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By the Walrus Watercooler..


Welcome to the beginning of another week.

This is our open thread for general discussion, gossip et cetera….

145 Responses

  1. John Mc P.

    Can you please PLEASE change that avatar?

    It’s making me nauseous.

  2. Astronomy Picture of the Day:

    In the Shadow of Saturn

  3. Eggcorn of the day:

    “We only eat here twice a year its the best!! even though its sometimes a long wait its worh it! the apitizors,ontrays and deserts are amazing.”

    An actual Restaurant Review, Lol.

  4. Apparently we won’t be inundated with Gitmo inmates for a few months, at least:

    “It is more difficult than I think a lot of people realize,” the president-elect explained. “Part of the challenge that you have is that you have a bunch of folks that have been detained, many of whom may be very dangerous who have not been put on trial or have not gone through some adjudication. And some of the evidence against them may be tainted even though it’s true. And so how to balance creating a process that adheres to rule of law, habeas corpus, basic principles of Anglo-American legal system, by doing it in a way that doesn’t result in releasing people who are intent on blowing us up.”

  5. TOSY, Indeed! Obama is human after all.

    Now if I’d been in Gitmo all these years and was innocent I would now probably be insane (can’t really take water-boarding and other cruel and unusual punishments) and I most certainly be a risk of ‘blowing others up’.

    All part of the Bush/Cheney Legacy.

  6. Now I am seeing the &hellip

    I think wordpress are playing with the templates. Hopefully it will settle down soon.

  7. Tony @ 2.

    Thanks for the link Tony. Impressive photo.

  8. NP Miglo. I’ve made it my desktop background.

  9. Tony, you don’t have an iPod by any chance do you?

    In iTunes I download some amazing short astronomical videos from NASA, Jet Propultion Laborities, or other lesser known organisations.

    It’s simply mindblowing to see what’s ‘out there’.

    When Hubble is replaced by the new super telescope, a whole new universe is going to open up for us and I can hardly wait for the impressive results.

  10. I posted this elsewhere, but it may be of interest (on a lighter note) to some B ‘O’ Crats …

    By all accounts, Heath Ledger was a pretty good actor.

    But …

    Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else think that the endless and quite hysterical hype that has accompanied his performance as The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” is a lorry load of utter bollocks?

    Sure, Ledger’s performance was a good one – dark, creepy and committed, it avoided lurching into comic book cliché and caricature – but, if one were to buy the buzz, one would think that this one performance by this one actor reinvented the art of acting in much the same way as the printing press reinvented the book.

    And that, if Ledger does not win a Golden Globe, or an Oscar, there will be blood on the streets, as a grave injustice has been inflicted upon the decent folk of the commonweal.

    What bullsh*t.

    Here’s two performances that, in my opinion at least, are lightning streaks ahead of Ledger’s Joker …

    Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs” – Levine was nominated for nothing in the role, overshadowed by Anthony Hopkins’ Lecter, yet it is his (very brave) performance that ratchets the creep factor up to 12 and keeps the tale rooted in some semblance of reality, unlike Hopkins’ fantasy super serial-killer.

    Ben Kingsley as Don Logan in “Sexy Beast” – Nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe as supporting actor.

    Won neither.

    I mean, really … F**k. Off.

    I‘d hazard a bet that Kingsley’s Logan could wipe the grin off Ledger’s Joker with naught but his little pinkie, a puff of smoke and a damp Chux …

    Any other deserving, but unrewarded performances come to mind?

  11. Miglo 9.

    Thanks for the tip. Will check it out for sure.

  12. Any other deserving, but unrewarded performances come to mind?

    Harvey Keitel in “The Bad Lieutenant”

  13. Most things by colored actors.

  14. Ross, Ted Levine, amazingly, is an underrated actor.

    He appears in the comedy sleuth show Monk (as a policeman) and he just oozes talent. From his performances in Monk it is hard to fathom that he was so creepy in Silence of the Lambs, but class actors can do that to you.

