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Top Five – Cartoons

daffyduck1Growing up I watched a lot of cartoons – a lot. In the hunter we only really had two channels, NBN and ABC, and I seem to remember that most cartoons I watched were on the ABC (but I may be mistaken).

I think we stood restrict this list to your top five cartoons up to when you left school.

My top five:

5. The Chattanooga Cats – incorporating the cats, Around the world in 79 days, It’s the Wolf (with the marvellous Paul Lynde), and my favourite AutoCat and MotorMouse

4. Top Cat – loosely based on Sgt Bilko

3. Banana Splits – not strictly a cartoon but it did have The Arabian Nights and The Three Musketeers in it. And I bet you are now singing “One banana, two bananas…”

2. Roadrunner and Coyote – actually all of the Warner Bros cartoons directed by Chuck Jones, Fitz Freling, Tex Avery, etc. Love them all and still laugh at them. My physics teacher at school (Mr Hazzard – great teacher) used to get us to watch episodes and list the broken rules of physics as homework.

1. Daffy Duck – the undisputed top of the list. Manic. My hero! I have to make an exception to number 2 and give Daffy his own spot.



84 Responses

  1. 1. He-man
    2. Shazzam
    3. Bird man
    4. Phoenix (the plane turns into a flaming bird)
    Lucky to remember the first four.

  2. Cool idea for a thread…

    I looove the irreverant depravity of SouthPark & its unashamed attacking of all sacred cows. Top of the pile! easy choice.

    Have always had a thing for The Simpsons but don’t watch it a lot anymore, there’s usually at least one offbeat comedic swipe in each episode. Futurama can also be amusing.

    Dethklok is awesome, especially for those who have a bit of interest in brutal music (virtually noone, hehe) to begin with.

    I liked that sick cartoon from SBS with Ling-Ling, Captain Freedom, Zander, Spanky Ham etc….don’t recall the name but it was kinda a parody on the Big Brother House.

    I’m not sure if this qualifies because it’s really more of a comic than a cartoon(?) but I grew up on Footrot Flats.

  3. I reckon that’s G-Force your thinking of Hexxx, with the Phoenix.
    I watched it a lot in me youth.

    I also watched He-Man,LOL, & even had a cat named BattleCat, rofl.

  4. I still have all of son’s He-Man characters..fingers slightly chewed (theirs), plus his Transformers characters. And the little cars that you put into the ‘fridge and they change color.

  5. Yep, I watched Transformers too!

  6. G-force is it i just couldnt place the name. Footrot flats was awsome but i only had the comics never saw the cartoon.
    Joni cant go wrong with Daffy and Roadrunner i never get sick of those type of cartoons.

  7. “He-Man characters..fingers slightly chewed (theirs), plus his Transformers characters”min

    My brother & I used to decapitate all of our many StarWars figures & swap their heads around. I’m not entirely sure why but I remember that it was great fun at the time.

  8. South Park and The Simpsons are banned from this thread unless you are still at school. 😛

  9. Top 5 Cartoons:

    Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Fantasia)
    Thumper in Bambi – If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nuff’in at all.
    George, George, George of the jungle strong as he can be..splat, watch out for that tree (on the radio)
    Chicken Man (he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere)
    And…Rocky and Bullwinkle and their friends.

  10. joni@8

    Oops! I didn’t read the post properly eh?!

    Well that pretty much eliminates everything on my list above, sigh.

  11. Exactly Toiletboss… all your choices have just been flushed. hehe

    Back to the (cartoon) drawing board.

  12. I still have all of son’s He-Man characters.

    I wish i kept all mine. Also speaking of He-man my brusies have nearly gone and shoulder/neck is back in full use.

  13. # George George George of the Jungle #

    Thanks very much, min, now I cannot get it out of my head.

  14. What happened to Foghorn Leghorn. He epotimises the mindset of our former Government, and in particular the Rodent.

  15. Nooo Dave, Foghorn Leghorn was feisty..old rodent wouldn’t have been the least bit interested in Miss Prissy.

    The closest that I can think of is Elmer Fudd.

