brilliant parody good sir.

  76. “Port Adelaide is the intellectual centre of the universe”… for those without taste, judgment or a clean record.

    Really, I mean it. And I’m not seeking to offend, but every Monday the police simply post the local electoral roll at the Alberton Magistrates Court for the week’s proceedings.

    Far more efficient.

  77. OK, I’ve fot it now. Toiletboss I gather you do not like said ‘Port Adelaide’, and it must be some sort of sporting arena?


  78. Must now undergo my daily cleansing ritual prior to heading off to join the rest of the cattle as a cog in the machine.
    To those headed for bed Goodnight, to unfortunates such as myself…At Dawn They Sleep.

  79. Guys, I’m having a lend. I’ve only heard of Geelong, and cried many tears at GF time.

  80. Yes Angel, I remember you from Tim’s blogs. I wondered if you were the same Angel.

  81. Hello aquanut (if you are there). I’ve grabbed a copy of Galaxy Quest but now to find the time to watch it. The female gender don’t have the luxury of oodles of spare time that you men seem to have. I will give you my critique.

  82. Yep, the same Angel. I have come accross a couple of other angels, but none that were blogging in my area of the universe.

    I hope you realise I have been behaving myself very well lately. I couldn’t resist.

  83. Australia just blew the cricket.

  84. Thank you Tony of sy that really lifted my spirits and very unexpected from you(i means that much more because you did).

    Tom that was so bloody funny im still laughing hard to

    T-boss cheers buddy. i always feel bad for you as your always starting work.

    Angel, i believe if i offend you i will know very quickly and will have 30 or so secs to say sorry before i am B-slapped around every room in wordpress. thanks angel.( that thing i found turned out to be a very old pipe, if i cut it and say its a cannon. i could be onto somthing stupid again)

  85. What a shame, I bet you were disappointed. I know I would have been.

    Enough to con a blind Antique Dealer?

  86. Jedda look forward to the critique. hope that spare time comes soon for you. i might go watch it myself if i can find it in my mess.

  87. “Australia just blew the cricket.”


  88. “T-boss cheers buddy. i always feel bad for you as your always starting work. ”

    Don’t despair for me mate. It pays well enough to turn up with a big smile on my face each day, & unlike my previous jobs I don’t go home exhausted.
    Shiftwork sux to the max but it’s a means to an end.

  89. Chin up aquanut. I always enjoy your blogs and your company.

  90. but its still open duck season for being in my batteries.

    Cheers Miglo vise versa.

  91. that was funny last night Miglo, you were destroying me with your humour and i was trying to keep up.

  92. I enjoyed it too aquanut, and it was heartening to hear Angel comment on the pleasure it brought her.

    Maybe she’s sadistic.

  93. Very sadistic. I enjoyed it because I was NOT a part of it. I love funny stuff. You 2 were so cute. (?) Life can just get so…bad. You know what I mean?

  94. A 68yr man walking his dog at 1.20am hears a bang on metal, stops stands still (being old school) faces the sound. he has 20m vision clearly around him, he is in a car park. A second louder bang form the left this time he turns and shouts out” i’ll job you hard “. Looking back to where the first bang came from he saw what looked to be a teen(aboriginal in appearance) wearing a cloth described as an old rag(tarzan look) and a collar.The man didnt care and said dont you come near me, the teen turned his back to the man reavealing open wounds to the back at which time the dogs body jolted with a yelp fllowing from the dog the man looked down only to see it happen again, the dog was kicked, even the dog turned to bite. *Added for ref021..[openview] Just dont tell people his information.

    Anyone into this kind off stuff?? or bulldust ?

  95. Have you been drinking? That makes no sense.

    I think bulldust is a man thing.

  96. lol… yes i have.

  97. I can tell. Here comes the elbow.

    My head is aiming for the pillow. Nite.

  98. i just rerwrote it in shorter form, guess they were my words so it wont make much sence. its a topic thats never been discused, its midnight. then Angel comes along and burns it to the ground then elbows me again.

    im going for my walk,(crying).


  99. If you can explain the topic, I’ll stay awake for another 15min.

  100. Sorry to see Montalban go. He had a certain latino charm, but in my view, McGoohan’s death is the real loss of the two.