  15. deserving, but unrewarded performances:

    Juliette Lewis as Mallory in Natural Born Killers.

  16. Miglo – Levine’s one of those actors who, when they pop into view, you know you’re going to see a solid performance. A few others of that ilk who come to mind are – Daniel Fichtner, William H. Macy, Nick Searcy, Stephen Root and Gary Cole. All brilliant.

  17. I personally don’t have a problem with Heath Ledger being awarded a Golden Globe posthumously. After all, he won’t win another one.

  18. Has anyone else been following “the choir of hard knocks” on ABC tonight at 8.00pm?

    On the best shows on the box at the moment I reckon…

  19. And just sometimes there are good news stories. http://www.theage.com.au/world/farsighted-philanthropist-puts-world-in-focus-with-a-lunatics-dream-20090111-7ec3.html

    I’ll never forget the time with youngest. She was 13yrs old and no optometrist from the time that she was 5 years old could pick up on her visual difficulties. It was late evening. She stood in wonder and said, So there really is a man in the moon. Just imagine not being able to see the man in the moon.

  20. Min @ 17.

    Min, that was naughty.

  21. Miglo..being a bit of a sook, I just wish that they would cease about Heath Ledger as it gets a wee bit too sad.

  22. @ 14. Monk is a favourite of mine
    Miglo he was so funny in Galaxyquest.

  23. OMD aquanut… I just realised that Monk and the Galaxy Quest guy are the same! D’oh!

    The things you learn from the blogocrats.

  24. Aquanut & Joni,

    Yeh, Monk’s riot. My wife reckons there’s a bit of Monk in me, but I’m wondering which bit. Is it the obsessive compulsiveness, or is it the exceptional ability to apply logic?


    And forgive my ignorance (or age, or intellect), but what is Galaxy Quest?

  25. Miglo – Levine’s one of those actors who, when they pop into view, you know you’re going to see a solid performance.

    I think that about Gene Hackman, always solid but usually a supporting actor rather than a lead. Not good looking enough?

  26. 18. Is that a repeat reb?

    Monk was very good and Shalhoub is a good actor. I had a thing for his original female partner as well.

  27. Some of the best actors I’ve seen are currently playing AFL. Hardly a week goes by without seeing an Oscar performance.

    Adrian, Monk’s original partner had a bit of sex appeal without being a stunning woman.

    A bit like a female version of me.

  28. Miglo

    Galaxy Quest is a great movie that takes the Michael out of Star Trek. Well worth a look.

  29. Galaxyquest, Miglo run down the video shop and hire it. You will like it more then a bit.
    I also remember how high on the table he got when he read out three snakes names from the tank and there where only two inside.(riminded me of miglo and the man eating spider).

  30. Joni, instead of watching Star Trek in my youth I spent my time in hotels playing pool or drinking excessively, so i have to ask, who is Michael?

    Aquanut, I remember that episode with the snakes. That was only a TV show – my ordeal was real.

  31. The penny just dropped. It took the mickey out of Star Trek.


  32. Adrian @26

    Yes it is a repeat. But still enjoyable 2nd time around..

  33. True joni, Galaxy Quest is a gem.

    It is one of those rare spoofs that goes over the top without once seeming to be over the top. That is a hard act to pull off but they do it admirably.

  34. And the winner is . . . Heath ledger.

  35. gene hackman is brilliant at playing many roles.
    I have to say to dead humour of Bill murry is something i cant get enough off.

  36. Movie Review: Gran Torino

  37. Aquanut

    Carefull in saying “dead humour” with Miglo’s comment at 34.

  38. Hey Joni,
    You stopped singing george of the jungle yet.


  39. Im doing a good job holding back my opinion of Heath.

  40. I had…. but now it has started again…..

  41. my job is done..

