Joyce on Climate Change

Barnaby Joyce is in the news again – this time “drawing parallels between environmentalists and Nazis”.

One has to fall into lockstep, goosestep and parade around the office ranting and raving that we are all as one?

Climate change denier, like Holocaust denier, this is the sort of emotive language that has become stitched up in this (emissions trading) issue.

He says that the governments emission trading scheme will not make any difference to counter climate change and will just make people poorer.

I actually agree with Joyce on this and have decided that I will not pay tax anymore as my small amount of tax does not make any difference to Australian society and is therefore not worth paying.

(BTW – the last sentence is a joke!)


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  1. the governments emission trading scheme will not make any difference to counter climate change

    This can’t be right. Prof Garnaut told me the ETS would save the Great Barrier Reef, the Murray Darling Basin and bring an end to droughts.


  2. Why is it that National and Liberal Party members run around like chooks with their heads cut off when anything is mentioned about sepending money on something that won’t make profits or CEOs rich.

    I demand proof from him that Aussies will be turfed out of their homes. He claims emotion regarding Climate Change and yet he is running around with emotive scaremongering like people getting kicked out of their homes.

    Out of jobs maybe, but what about the new jobs created. Isn’t it amazing that CEOs and Politicians spruke on about accepting change, yet here we have the conservatives not willing to embrace change for something that may be detrimental to our exiswtence on this planet. Want ot see job loss, look at the jobs being lost in the US the glorious economic management of the conservatives over the last 8 years.

    “One has to fall into lockstep, goosestep and parade around the office ranting and raving that we are all as one?” Amazing I thought that was the policy of all p[olitical parties, thats why we need more independents.

  3. Barnaby Joyce’s comparison with the holocaust is ludicrous and absurd. It’s like comparing chalk with cheese.

    His policy on Climate Change is stuck in the Dark Ages. Got to hand it to him though, at least he has a position. I wonder how the Liberals will respond.

  4. Shane,

    Good point about creating jobs. I believe much more can and ought to be done to create new jobs in the renewable energy industry.

  5. What run out of their homes for trying to save the planet….as opposed to being turfed out of their homes due to the Coalitions policies of rushing to fill the pockets of the rich over the last 11 years at the expense of the average punter. He ought to talk. Barnaby peoploe in glass houses old son.
    Barnaby’s concern for the punter is astonishing given their record in Government, perhaps it’s got something to do with them being in opposition.

  6. Alastair

    Jobs have come and gone over the centuries. Old technology jobs lost and new technology jobs created. Completely agree more should be done to create jobs in the renewable energy sectors.

    I am however disgusted in Kevin Rudd making the rebate for solar electricity means tested which resulted in many cancellations of full solar conversion. I honestly don’t care who buys the technology it all helps save our planet so he gets a big raspberry form me on this one.

  7. Love the link:

    “NATIONALS firebrand Barnaby Joyce”

    Firebrand? Barnaby is all bluff and bluster. He crosses the floor when it doesn’t matter but follows the party line when the heat is on. A ‘maverick’ in the McCain – Palin mould.

    When first elected, he promised to serve for only one term now it appears he will seek a seat in the Reps. Just likes the limelight. Then again anyone who lives at St George has problems.

    I note also from the link:

    “or it will have to rely on the Greens and independents, a prospect not welcomed by the business lobby.”

    By and large, the business lobby wants some certainity and wants it quickly. They don’t want to be stuffed around by ‘flat earthers’.

    As Quiggan says:

    “I stopped arguing with self-described “skeptics” on the topic of global warming some time ago, and I don’t intend to start again.

    … All major scientific organisations in the world[1] endorse, in broad terms, the analysis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which states that the world is getting warmer and that, with high (> 90 per cent) probability, this warming is predominantly due to human action:

    Try also Brian over at LP.

  8. Shane,

    I completely agree with you about the solar panel rebate. That was a very poor decision to means test it, in my opinion. I believe the government should be assisting everyone who wishes to install solar panels on their roofs. It is simply too expensive for most people to afford to install solar panels without some financial assistance. We need to increase our use of renewable energy substantially in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    The government is far from serious about dealing with the climate change issue (and clean energy) for the future. Unfortunately, some members of parliament like Barnaby Joyce, would like to do even less.

  9. Alistair

    The rebate is one way the government can assist with Climate Change without all this screaming about job losses and doubters. Will also save state governments of having to build more power stations.

    If people move from coal burnt electricity generation to solar it is simply once again jobs for a new technology.

    A clean green way to have all homes generate their own power and no reactor waste either. Or if they are not in a sunny area then wind generation assistance for small turbines on their land.

    To me it is a no brainer and a way of avoiding controversy in bringing about change for the good of our planet.

  10. In my view, there are far too many emissions coming from Barnaby, these days. The less he knows about any given subject, the more he seems to have to say about it.

    It’s bizarre.

    Why doesn’t he just shaddup and get on with addressing topics he knows something about? Like muelsing voters and sheep.

  11. Firebrand? Barnaby is all bluff and bluster. He crosses the floor when it doesn’t matter but follows the party line when the heat is on. A ‘maverick’ in the McCain – Palin mould.

    Exactly right N5. He’s a show pony media tart, same as Fundy’s First Fielding.

    Whenever will they get rid of Ron Boswell?, it’s his views on just about everything that I don’t like.

  12. Joyce is guilty of heresy and even though we don’t burn people at the stake these days a suitable punishment should be found for holding heterodox views.

    Don’t take Joyce seriously: he doesn’t believe a word he utters.

  13. Sometimes Joyce has done some good things (eg student unions) and sometime he stuffs it as per this ridiculous statement of his. He has on numberous occasions crossed the floor (Ref: Wikipedia, crossed the floor on 19 occasions under the Howard government). However, if he follows Howard’s orders and transfers to the House of Reps then he will become just another back bencher of the Opposition and then nobody will be listening to him. Which I suspect is why the Libs want him to cross over to the House of Reps.

  14. Shane,

    Again I strongly agree with you. The solar panel rebate is much easier and much less controversial than any CPRS, yet it’s also very effective. It was a truly absurd decision by the government to means test it.

  15. Alastair and Shane.

    It was my understanding that the money saved from the solar rebates was to be funnelled into the Solar Homes and Communities Plan (Solar credits) and the National Solar Schools Program

    I do not know if this has been done or not, but, personally, I would prefer the taxpayers money going into these plans than to subsidising private users.

    Schools on a whole would use much more electricity than private homes, and so the environmental saving would also be larger per dollar, I would think.

    This is in addition to my ideological view.

    And assuming that the money will be used in this way.

  16. Tom

    I half agree

    All new government buildings should be mandatory for this type of power.

    I am more than happy for subsidies to cover anyone including private users. It all helps in the long run.

    Taxpayers money goes to many more ridiculous subsidies and rubbish than private users of power. Every advertisement on Television would equate to approximately 4 or 5 subsidies of private users.

  17. Tom,

    The other programs you mention are very beneficial but they could surely have implemented those without means testing the solar panel rebate. I agree with Shane that there is considerable waste that could be eradicated instead. They could start by removing large subsidies to the coal industry.

  18. w00t? The government was elected, on a mandate to introduce an ETS. And to Barnaby, this is some form of totalitarianism? What drugs are these people taking?

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