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Midweek Mayhem!


Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!

The place where we get to talk about everything, including sensitive health issues.

Health and nutrition. Now who would’ve thought that the regular household Aussie icon Vegemite would come in for a severe serve of criticism due to its salt content. Apparently it’s been revealed as a major health hazard with  headlines around the world demanding that it be immediately removed from supermarket shelves.

All well and good. As long as those same supermarket shelves remained well-stocked with healthy and nutritious cigarettes my breakfast routine shall remain relatively unaffected. I’ll just switch to that kiwi shite Marmite instead.

Chemists.  Now they’re meant to be interested in our health aren’t they? Why is it then, that they continue to sell so called “weight loss” products that simply don’t work? 

They’re definitely not interested in our financial health when a  bottle of Listerine costs a helluva lot more than you’d pay at the supermarket.  

I use Listerine every day, and now I find that it too, is determined to kill me.

And then there’s the people who work at Chemists.   The “pharmacists.”   What a pack of dullards. You know the type. The ones who can’t just simply handover your medication without first asking a diatribe of meaningless, irrelevant questions “have you taken this medication before?”  “Make sure you take this food,”  “have you got high blood pressure?”   YES OF COURSE I DO. THAT’S WHAT THE MEDICATION’S FOR YOU F**KING MORON!”

And then they have to wear those little white jackets that button at the collar with a name badge pinned upon her bosom “Jill” (I wonder what the other one’s called? I ponder for a moment) with every movement and gesture silently shouting “I wanted to be a doctor, but this is as close as I could get! Please think of me as a doctor, and not just some lowly shop assistant”

I refuse to play along with the charade anymore. “Make sure you don’t take these on an empty stomach.”

” I know!” I howl “That’s what my doctor said. “You know, my REAL DOCTOR. He who hath the power to write prescriptions.”

“Make sure you take one in the morning and one at night.”

 “I know!!!!” I protest.  ” I can read you know, that’s what it says on the packet!!!” 

“I’m not completely incapacitated, or some docile moron that never reached my full potential of achieving some life long ambition to really make something of myself, by healing the sick and infirm, only to find myself working in a shop all day long handing over little white boxes to people that I don’t know, don’t care about, and couldn’t care less whether they lived or died, but desperately pretending that I do by offering useless titbits of ‘medical advice’  if only to desperately maintain the illusion that ‘I am making a difference,’   ‘I am a doctor’ when the sad and harsh reality is that you’re not. You’re destined to maintain your miserable little existence of false pretence because, when you return home at the end of each working day, you can look yourself in the mirror, and say –  I did say  “only take two twice daily”.

“Now just give me my drugs and f**k off!”

Now where did I put that valium…..

Aside from that, I’m sure they’re lovely people…

102 Responses

  1. They are just after our money, and they want us to live long lives in order to get more of our money.

    Just like my doctor.

    Over Xmas my doctor put me onto insulin injections, gave me a script and sent me around to see the resident nurse at his clinic for lessons on how to administer the insulin.

    The nurse preferred a different type of insulin and sent me back to the doc, who gave a replacement prescription and added $15 to my bill for doing so!

    There wasn’t much spare cash left for the chemist.

  2. Dodgy mugshot haircuts

  3. The reason they have to do that reb is their powerful lobby. If we didn’t ‘need’ these safety warnings from a qualified pharmacist, we could buy this stuff OTC from Woolies or whoever. Very not allowed.

  4. Kittylitter,

    Just as well we still have the PBS. Wasn’t the rodent at one stage on the brink of scrapping that, as part of his “fostering” of the relationship with the US?

    So that the US pharmaceutical companies could make a motza here?

    The thing that irks me about pharmacists is they think that you haven’t already been given the same advice from your doctor when you got the script.

    For heaven’s sake. these days I even google a lot of medications and just go and see my doctor with “a list of demands!”

