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Midweek Mayhem, the first for 2009!

Welcome to our first Midweek Mayhem thread for 2009!

I would like to start off this year by thanking everyone (on behalf of me and joni) for all your contributions since the blog began. Can you believe it’s been over a year now?

As many of you know, Blogocrats came about after the demise of Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy site over at news limited.  Me and joni threw our heads together and with joni’s IT knowledge and my encouragement from the sidelines “Blogocrats” was born.

To be honest, we didn’t really know what we were creating. We had no mandate, no goals or objectives and no idea where we were heading or what we were going to end up with. A bit like the Liberal party really.

So it’s really been the involvement and participation of everyone that has made Blogocrats what it is today.

From our humble beginnings, we now have on average about 2000 visitors today, with approximately 10% of visitors leaving comments.  While it would be great to have more visitors leaving comments, this is still a great achievement that we can all be proud of.

Along the way, we have also come in for some criticism.  Some have accused us of not being “balanced” while more recently there has been concern about offensive and/or sexist comments being made. While some of these comments may be made in jest, it is important to consider that what one person thinks is “a joke” another may find highly-offensive. 

Therefore I would like our “policy” or at least “our philosophy” to be moving forward – “if in doubt, leave it out”.

Also,  me and joni are not “moderators” of the blog. Your posts are automatically published. Which I think offers a better experience for us all. The downside is that the occasional offensive comment can get published unchecked.

Therefore it is up to all of us to monitor comments, and report anything that you feel is offensive directly to me and joni, and if it is appropriate I can assure you that we will act.

Turning to the issue of “balance,” we never set out to be a “balanced” web site. We simply provide a forum for everyone to share their views, and post topics for discussion which may or may not be inherently balanced in nature. It’s then up to the rest of us to discuss and debate the issues. Which is what make’s it all interesting.

So now I would like to hand the forum over to you.

Maybe you might like to suggest what you would like to see happening here this year, areas that we might be able to improve upon, or any other ideas you may have.

Lastly, a reminder that Blogocrats doesn’t belong to me and joni. It belongs to all of us.  Anyone can post a topic for discussion and we invite you to do so.  You need only send us an email.

So let’s make a conscientious effort this year to make Blogocrats a place of welcome for everyone, from all walks of life, with all our differing views and opinions, and a place where we can all grow and learn from each other.  

Reb (and joni).


139 Responses

  1. reb,

    I am glad that you guys set up the Blogocrats – great stuff. Of course it means I get less done than I should but at least I learn stuff (and hopefully contribute a bit occaisionally as well).

    One minor point, what do you mean by 1 year already? The first post was only at the end of September 2008? Of course if it means we can have a virtual clink to celebrate an aniversary, I’m happy to go with the flow 😉

  2. And just before we move on, I was actually very troubled last night by the comments on Pinky… we are trying our best to keep this a pleasant place to come and exchange ideas, and reb and I have to wear two hats – moderators and commentors.

    And as reb says, in future if anyone has any issues – raise it to us and we will act.

    Now – is anyone else in Sydney heading out this weekend for the start of the festival? The boyf and I are going to see Grace Jones in the Domain as any good gay bois should do. hehe.

    Oh – and my innertubes at home are still deflated and the withdrawal is making me as grumpy as a [fill in your own blanks].

  3. Nothing to add right now, except a vote of thanks to you reb and joni for being so generous (wasteful? :-))with your time and effort .

  4. joni
    And just before we move on, I was actually very troubled last night by the comments on Pinky…

    So was I and I think most of the people commenting there were as well… which made me realise it is also a sign of a good little community that feels comfortable expressing a little dissatisfaction rather than just moving on with no explanation (or at least I hope that is what it is).

    Anyway, take heart from the fact that a lot of us still enjoy posting here and honing up our debating skills and challenging our own way of thinking. This is what I liked about Blogocracy comparred to most other blogs and I still feel the same about the Blogocrats.

  5. From our humble beginnings, we now have on average about 2000 visitors today, with approximately 10% of visitors leaving comments.