  42. For those who are interested, here is the list of winners:

  43. “Some of the best actors I’ve seen are currently playing AFL”miglo

    You should lay off of Warren until the season at least gets underway. He hasn’t even had a chance to ponce around & humiliate you guys yet.

  44. Good grief, Health Ledger was just a young bloke and a developing actor. He was game enough to perhaps wreck his career on a chance aka Broke Back Mountain when all other actors, gay/a gay role would risked having been sent to the sin bin.

    Know of a few actors who careers went quickly down the tube once linked to anything/anyone gay?? Anyway..Ledger took the risk.

  45. Min

    Oh – absolutely his performance in Brokeback Mountain was astounding. As was Jake Gillun…. Gillend….. you know, the guy from Donnie Darko.

    He is a sad loss.

  46. @44
    Heath made some happy and entertained, thats where he did his job well.

  47. I don’t have any problems with Ledger at all, or his posthumous award. I just wish people would shut up about how he “must” and “should” win awards for an okay performance in a muddle of a movie just because he’s dead …

    … And I’m still thinking about getting a t-shirt made with a picture of his face on it and the legend – “Best. Sleeping. Pills. Ever!” ….

    Good taste. I have it. Not.

  48. Joni, I must admit that I was surprised that Ledger was only 28yrs when he died. I would have thought from Broke Back that he would have been in his mid to late 30’s. Actors often try to play younger, but not often play older.

    And yes, likewise I think that Jake (with the non pronouncable surname) is gorgeous.

    I’m just not a happy little vegemite when I see young people with so much potential, so much to offer..and now they’re gone.

  49. Ross lol nice shirt.
    awards? it falls deep into my i dont care bin.
    i just want to watch the movies

  50. My thoughts are that he was not special, just famous. Sad as it is.

    I have more sorrow for the kids whose lives are lost in conflicts and through no fault of their own all around the world.

  51. And just for joni who I have driven crazy with George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be..watch out for that tree!! Who then drove me crazy with Love love love… all you need is love. Try this one on for size…


  52. sorry min i took your job, i just had nothing else to say at the time and had a chuckle while typing it up.

  53. Aquanut..you took my job? Oh good, now you can come over and do the spuds.

  54. TB @ 43: I actually had in mind a certain forward for Essendon.

    And in defence of your team of fruit-tingles, I must admit that in the current lot there are no stage actors. Nonetheless, off-field they prance around as though they’re Holliwood stars.

  55. I spelt Hollywood wrong.

    Who will be the first to condemn me?

  56. Must choof as hubby is due home and so duty calls (as in dinner) but looking at the Rehearsal for the Inauguration, I keep getting a feeling of ‘non reality’. There this is a skinny black bloke and now he’s President of the United States of America. I never thought to see such an event in my lifetime. I don’t know how Obama will shape up, but still it’s an amazing event, and so I intend to enjoy the moment.

  57. “Nonetheless, off-field they prance around as though they’re Holliwood stars.”miglo

    Ain’t that the truth!

  58. I copied the mistake & pasted it without even noticing.

    Holliwood-schmolliwood…they’re just wealthy people who thrive off of staying in the spotlight so that the rest of us struggling ants have something (plastic) to aspire towards.

  59. Actually Holliwood was the original spelling. Anyone who criticises..Do not mess with family historians.

  60. I thank you.

    Staring at the rodent’s grinning ugly mug was beginning to give me ulcers..

  61. I can’t get rid of him reb, he’s hanging around like a bad smell

  62. John, isn’t that the same image in your avatar (but with green speedos)?

  63. Am missing something. That is, for JohnMcP I am receiving johnmcphilbin&hellip with the same avatar and so don’t have clue about what this is all about.

    Just thought to let you know that there are a few hiccups in the system.

  64. Min.

    The &hellip seems to be only with MS Internet Explorer, my one at work has it but not my mac at home.

    And John avatar was John Howard, then Turnbull and now it it Borat’s man-kini…

  65. Now that the avatar of Howard has been removed I feel more comfortable staring at the computer. God help him though, if that was really a photo of John McPh.