    Was he cool or what?

    Forget The Prisoner with its drug-fucked stoner “no-one gets outa here alive” plotlines. Danger Man was the Bomb.

    It had the lot: Spies, Cars, Chicks, and Guns, with every second character puffing on a Stuyvesant while beating the crap outa someone else. HoooAaaa.

    And all shot in black and white, for that extra gritty feel.

    The plotlines were simple, but effective: Danger Man tracks down and foils Bad Guy, Danger Man gets Girl.

    This formula has been repeated in just about every spy film ever since, with varying degrees of success.

    Look at what happened to it when Roger Moore got his mitts on the Bond role in his dreadful series of films. Moore would probably say that he was trying to play it as satire, but what we ended-up with was high camp farce. Each and every one of Moore’s Bond films was a complete crock.

    Nah, gimmie McGoohan any day.

    The dude was out-bonding the best Bond (Connery, for all you losers) while Sean was still in short pants (or is it kilts?)

  101. Danger Man? OK, definitely going to bed. Wait for Aqua to come back from his walk.and talk ….’bulldust’.

  102. A good summary from The Age’s editor about Bush’s term in office at:…George W. Bush will … be working off an unusually low base of expectations.”

    Eight years and two terms in office later, it has to be said that this base, in general, has lived down to all expectation..”

  103. damn it Angel, i’d love to prove you right, but im gonna keep my comments down to 150 postes a night to spare the rest of use.

  104. and importantly Hugs to Min.
    I was so hoping to hear from you. thank you

    More importantly i now know you will tell me if i offend you min and i will explain.. Again thank you 🙂

  105. Oh im sorry to make my email public if you did recieve it. i believe that to be rude off me.

  106. ‘If you can explain the topic, I’ll stay awake for another 15 minutes’ – Angel

    The topic is, 1992 and 1994 AFL Grand Finals.
    Geelong supporters, 1994, leaving the wonderful MCG 20 minutes into the third quarter, as if they had a bus to catch.
    Could not resist.

    FWIW, editor of ‘The West Australian’ newspaper, Paul Armstrong, was apparently shown the door yesterday 15/1/09. Goody. Bout time. On being appointed as Editor of the ‘West’, Armstrong called and chaired a meeting of all editorial staff, declaring:
    ‘My job is to get rid of this (State) Labor government. You shall all help me do so’.

  107. The plotlines were simple, but effective: Danger Man tracks down and foils Bad Guy, Danger Man gets Girl.

    This formula has been repeated in just about every spy film ever since, with varying degrees of success.

    Speaking of Mills and Boon for men – has anyone else seen the latest Transporter movie with Jason Statham in lead role.

    You just have to laugh out loud when the hero can out run his opponents (who are driving a Mercedes or similar) on his BMX bike and even his own two legs! And the scenes where the girl looks like she is having an orgasm just from looking at him with his shirt off!

  108. And hugs back to you too Aqua. I have emailed a quick note from my home address and so if you see a strange address turn up, it’s me.

  109. Reb, I was just imagining the Mother Mary lava lamp and your comment that it will probably fetch a good price on EBay. Imagine, some person pays a squillion dollars, person arrives home to find that one’s partner had turned the bl**dy thing on.

  110. Andrew Sullivan, Tim Dunlop’s go-to “conservative” – for a conservative, Sullivan’s views agreed with Tim’s on a surprising range of issues – is the winner of Best Blog category in the 2008 Weblog Awards.

    Sullivan wrote the following article in November, and it might be of interest to some readers here, as a way of reviewing his earlier thoughts on blogging in light of his new-found ‘notoriety’:

  111. Just a small note Tony. I hadn’t heard about the Weblog Award except for Joni’s note (I think that it was Joni) that we hadn’t been placed, and so I clicked onto the link that you provided. Of interest is that voting closed 13th January that is, during a time when many bloggers were either on hols or may not have access to the net. Maybe a fairer assessment would be mid year. It’s just a thought.

  112. Min,

    My understanding is anyone can nominate any blog, even your own. The nominations are narrowed down to a group of finalists for each category, but how this is done remains a mystery to me. Then voting – which is restricted to one per day per individual computer – begins. On the timing: maybe the fact that Christmas falls during winter in the US means more people are at their computers, not less.