    Just out of curiosity Reb, is that 2000 unique – individual – visitors, or 2000 total visits by a somewhat smaller group, some of whom are making multiple visits?

  6. D55

    I think you might (I hope) be right, that the blogocrats do actually care about the environment/atmosphere here – where we can have robust arguments without it getting nasty. And I guess that line is sometimes hard to ascertain.

    I guess we just need to continue to grow and learn. Just like life.

    oh – and the Jaapies are effectively five-for…. gonna head somewhere to watch the start of play after lunch.

  7. Tony

    The stats are actually individual unique hits on a page per day (based on the IP address). So if you go to three pages here tens times each today, that is still only three hits.

    And I do know that the readership is much more widespread than just the usual suspects. Quite a few other blogs have links to us.

  8. Dave 55.

    I blame the drugs.

    But the sound of a “one year celebration” sounds like a nice idea eh?

    I’m just a bit premature.

    (and that’s not an invitation for a smart comeback)

  9. Then those figures sound very impressive indeed, particularly for such a young forum.

  10. Tony

    And the visits of reb, kevin, John Mc and TB do not count either… as we are registered as authors on the blog.

  11. This cockroach wants to send a message to Miglo…

    “Veteran Warren Tredrea trained well and looked fit – as well as stylish, wearing a heart monitor akin to a bikini top.”

    Yesterday, at the link, they actually had a lovely picture of Warren in his nice red bikini top; unfortunately it ain’t there today.
    FFS migs, when are they gonna put Warren down?! or out to pasture at least?


  12. OECD wary of deposit guarantees: Bishop

    Bishop attacks the Government over their handling of the bank Guarantee based on an OECD report and guess what …[tumble weeds blow past] …

    What’s more, she doesn’t even get the point of the OECD report which warns about exit strategies rather than the guarantees themself. Bishop somehow sees the Libs support of a capped Guarantee (but no arrticulated exit strategy) as somehow being exempt from the OECD criticism. Seriously – JB has to be turfed from the Shadow treasurer role, not only does she not get it, but no one listens to her anyway. At least Turnbull had the sense to keep his mounth shut on this one.

  13. The stupidest ideas Bishop presents are the ones she comes up with herself.

  14. Dave @12

    LOL. Thanks for that link. I love this little quip:

    “It did it in panic and it caused chaos.”

    “Chaos?” What chaos? Are there rivers of blood somewhere that I haven’t noticed?

  15. Bishop attacks..I just wish that the bl***y church would keep their noses out.

  16. Congratulations Blogocrats. Reb and Joni you are to be congratulated and thanked for your efforts and continuing efforts, without you guys this site would not exist.

    I have not been on much lately and this is solely due to my current workload and absolutly nothing to do with opinions or posts. Just lack of time.

    While I may disagree at times and become disillusioned I am here for the long haul as I think this place and site is great and can only get better.

    I have never sworn or abused anybody, however if anyone has taken offence to any of my comments then I apologise unreservedly.

    I agree the immediate posting of responses far outweighs the possibility of unacceptable content.

    We are adults and as such should know what would and would not be acceptable responses. just because someone else swears and abuses people does not make it ok for anyone else. Times may have changed but that is no reason to throw manners or respect out the window as well.

    Afterall we may all be poor and heading toward unemployment, but at least we can do it with some manners 🙂

  17. Apologies Dave55, just couldn’t resist it. As predicted last year, JB is a goner. After all there can only be one member for Rich People.

    She is but a mere dust bunny compared with Gillard.

  18. reb

    I wanted to post this yesterday but there wasn’t an obvious thread for it. I saw the release of the report and was waiting to see what the Coalition did in response to it and then along comes JB – the gift that just keeps on giving 😉

    Chaos?” What chaos? Are there rivers of blood somewhere that I haven’t noticed?

    I assume they mean the freezing of managed funds but other than Mal and Jules’ comments about it, I haven’t heard anything in the media – certainly doesn’t sound like chaos to me. Does anyone know whether they are still frozen (other than the BT one that Westpac froze last week)?

