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Photo from Reuters.

Photo from Reuters.

I saw this photo on SMH and thought that it deserved a caption competition.

(OMD – am I perversely obsessed with them?)

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  1. That had better be a gun, Georgie Boy!!

  2. Very good James… my first belly laugh of the day.

  3. “didn’t hurt a bit george”.
    “don’t misunderestimate me john,there’s more to come”

  4. Man of Steel needs some Head and Shoulders badly

  5. “Hold still John, you might feel a little prick”

  6. George Bush plays pins the award on the Rodent.

  7. I’m coming home, I’ve done my time
    And I have to know what is or isn’t mine
    If you received my letter
    Telling you I’d soon be free
    Then you’d know just what to do
    If you still want me
    If you still want me

    Oh tie a blue ribbon
    ‘Round the old bloke free
    It’s been eight long years
    Do you still want me
    If I don’t see a blue ribbon
    ‘Round the old bloke free
    I’ll stay on the airbus, forget about us
    Put the blame on me
    If I don’t see a blue ribbon
    ‘Round the old bloke free

    Airbus driver please look for me
    ‘Cause I couldn’t bare to see what I might see
    I’m really still in prison
    And my love he holds the key
    A simple blue ribbon’s all I need to set me free
    I wrote and told him please

    Now the whole damn airbus is cheering
    And I can’t believe what I see
    A blue ribbon and medal for me, me, me
    ‘Round the old, the old bloke free

    Tie a ribbon ’round the old bloke free
    Tie a ribbon ’round the old bloke free
    Tie a ribbon ’round the old bloke free
    Tie a ribbon ’round the old bloke free

  8. Legion. That was priceless!

  9. most excellent legion

  10. Joni and Reb:

    Can we say reach-around?

    /don’t answer that

  11. Your effort deserves a prize Legion (cue reb stage left)

  12. I thought Howard was actually going to roll over on his back and start rapidly kicking a leg he was that excited. I think he nearly weed himself. His jaw actually quivered as he began fish gawping. So much for this medal being for “all Australians”, this was all about Howard.

    Contrast to Blair.

    And of course it wouldn’t be Bush without him stuffing up reading a prepared speech, and nearly whacking Howard in the face when he went to put the ribbon around his neck.

  13. Don’t you just hate it when anything one could write pales into insignificance. Congratulations Legion!

  14. thoughts also, that the Rodent was going to need a nappy change following all that excitement.

  15. Thanks for the vid Adrian. Yeah, Howard loves the pomp and ceremony. I could see him with that stupid jaw chomping laugh – hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!

  16. John Howard and Bush Back-Up Singers – We are the champions (ding a dang dong)

  17. johnmcphilbin

    Will you please stop flashing your man titties fat bastard 🙂

  18. Oooh, you are a devil! Tickle a little lower, Georgy Porgy.

  19. Hold still John. I know that these back of the neck zits can be murder. No probs George, just wait until I tell you where I’ve got another’ee.

  20. Ooo Dub Dub you know I have been looking forward to wearing the leash in public for so long..

  21. *laugh* Maverick, that was priceless… Legion’s wins hands down, but yours is a runner up in my mind 🙂

  22. “Legion’s wins hands down”

    Pedant alert 🙂

    Legion’s entry surely doesn’t qualify for the competition as it is a song, and a mighty fine effort I might add, not a caption.

  23. Shane

    If you’re dead sexy why not flaunt it?

  24. Oh, you’re right huh. Legion disqualified for cheatin’ 🙂

  25. “Now tie that loop around my scrotum and bring it up my back and around my neck, then truss me like a rodeo calf and whip me good just like at your ranch.”

  26. “Disgraced President honours disgraced Prime Minister”

  27. Shocker Adrian

    It conjured up horrific images Lol

  28. john

    I only watched the Austin Powers movies again the other week, so I roared laughing when I saw your avatar the other day. Fat Bastard is one of the best things in the Austin Powers movies.

  29. I’m happy to disqualify myself for liberally ripping-off Rodgers and Hammerstein; but, with only a little encouragement, I’m sure I could pump out “The Genius of King George’ (It’d be a Manichean space opera in suitable Wagnerian style).

    In the meantime, to quote from the world’s foremost free-thinker, so free-thinking he doesn’t have to reflect on his own statements, and as an actual caption…

    With our freedom comes responsibility, for all of us.

  30. 11.20am that fit very well with the photo.

    1.55pm I love it. Brilliant !

  31. Legion..ripping off Rogers and Hammerstein? I thought that it was – recorded by Tony Orlando.

    Risking being pedantic (cringe), I don’t believe that there are any rules concerning the length or originality of a caption. Legion’s talent is to see a theme and to translate it into a well known format.

  32. Whoops, link not found. Try:

  33. well that backfired a little there are two 11.20am comments damn. sorry Joni i ment Rebs post

  34. aquanut – i knew that… mine was a dud.

  35. “I’m happy to disqualify myself ”

    Huh, You’re just worried that reb might have another one of his stellar prizes for you to win. 🙂

    “but, with only a little encouragement, I’m sure I could pump out “The Genius of King George’ ”

    ENCOURAGMENT. There you go, a big one for you. When can we expect you latest opus?

  36. Huh, on January 14th, 2009

    Huh, You’re just worried that reb might have another one of his stellar prizes for you to win.

    That might be true…sur-prizes are like that. In the alternative, however, I would plead that laughing AT the George-and-John sniff-each-other’s-butts-and-pretend-all-is-roses farce IS its own reward.

    I particularly enjoyed Adrian’s at 1:55 pm, especially as I tried hard to destroy the mental image of Janet assisting…..John to compose his tie before his big moment.

    When can we expect you latest opus?

    I was t’inkin’ in time to declare “Mission Accomplished”…in Afghanistan.

  37. “Stick it in George – I want to try the joni position!”









  39. Howard on acid.

  40. First the blow-torch to the stomach, then ropes and stress positions, and now acid? It sounds more like Gitmo than the ranch.

  41. Tony of South Yarra…bwahahahaha, dats what I thunk.

  42. Bush: I decide who stays at Blair House and the circumstances in which they stay.

    Howard: (with apologies to Phil Collins)
    Just one more night at Blair House, one more night with you
    I’ve been trying ooh so long to let you know, Janette and I belong
    Let you know how I feel, is this really real?
    Just one more night.

  43. reb, on January 14th, 2009 at 11:22 am

    sreb, surely that post is eligible for the Stars of Country CD…? It’s a classic just like SoC…

  44. “If the shoes start flying, the liitle guy gets it first”

    “Stand still john, this clasp is tricky enough as it is”

    JWH: “I hope he doesn’t notice my bald spot”

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