    Blogocracy is sure to be nominated next year – we can all make certain of that – but whether it makes the final cut will be up to others to determine.

  113. I’ve been overwhelmed with applications for the jobs…a lot of Irish backpackers who do not qualify as I only employ Australian citizens.

    Some real quality people too…a bricklayer and five carpenters so far…even landscapers that have their own business who are finding it tough and just want a wage!

    I’m tossing up the idea of forming a carpentry gang…decks, pergolas and fencing, and price at only a 12% margin to win work.

  114. Thank you Tony for the explanation.

    and scaper, you only employ Australian citizens! Hubby has had the experience where you CAN’T get onto a job if you are an Australian as the whole kit and kaboodle has been taken over by kiwis.

  115. And umm yes scaper..Karma indeed. And for reb. One thing that I was pleased about is that the assault of a male escort was taken seriously by the court.

  116. A multi-denominational push, led by Australia’s Anglican leader, Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, is pressuring Queensland’s Bligh Government to set a nationwide precedent and exempt child victims from the laws, which normally require that they launch legal action by the time they turn 21.

    Hundreds of victims – including those openly acknowledged as being abused for years by some of the country’s most notorious pedophiles – have been blocked by state and church lawyers from having their claims tested and compensated by the court by the “time-limit defence”.

    The Bligh Government has so far rejected the proposal to change the personal injuries laws amid fears it may pave the way for a flood of compensation claims from victims.,25197,24923370-601,00.html

    So is Bligh saying that victims of sexual abuse should not be compensated???

  117. Boy George sentenced to 15 months in jail…(reb).

    Reb, referred to Boy George as a “pop star”.

    He aint no star.

  118. A number of T Rex songs have ben posted on Blogocrats. Here’s one when they were called Tyrannosaurus Rex, which when I first heard in either 1969 or 70 absolutely blew me away. It’s taken me nearly 40 years to find it again.

    But unless you’re Joni, reb or scaper don’t think of listening to it. It won’t appeal to everyone.

  119. Immigration Minister Chris Evans said yesterday their claims had been thoroughly assessed and it had been determined the group was entitled to Australia’s protection under the Refugees Convention.

    “Their cases have been finalised promptly under the Rudd Government’s new processing regime for offshore entry people, which also included health, security and identity checks,” Senator Evans said.

    Members of the group, who all arrived since the Rudd Government was elected, are the first to be granted asylum under Labor’s new policy of detaining asylum-seekers on Christmas Island, after abandoning the Howard government’s Pacific Solution.,25197,24923431-601,00.html

    Well done!

  120. Strange thing Miglo. Marc Bolan had forecast his own death, by way of motor vehicle accident, at around age 30.

    ‘1970s rock legend Marc Bolan died on 16th September 1977, when his girlfreind’s (Gloria Jones) mini hit a tree in south-west London. Jones the driver, survived. Bolan never drove a car.
    One of Bolan’s first songs contained the line ‘the road I’m on won’t take me home, Gloria’.
    Another lyric of Bolan’s was ‘as easy as pulling foxes from a tree’.
    The number plate of Gloria Jones’ car involved in the fatal crash was:
    FOX 661L

  121. A lot of things are read into number plates OB. In the late 60s an American DJ claimed he had enough evidence from Beatle photos and lyrics that proved Paul McCartney was dead.

    On the Abbey Road cover there was a car in the backgound with the number plate 28 IF. Paul would have been “28, if” he was still alive claimed the DJ.

  122. Yes Miglo. The Beatles lyrics (an overdrubbed chant) to which you refer in relation to the presumed death of Paul McCartney can be heard on the Beatles’ White Album, on the track Revolution 9 (vinyl) when played backwards the listener can clearly hear Lennon chanting ‘Paul is dead’.

  123. Or near the end of the song “I am the Walrus” (!!!) you can hear the faint words “Paul, is he dead?” Or on another song – I can’t remember which – where more faint words ask “will Paul come back as Superman?”

    The cover of the Sgt Pepper album was also meant to contain other clues.

    Personally, I think he’s alive.

