Do Aliens Walk Amongst Us?

A group of Raelian anti-war protesters attempt to pass unnoticed in a South Korean shopping mall

A group of Raelian anti-war protesters attempt to pass unnoticed in a South Korean shopping mall

A quick google search reveals that there are plenty of people out there who claim that aliens walk amongst us.

Who can forget the Raelians – a group of people who believe that we’re all cloned from aliens and will be able to travel through time n space n stuff. Just like Doctor Who but without the Tardis.

Raëlians are believers in Elohim, an advanced race of extraterrestrials who created life on earth.

Raëlians are individualists who believe in sexual self-determination. Which is kind of like a “shag anything you like” philosophy.

As advocates of the universal ethic and world peace, they believe the world would be better if geniuses had an exclusive right to govern. The trouble is, there never seems to be a genius around during election time.

As believers of life in outer space, they hope that human scientists will follow the path of the Elohim by achieving space travel through the cosmos and creating life on other planets. I mean, why not, we’ve pretty much f**ked up this planet, why not spread the word?

Raelians also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is kind of like having a bet each way I suppose. Throw in Buddhism and you could place a bet on a post apocalyptic trifecta. Funnily enough, and quite unfairly I might add, they’ve attracted some criticism.

Apparently they regularly hold Raelian “seminars” which have been described as a cross between a nudist camp and a new age retreat, with plenty of shagging “sensual meditation” thrown in to boot.

But I digress, back to the original question. Do you think aliens exist and walk amongst us? What is their purpose? What do they want from us?

Or is it all just cobblers?

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  1. Ask Richard Dawkins…he’s the expert on evolved alien intelligences, many of which likely exist in bipedal android form if he’s asked, not including those evolved alien intelligences who may or may not have evolved in parallel or prior segments of a hypothetical multiverse. Note: alien intelligences inhabiting places extra to this universe cannot be god(s).

  2. I think Senator Eric Abetz is living proof that aliens walk amongst us relatively unnoticed.

  3. What about Ruddock – alien or living dead?

  4. I would have thought the Rocky Horror Picture Show answered that question ages ago.

  5. Aliens do indeed walk among us. Just take a look at those unique ‘people’ in our parliaments; surely they’re not human as we understand that word.

  6. Wot about crop circles then?

    Dey’s gotta be da work of aliens……or satan??

  7. YOU are the alien spawn! Denial is futile! Questioning of semiotics and sacred geometries reveal a crop almost ready for harvest!

  8. How common is life in the universe? Is it teeming with life, or are we alone?

    I tend to believe that it is common, but realistic enough to accept that inter-planetary travel (to our little planet at least) is not common. This is of course based on the limitations applied to our own understanding of physics. Simply, possible intelligent life-bearing planets are too far away.

    I have seen objects in the sky that I would argue are not from this world. But can I be sure of that? My guess is that it would be far more possible for these mysterious objects to be either from a different dimension, a different time, or perhaps from below the surface of the earth.

    Ridicule me if you wish, but it seems much more likely that ‘something’ visiting from a planet some 270 trillion ks away.

  9. What’s the difference between an intelligent man and a UFO?
    I don’t know, I’ve never seen either one.

  10. Miglo,

    I think it’s entirely possible. Especially given the high quality of the some of the “amateur” footage that’s available these days due to the prevalence of hand held digital video recorders.

    Of course there are always going to be fakes, but something of the footage I’ve seen really does make you wonder…..

  11. Legion,

    You wouldn’t happen to be a member of Mensa by any chance?

  12. I think it’s entirely possible. Especially given the high quality of the some of the “amateur” footage that’s available these days due to the prevalence of hand held digital video recorders. (reb).

    Unfortunately reb, digital copies are not accepted as valid evidence due to the ease in manipulating digital photography.

    Given that the old fashioned film camera is almost on the dust heap then I’m guessing that any evidence will always be wiped off as a hoax because it’s in digital copy.