  16. But Elmer Fudd did his own dirty work. Howard relied on others to do it for him…

    Maybe Mr Magoo crossed with Sgt Schulz… “I see nothing”

  17. Speaking of not quite cartoons. Does anyone remember How Green was my Cactus on the radio. Found it at http://www.cactus.com.au/

  18. Min

    In the original Cactus, I love Paul Bearer saying to Hawke “Coming corkhead”… and how Hayseed would start Hawke in the morning like a lawnmower…

    I see that the link is a new version. Gonna have a look now.

  19. Joni..maybe Colonel Klink. Sgt. Shultz was at least a sympathetic character who got along with the troops. Col Klink was an incompetant upstart.

  20. These are the cartoons I can recall, in no particular order:

    WB cartoons packaged into the Bugs Bunny Show ( and before TV at the local theatre)
    Disney animations. Didn’t go much for Mickey M or Donald D but the Feature lenght stuff was brilliant. Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations etc Later the Lion King (arguably the best real animated feature ever)
    Hanna and Barberra stuff. Huckleberry Hound Show (Yogi bear and Boo Boo), The Flintstones (spin off from The Honeymooners),
    The Jetsons, Top Cat and probably others.

    Rather than the best five cartoons I’ll nominate my best five characters:
    1 Benny the ball (Top Cat)
    2 Boo Boo (Yogi Bear)
    3 Tasmanian Devil (WB Looney Tunes)
    4. Hardy ha ha (where did that come from?)
    5 Dino (the Flinstones – what a lovable dinosaur)

  21. Miglo’s avatar is especially large today.

  22. LOL @ 21…. took me a few seconds to work it out.

  23. TB @ 21: Miglo’s avatar is especially large today.

    So’s my ego. Daffy is scoring well.

    My fave is Looney Tunes (especially Daffy) and anything else comes a distant second. I’ve liked a few other along the way, such as Roger Ramjet and Basil Brush (does he qualify?) but only Looney Tunes passes the test of time.

    The best cartoon episode would have to be Daffy Duck when he played Robin Hood.

    Daffy, what a guy.

  24. 24. Miglo…My fave is Looney Tunes

    I think my recurring dream is one of the looney tunes that we watched as kids.

    I really can’t remember the name of the cartoon character, but I know i am sick with a fever or something because i have a recurring dream of something like a ‘whirling dervish’ chasing me, this thing is so fast, it’s just a whirpool blur and it travels over everything, electricity wires & poles, houses – just running it’s faster than any other mode of transport.

    In my dream the dervish is forever chasing me and I am a few steps ahead but forever running, can’t get away, it never catches me, but it is all very tiring!

    That’s how I know I’m really not well!

    What was that cartoon character? (and it really is one, not just my ‘sick’ mind)

  25. I’ve just looked at

    20. handyrab’s list

    I think that my dream is

    3 Tasmanian Devil (WB Looney Tunes)

    Scarey critters in real life too!

  26. Slightly off topic:

    When my son was little, about 6 or so, there was a movie which was supposedly for kids and we allowed firstborn – child to stay over a friends house and watch it.

    Well he’s had night terrors ever since!

    Still has ‘nightmare dreams’ and he’s 28yo.

    Bloody ‘Gremlins’.

  27. KittyL..I don’t blame him, those Gremlins were very spooky.

    My spookiest (according to my Mum) were those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

  28. “Scarey critters in real life too!”KL

    Terribly endangered critters from what I understand, being pushed towards extinction by that horrific face-melting virus.

  29. Twas American Werewolf in London that put the horrors into my brother, he’s never quite gotten over it.
    For me I think it was Strawberry Shortcake…

  30. May i suggest that one Sunday we have a Five Scariest Experiences or thereabouts.

    I can’t wait to see what harmless, insignificant, futile little episodes of life scared the bejezus out of Toiletboss.