  124. A message to Joni.

    Greeting Joni. We’ve had scorching temperatures here of late, topping to 41.8C degrees yesterday. Bushfires burn on 3 major fronts, Kings Park, Yanchep and Bridgetown, along with the smaller suburban grass fires. Local power supplies were on the blink for around 3 hours last night.
    On the return of power, the TV flicked on to show Neil Diamond, live with an audience, which just goes to prove that all the crap shows hit our TV screens during summer.

  125. Hear for yourself at 4:12.

  126. ‘Personally, I think he’s alive’ – Miglo

    Haha. He thinks so too.

    In fact, Heather Mills can prove, hundreds of millions of times over, that Paul is definitely still alive and kicking.

  127. “TV flicked on to show Neil Diamond, live with an audience “.(OB).

    I’m guessing that the audience was superimposed.

  128. Scaper,

    We might even knock Canada off top spot now:

    Australia’s No2 with people-smugglers,25197,24893584-5013404,00.html

  129. ‘I’m guessing the audience was superimposed’ – Miglo

    I’m guessing the audience was tone deaf, highly paid rent a crowd, or lobotomised.

  130. Did you happen to spot Joni in the audience?

  131. “Heather Mills can prove, hundreds of millions of times over, that Paul is definitely still alive and kicking.”

    Unlike herself who would only pass on one of those counts.

  132. Tony, I don’t condone people smuggling.

    The bottom line is it is happening and once these people arrive in our territory we have an obligation to either expel them or grant them asylum, not incarceration for an extended period of time!

  133. Scaper,

    Therein lies the problem. If we streamline the process for people-smuggled arrivals, it encourages both the asylum seekers who use this risky shortcut, and the smugglers who bring them.

    (Incidentally, Mr Barhan is a repeat user of people-smugglers. He arrived and was admitted in 1999, but returned to Afghanistan of his own accord.)

  134. ‘Did you happen to spot Joni in the audience’? Miglo
    Nasty! How does Joni qualify? (wink)

    Nope. No chance to. Switched to the cricket immediately.

  135. Tony, just trying to get some discussion here…how do we discourage this practise?

    We are not exactly discouraging immigration judging by what I have read somewhere…what about an estabablishment at the entry zone to evaluate peoples’ status.

    I don’t know.

  136. Oftenwoofn”whinge

    I had obviously been asleep 15minutes by at least 4 times, when you posted. If I had gone backwards in time, you still couldn’t have kept me awake.

    When are you Wozzies going to catch up? It’s like a time warp Of course, you know I’m joking.

    Miglo, T Rex: woeful.

  137. And another problem Tony. Harsh penalties eg locking up asylum seekers indefinitely, ‘sending a message’ is unlawful under Australia’s international obligations.

    “The message is loud and clear that the purpose of sending people to Nauru is a deterrent purpose,” she said.

    “That means that the measure assumes a punitive quality and that puts Australia unquestionably in breach of article 31 of the Refugee Convention which prohibits the imposition of penalties on people who arrive in the territory of a state illegally.”

    The above from:

    The current government is doing the right thing in humanely dealing with asylum seekers but locking up the people smugglers rather than the other way around. Surely the word will get out to the smugglers that it’s not just a short holiday in Darwin but rather it is THEY who could be spending years in detention.

  138. how do we discourage this practise?

    Not sure Scaper, but knowing a protection visa on arrival is a virtual fait accompli won’t exactly turn them off the idea.

  139. Tony, I know…it’s a tough cookie to crack.

    Perplexing…a paradox?

  140. Tony, I read somewhere/some time about how smugglers loved Australia, in fact just a short holiday in Darwin where they were well fed etc. However their charges ended up languishing for years in detention centers. No skin of their noses of course.

    As per previous, the way to go is to up the penalties for the smugglers thereby making the trade far less attractive.

  141. Just an addendum, a permanant Navy base in northern WA wouldn’t go astray. At present the Patrol Boats are coming either from Darwin or from Cairns.

  142. Min, (re Article 31) jumping the immigration queue doesn’t automatically make you a refugee…

    My family emigrated (when I was 11) from England in late 1960 but it took something like six months of applications and a number of interviews at Australia House in Manchester (and they still let me come!) before the application was granted.

