Six lessons for bruised investors: Bogle

“There’s one thing we learn from history and that’s people don’t learn from history” says Warren Buffett.

Another investment legend well known for his practical wisdom as far as markets go is a man I’ve quoted on a few occasions ,  John Bogle, and although I don’t follow his investment approach personally his honesty and integrity, in my opinion, are well worth noting and it gives some food for thought.   Also, the concept of investing in a low cost index fund when markets are at record lows is something I’ve mentioned as a sensible option for investing in the market long-term for people who have little knowledge in how to invest safely in individual shares..

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You can’t say “God doesn’t Exist”

A sight you won’t be seeing in Australia any time soon


Author Richard Dawkins, who wrote The God Delusion, lends his support as the London bus atheism advertising campaign is launched. Photo: Reuters

Following on from the Labor Government’s recent splurge of some $140+ million of Australian taxpayers’ money to host the Catholic Church’s visit by the Pope in Sydney last year, it comes as some surprise that a group of individuals who wish to promote an atheist perspective – through a privately (ie non-government) funded advertising campaign have had their proposal rejected.

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Friday Frolyks in the weekend wonderland – where you been?

As Kevin has just posted, the former member for Bennelong is creating a furour in Washington and Rudd is accused of being overseas too much, so we thought we’d pose a question for the blogocrats – where have you been?

I have been to 44 countries – more if you count the ones in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.  And out of that count I have actually worked and lived in 12 of them, which I think is quite impressive for someone so young and optimistic. 😛 And what have I learnt with all that travel – that everyone is the same.

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Bush’s mate Howard back in Washington

A cross post with Voices without Votes:

The upcoming inauguration has taken an Aussie turn. Barack Obama’s displacement from Blair House was caused by former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who is to receive the US Medal of Freedom from his mate George W. Bush.

U.S. bloggers were outraged apparently. Australian bloggers were just as vocal.

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Kevin Rennie