  66. Now I have to download Galaxy Quest to check if it is as good as you mob claim it to be.

  67. Joni, this avatar didn’t appear on my screen. Not that I think that I’m missing anything, just to let you know that there are problems re avatars.

  68. I’m with Min i saw nothing.

    It seem IE protects us from nasty, disgusting images

  69. I’m with you Min. I couldn’t work out what these guys had against Samuel L Jackson – or Jedi Knights for that matter – until exactly two minutes ago. Then I saw the alternate doppleganger. It seems JMc – despite all his protestations to the contrary – is actually a closet JWH fan. 😉

  70. Hi Jedda, hope you enjoy

  71. Please set me free from JWH I promise I’ll never do it again

  72. Damn!

  73. Everyone – I do not know how the avatars keep showing old ones, new ones, ancient one etc.

    Let me do some research and will advise what I discover.

  74. I blame the hellips.

  75. Hello aquanut, it’s downloading now. I hope it’s funny as I need cheering up after buying a broken coffee maker machine off ebay.

  76. LOL JMc. I see the mankini.

  77. Hi Jedda, You like?

  78. Howard might look better in a bikini John.

  79. Avatar test…

  80. Damn I’m even more handsome. Hope this glitch doesn’t get fixed.

  81. OK – later tonight I will be changing our template to one with three columns. Please be patient while we bed the change down. Hopefully it will resolve some of our avatar issues.

  82. Change!

  83. I’m thoughful and sweet just like Loyd, really

  84. OK. The new theme is activated. I will throw a new thread up for comments.

  85. Hmmm. I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore.

  86. Its great joni… take a little getting use too but i know i will like much better.

  87. My God. It’s Howard with tits.

  88. Jedda that ebay can be good and bad. hope you didnt loose much.

  89. Damn I’m even more handsome. Hope this glitch doesn’t get fixed.

    lol Adrian

  90. Looks like there’s only you and I left aquanut.

  91. im nearly drunk….

  92. at the moment they have a great doco on ABC1 about war

  93. Malcolm Turnbull still being irrelevant and missing the mark, and the opposition starts 2009 down in the polls yet again.

    The opposition has launched into a scathing attack on the government over the implementation of the Pacific Islander migrant worker scheme. Turnbull stated that if they can’t get the implementation of something this simple right then they can’t get anything else right either.

    Only problem for Malcolm is that the government have got it right, and Julia neatly shot him down in bringing out an industry statement stating exactly that.

    Industry are happy with the way the government is handling this matter and endorses it, which they have formally stated in writing. Surely you would have thought Malcolm would check with industry before launching into a baseless scathing attack on the government.

    Seems like 2009 is going to be the same as 2008 for the opposition for it appears they have learnt nothing from 2008 and are just continue to blunder their away ahead.

  94. Turnbull has a reputation for shooting from the hip and asking questions later.

    I’m sure there is a knack to being in Opposition. You’ve got to pick your arguments where you know you can win, or at least appear credible. Seems MT-vessel hasn’t got this knack. Perhaps he never will, though he might being undoubtedly a quick learner.

    His other problem is that time isn’t on his side. The Liberals will put him to the sword in quick order if he doesn’t “turn the polls around”. It’s been a couple of months now since he took over, and the polls haven’t budged a bit, except for his personal approval rating which, while higher than Nelson’s and rising, is ominously way below Rudd’s.

    He’s only leader by sufferance. He only just got enough votes for the job above the hapless Nelson. Plenty of Liberals (so-called) hate him for being a genuine small l social liberal. Too many more slip-ups or bad polling results and he will be shoved out of the way for a big L Liberal, perhaps Joe WorkChoices Hockey or even Abbott.

    If/when that happens the Liberals will be on a near-certain date with electoral disaster in 2010. Perhaps then they will find as leader a small l with the political instincts that MT doesn’t seem to (yet) have.