    The guy is a whimp.

  31. LOL, ’twasn’t my eightlegged friends, that be sure.

  32. Is a “w(H)imp” a greater or lesser coward than a wimp?

  33. On the topic of cartoons, I always found Superman’s other ego of Bizzaro a bit creepy.

  34. TB my 8-legged terror was real. Your terrors are imagined.

  35. He’s a Weak interacting massive particle? Physicists have been looking for him for years!

  36. Joni @ 36: He’s a Weak interacting massive particle? Physicists have been looking for him for years!

    Brings to mind another Sunday Top 5 suggestion: Most confusing posts ever submitted.

  37. Not in order nor the full list, just what has popped into my head:

    – Bugs Bunny (just couldn’t get enough)
    – Simpsons
    – George of the Jungle (original)
    – Astro Boy – original and remake (and Marine Boy but not as good as Astro)
    – The Flintstones and Jetsons equally (we could do a topic on getting the hots for cartoon females and whether Wilma is better than Betty is better than Jane etc.
    – Scooby Doo – the original series
    – Superfriends – original serices
    – Mighty Mouse
    – Beetlejuice

    …but if I do have a favourite then Spiderman would be up there. The first cartoon that wasn’t sugary and the hero was full of self doubts and insecurities.

    Astro would be right up there as well. Never got into Simba the White lion of the same era.

  38. Umm joni..and to whom are you addressing this comment..me about Bizarro or ToiletB about Strawberry Shortcake? S’pose it all holds true. Or have I missed something???

  39. Weak interacting massive particle = WIMP

  40. Thanks Kitty… at least someone knows that I am not loony (tunes).

  41. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Astroboy, ta Adrian…now having flashbacks.

  42. I know, toiletboss, the cartoons being mentioned keep triggering childhood memories.

  43. Don’t get me started about Spiderman or you will have me doing deep sighs about Toby McGuire. I think that the 1st movie did a good job of indicating as you say Adrian, the self doubt and the insecurities.

    Superman was out to save the world (a big smug about being a superior entity) – likewise Batman (a bit of a James Bond clone but with an even better car).

    Another favorite of mine was Sylvester the Talking Sock. I hesitate to mention the lyrics for fear of sending joni off into another ‘can’t get it out of my head’ episode.

    You take 3 buttons and you sew them on sock, Let’s ask a question what have we got. We’ve got Sylvester, Sylvester the talking sock.

  44. Astroboy was a ledgend but that reminds me of who started my life in the water(not a cartoon) atlantis i think the guy with webbed fingers and brethed underwater.

  45. If comic book cartoon characters count then you just can’t go past the awesome work of Vincent Locke & his “DeadWorld”.


    I know, I know…I’m a sick, sick puppy.

  46. Astro Boy was a Japanese anime series (or manga – not sure of the distinction). A couple of others of this type from the same era – mid 60s – were Prince Planet and Kimba the White Lion.

  47. Min

    No idea about Sylvester the Sock!

  48. Not Marine Boy aquanut?

    Yeah Astro was something special, the first of the popular Japanese anime, but it was damn good. The remake didn’t seem to do as well but I liked it just as much as it fleshed out the characters more.

  49. Aquanut..my kids are all water-babies..especially the eldest and #2. A bucket of water or a puddle and there they would be. All of my crew could swim by the time that they were 3 years old. Eldest has a degree in Coastal Management and surfs most days, #2 is in the Navy, is a surfer and fisherman. Youngest..well..she is doing Morris Dancing.

  50. Parliament House – Canberra
    Parliament House – Sydney
    The United Nations
    Parliament House – Victoria

    The above places have provided me with endless entertainment; laughs, pathos, bathos, baboonery…the widest possible range of behaviours.