  19. Min
    LOL I didn’t even pick up on it! I was going to add FFS at the end of my comment @ 12 but resisted the urge. It is appropriate in this case though – as is yours!

    And yep, she is a goner – the tumble weeds response in the broader media (other than dutifully reporting her comments) is a bad sign for her.

  20. Sorry for monopolising the thread a bit but I just received an email about a conference which must contain one of the wankiest titles ever:

    NSW Minerals Council Occupational Health & Safety Conference
    “Fighting Fit – Building your Health Wealth”

    “Building your Health Wealth” – What the … (shows restraint …)

    The conference is actually pretty good but why do they have to have slogans like this which devalue the message.

  21. Hello Tolietboss.

    I saw that photo and was slightly embarrassed. Nonetheless, he might just have one more year left in him. It’s worth a chance.

    Players can not be judged on attire alone.

  22. Dave,

    maybe a more appropriate title in the current environment might have been “Maintaining a pulse”

  23. reb,

    I like it!

    But don’t look at it too pesimistically – even in unemplotyment reaches 10%, it still means 9 in 10 people have jobs.

    Seriously though, The biggest problem in industry (mining and other) is that when things get tough, safety concerns tend to get shunted to a side if it means reducing overheads. Same for the environment.

  24. I like this one courtesy of the Union for Fabulously Wealthy Rich Doctors with North Shore Practices.

    Medicare crackdown puts privacy at risk at http://news.smh.com.au/national/medicare-crackdown-puts-privacy-at-risk-20090107-7bk0.html

    Quote: Doctors say a plan to crack down on supposed Medicare fraud will expose private information about their patients to government officials.

    Oh really?

  25. Dave55..hence the concern about WorkChoices..sites not subject to safety inspection. Plus of course no officials allowed in even when there has been a fatality onsite without 24 hours notice. Thankfully Gillard has more or less rectified this one.

  26. Min,

    Yep, there was a lot not to like about WC.

  27. “His method of entry is to smash through walls and squeeze through tight holes”

    You don’t say?


  28. reb @ 28


  29. How many days is it to go now? Giving due regard to time zones, 12 days. GWB needs as much PR as possible (too little, too late), and obviously JWH doesn’t care if he looks completely ridiculous by accepting an award not worth thruppence halfpenny.

  30. Ross, I should have added. This is a disgusting display from GWB..trying in his own addled way to make a point.

    Howard said about Obama (Ref: archives SMH) ..I think that will just encourage those who want to completely destabilise and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for an Obama victory,” Mr Howard told the Nine Network.

    Dis..bloody..gusting that an outgoing president should treat the newly elected president of the US this way.

    It is obviously going to be interpreted as because Obama and the new First Family are colored.

  31. 28.

    The owner of the adult shop, who wished to be named only as Vogue, said that in a first unreported break-in, the man had stolen five dolls and had sex with one of them…He has left DNA evidence at the crime scene.


    /blokey theme

  32. George and John both want a last chance to smash through walls and squeeze through some tight holes together …

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww …

    Someone needs a sponge bath!

  33. It’s all a wee bit pathetic isn’t it Ross…a medal for Howard…

    I must admit that I find the Obama comeback one of the most blood stiring reads, if only because no Australian journalist would have had the guts to put into words a critique of Howard anything similar to what Obama said (aka get stuffed you wee tiny dweeb). Loved every moment of it.

    Must now choof as have promised hubby boeuf bourguignon.

  34. Ooooo – I might do a mushroom stroganoff! What a great idea min!!!!

    I know it’s not the same but it prompted my thoughts.


  35. So when is this rodent going to take up American citizenship. It’s the first place he went when we kicked him out and he seems to have spent more time there than here ever since.

    He wanted to make Australia a mini-America (except the gun laws). Since he loves the place so much, and he’s been rejected here – WTF is he waiting for?

  36. “WTF is he waiting for?”

    For another republican Bush he can be ‘best mates’ with?

  37. Joni..wave, wave. Stroganoff is good, just add more mushrooms, replace red wine for white/plus sour cream and serve with fettuccine instead of smashed spud.