  5. What gets me is that during a doctor’s consultation the MD immediately does a bolt to the computer. Trying to Google a diagnosis?

  6. Yeah lets just move the dispensing of medicine to supermarkets where some bored out of her skull young checkout chick is certain to make sure the instructions are religiously followed by the half blind half deaf Thursday shopping pensioners and that the right medicine is given every time.

    Since when has Midweek become a fora for reb’s personal peeves, no matter how humorous and petty that rant maybe? 😉

  7. “Since when has Midweek become a fora for reb’s personal peeves, no matter how humorous and petty that rant maybe?”

    Since I started doing it and no one stopped me.


  8. I’m too afraid to say anything to him Adrian.

  9. Min:

    “What gets me is that during a doctor’s consultation the MD immediately does a bolt to the computer. Trying to Google a diagnosis?”

    If you think that’s bad. I went to see my (now former) doctor once and he said “So, what do you think’s wrong with you?”


    What is this? “Catch Phrase?”

    “Can I buy a vowel?”

    Needless to say I didn’t go back

  10. Damn now I know how Howard felt with all that power at his disposal. Awesome.

  11. Bad day indeed.
    Had a great morning coughing up blood which has me more then a little worried, make things worse i have a job in 40 mins and i feel brain dead. Is this what getting old feels like?
    It would be helpful if i could back out of the job for the day but seeing i cant why even think about it.

    Hopefully see everyone later today in a much better mood.

  12. Any consolation one doctor diagnosed me with tinea on both hands and it was (via another doctor) extreme dermatitis. Just a giggle, only now 3 years later I don’t have skin on either of my hands. Finger prints hah, you should see mine. And no, it won’t grow back. And yes I am p’d off with doctors.

  13. Min is it painful ?

    One of my cousinns has something like that only she still has some skin on her hands.

  14. Aquanut..please do an immediate bolt to the doctors. And take a sample with you. Yes I know in my immediately previous post I stated that I was p’d off with doctors.

    It could be a number of things, including tuberculosis (more around these days due to non-immunisation) or bronchitis, or given your calling stress on the lungs.

    I’m going to worry about you until you do it. Auntie Min.

  15. Shane. It’s about the same as a burns victim, no skin and so having lost several outer layers everything is painful to touch. As long as you don’t touch anything then it doesn’t hurt (which for me isn’t an option). Heat is a killer and I can’t go out into the sun without wearing cotton gloves. I’ve cut the fingers off my cotton gloves so that I can type. I look a real dag!

  16. OMG Min that is terrible, do the cotton gloves give you relief at all, is there a cream you apply to keep the inner layers soft.?

    Its amazing how much typing you achieve on here.

    Would woollen gloves help at all with the natural lanolin in the wool.? Of course with the tips cut off so you could still type.

    I know wool classers awalys had fantasticly soft hands form handling all the wool as my father was a wool classer. Everything else brittle and scabby like most farmers, but unbelievably soft hands after many years of handling woll with the natural lanolin.

  17. “Would woollen gloves help at all with the natural lanolin in the wool.? ‘

    OOOOH NOOOOOOOO! Makes my hands hurt just thinking about those itchy little wool fibres. Most processed wool has little or no trace of lanolin in it because it has all been cleaned from the wool during processing. Only home spun wool is likely to still contain lanolin and if it gets wet it smells like wet sheep.

  18. ” if it gets wet it smells like wet sheep. ”

    I hope there are no New Zealanders in the house…

  19. Shane, thank you so much for your concern. Unfortunately nothing much helps. The cotton gloves are more for protection..eg when driving the rasping from the steering wheel can take off several layers.

    My father swore by lanolin which helps when I have injuries, but sadly nothing will make the skin grow back.

    My worst is that I can’t make a fist and so hubby is having to cut up my food for me to eat (how embarrassing). I think that I will go for one of those cute disability aids things. Errrkkkle!! Anyway..I count my blessings.