    Photographic evidence or not, there will always be the believers and the non-believers.

    I’m a believer.

  13. No such thing as aliens otherwise my keen extrasensory perception would have picked them up, well it would if I took off my hat, but if I did that the government would take control of my mind;

    Me and Cat

  14. Adrian said ” . . . if I took off my hat, but if I did that the government would take control of my mind”.

    Adrian, that demonic practice ceased when the Libs lost office. You are again free to think, speak and do as you please without fear.

  15. Certainly they walk among us.

    To the doubters I point at Chad the xenomorph & his brother (the dregs of the alien test tube) Kane.

  16. Be afraid Toiletboss. Be very afraid.

  17. “What about Ruddock – alien or living dead?”Huh

    He is a reanimated corpse, no doubt about it. Bitter spite is what grants him motility.
    Legend has it that if he is stripped of his (false) Amnesty International amulet he will crumble away to dust.

  18. Of course aliens exist. Doesn’t anybody recall the time I played Duck Dodgers in the 21st and a half century? Doesn’t anybody remember the big kabooom?

    This isn’t fantasy.

  19. “Be afraid Toiletboss. Be very afraid.”

    I am, I am! Have you seen what Graham looks like? he is rumoured to be at least 900 years old & 6billion light years from home.
    A good solid argument against becoming a teetotaler if ever there was one!

  20. Were you not foiled by that buffoon Marvin?

    I hate, I hate, I hate Porky Pig.

  21. Toiletboss, given that Graham hails from Whyalla, you are correct in exclaiming that he is 6 billion light years from home.

    Where’s Marvin when you need him?

  22. Of course you mean the mothership deposited him in Whyalla.
    I believe he spent most of his time there underground hermaphroditically raising Chad & Kane in a fetid burrow.

  23. Dear Everybody

    Since i unfortunately stumbled upon Tim Dunlop’s blog and then found myself here, i have always assumed that this is an alien blog. I have always believed that you people are from another planet since I do not believe anything you people say.

    Are you people here to take over the planet????

  24. Yes Neil, we are here to take over the human race. We’re starting with the strongest minds first. You have nothing to fear.

  25. LOL@Neil

    Yes Neil, our subversion of your planets media with factual leftist bias is just the beginning.

    I don’t wanna spook you prematurely but you should know that our alien Queen is the entity known as John Winston Howard & Janette is his virtual alien bulldog bodyguard.

  26. Finally, a religion with a decent dress code.

    With chicks dressed like that, a fella might actually look forward to going to the Temple to make his peace with the Big Guy on a weekly basis.

    Sure beats the hell out of burqas.

  27. Night shift is here.

    I have seen objects in the sky that I would argue are not from this world.

    Would that be before or after the coronas?

    There’s always Scientology, not sure if they believe their god is an alien or they are an alien race themselves, or just that aliens live amongst us cleverly disguised as normal people (which excludes Tom Cruise).

  28. Look at my head and tell me there isn’t mysterious life out there.

  29. Nothing mysterious about your head aquanut, but is that blood I can see around your nose and mouth? 🙂

    Alien elbows in the night?

  30. lol, kitty.

  31. Nose bleeds are a common problem for alien abductees. Aquanut I urge you to have it checked out – something may have been inserted into your body.

    Are you aware of any “missing time”?

    Is there a hole in your wetsuit?

  32. while i was drugged and being probed i managed to open my eyes for one moment and saw a Duck with a tool and a smile.
    i was deeply disturbed, so i went for seconds.

  33. That might have been Duck Dodgers. He’s been seen in the skys lately. NASA have been tracking him for weeks.

  34. I heard once mouse spiders travel in pairs.

  35. You’ve been brainwashed.

  36. i ment bird spider, i give up. I’ll have duck and hot chips after my sleep

  37. Miglo,

    “I’m a believer”

    Isn’t that a Neil Diamond song?