  51. Although I haven’t indulged myself for a while I’m quite a talented illustrator, or so I’m lead to believe. This is why I like Locke’s work, it is similar to the twisted drawings from my own imagination, neither of us are interested in drawing “nice” stuff…& yes, this goes back to well before I left school.
    I’ve drawn a bit of album art & some pictures that acquaintances have had permanently engraved into their living skin.

    I don’t give it too much consideration these days or I start to wonder why I’m wasting my creative self in a boring production job…$$$ is the only rationalisation I can come up with.

  52. My top favs:

    1. Tintin (of course)
    2. Topcat
    3. Ren & Stimpy (although they’re more recent)
    4. Roger Mellie – the man on the telly (Viz magazine)
    5. Living with Adam (definitely adult – the gay Oxford Street comic strip).

  53. Very basically;
    Anime = animation so TV cartoons or movies
    Manga = comic books or fantasy illustration

    There can be some crossover.

  54. Would love to have the opportunity to see some of your work ToiletB. Any chance of this?

    If it’s any consolation eldest had strips torn for doing ‘nice stuff’..as in Gould pen and ink drawings. She was rated a very low mark for her art work as a result, even though it was brilliant..however, not trendy enough. Eldest just loves nature..every feather, every tiny scrap of bark. But as art? Not acceptable.

  55. There are some great examples of anime & manga, but the ones I’m thinking of are definitely adult & post school age.

  56. The one thing I really enjoyed about Top Cat was all those New York Bronx accents, and poor old Officer Dibble always being conned by the cats.

    Can anyone remember all their names? All I can remember is Benny, TC (of course) and Officer Dibble.

    The person who remembers the most names might win a fantastic C&W CD!!!!!

  57. Reb does this ‘remembers’ thing mean minus Googling? And just from one’s memory?

  58. 1. Warner Bros cartoons 1952-1962, while they were still largely aimed at adults in theatres as an entree to the main feature (there was so much cross-pollination, you’ve got to consider them a single entity)
    (* Pipe full of fun kit No 7, * Dragons is sooooooo stupid!, * Where’s the kaboom? There should have been an earth shattering kaboom!)

    2. Rocky and Bullwinkle family, including (and again, really a single entity)
    * Fractured fairy tales
    * Mr Peabody

    And, on behalf of my daughter when SHE was at school… (and I loved them too)
    3. Angry Beavers
    4. Fairly OddParents
    5. Rocko’s Modern Life

  59. This is why I like Locke’s work, it is similar to the twisted drawings from my own imagination, neither of us are interested in drawing “nice” stuff…& yes, this goes back to well before I left school.

    Sounds a lot like my son – I blame the gremlins and his night terrors! I would sometimes look over his artistic doodling, and it would give me the creeps – wondered what on earth is going on inside that head!

    Firstborn always liked comics, has collected a certain type for years, can’t remember which it is. The artwork really is great, there is blood and gore and half naked girls plus half human, half animal characters, they are gory.

    Me? I’m more Mad and Beano!

  60. The person who remembers the most names might win a fantastic C&W CD!!!!!

    I wimpishly withdraw myself from the competition for fear of winning.

  61. “Would love to have the opportunity to see some of your work ToiletB. Any chance of this? ”

    Would have to make an effort to round some up, most of it’s with other people currently. I suppose I could hunt down one of my mates in Adelaide & flay his back, hehe.

    I find little time for something that I should really devote myself to. These days, earning a crust & time spent with the youngster takes precedence.

    If I can track down something suitably inoffensive (& make no mistake, most of it is not for the squeamish…if you’ve ever seen a Cannibal Corpse album cover you’ll know what I mean) then I’ll try & get it up in the future.

  62. “The artwork really is great, there is blood and gore and half naked girls plus half human, half animal characters, they are gory.”KL

    A kindred spirit then! Don’t worry about what’s going on in his head, an active imagination is not evidence of debauchery. I’d be one of the most passive people you could come across, I just don’t like the “safe” bubblegum universe of butterflies & lollipops that convention splashes around.
    Perhaps he is similar?