  38. YumYum!

    Will report on the food in the morning.

  39. Caney..maybe Bush has promised free holidays at the ranch. I find the whole thing a complete embarrassment. That is, it’s embarrassing for Australia that this wretched event is making headlines world wide that Howard has decided that he is more important than the incoming First Family, wife and kids.

  40. I hear that Bush is also going to give Mother Theresa the same award.

    What planet do these people live on?

  41. Just saw a piece on ABC news for The Sydney Festival.

    Looks like a great line-up this year with the Blue Bunny. He looks a hoot.

  42. Happy new year folks! Pls b advd m on mobile internet 4 now so msgs may b few n sms like. Hope u r all well. Bth kids adjusting well. More l8r.

  43. Happy new year Lekhni!

    Good to hear from you…We shall await future updates!


  44. 😀 NY Lek. 8) 2 cu bak

  45. Joni @ 2

    Grace Jones? Is she still alive?

    They’ll probably wheel her on stage in the iron lung.

    She was a legend (once). I used to have her Nightclubbing album.

    Then she went bankrupt and dissapeared off the face of the Earth.

    Maybe she’s doing the RSL circuit now…

  46. In regards to Grace Jones, I suspect that her abuse of alcohol contributed significantly to her financial demise.

    Apparently she used to bathe in champagne, with each bath costing a cool $50K. If I spent $50k a night on booze I certainly wouldn’t bathe in it. Revel in it, yes. Bathe in it, no.

    Imagine taking a bath in 1998 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, sitting there with a long straw.

  47. I’ve been away and missed a lot of Blogocrats. This Hexx fellow looks a lot like Aquanut. Has he stolen his identity? Is there any suspician of foul play?

    I need to know.

  48. lol Miglo,
    I updated my computer and now i have my old nickname back.
    I’ll figure it out sooner or later how to get my other nick back.

    Welcome back.

  49. Thanks Hexx. Glad to know you’re safe.

  50. I thought I’d show my happy face for 10 seconds before I go to sleep. Thank Goddess for happy threads:)

  51. Keeps with the apparent mascot of this blog.

    Octopuses give eight thumbs up for high-def TV

    It also seems Octopi are bright but have no personality, so I gather that means they would be a dull date.

  52. Miglo

    Imagine taking a bath in 1998 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, sitting there with a long straw.

    It’s so bloody intense and heavy with tanins at the moment that your mouth would probably pucker up ufter the first couple of mouthfuls. In another 10 years maybe … Now the ’76 Grange on the other hand …

  53. From SMH:

    Two porn moguls, including Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt, are seeking a $US5 billion ($A7 billion) bailout from Washington, arguing that the limp US economy has thrown cold water on the adult entertainment industry.

    Why not indeed!

  54. Adrian @ 52.

    Thank you. That link confirms my long held view that Octupi can make perfect TV viewing companions, providing of course, that it’s high-def, they are very discerning after all.

    Now, if only we could get them to open and pour a nice shiraz and light a half corona?

    It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch since they’re already known to rifle through fridges for food etc..

  55. “Imagine taking a bath in 1998 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, sitting there with a long straw”

    or being at the other end of the drain pipe when the plug is pulled..!

  56. Thanks Dave55. I realised after I’d hit the submit button that the 1998 vintage would be far too young.

    I’ll take your advice and leave my two cases for a decade or so.

  57. I’ll take your advice and leave my two cases for a decade or so.


    I could be wrong – If you’ve got two cases, I’d open one now and see how it’s going. I haven’t tasted it for a couple of years now but it was basically undrinkable then and I couldn’t see it opening up before about 2012. Use the 389 as a guage. The 98 for it is approachable at last now so maybe the Grange would be as well.

    If you’ve got any of the 99 Grange, it can be drunk. I had it at the same tasting as the 98 and it is a much more elegant and was almost approachable when I had it. Even though I know that the 98 will be a better wine than the 99, the 99 Grange remains the best wine that I have ever tried. I still think it is overpriced comparred to Balmoral, RWT and St Henri though.