  95. Hey JMc,

    Have just seen your latest avatar. Nice.

    (Have you been working out?)

  96. Adrian @ ?

    Don’t you know by now that the opposition’s mantra is to complain, excessively, about anything the Government says or does.

    To be seen complaining, is in their shallow opinion, to be seen to be doing something.

    Fittingly, Malcolm “Don Quixote” Turnbull leads these pathetic attacks from the front.

  97. joni, on January 12th, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Oh b**ger and I missed it all. All’s fine now it seems.

  98. Malcolm Turnbull is a mould from the Merchant Banking Days. Where CEOs think they are right about everything and can take control because they are top dog and everyone under them is a “yes” man and believes everything they say.

    Problem for Malcolm is voters are not his employees and have already experienced this type of crap from the CEOs in the business they work for.

  99. Shane

    Exactly – politicians need to be reminded that they work for us, the public. Not for big business, not for unions, not for foreign governments.

    They work for us.

  100. I turn 50 tomorrow.


  101. Ross, 50 aint that bad.

    For some reason 30 bothered me though. I was telling that old man at the time that turning 30 was going to be tragic. Life would almost be over, it was all downhill from here on. Zap, pow – gone.

    He looked at me and said: “You’re worried about turning 30! I’m about to turn 70 yet I consider that the best years of my life are still ahead of me”.

    By the way, congrats for tomorrow.

    The best years of your life lay ahead of you.

  102. Shane re: Malcolm Turnbull is a mould from the Merchant Banking Days. I would have thought that the spelling should have been mold. From good old Wikipedia: Mold spores can be asexual (the products of mitosis) or sexual (the products of meiosis); many species can produce both types. Some can remain airborne indefinitely, and many are able to survive extremes of temperature and pressure.

    I believe that MT will be very difficult to remove.

  103. Ross. Half a century knocked over and now only another half century to go. Very big congratulations!

  104. Min @ 9.34am

    Believe me Min I debated which spelling of mould to use at the time 🙂

  105. 50 is great Ross, really. A whole new world opens up, new social opportunities and often a different attitude (to you and from you).

    Turning 50 was great for me, and I could join Ulysses as a senior member.

  106. Thanks heaps Adrian for the reminder. And hubby and I now qualify for retirement village accommodation for the over 55’s.

  107. What’s Ulysses?

  108. Just reading Bush’s last speech as President..couldn’t help himself…very subtle…sigh…

    “You go to Africa, you ask Africans about America’s generosity and compassion…

    “I just can’t envision myself, you know, with the big straw hat and a Hawaiian shirt…

    And of course the incoming President has an African father, African grannie who is to attend the inauguration but the incoming President was also born in Hawaii.

  109. No wonder Bush and Howard got on so well. They’re both impervious to reality, wrapped in a bubble of their own self-importance and relevance and while the rest of the world are screaming at them to just f**k off and die, they interpret it as a cheer squad of devoted fans.

    Yeah, George, why don’t you tell people to go to New Orleans and ask about the fine old way you handled that? Useless dickhead.

  110. Ross, the creepy thing is that both Bush and Howard know/knew exactly what they were doing but via their (cough, cough) strength of character thought that they could get away with it.

  111. Mungo is always worth a read..this time he’s at the SMH. As usual many quotable quotes.


  112. The day John Howard came up with “Core and Non Core Promises” was the day that Inegrity, Decency, Honesty and Truth went out of his administration.

    To be replaced by Spin, Inuendo, Accusations, Thuggery, Memory Loss, Inability of Recollection and down right underhanded tactics on many occasions

  113. Min @ 12.38

    Great article and exactly what I would have said to the letter. I have been saying this for ages, maybe now some people will take notice.

  114. Min, on January 13th, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Good reading between the lines there. Trust a hardline conservative to do a bit of dog whistling, even as he’s practically being wheeled out of the joint. It’s a wonder he didn’t try to work in some crack about the White House while he was at it … but I guess he wouldn’t have had the wit to work one out.