  20. Huh@3.54

    not everyone gets itchy form wool fibres and you can get natural woollen gloves.

    Ouch Min I feel for you. Good to know the lanolin helps sometimes. Any chnace of skingrafts or is it a condition that would not allow the grafting process.

  21. Gee Reb. Sounds as though you may need some camomile tea. Easy does it mate.

    My long held suspicion that vitamin supplements and you beaut feel good witch potions dispensed by pharmacies and ‘health shops’ are overpriced common substance placebos has been supported by a BBC News article

    According to BBC News:

    Vitamin Pills A Waste of Money</a7

  22. Thank you shane. Yes skin grafts are an option. Min now hands out the plate..all donations gratefully received. Hey $2.50 and only another 10grand to go.

    I think that I’ll just suffer in silence. Well maybe not complete silence, maybe semi-silence.

    Anyway, enough about me.

  23. “What gets me is that during a doctor’s consultation the MD immediately does a bolt to the computer. Trying to Google a diagnosis?”

    He’s not googling, he’s got access to loads of online medical research, diagnosis tools and information. It’s a good thing, if he doesn’t know, he’s willing to look it up, or verify what he suspects – it’s the sign of a good doctor. Doctors everywhere do it, often out of sight of the patient.

    Had a great morning coughing up blood which has me more then a little worried, make things worse i have a job in 40 mins and I feel brain dead.

    Coughing, vomiting, pooing or weeing blood is something for which you should seek immediate medical attention. No job is worth a potentially serious health problem. Especially as you are saying you don’t feel well too, a sign that something is wrong with you.
    Off you go now —> Doctor.

  24. This fukitol is really good shit!

  25. Min

    Are the grafts not an option under medicare? as I would deem this essential medical treatment.

    I suffer in silence with you. And hugs as well.

  26. Kittyl..hopefully with you and I nagging then aquanut might actually do it.

  27. Shane..read Gold Coast hospital..4 year waiting list for non-urgent procedures.

    Thank you Shane, I don’t suffer in silence..I do a lot of whingeing 😉 Well not a lot, but a little.

    The hugs are squishily appreciated.

  28. Adrian
    Yeah lets just move the dispensing of medicine to supermarkets where some bored out of her skull young checkout chick…

    It’s not the prescription drugs that are the problem with the pharmacy monopoly, its OTC drugs that the pharmacists (with the help of parliamentarians) refuse to allow supermarkets to sell, at great cost to the consumer.

    ‘The pharmacy club should go!’

  29. “not everyone gets itchy form wool fibres ”

    No, not everyone does but if you already have irritated skin the fibres are more than likely going to exacerbate the problem. Lanolin or not.

  30. Huh

    Point taken wasn’t thinking along those lines, just thinking about the softening properties of lanolin.

  31. I agree with that kittylitter. When I lived in the UK I liked that you could get many OTC medicines at some supermarkets, but didn’t like the pharmacy concept within the supermarket. It was more or less a chemist stuck in a corner or one end of an aisle with poor service.

  32. Fukitol is a gateway drug!

    Furthermore, the Fukitol pill is polluting the environment and is in part responsible for male infertility:

    The Fukitol pill “has for some years had devastating effects on the environment by releasing tonnes of apathy into nature” through irritation and sublimation, said Mr Busybody, President of the International Federation of We Care Heaps And Wear Pointy Hats Medical Associations, in the report. “We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental pollution caused by the Fukitol pill,” he said.

    The article was promptly dismissed by several organisations. “Once metabolised, the apathy contained in Fukitol no longer has any of the characteristic effects of an opiate of the masses,” said Marx N. Spencer, vice-president of an apathy research association. Apathies in the Fukitol pill, such as couldntgivearatsasseine and mygiveadamnisbustedopegen, “are present everywhere … in plastic, in disinfectants, in meat that we eat,” said Flavinoid Frankenfurter, of the Society of Italian Pharmacology Appreciation.