  58. Sorry – should have added 😉 after BASTARD!! above to indicate my jealousy (and non-serious nature of the insult) – 2 cases – really? BASTARD!! 😉

  59. 55. reb

    Opening a Shiraz should not be a problem as Octopi can already open jars and remove stoppers from containers. There are many vids on the net of them doing this.

  60. “And just before we move on, I was actually very troubled last night by the comments on Pinky…”

    2. joni | January 7, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Damn, Damn, Damn, (with apologies to Min)

    Did I miss somethin’ yesterday just because my boss expects me to meet certain deadlines or he wont pay me…………

    Who or What is “Pinky” ?

    Bugger the Boss………..I must pay more attention to this Blog..!

  61. IATW

    Have a look at the discussion in the Pretty in Pink thread and you should be able to follow what has happened.

    Damn bosses – that’s why I am lucky that I am in Sydney and he is in Singapore. I sit in an office here with a co-worker and we have no bosses. Bliss.

  62. Parents of ecstasy death woman Rosanne Bebendorf call for sniffer dogs in clubs

    Yes – it’s all the club owner’s fault for non-preventing their daughter from buying an e? what if she bought it into the club herself – it’s not as if buying it on location is compulsory or anything.

    While this is a tragedy for the family and the girl, she took the drugs knowing that it was 1. illegal, and 2, potentially dangerous. Her risk, her error, no fault of the club. FFS, when will people start accepting responsibility for their own actions.

  63. “Have a look at the discussion in the Pretty in Pink thread and you should be able to follow what has happened…..”

    62. joni | January 8, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Yeh I did……………..and still not that much the wiser for it……….but maybe after reading too many of Piers’ and Bolt’s comments over the years I find nothing really all that offensive anymore.

    Something similar to “Stockholm Syndrome” I suppose….?

  64. Something similar to “Stockholm Syndrome” I suppose….?
    Don’t tell me you’ve become sympathetic( to (or even understand) Bolt’s and Pier’s views IATW? I wouldn’t wish that on anybody – not even a Dragons supporter 😉

  65. Dave55, I was only teasing about having two cases of 1998 Grange. I knew it would make you squirm.

    Have some 1998 Bin 389 though. Should be ripe in a year or two.

  66. I thought a couple of cases was pretty good considering, like me, your just a lowly paid public servant 😦

    I’ve got some 98 389 as well – looking forward to trying it. I have 98 RWT and 707 (from when I was in the private secor and better paid) as well but no grange from that vintage. Looking forward to crancking them open in a few years – just have to find the right occaision.

    Got a bit of 96 stuff as well (St Henri, 389, and 1 Grange). Looking forward to that even more.

  67. You lot can bag on about your 389 and bloody grange et cetera until the cows come home.

    You’re just jealous of me an my chamomile tea!

  68. You’re just jealous of me an my chamomile tea!

    Nah – I’ll stick with the reds!

    BTW, I must have missed the thread where you went into detox mode, one minute you are cracking open a bottle of shiraz to wash down the last bolttle of shiraz and then next thing – chamomile F’n tea – why man why?

  69. Dave @ ’69’

    It’s a long story..

    Let’s just say that when it comes to red wine, ‘moderation’ has never been my strong point.

    So rather than popping the cork on a nice red (or two) after work I’ve relegated myself to drinking litres of fricken chamomile tea!

    It’s not quite the same, as you may well imagine.

    Mind you, I must say it’s a nice change to actually “wake up” in the morning rather than just “come to”

  70. I have contemplated doing the same (but not Chamomile tea – ugh) in the past for say a month or so. Problem is I can’t seem to find a month where I don’t have something on that I’d like to have a drink at 😉 Also, a friend of mine went sans alcohol for a month to win a bet – it ruined her – she used to be fun!!

    Maybe in March I’ll give it a shot, I don’t think I have anything much on then …

  71. Public servant hey Dave55. Are you in Canberra?

  72. “it ruined her – she used to be fun”

    This is my fear also.

