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We have been having some issues lately with the avatars and the rendering with our old theme. So I have changed to a new three column theme.

Let me know on here what you think.



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  1. I like the three column layout and the little smiley hiding away at the right.

    Of course we need the graphic back in the banner. I grew to really like that banner.

    Probably the thing I don’t like is the large tabs above the banner. I liked where they were in the old theme.

  2. It does seem cleaner. And as I say, it will take some getting used to.

    One thing that I notice is that you have to go to the Home tab to get back to the very top and last version of the blog.

    Any other observations? Are the hellips still present? Is John Mc’s avatar still very disturbing?

  3. Adrian – the little smiley is a wordpress thingy… all wordpress blogs have it somewhere.

    And I agree with the tabs, but need to work out if (and how) I can change them.

  4. OK the banner is back and I’m liking it better.

    Can you move or alter the navigation tabs?

  5. Love the highlighting of quoted text. That is nifty.

  6. looking into it adrian.

    and can someone who was getting the hiccups let me know if they still appear?

  7. Hellips gone. My only – constructive- criticism is the lack of definite seperation between the individual comments (they seem to run together). Numbering is missing as well.

  8. I’ve decided to come clean and post a photo of the real me. Hopefully it will be up shortly, and by the looks of it Adrian’s no competition

  9. I hope everyone tomorrow is OK with this… I like it.

    And no luck on the tabs… looks like I need the CSS version which I need to pay for.

  10. i see John’s mankini now, i will be sick in 9, 8 , 7…

  11. Ah yes – the numbering.

  12. I think maybe the commenters name could be one size larger.

  13. Don’t worry aquanut, my real photo goes down a treat. You’ll be jealous but I can’t help it, it’s genetic

  14. If that’s your face Mac you have a real problem that no amount of plastic surgery will ever fix.

  15. Just one more thing: the prompts for the BBCodes under the comment box.


  16. the picture size bigger, my vision is to blurred to see the pictures/avatar.

  17. that mankini is chasing me down the blog list.
    There should be a red button in the room which you push and it blows a blogger up.

  18. Not you John i just saw how that looked. im thinking of past conversations.

  19. 1. avatar size – can’t change
    2. comment numbers – can’t add
    3. Codes under comment box – can’t add

    A lot of these are restrictions of the template. I am gonna have to get the CSS upgrade to do all the sweet things we want to do.

    Please bear with us, your call is important to us.

  20. Adrian, you got whacked pretty bad by the looks of it. Was anyone ever charged over it?

  21. Aquanut
    You like?

  22. John… please sign out of wordpress and then back in. Can we see if your avatar updates.

  23. <– passes out

  24. At least you didn’t have a stroke aquanut. That would be disturbing!

  25. I probably look worse in my wetsuit.

    Joni the work you have done is good enough and thanks for the time to update it. With the work load you have your recent injuries, it only shows how much effort it must of been to get this going.


    Im not forgetting Reb, thanks in so many different ways.

  26. Thanks aquanut. Reb and I do complement each other on here and it is good that we can share the work.

    As I say – it will take some time to get used to (I will really miss the comment numbers) – but hey, a change for 150000 hits is a good present.

  27. well Joni i find if the numbers increase at the top of the page next to “how many comments” i will know that someone has commented. there! no need to feel stressed about the numbers.
    We will get use to it. 🙂

  28. John

    Your avatars are not getting any better… but at least this one is Scottish.

  29. It’s very 2009 😀

  30. A tip – I don’t know how it’s done, but many blogs have it setup that when you ‘click’ on the ‘Banner’ – it sends you to the home page

    Just a thought

  31. It looks pretty good, and with the suggestions implemented should be even better. I also appreciate the hospitable welcoming tones of Joni and Rebb and the insight of commenters. Nice place.

  32. And we are now over 150,000 hits! Wow.

  33. joni

    Looks great to me, I was impressed as soon as the site came up this morning. Congratulations and lets hope 2009 makes bolgocrats a force to be reckoned with in the world of blogging.

  34. Can I be naughty. Sadly I feel as if the comments are squished in the middle.

  35. Min

    Yes – they are squashed and nothing that I can do (at the moment) to change it. But I am working on possible solutions, in the fullness of time, after due consideration, following the correct procedures, after engaging with the stakeholders etc etc.

  36. No worries Joni..I’m just a stick in the mud.

  37. I don’t think they are squished and this appears to be roughly the standard around most blogs.

    Approximately 12 average words per line is good for reading as the human eye can take in the entire line in one hit, making for faster reading and better comprehension. This is why novels and newspaper columns are set up to roughly this layout.