  38. reb, on January 16th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    You wouldn’t happen to be a member of Mensa by any chance?

    Short answer: no. (Am, or was, tested severally at 99.99th percentile or better – standard tests give unreliable readings beyond a certain point on the Gaussian graphs – but have no desire to join ‘the table’.)

    More interesting, I found, was that the Raelian idea of a ‘geniocracy’ includes testing for ‘compassion’ (or something somewhat akin to EQ); which ties in neatly with my earlier allusion (on the ‘where have you been thread?’) to Blade Runner, and the essential distinction between ‘Replicant’ and ‘Human’ therein, as adjudged by the Voight-Kampff test’s ability to check for empathy, and Roy Batty’s final actions which seemed to display it. (It’s why I’d ‘salute’ the recent VC winner…for breaking out of role and evidencing compassion and mateship in a hostile environment by rescuing a human being to whom he felt some attachment or responsibility…not for ‘bravery’ per se…but also acknowledge that he was part of the group who happily killed thirteen other non-persons the day before, and is part of a group whose self-selected identity and job is to kill or be killed under order as an exercise within his everyday passive contemplation.)

    Dig a bit deeper and one discovers, also, that the Raelian idea of geniocracy isn’t about individual ‘genius’ per se, but explicitly involves a stylised version of nooetics and a materialist conception of the noosphere as a kind of regional-nodal world brain (to match the wholly physicalist worldview which underpins the entire Raelian project). In a certain sense, then, it seems to advance a literally corporatist approach to the body politic and divisions of labour and power by analogy with how the human body functions.

    Interestingly, and merely as another aside, the MegaSociety (a group consisting of people running with 99.9999th percentile wetware) does also choose to call their magazine ‘Noesis’; and Mensa does aspire to coordinating direct actions by its membership in solving pressing problems in the world through instrumental interventions into governmental and bureaucratic decision-making processes, and its board does constantly lament the prevalent predilections by membership for solving ludic puzzles instead of concrete, real world issues.

    And finally, simply as a matter of observation, we seem to be proceeding as if putative aliens are physical entities, although kittylitter’s musings about Scientology’s thetans and enthetans (ETs to those of us who don’t choose to follow L. Ron’s ‘the (earlier) terrans’ word games) suggests that immaterial mind-body parasites and other benign or altruistic ethereal beings (which turn up very regularly in non-materialist and para-materialist accounts) are just as (un)likely at a speculative level.

    I wonder how Richard Dawkins would deal with a self-conscious ‘meme’, for instance; which raises similar questions to regular biology about what is ‘alive’ and what isn’t when it comes to viruses or other kinds of proto-life, including AI, based on, say, neural network-like things, even an evolved noosphere.

  39. Legion, that was outstanding work, best I’ve read today, congratulations. (What doe’s it mean?)

  40. Hi Lang Mack, I believe I have read your comments over at the Australian…join in the melting pot here, although it is a little bit off the boil at the moment.

  41. Lang Mack, on January 18th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    You must read between the lines LM, whooo! hoooo!

    …and it is about alians… 😆

  42. aliens

  43. aleyuns

  44. “I’m a believer”

    Isn’t that a Neil Diamond song?

    Reb, you are spot on, composed by Diamond but recorded by the Monkees in ’66. By gee you’re good reb.

    I kinda like the Shrek version..Shrek obviously being an alien

    On the hand, I spend a decade or so near Byron Bay with neighbors waiting for the space ships to land at South Golden Beach. It was something to do with Ascended Masters. I am one of course ;) I was told.

  45. “Legion, that was outstanding work, best I’ve read today, congratulations. (What doe’s it mean?)”LM

    I think that, in a roundabout way, Legion is expressing his (achtung, gender assumption!) deviance from the theoretical conclusions drawn by the self appointed spokesperson for the Not A Religion movement.