    So there! Take Fukitol at own risk! You have been warned of the ambiguities of taking a drug not on the schedule of the PBS!

  33. Well I’ll be Fukitolled!

  34. Min, I empathise (psoriassis and psoratic arthritis) – I hope your lot are as tolerant as mine! At least the cops can still fingerprint me…!

    Oh! and big congrats to the matelot, well done! (Great feeling isn’t it? Went to my son’s march out at Army App. School and his NCO march outs, nothing like it!)


    Saw my doctor on Monday, routine for my prescriptions (BP, cholesterol and reflux) – BP consistently too high (generic disposition – ie many heart attacks in mother’s family)…so new tablet!

    However, The Minister (also the resident Alchemist) reads all the ingredients and side effects notes…

    WHY does my new medication have SORBITAL…I swallow it…?

    …and have you noticed how the use of ASPARTAME is creeping deeper and deeper into our food sources…

    …even my favourite hangover cure, Berocca, is now “sugar free” (replaced with a questionable chemical)…

  35. Well I’ve been taking Fukitol in liquid form without any significant side effects.

    It comes in a 750ml bottle with active ingredients including 100% fermented grape juice.

    “take 200ml as an when required up to a maximum of 1500ml per day”.

    “drowsiness, confusion or paralysis may occur if daily dose is exceeded…”

    “as well as over estimating ones’ intelligence and good looks”

  36. “BP consistently too high (generic disposition – ie many heart attacks in mother’s family)…so new tablet!”

    Yes, I blame my family history too. Nothing to do with my questionable alcohol consumption whatsoever.

    Currently taking Micardis PLus and now the doc has added a new one called Zanidip to the cocktail.

    I’m practically a walking pharmacy!

  37. Legion, on January 14th, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Who would ever take the Italians seriously? Seriously?

    No mention of it being in Italian wine I see…

    …bugger, that reminds me…look at the time ….(Can open the bar early tonight – been “working” in the yard all day – hehe!)

  38. “OTC drugs that the pharmacists (with the help of parliamentarians) refuse to allow supermarkets to sell”

    Sorry, but some of these drugs definitely should not be in supermarkets. Nurofen Plus for example can be quite a nasty drug that can cause stomach ulcers and even bleeding in the gut. Interestingly enough the packet says to “take with water” but the pharmasists say always take with a meal – and for very good reason.

    I have a problem with even some of the Ibuprofen based products being sold in supermarkets as I suspect a lot of people taking it are having mild stomach problems without realising that it is the Nurofen causing them.

    I was having a lot of minor stomach and gut problems the doctors were unable to work out what was causing it. Until I had a back problem, was prescribed a stronger NSAID and they finally worked out I had an intolerance to NSAIDs. Until then I had been taking Nurofen for headaches and period pains which worked a treat for the pain, shame about the side effects. Read the label on a packet of Nurofen and nowhere did it mention the potential for these side effects (although they may since have added this potential side effect).

    Sometimes there are very good reasons for these products not being available in supermarkets.

  39. reb, on January 14th, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    I have proof, honest! Do gravestones count?

    Well, well, Micardis is my new med – not Plus though, have I been cheated or just not as poorly as you? 😆

  40. TB

    Micardis Plus is what they give you when Micardis (normal) doesn’t reduce one’s BP enough.

    Then they add Zanidip to the mix, if the Micardis Plus still isn’t strong enough.

    It’s amazing my blood can circulate at all. It’s probably the consistency of wallpaper paste.

    Maybe I should take some Vitamin E, or half an aspirin…

    Or forget about it and have another glass of shiraz…

  41. I did laugh at one side effect “May become dizzy if standing up too quickly”

    I have experience being dizzy but I usually fall over…but I never, ever stand up too quickly – I am retired y’know…

  42. OK ……Start Rant………………………..Now

    1)Vegemite: Who are these morons receiving taxpayers funds so that they can decide to possibly ban or even force the manufacturer to reduce the salt in vegemite. I mean who out there eats so much vegemite that they become some sort of hybrid of Lot’s wife and the Dead Sea. Don’t these idiots realise it’s a spread and most people use it sparingly. Are they also going to ban salt outright as well ?