  38. I think it sucks.

    Just kidding. Looks good Joni. Well done!

  39. although, I wonder if we now switched back to the original theme whether it would resolve the “&hellip” issue we were all getting?

    Just a thought. I don’t mind either themes, but kinda preferred the Hans Blix one.

  40. Reb from where I am, &hellip has now thankfully disappeared. I was at the cusp of telling this hellip person to either put up or shut up. [am kidding].

  41. I am not getting &hellip anymore

  42. reb

    I can only say “Hans Brix” like Kim JOng Ill in Team America. Gets a giggle everytime.

    # I’m wonewy, so vewy, wonewy #


    Luv that movie!

  44. So – are we going to stay with this theme?

    I am getting used to it and like the cleanness.

    And is everyone OK with the placement of the widgets in the first and last columns (the recent comments, recent posts etc)

  45. Hmm..ok..if you like it, then I’ll learn to like it 😉

    Yes, stay with it. A wonderful job, thank you so much.

  46. And min – love the new avatar.

  47. Min

    You no like?

  48. But I cannot say the same about John’s avatar.

  49. Thank you joni, it’s just moi. Hopefully a bit better than two dogs’ bottoms. Well..hopefully.

    John…Me no like-y your new avatar? Yup. My own preference is for large in t’other direction.

  50. john

    You should be laughing all the way to the bank if that is your pic. Getting the part of Fat Bastard must have made you piles (of money that is) 🙂

  51. The new style is fine, though I like numbers.

  52. Whilst this looks okay, I defnitely prefer the old theme. I find the new colours a bit bland. I agree with Tom that it would be better with comment numbers.

  53. May just be coincidence but since you introduced the new theme it is taking longer to post my comments.

    I also liked the numbers.

  54. ” it is taking longer to post my comments.”

    I thought it was computer, it takes about 10-20 sec i noticed.

  55. hmm… I will get my people to look into the comment-delay thingy.

  56. And maybe it is because the blogocrats have been hyperactive with comments today (not that that is a bad thing).


  57. Must admit that I liked the numbers too. When a post was referenced by a blogger, it was easy to locate the original post that prompted the response.

    I like to lead a structured, orderly exitance.

  58. The smiley face at the bottom of the page is freaking me out!

  59. Joni, I hadn’t even noticed the tincey little smiley thing. I would suggest that as he is only about 2mm that you can deal with him.

  60. No way Min. The smaller they are the more dangerous (present company excepted of course).

    It was a little virus that nearly killed me 10 years ago – and since then ….. eek.

    Stop staring at me!!!

    Maybe it is George hiding in the Jungle?

  61. I like this place. I like the good points of view put forward and I get the odd laugh or two as well. It also appears that the bulk of the contributors share my political leaning, that is, I lean to the left. I’ll drop in whenever I can.

  62. joni,

    I like it. The numbers thing was good but i’m pretty sure that Blogocracy didn’t have numbers and we would copy the time/ date ref when responding.

    I like the fact that the name of the author of the post appears at the top as well.

    And I back up all calls to ban John’s current avatar.

  63. What smiley? I can’t see it, does it appear on FF?

    Agree re bland colour theme.

    Personally, I prefer just two columns (you can fit all the stuff on the left side down the spare space on the right) like this one. But if everyone else likes the three…am happy to go along.

  64. Build it, and they will come.

  65. As usual I am in the wrong time zone compared with you young’uns. Re The smaller they are the more dangerous (present company excepted of course). Thank you joni. Sniff, sniff, I can be dangerous too.

  66. kittylitter

    have a look down the bottom of this page…. down the very very bottom in the middle… scary smiley face!

  67. Nope, still can’t see it!

    Is it somewhere near

    Blog at Theme: Digg 3 Column by WP Designer

  68. Under that kitty… the grey area.

  69. Kittylitter, you actually have to put your eyeball on the monitor to see it.

    Makes me wonder why Joni had his eyeball on the monitor to find it in the first place.

  70. LOL

    joni are you becoming paranoid about the little fella ?

  71. Nope, still can’t see it (I even put my glasses on specially), maybe it’s my screen resolution or I’m colour blind or something!

    oh, now i’ve got it, after I zoomed out a couple of times – only it’s top right about an inch away from the email address. What a to do about nothing. It’s a little cutie!

  72. Paranoid? Who said that?

  73. lol kittylitter

    Now you know why we have been ribbing joni about it.

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