  63. I just don’t like the “safe” bubblegum universe of butterflies & lollipops that convention splashes around.(TB).

    You forgot to add fruit tingles.

  64. “Firstborn always liked comics, has collected a certain type for years, can’t remember which it is”KL

    Sounds a lot like the “Heavy Metal” series…nothing to do with the music BTW. I reckon it’s rated R though & in a plastic covered sleeve agent. Definitely fits the criteria.


  65. One of my all time favourites is Bugs Bunny, featuring Colonel Shuffle and his trusty dog, Belvedere.

    ‘Oh Belvedere, come here boy’! Almost pathetic, but so funny.

  66. Perhaps he is similar?

    That’s him for sure tb, hates the suagar and nice and mass commercialism. He’s a lover not a fighter and taste in film – vampire, horror and sci-fi. The comics (he doesn’t collect anymore I believe), are stored in my garage, Image brand and similar, with names like Spawn and Pitt, Darkness etc.

  67. Min thats cute id like to have my own kids one day to teach them the life of the water starting in puddles.

    Adrian your right i ment marine boy not astro boy.

  68. …featuring Colonel Shuffle and his trusty dog, Belvedere.

    All time favourite dog – muttley from wacky races, i can still hear his dastardly laugh.

  69. Thanks KittyL, I forgot about Muttley. He was a gem – had a bit of a cult following at school. Will never forget that laugh.

    Also like the dog who always gets into fights with Foghorn Leghorn. And of course the bulldog who always fights Sylvester.

  70. # George George George of the Jungle,
    Watch out for that tree #

  71. Oh yes, and George of the Jungle, of course.

  72. OK – Top 5 is hard but I’ll give it a go with a lot of highly rated ones:
    1. Cities of Gold (based on Incan lost city of Gold)
    2. Astroboy
    3. Robotech
    4. Roadrunner
    5. Transformers

    List of other good cartoons: Danger Mouse, Banana Man (done by the Goodies team!), Inspector Gadget (poor, poor Penny and Brain, all the work and none of the credit), Flintstones, Tin Tin, Sylvester and Tweety, The Jetsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Although these next ones came after I left school (or at least I got into them after school), I think they also deserve a mention:
    The Simpsons (possibly the greatest Comedy and Cartoon ever created), Angry Beavers, Pinky and the Brain, South Park and Happy Tree Friends.

    Joni, There is probably a thread on favourite Simpsons episodes alone I reckon.

  73. D55

    That’s a great idea for a thread…

  74. This thread has brought back much to enjoy and think about. Now all i need is lollies.

  75. aquanut ..

    except you only get about 3 lollies now in a 20c mixed bag 😦

  76. 10 in a $2 bag and they look like they have been sucked on already. they dont taste like they use to either, not much dose.

    Umm, Barbera is in my head with” memories, from the corner of”
    it hurts.

  77. Dave55: Two redskins for a penny/cent when we went decimal. And we didn’t have a TV until I went to school, so my toddler years were deprived.

    I’m struck by the similarities of Flintstones/Simpsons. Are there any other examples of close mappings between generations?

  78. Working on a top five but one of my favourites was from the Looney Tunes lineup.

    It was the three bears where Pa is quite short and even shorter on the temper. The mother is the ditsy mum and wife and the son is huge and clumsy.

    The poor father is always the one that loses out to any of his pranks and the wife always says ” BUUUT HEEENNNRYYY”.

  79. And “Drawn Together” tonight on SBS at 9.00pm is a kick ass cartoon show.

    I reckon Toilet Boss would enjoy that one!

  80. Reb@80

    “Drawn Together”…that’s the one I was trying to remember the name of in my initial post!
    Supercool…I love it. They really set out to offend at times.

  81. Did anyone ever watch “the googs” clay figure family living in the iceage.

  82. 81.

    It’s on in less than half an hour.

  83. i watched “the googs” with great interrest . they were great. now i can’t find those not even with google. such a shame. if someone finds out a link were we can get them ,please tell.

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