    2)Public Holidays in NSW: Now this only affects blogocrats living in NSW as I understand Victoria follows this practice already but I’m not sure about Qld or others. If you live in NSW did you realise that 2 weeks ago the NSW Government (cant we all feeeeeel the Looooooove when someone says “New South Wales Government”) changed the Law in relation to Australia Day and Anzac Day. Well guys and gals from this year if Australia Day or Anzac Day fall on the weekend then too bad there will be no day off on the Monday. So goodbye to another long weekend. Another kick in the guts for the domestic tourism industry plus as if Australia had too many public holidays compared to others.They snuck that through without anyone noticing……….. eh !

    3)Pubs : So who was the imbecile that decided it would be a good idea to force bars to stop trading for 10 minutes every hour after midnight. I mean who dreams up stupid rules like these. Plus then there’s the “Lock Outs” for 48 venues across the State. If you are going to have “Lockouts” then impose them across the whole industry. Not just 48 selected pubs

    I am truly flabbergated at some of the stupid decisions that are implemented without being thought through correctly. And us taxpayers pay for these morons to dream up these stupid rulings.

    Rant Over………!

  43. IATW

    I stand to be corrected but I believe Queensland has had no holiday for Australia Day and Anzac Day on weekends for some time now.

    I do believe that Anzac Day isn’t about a public holiday but remembrance…as for Aussie Day there should be a public holiday – that’s a celebration.

    However, I must say always enjoy your rants… 😈

  44. Yes, pharmacists are a waste of time. Mine gave me some suppositories for a bad case of hay fever. He told me the dose was strictly one per day. Well they were bloody useless – didn’t make a bit of difference. I might as well have stuck ’em up me arse for all the good they did.

  45. Oops. Is that word allowed?

    /please edit Joni if too uncouth

  46. “May become dizzy if standing up too quickly”

    Yeah, I had a chuckle at that too. I do it every now and then just to give myself a thrill..

  47. TB had to do a quick sneak in while hubby is in the shower (could take a while). Just rheumatoid arthritis over here but am in remission. Would you believe that I am extremely stubborn and don’t/won’t take any medication.

    I have upped my consumption of broccoli.

  48. apparantly “arse” is fine, however “ass” is frowned upon.

  49. LOL.

    /oh good

  50. Chicken Kiev, Yum.

    Min make some Broccoli and Leek Soup, thats nice.

  51. yes reb “arse ” is fine as it is aussie

    Ass is not, as it is amercian and we use enough of their crap already 🙂

  52. TB

    you are correct QLD has announced the same that we will not get the monday off after Anzac Day.

    The thing I detest is big business rnating about the number of public holidays we have off yet we have less than the US.

  53. Four things are absolutely certain;

    1. Business will always say wages are too high and in fact workers should pay them for the privilege of working.

    2. Workers will always say they are not paid enough.

    3. Business will always say workers get too much time off and workers should be happy to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week with just Christmas day off.

    4. Workers will always attempt to wangle as much time off as possible.

    What I have observed over my lifetime is that business will always say workers are paid too much no matter how low that pay is, yet many workers reach a level they are usually satisfied with as long as they are not doing it hard.

    Business say workers are bludgers and take too much time off, yet most workers get jack of too much time off and prefer to be in work, which is why Australian workers over the last decade plus worked the longest hours in the OECD with the most unpaid overtime and have taken the least earned holidays.

  54. Min

    I have had some success with emu oil capsules. Always worth a try?