  115. And you can always catch up with Mungo via the Byron/Tweed Echo.

    Latest offering is at:


  116. I haven’t been too active here recently. Posting via the mobile is not particularly efficient. One of our friends here has already pointed out that my comments aren’t sufficiently rabid. I’ll try to correct this soon.

    I’ve followed, but not contributed to, the discussion about those contributors that have opted out of continuing to participate.

    This is a mixed blessing in one sense, but only one.

    I stopped participating in on the Blogocracy site for a while – I got annoyed with the editing that Tim Dunlop applied (in particular) to one of my posts. I’d gone to the trouble of retyping a brief newspaper article that was not available on the net, but He insisted that I provide a link.

    I did resume posting though, I pointed out that it was unfair to deprive people of my opinion. Much of the moderation at Blogocracy was unnecessary, and this site is proof of that.

    If people enjoy participating in a blog, they participate. When they stop enjoying it, they should stop. Withdrawing it a fit of pique shouldn’t last long. That would be a silly, self inflicted wound.

  117. “unfair to deprive people of my opinion” – oh dear!

    As they say in the trenches “INCOMING!”

    But seriously Tom – we do like having you here.

  118. I support was joni says. I also like having Tom drop in on us now and again.

    He is a bit of a paradox: annoying but likeable.

  119. Had to laugh at this story, but then had to wonder – how did her parents not notice she was spending that much time texting?


  120. Huh..she was in her bedroom doing her homework. The solution is $20 cards..when it’s gone, it’s gone.

  121. “Huh..she was in her bedroom doing her homework”

    No-one spends that much time in their bedroom doing homework. At an average of 1 message every 3 minutes there is no way the parents shouldn’t have noticed.

    “The solution is $20 cards..when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

    Luckily for the parents she was on an unlimited text plan so the financial hit is minimal.

  122. My kids spent hours in their bedrooms doing their homework, either that or they were texting their friends.

    I am certain having made the headlines that this child’s mobile will be confiscated. Either that or they can afford the bill.

  123. “My kids spent hours in their bedrooms doing their homework, either that or they were texting their friends.”

    At the rate that girl was texting she would have had to spend almost her whole life in her bedroom. I believe they have now restricted her use a bit. Still can’t see how they wouldn’t have noticed her spending that much time texting. She had to be texting almost every second she was awake.

  124. Huh have you ever been the father/mother of a 14 year old girl. Yes, they can easily spend all of their waking hours in their bedrooms. It seems that this young lass was/is a very quick typist.

  125. Min

    At least the parents got a paper bill to see exactly what the child did. Telstra simply sends you a bill for an amount and says pay up with no breakdown of calls at all.

    How on earth the government can allow a company to charge for something without detailing uasge is a disgrace.

  126. Shane. Our bills from Telstra are all itemised and on paper. Eg: STD calls were $19.89. Calls direct to mobiles (with all the mobile number noted) was $83.95. And then a HUGE LIST all originating from hubby’s mobile. Hubby has been chastised.

  127. “Huh have you ever been the father/mother of a 14 year old girl”

    ah, yes, an attempt at the ‘you’ve don’t have kids, so what would you know’ superiority of the parent set.

    No I don’t have a daughter Min. I have however, lived in a household with a teenager for the past 6 years. In fact this year she is doing her HSC and so spends quite a lot of time in her bedroom.

    If she were spending that much time texting her friends there is no way in the world that her father or I would not notice.

  128. Sorry Huh. I should have put a little smiley face after that comment. I didn’t mean to be rude.

    A very long time ago my cousin said re teenage girls: They go into their bedrooms when they’re 13 to re-emerge when they’re 16. And when they do emerge, you wish that they hadn’t.

    My crew (eldest to youngest) Degree in Marine Science [Coastal Management] – Leading Seaman RAN – and youngest with only 1 year to go for her PhD in Molecular Bioscience, on a scholarship at UQ.