    My life used to be full of so much fun – endless parties, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, rock concerts, partying like there was no tomorrow.

    All of these things have since fallen by the wayside with age, with alcohol now the last vice on the list.

    However, if I start asking fellow bloggers whether you’ve “accepted jesus christ as your lord and saviour?” Please…PLEASE just shoot me!

  73. You’re just jealous of me an my chamomile tea! (reb).

    If i wasn’t jealous before, I certainly am now.

  74. Miglo @ 72

    Nah, State government and based in the Hunter.

  75. D55 – I miss the land of Maits…sigh

  76. Do you mean Maitlands?

    Isn’t that place just home to mass murderers and bushfires these days?

  77. joni @ 76

    Really? Why?

    Actually, I don’t mind Maitland. I enjoyed it while I lived there a couple of years ago but prefer living in Newcastle – commuting is annoying but its still better than living in Sydney.

  78. My home town – have not really been there for over 12 months. sigh.

    I need a big night out at the Clubhouse.


  79. reb,

    Bushfires? more famous for it’s floods.

    The jail is closed now and is a tourist attraction with guided tours by former inmates!

  80. joni

    Ah the Clubby … was a regular there when I lived up here. You could usually find me propping up the pool table until about 12 on Friday nights and then the alcohol usually got the better of me.

  81. I started there when I was a mere lad of 16 (with the Blacks).

  82. 2. joni | January 7, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Damn, Damn, Damn, (with apologies to Min)

    That’s ok IATW I’ll just come over to wash your mouth out with soap and water. Plays havoc with the taste of ale and a nice white..however blends well with merlot.

  83. Re Grange…we had 3 bottles of Grange ’77 purchased in ’82 but had to sell them a number of years ago when times got tough

  84. Reb @73. Please don’t worry, you’ve got heaps more vices.

  85. Min,

    Collingwood supporters and Grange! Does not comprehend. I tend to associate Collinwood supporters with beer or flagons of cheap plonk. Perhaps the classier ones might progress upwards to Mateus.

  86. 83. Min | January 8, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    How the Hell did you know that I absolutely hate merlot……………….it is a horrible grape best served
    as straight out hemlock………………….Bloody Hell a decent alchemist would not be able to save THAT wretched grape………….which reminds me of……..

    “The pellet with the poison’s in the chalice from the palace. The flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true.

    —Panama, Norman and Frank, Melvin”

  87. Min,

    I hope you got to try at least one before selling it. It wasn’t a great vintage the 77, unlike the 76 which is one of the all time greats and consistantly rated one of the best wines ever made by Robert Parker Jnr (I want his job). If I could bring myself to pay the $5-600 for a bottle, I’d tell you what it’s like; too steep for me though 😦

    The ’83 is rated as another great vintage but I tried it 2 years ago and don’t rate it. There is no balance between the oak and fruit, even after 25 years, and I can’t see it ever happening.

  88. IATW

    There are a couple of good Aussie ones but you can probably count them (including vintages) on 2 hands. Goes well with Cabernet though!

  89. I would not be able to know whether it is a great red or a fantastic red. I get to the level of Mt Edelstone and am quite happy and content. Then again – a cheap red is always welcome.

  90. Hang on, I think that it was ’76…come to think of it, yes ’76 as it was the year before our eldest was born. I remember hubby saying it was v* expensive and a present from J’s best mate who was our best man at our wedding. About $900 a bottle these day I believe.

    And noo, I didn’t get to taste it. I had better quit the subject because if I mention it to hubby he will get into a stink-o because of having to sell it.

  91. min

    no mushroom stroganoff last night 😦 got out of here too late and we just had some local Thai for dinner.

  92. May I offer up the relative merits of Mitchellton Peppertree Shiraz to the forum for discussion?

    Not all of us can afford grange or 389 for that matter as a bloody quaffer!