    …and yes, I would believe you are extremely stubborn (in a nice way of course 🙂 ) kids like yours don’t “just achieve” without a stubborn Mum!

    reb, on January 14th, 2009 at 6:22 pm
    You mean it really works? Let me try – holy sh#t! Wow! What a buzz! oops! Just fell over…time for WT2…that’ll help! (I do hope you are watching Father Ted on ABC2 on Tuesday nights @ 8:00 (dyknow I writ thet with an Eyerish accint!)

    Tony of South Yarra, on January 14th, 2009 at 6:16 pm
    LOL! How come you didn’t have a sense of humor (oops! sorry Shane) humour on Blogocracy, ToSY?

  55. TB

    There were too many angry people over there – or so it seemed. The crowd here are much friendlier, and won’t ridicule you if you make a fool of yourself.

    /I hope 😉

  56. Tony of South Yarra, on January 14th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Absolutely! Feckin’ idjut (that last bits Eyerish BTW) 😀

  57. Adrian of Nowra, on January 14th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Just saw yer post Adrian and agree totally.

    One of the major myths that a lot of management teams still don’t understand is that money is only a short term motivator at best (estimated at six weeks max.).

    People are motivated by:

    – positive reinforcement (a simple well done or thanks)

    – recognition (you really are the best at this task)

    – chance of promotion (we have a learning opportunity we’de like you to consider)

    – understanding (we know your kids are both sick take as much time as you need)

    – challenge (surprise, surprise!)

    – defending them (when they are right) to senior management

    – and so many more “costless” motivators

    I know it works, ’cause my “troops” would follow me into hell (and sometimes did!)

    As my “business mentor” used to say – “…I’d sooner work with great people in a lousy job, than work with lousy people in a great job…”

  58. You have described my boss to a T TB, which is why I’ve stayed loyal to him despite being offered higher paying jobs. Our head engineer is the same as is one of our project managers. Both have been offered positions with large Defence contracting companies for considerably more pay and better packages than they currently get, yet they knocked the offers back.

    One thing I like about this boss is that he is results driven not time driven. We win a contract or are going for one, we all have jobs to do including helping each other. The deadline is decreed by the client, but the boss doesn’t put any time constraints on us. Finish early with an acceptable job done and the leftover time is all yours no questions asked. Take time off anytime and there is never any question as to why, just take it off.

    It works extremely well and has done for the seven years I’ve worked for them.

  59. Just logged on after a massive day of policy formulation and I see that this is a site for the walking wounded. I wish all a speedy recovery. Min, aquanut, those jeebies sound awful.

    I could write a book about all the prescription drugs I’m on, but the doctor assures me that my medical conditions are of no fault of mine. Blame your genes, he says.

    Take my diabetes for example. The good doctor tells me that it is hereditary because my father had diabetes. Hellooooooo – he became a diabetic at 80 only because he lived long enough to get it!

    TB – how do you manage to stand up quickly? I can’t even get up slowly! Last time I tried standing up quickly I incurred serious damage to the brain and confined myself to 3 days rest. The popping of corks brought about a sudden recovery.

    Alcohol has amazing healing qualities.

  60. TB,

    I like your list of motivators. I’ve always considered that a pat on the back is worth more than an extra $10 in the pay packet.

    I’d like to offer another motivator – job ownership. These days we are going through massive changes and we expect our staff to embrace the changes, however I have found that a large number of people resist change unless they can be one of the change agents.

    These people usually respond positively once given the opportunity to take some ownership. It’s as though a new person has walked through the door. I’ve always maintained that a happy worker is a good worker.

    I also believe that in a workforce we need to be more behaviours focused than outcomes focused. What good is a work unit if that work unit cannot work together?

    I also reckon I’m a bloody good boss.

  61. Adrian

    What’s always baffled me, is that is so simple and effective – its just treating people as – well – people.

    I always called our kids and grandkids “little people” and treated them that way – talk about responsive…

    The TV show The Nanny always frustrated me (and it shouldn’t have ) because it was basic human resource development (my frustration was – its so bloody simple and here are these buggers making a fortune!) – and then I realised that if managers woke up, I’d be out of business!

