The First in 40 Years!

Our first VC winner in 40 years – for action in Afghanistan!

The legend lives on – well done Digger!

I had half expected the VC after reading reports of the action, this was a cool, brave, deliberate act under enemy fire.  Just for those that don’t know Trooper is equal to a Private but ALL ADF members of whatever rank salute the VC…

Story here:,27574,24920256-421,00.html




Do Aliens Walk Amongst Us?

A group of Raelian anti-war protesters attempt to pass unnoticed in a South Korean shopping mall

A group of Raelian anti-war protesters attempt to pass unnoticed in a South Korean shopping mall

A quick google search reveals that there are plenty of people out there who claim that aliens walk amongst us.

Who can forget the Raelians – a group of people who believe that we’re all cloned from aliens and will be able to travel through time n space n stuff. Just like Doctor Who but without the Tardis.

Raëlians are believers in Elohim, an advanced race of extraterrestrials who created life on earth.

Raëlians are individualists who believe in sexual self-determination. Which is kind of like a “shag anything you like” philosophy.

As advocates of the universal ethic and world peace, they believe the world would be better if geniuses had an exclusive right to govern. The trouble is, there never seems to be a genius around during election time.

As believers of life in outer space, they hope that human scientists will follow the path of the Elohim by achieving space travel through the cosmos and creating life on other planets. I mean, why not, we’ve pretty much f**ked up this planet, why not spread the word?

Raelians also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is kind of like having a bet each way I suppose. Throw in Buddhism and you could place a bet on a post apocalyptic trifecta. Funnily enough, and quite unfairly I might add, they’ve attracted some criticism.

Apparently they regularly hold Raelian “seminars” which have been described as a cross between a nudist camp and a new age retreat, with plenty of shagging “sensual meditation” thrown in to boot.

But I digress, back to the original question. Do you think aliens exist and walk amongst us? What is their purpose? What do they want from us?

Or is it all just cobblers?

Never Mind The Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!

Welcome to Weekend Wonderland!

The place where we get to talk about anything and everything.

Well what an eventful week its been! A plane crashed into the Hudson River this morning,  Ricardo Montalban has snuffed it (remember the tall guy in Fantasy Island with the white suit?).   Interesting in that Tatoo (the little guy that shouted “the plane…the plane!”) blew his brains our with a shotgun a few years ago.

Also Patrick McGoohan, star of the pyschedlic 60’s sci-fi show “The Prisoner” has kicked the bucket too.

Meanwhile in more important news, a guy in Sydney reckons he’s got a statue of the Virgin Mary trapped in his lava lamp. Personally I think it looks more like a piece of snot, but then again I’m sure it’ll fetch a handsome price on ebay. 

Anyway, so what are your plans for the weekend?   

I’ve sworn myself off chamomile tea, in fear that it may be trying to kill me. If something so benign as Listerine can be deadly who knows what the f**k chamomile tea could be doing…

I think it’s about time that someone made another movie about a robot that just goes about killing people. 

This week’s music is a bit of a 70’s flashback…



UPDATE:  We have decided to shut down the “dummy spit” thread following the wise suggestion of one of our concerned regulars. I find myself in complete agreement with the reason cited.    Now let’s all move on shall we…

China’s Implosion Could Spell ‘GloBal D-D-D-Depression’

Don’t shoot the messenger , reb started the ball rolling again when he  wrote:  Important Notice:



Sincerely, The Government

It got me to thinking whether I should try to become a little more bullish in my predictions, until I was confronted with another unpleasant reality

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