    They have all done some odd things, run up bills eg downloading movies [eeek].

  129. Min( Nice picture).
    Marine science is where i will end up also
    I like the fact more and more people are entering this field, theres a new world to learn about down there.

  130. “A very long time ago my cousin said re teenage girls: They go into their bedrooms when they’re 13 to re-emerge when they’re 16. And when they do emerge, you wish that they hadn’t. ”

    I’ve heard that one before but I think it was in reference to boys. We luckily never had the problem. She is a good girl with her head screwed on the right way. For which I claim a very, very small part of the credit 🙂

    “Sorry Huh.”

    It’s OK Min. But I do get a bit annoyed with parents who think that because you are single and childless that it automatically means you have no idea about any aspect of child raising. Even if I didn’t live with a teenager I have always had quite a lot to do with my siblings and their kids and probably know as much if not more than some parents.

    I’m still amazed that the parents didn’t notice simply because that number of texts involves quite a lot of time when you think she must have also been receiving and reading messages. She must have almost been glued to the thing. I have visions of her as she walks down the street, sits in lessons, has dinner, goes to the movies or shopping, talking with her friends (as she is simultaneously texting them, of course) all the while eyes down as her thumb works madly away.

  131. I was going to say that in my youth I spent a lot of time thumbing alone – but thought better than to drag down the thread.


  132. Aquanut (likewise nice pic). Eldest is into the little squishy things in tidal pools [as in these indicate the health of this environment], however she is also a surfer.

    Hubby’s claim to fame is that he shot himself in the knee spear fishing at Bell’s beach. How he shot himself he is yet to explain…but it’s something like, well there was this fish and I…

    Anyway the barb got stuck side to side, and it was a rough old drive in the back of the ute to the hospital in Colac.

  133. Huh..you’re not single and childless. You live in a household with a teenage child.

    My opinion is that it’s nothing to do with being a biological parent, but all to do with caring.

    I don’t think that just because a person has contributed certain biological cells that this is what equates with being a parent.

  134. MIn

    My telstra bill is local calls so much, std calls so much, rental so much, total, pay up now. No itemised numbers at all and I know of many who are getting the same.

  135. “Huh..you’re not single and childless. You live in a household with a teenage child”

    Um, sorry but I AM. I don’t consider living in a household with a teenager as being a parent as I only perform some parental functions eg I may enforce the rules she is expected to live by but I don’t make them.

    “I don’t think that just because a person has contributed certain biological cells that this is what equates with being a parent.”

    Neither do I. Which is why I get annoyed with the ‘you don’t have kids, what would you know’ putdown. Not being a parent (biological or otherwise) does not automatically mean that you are totally ignorant about raising kids.

  136. You got me wondering about your Telstra bill Shane. I get pages & pages of details of all calls & texts – both in paper form and in downloadable .xls form online. Have a look at the Bill Choices page on the Telstra website. You can have whatever style of bill you prefer.

    I can also view details of calls which will appear on my next bill – very useful to see how close to the cap daughter is getting on her mobile

  137. The URL on that previous post should be https://telstra.com/myaccount/billingchoices.jsp

  138. Joni,

    I’m almost beside myself about the 20/20 match (on at 7:30 for those who’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days) . Warner is a freak! (I’ll be pacing the floor if we don’t bat first.)

  139. Oh well, we’re bowling. At least we get to watch the speed machine Tait.

  140. In all seriousness, to anyone who wouldn’t normally watch the cricket: Australia is about to bat at the Gabba. Just watch this guy Warner who will bat first. He is something special!

  141. Yay we have crisscross out.

  142. Warner: out for seven. The South Africans have worked him out already. Oh well. Ponting’s in next.

  143. “Warner: out for seven.”

    LOL, Tony , and after you’d been spruiking how brilliant he was. Get the feeling you jinxed him?

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