    And as for my detox. If the pyschological strain all becomes too overwhelming, I may have to resort to the old adage…

    “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”

  93. joni

    IMO, it’s not worth going much beyond Mt Edelstone, diminishing returns and all that. Mt. Ed is a great drop at any rate. I’ve never had Hill of Grace to compare though …

    To me, it’s got nothing to do with price and everything to do with taste. There are some great wines I’ve drunk which cost me less that $10 and sometimes they are even better than the real expensive ones because you know you got them for a steal and don’t feel bad about forking out big bucks. There is a lot of stuff that I just can’t drink though (and a couple I have even refuced to cook with). Most wedding and conference wine falls into this category and it was with great surprise that the last wedding I went to the red wine was an absolute craker (Hope Estate Shiraz which I had never heard of at the time) – of course I was driving on that acccaision so couldn’t really enjoy it 😦

  94. reb,

    All my 389 was bought on special at $20 a bottle or less – I can’t afford it as a quaffer either. Haven’t had the Mitchelton Shiraz for ages, will have to give it a try.

    Taylors wines are always pretty good value as well, esp when on special.

  95. Moderator mode: less wine-ing, more union bashing please

  96. joni, re having some local Thai for dinner, did he also pack up and wash the dishes? Or was he the menu?

  97. Taylors wines? Pffft! Disgusting. all of them.

    I’ve been quaffing back Dog Ridge Shiraz at $15 (half price from at 9/11) a bottle from McLaren Vale. Tis bloody beautiful!!

  98. min

    LOL – I was expecting something like that from reb…


  99. joni @ 96.

    The union-bashing is the other thread, ya goose!

  100. joni at 96

    But even Tom of Melb is struggling to bash them at the moment, so how are use Union Huggers supposed to do it?

  101. Seems that I beat reb to it ;-)) For once on a blue moon….

  102. (joni shakes his head and grumbles like mutley)


    just trying to get everyone to stop wine-ing (again).

    And this weekend’s top five thread will be “Top Five Cartoons From Your Childhood”.

  103. Indeed you did Min, very quick off the heels this afternoon, I must say.

    I’m contemplating a Chinese takeaway for dinner this evening.

    I wonder if he’ll be partial to chamomile tea?

  104. Joni @ 103

    Number one for me has to be “Top Cat”

    and “The whacky races”

    Damn, better wait until Sunday…

    You shouldn’t have spoiled the surprise..!

  105. Joni @ 103

    Thanks for the heads up – will have to think about this…

    When does ‘childhood’ stop though? I love the simpsons but it might be a stretch to say that I started watching it in my childhood – same for Pinky and the Brain and Happy Tree Friends. If I have to rule them out, I’ll have to put my thinking cap on…

  106. and who can forget Spinner and Paddlefoot.

    It had THE WORST animation ever. Their faces stood perfectly still while their mouths were like a molten blog of red plastic that just morphed around.

    It was complete crap. But I still watched it.

  107. Save it all for Sunday boys and girls…. it will be a great thread.

  108. oh dear,

    The Yanks don’t approve of the rodent’s accommodation in the US:

    “The affair has caused a minor stir in the US.”

    “The Washington Post is running a story with photos of Blair House and John Howard below the headline: “119 rooms, 70,000 square feet and one lucky Australian”.

    Washington talk radio show Bill Press has also expressed his astonishment.

    “I have to say with all due respect to our friends in Australia that I think our future leader far outranks, or should far outrank your former leader,” he said.

    “I think it’s an insult to the American people. I think it’s an insult to Barack Obama and I think it is George Bush just paying off one of his old pals.

    “There are a lot of hotels in Washington that John Howard can go rent a hotel room. Rent a Holiday Inn, rent a Hilton inn. Get a room at the Hilton inn. Sleep in the park. But to put him in the Blair House over Barack Obama I just think is outrageous.”


  109. Taylors wines? Pffft! Disgusting. all of them. (reb).

    Would you believe my last name is Taylor? True.

    PS – Min – I ask for forgiveness over my savage attack on the drinking habits of Collingwood supporters. Hope you weren’t offended. It’s part of a joke here at work where one of our directors is a Pies fan and he’s famous for being a miser when it comes to his shout.

