Nancy-Bird Walton – an Aussie deserving of respect

Aviation pioneer Nancy-Bird Walton has died aged 93.

In all the hullaballoo over Howard getting an award by Bush in Washington, we hear that a real Australian icon has passed away. She was taught to fly by Charles Kingsford-Smith  and was our first female commerical pilot, she flew medical evacuations, she trained women for the WAAF – amongst many other achievements.

Paying tribute to her yesterday, the chief executive of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Nigel Milan, said that one of the first air ambulance missions was to fly Jack Stanmore, a baby born prematurely in Ivanhoe and not expected to live, to safety.

Last April Mr Stanmore and his wife, Ellie, were reunited with his rescuer at her retirement home, where Mrs Bird Walton met his grandchildren, as part of the flying doctor’s 80th anniversary celebrations.

Qantas named their first A380 after her.

She is the type of Australian that I am proud of.


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  1. Nancy-Bird Walton.

    An iconic Australian who can now fly freely in the skies for all eternity.

  2. Vale Nancy-Bird Walton. Respect and more respect.

  3. Nancy Bird Walton, an aviation pioneer. An excellent reason why Australian history should be taught in schools. But that’s another story. How much do we know about her compared with say George Washington.

  4. MIn

    Wise words there and so totally true. I am ashamed to say that even I know more about George Washington than I did about Nancy-Bird Walton.

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