  62. MIglo, reading your second post I reckon you are!

    Agree with ownership (although not always easy to get) and all of us have difficulty dealing with change – I know I do and I was considered to be a “change agent”…mmm)

    As for your earlier post…LOL! However I suggest you read my post more thoroughly – I do not rise quickly – I’m retired! 😀

    Funny though, my son’s ex-sergeant is coming over on Friday (he’s now an RTO in civvie street) to run a PPoint presentation past me, for an induction programme presentation, to a client – ain’t that nice? (however, he’s bringing the wine and beer – clever boy!)

    …I must have some dinner and spend some time with my lovely Minister – but I must say I have had a wonderful day…thank you all

    PS I’ve been in touch with, scaper…

  63. PS I’ve been in touch with, scaper… (TB)

    Was he sober?

  64. Just had a lok at your dodgy mugshot haircuts Tony. The guy at number 11 definitely has a haircut like me – the Daffy version, that is.

  65. PS – I just pictured him with a set of duck bills. I think he’s me!

  66. TB, Miglo & Adrian

    In any organisation there is a balance between outcomes and behaviour. Both have to be satisfied for success.

    Lack of outcome can be forgiven if the behaviour honest. Lack of transparency or unethical behaviour should never be overlooked, even when good outcomes are delivered. Good outcomes delivered by people exhibiting poor behaviour is likely to be transient, and probably results from cutting corners.

    I tend to think that it is the behaviour of some business leaders that have us when we are.

    That and unions.

  67. Thank you Min Kitty Miglo.

    Found out what it was, i just got home 30 mins ago and the wife told me of blood on the pillow, The wife had elbowed me in the nose while i was asleep got a nose bleed, fed on that till morning. when i awoke i coughed it up. (hope someone is eating)
    so my problem is spousal abuse.

  68. i need a new job, i did six hours work underwater without tanks. The things i do for people. this old bloke forgot to cover his boat and it sank while still tied to the jetty, and bent the structure too. He was ordered to pay for repair 12,400 dollars. i did the work for him at the lowest cost possible and raised his boat, 340 dollars plus dinner. i feel used but at the same time i did ok for him at least.

  69. aquanut

    My sincere belief, what goes around comes around.

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve done something for someone even though it was a real pain at the time and inconvenienced me only to have it come back to me at a much later time as a return favour when I’ve needed something.

    If I hadn’t done the favour that inconvenienced me in the first place more than likely the return deed when I most needed it would not have happened.

  70. Cheers Adrian
    i know i sounded grumpy when i wrote that but thats because i was still tired. I just hope he keeps his boat on a trailer if the boat ever runs again.

    How much later dose it come? (joke)

    I could also be paying for what i did as a youth so i have nothing coming round. (that would be my luck..lol)

  71. Hello aquanut,

    Is there any chance that the elbow to the nose was deliberate? I know that my wife would like to land one or two on me while I’m asleep.

  72. Doesn’t always come around aquanut, more often than not it doesn’t. My philosophy is that when something does come around again (and it can be years later and in one case over 20 years) it did so because I took some time out and helped someone. If I hadn’t said “sure how can I help?” then the return favour when I needed it in all likelihood would not have happened.

    That’s not to say uncommitted favours haven’t been done for me, but I always remember them and do not hesitate to return the favour for these people when asked.

  73. Miglo not sure, but now im scared. (where did i put my helmet)

    sleep time….

  74. Ambiorix…

  75. Just when the blog was settling into a nice rhythm, Toiletboss comes up with “Ambiorix”.

    For the ignorant, such as myself, please explain.

  76. “nice rhythm”………???

    Please explain.

