Yesterday I Couldn’t Spell Politician – Today I Are One!

When I read the story below I was reminded of the cronyism that was rife in (and around) the Queensland National Party during, Joh Bjelke Peterson’s, reign of rabid greed, control and corruption.  Obviously some of it is still alive and kicking in my home state.  (Still, a big thanks to Dr Tony Fitzgerald, QC…)


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Not Quite the Public Transport types…

Unaccustomed to travelling on public transport with the common proletariat, Janette and John Howard have made the headlines once again in the US by delaying a Qantas flight by one hour due to additional “cabin cleaning and “a lost passenger” according to Qantas.

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Mission Accomplished – George Bush Defends Legacy

No wonder George Bush and John Howard get on so well.

They both share the fanciful desire to re-write history according to their own unique perspectives, basking in awe as they reminisce about their respective “contributions” to western civilisation and the spread of “freedom” throughout the world while the rest of us collectively stand blurry eyed at the monumental catastrophe that is unfolding across the globe.

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Obama’s proposed CIA Director

US president elect Obama has now nominated Leon Panetta for the position of CIA Director. Last year, Panetta wrote this in the Washington Monthly.

Fear is blinding, hateful, and vengeful. It makes the end justify the means. And why not? If torture can stop the next terrorist attack, the next suicide bomber, then what’s wrong with a little waterboarding or electric shock?

The simple answer is the rule of law. Continue reading