    Yes – hit the smugglers – hard!

  143. Yes – hit the smugglers – hard!

    Yep…they also take the immigrants out to sea and throw them overboard to drown…men, women and children!

    About time this government flexes some muscle as far as Indonesia is concerned…they are vulnerable!

    A gram in time saves nine…

  144. This keeps reminding me of the underground railway in America and how things may have been dressed up in appearance but nothing has changed from what governments say in contrast to what they do.

    (If Australia was ever invaded and the government expected me to fight, they must also understand that i will also fight for how others are treated by our government….. ) they have laws for people like me…:)

  145. Just read this on the innernets:

    “After numerous rounds of ‘We don’t even know if Osama bin Laden is still alive’, Osama himself decided to send George Bush a letter in his own hand writing to let him know he was still in the game.

    Bush opened the letter and it contained a single line of coded message:


    Bush was baffled, so he e-mailed it to Condoleezza Rice. Condi and her aides had not a clue either, so they sent it to the FBI.

    No one could solve it at the FBI so it went to the CIA, and then to MI6.

    Eventually they asked the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) for help.

    Within a minute the Mossad emailed the White House with this reply:

    ‘Tell the President he’s holding the note upside down. “

  146. More news from around the traps:

    “While looking at a house, my brother asked the estate agent which direction was north because, he explained, he didn’t want the sun waking him up every morning. She asked, ‘Does the sun rise in the north?’ When my brother explained that the sun rises in the east, and has for sometime, she shook her head and said, ‘Oh, I don’t keep up with that stuff’

    ***They Walk Among Us!***
    ————————————————– ——————————-

    My colleague and I were eating our lunch in our cafeteria, when we overheard one of the administrative assistants talking about the sunburn she got on her weekend drive to the beach. She drove down in a convertible, but ‘didn’t think she’d get sunburned because the car was moving’.

    ***They Walk Among Us!***
    ————————————————– ——————————

    My sister has a lifesaving tool in her car it’s designed to cut through a seat belt if she gets trapped. She keeps it in the trunk.

    ***They Walk Among Us!***
    ————————————————– ——————————–

    I was hanging out with a friend when we saw a woman with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain. My friend said, ‘Wouldn’t the chain rip out every time she turned her head?’ I had to explain that a person’s nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned…

    ***They Walk Among Us! ***
    ————————————————– —————————–

    I couldn’t find my luggage at the airport baggage area. So I went to the lost luggage office and told the woman there that my bags never showed up. She smiled and told me not to worry because she was a trained professional and I was in good hands. ‘Now,’ she asked me, ‘Has your plane arrived yet?’…
    (I work with professionals like this.)

    ***They Walk Among Us!***
    ————————————————– —————————–

    While working at a pizza parlour I observed a man ordering a small pizza to go. He appeared to be alone and the cook asked him if he would like it cut into 4 pieces or 6. He thought about it for some time before responding. ‘Just cut it into 4 pieces; I don’t think I’m hungry enough to eat 6 pieces.

    ***Yep, They Walk Among Us, too.!

    Sadly, not only do they walk among us, they also reproduce !”

  147. That was great Tony. lol

  148. Meanwhile in more important news, a guy in Sydney reckons he’s got a statue of the Virgin Mary trapped in his lava lamp.

    hail mary, mother of a blob.

  149. Thank you Tony. I needed a good laugh having spent the morning supervising hubby trying to install curtain rods.

  150. And Kittyl..that’s brilliant!

  151. I need your presence, but my shadow is tarnishing your radiance…

  152. Just saw a preview of what will be Clint Eastwood’s last film as an actor, Gran Torino. Highly recommended. (Sorry I couldn’t attend the Gazarama, Joni, but I’d rather stick toothpicks in my eyes than listen to Pilger and Lowenstein.)

  153. Brilliant and uplifting speech given by Barack Obama at the Lincoln Memorial Concert. Awe inspiring stuff.

    And yet, as I stand here today, what gives me the greatest hope of all is not the stone and marble that surrounds us today, but what fills the spaces in between. It is you — Americans of every race and region and station who came here because you believe in what this country can be and because you want to help us get there.

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