  77. After you.

  78. Nero’s Killing Machine…

  79. Thankyou TBoss.

    “Nice rhythm” was just an idle expression. I admit that more thought should have been put into my use of words, especially while you’re reading the blogs, knowing how picky you can be towards wharfies.

  80. Question.

    When your partner repeatedly elbows you in the nose while you’re sleeping is that what they mean by the “rhythm method?”

  81. Bedtime…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…I hope.

  82. Answer.

    Depends on the consistency of the blows.

  83. Be careful in bed TBoss. Some fellow Blogocrats are finding bed to be quite a dangerous place. It’d pain me to see you hurt in some way.

  84. When your partner repeatedly elbows you in the nose while you’re sleeping is that what they mean by the “rhythm method?”

    It could be a pre-emptive contraceptive.

  85. Pleased to hear that you didn’t have anything more than a bloody nose aquanut – you must be a heavy sleeper, not to notice getting slammed in the nose and a bleed!

    My sincere belief, what goes around comes around.

    And I believe, because it has happened time and time again for me and family members at just the opportune moment –

    As one door closes, another one opens.

  86. “My sincere belief, what goes around comes around.”

    Agreed. Funny how a few of us seem to share that view.

    Should I pop up a “Kharma” thread for further discussion…?

  87. My sincere belief, what goes around comes around.

    Note to aquanut’s wife – be careful.

  88. On Kharma, I have learnt that more often than not, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

    But hey, I am just in a glass-half-empty mood today.

  89. cheer up joni…

    When Howard was in power, I used to think that Karma will get him back one day for all his lies, deceit and meanspiritedness.

    You only have to watch that video footage of him receiving that medal from Bush to see that it’s now beginning to happen.

    The guy is a complete embarrassment and total twat.

    Me thinks the wheels of karma are only just beginning to turn for the rodent.

  90. Reb, I prefer Instant Karma.

  91. But hey, I am just in a glass-half-empty mood today.

    joni, on January 15th, 2009 at 11:10 am Said:

    Well you can fix that and instantly become “glass totally empty” mood by popping over to another of today’s treads.

  92. Hey Reb & Joni,

    Does Scaper have to be here for us to play in his sandpit?

    /just askin’

  93. Lol you lot. what a nice way to wake up.

    First off kitty, that has to do with the hypnosis .

    If i breath in a patern i full into deep sleep, (were as before i use to sleep every second day or so)

    Adrian i do understand what your saying, i never ment to make fun of it.

  94. Mind you aquanut, I am not accepting your excuse of Hey, a nose bleed because my partner kicked me. This is unless she is a soccer player and can somehow twist her leg around in bed to clock you on the nose. Whoops, it was the lady’s elbow…then she must be a gymnast. I’m not buyin’ it.

  95. Min
    she often hits my forehead when im not in deep sleep, she always sleeps with her hands under the pillow, its like her elbows are at the ready(lock and load position)
    She dosnt kick which is nice. but she laughs when she looks at me now cause i made myself look like such a victim.

    i have no reason to decieve anyone. yesterday i was scared, now i just dont care can make a joke from it.


  96. Shane

    My boyf also has been known to elbow and kick me at night. I think it is just because he is viscious, and so I just roll with the punches.

  97. Tony,

    I think scaper is lurking and may be about to pounce…

  98. joni – “he is viscious”

    How awful – is that a combination of vicious and viscous, ie mean and thick/tacky??

  99. Tom… when I wrote it I thought that I spelt it wrong and the pedants would pick me up on it.

    And I am feeling like the the BOOF today – the Blogocrats Object Of Fun.

  100. whats happen to Carlyle?

    Buddy if your out there just give a quick hello. Hope everything is ok.

    Joni, a boof…lol. to me a boofhead is someone who walks into things clearly marked in there way.(a doorway)

  101. i looked at the Web Page designers photo. lmao

    looks like a video pirate…. cool picture

  102. on the home page…

    (sings).. lonely in the night, baaababaaa bababa
    (backs out of the room slowly)

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