  46. Good to see you caught on reb.

    I’m wondering if the Monkees are from the Planet of the Apes.

  47. Reb, Legion may well qualify as a member of Mensa.

    However, Legion’ s postings, articulate and informative as they may be, remind me of a Paul Keating line, delivered to Jim McClelland, as follows (humour intended Legion, of course):

    ‘just because you swallowed a (expletive deleted) dictionary when you were about 15, doesn’t give you the right to pour a bucket of shite over the rest of us’

  48. Well Miglo, David Bowie, (real name David Jones) adopted ‘Bowie’ because of David Jones of the Monkees.

  49. I take great satisfaction in wallowing beneath the dumping shite bucket.

    Legion touches upon some of the revelations that escape the herd.

  50. I assume, and rightly so, that Leigons tome will be cross posted at ‘Quadrant’.

  51. LOL, I don’t think so!

    I take it that you are largely unfamiliar with Legion’s epics?
    Not a Quadrant kinda guy (achtung, gender assumption alert!).

  52. That’s a shame, ‘recon Keith (Windy) may have even made an ABC Doco out of it.He’s a bit out of sorts at the moment with nasty bloggers ,and people picking on him. All the lefty’s of course.
    I still stick by my original comment, and we could all learn from Legion.

  53. Keith heartily deserves all of the slings & arrows aiming at his melon.

  54. From Neil Diamond to ‘Diamond’ Jim McLelland, hmmm? How very apt of carbon-based life-forms.

    Lang Mack, on January 18th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Lang, you surely know by now that any publication, if it’s to be deemed worthy of meeting the exceptionally high standards which Keith sets over at Quadrant, needs-must include at least one explicit reference to the Sokal affair for Keith to overlook.

    And what did it mean? It meant: ask Legion an ostensibly absurd framing question, get an equally absurd, though tangentially topical, run-on answer. Oh, and I also occasionally like to throw off the strict demarcations between threads, much as I like to throw off the regular news cycle which likes to keep the world separated into pre-digested, read-and-forget chunks.

    Oftenbark, on January 18th, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    (mock-flame on) Is that right, scumbag? Madame Speaker, I ask that the mangy, flea-ridden, worm-riddled, slack-jawed, cack-pawed mongrel on the opposite side of the screen spasmodically up-chucking the rancid carcass of Paul Keating’s verbiage like a second childhood’s dog’s breakfast be put down as an act of mercy. (mock-flame off) Always did love Paul’s all-embracing people skills. 😉

    Toiletboss, on January 18th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    That’s right. He, Legion, reserves a bottomless bucket of respect and scorn in equal measures for anyone and everyone in the grips of an ‘I think-feel blah blah therefore blah blah and everyone else should-must think-feel blah blah‘ proselytic zeal.

    And simply because I can…continue my arbitrary Philip K. Dick thematic…and remain focused on the topic…Do you think aliens exist and walk amongst us? Yes, if I-we-they think they-we-I do. What is their purpose? To exist. What do they want from us? For I-we-they to remember not to forget that they-we-I exist. (And, arguably, that is the essence of Dawkins’ Cartesian solipsistic-pluralistic tension, and the axiomatic root origin of the most selfish of selfish memes, from whence all other memes derive existence, after all.)

  55. “I think-feel blah blah therefore blah blah and everyone else should-must think-feel blah blah‘ “Legion

    Sounds worthy of scorn to me.

    I don’t appreciate the propagation of a “cookie-cutter” mentality either.

  56. “Keith sets over at Quadrant, needs-must include at least one explicit reference to the Sokal affair for Keith to overlook.” As he has cunningly overlooked a great deal of promise that has yet to be revealed.
    A sagacious and perspicacious erudition from you, now you must maintain the standard,yet better, raise the bar..( Gwad, a Blog with class, there’s hope yet).

  57. Lang Mack, on January 19th, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    ….and your thoughts on ‘do aliens walk amongst us’?

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