  110. How dare the septics disrespect our former member for Bennelong…. that is our job here at the blogocrats.

  111. Adrian

    Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have stated that the legitimate government of palestinian authority is the PNA under Abbas in the West Bank and Hamas is not the government of the palestinians.

    These are fewllow muslim countries, so who do you want Israel to recognise ?

  112. Chamomile tea is excellent reb. A mild sedative and excellent for the innards. I am certain that Chinese is an excellent choice, being well renown for their splendid tea. As long as he is takeaway, as live-in are known to become somewhat difficult.

  113. No offence intended Miglo.

    But if some has been taken, too bad.

  114. “as live-in are known to become somewhat difficult.”

    Tell me about it. Try 15 years….

    People don’t go to jail for that long.

    I wonder if that means if I strangled him I could get a suspended sentence?

  115. Spinner and paddlefoot..good grief..I had almost forgotten about Clutch Cargo, and doesn’t that one have other connotations these days.

    But then I remember Superman on the radio when he said Up, Up and Away much later George, George of the Jungle (strong as he can be)..likewise on the radio. We used to spend Saturday mornings in bed listening to George, but that’s another story.

  116. Ahh, Clutch Cargo where everything stood still except for the mouths, where it looked like everyone had on lipstick. But did I enjoy it.

  117. Min:

    “Chamomile tea is excellent reb. A mild sedative and excellent for the innards”

    Indeed it is Min. I’ve been buying “the good stuff” from this naturopath and making it extra strong.

    By 10.00pm I’m a basket case.

  118. Joni


    Seppo’s has gotta be my favorite bit of derivative slang. American’s always shake their head in wonder I explain to them why we call them “seppo’s”. Yank – rhymes with septic tank – shorten that to seppo! It makes no sense when you think about it but at the same time …

    (No offence intended Sparta, it’s simply a term of endearment these days 🙂 )

  119. 140,000 fast approaching.

    What ya got planned for 200,000?

  120. Reb, most of their wines are absolute quaffers. I won’t even go near them. In fact, they bring shame to my good name.

    As a piece of trivia, in England the South Aus Taylor’s wines are sold under the Wakefield label, so not to confuse with the Taylor’s from Portugal.

  121. And then there was “George the Curious Monkey” on the radio.

    Every week, it was “George was curious about this, George was curious about that”.

    I just wanted to strangle the ***t.

  122. Adrian @120.

    Given the conversation today. Maybe we just all go and get pissed!

  123. Not familiar with Taylors Jaraman shiraz?

  124. I would love to join you reb but Sparta would accuse me of being an alcoholic.

  125. Reb..by 10pm, just choof off to bed. Bed is good, bed is comfy.

    I don’t know about natural healing but a bloke cured my son of chronic asthma. Son contracted bronchiolitis at age 6 weeks, later diagnosed as a chronic asthmatic..on a nebuiliser 3 times a day with intal, ventolin and quibron.

    I took a punt and went to the naturopath who worked in tandem with the family gp. At age 12 years son some how was cured of something that they said that he would never grow out of. It was hard work, sticking to diets etc. What prompted me to take action was that son started having a hypo reaction to ventolin.

  126. Tom, the Jaraman shiraz is a superb wine, which escaped me at the time of my last post.

    Again I find myself agreeing with you.

  127. Miglo,
    I know you don’t like your whites but the white label reisling is always excellent value (as evidence by the fact yuou can hardly ever get it) and the Cab in good vintages is pretty good as well. The rest are so-so.

    The St Andrews Range is excellent although they should be at that price.

  128. Dave,

    Haven’t tried the St Andrews, price being the deterrant. The cab sav can be OK, it being the only half decent drop on the wine list at the local golf club. Not worth the 30 bucks I pay for it, but you should see the other crap they sell.

    Still, it goes nice with a bad meal and a half corona.

  129. And speaking meals..am doing beer battered (battered as in batter, not as in inflicting bodily harm) barra tonight..hope that hubby won’t notice that one of his stubbies has gone missing. All for a good cause.

  130. Beer battered barra. How to make a man drool.

  131. Miglo, you are welcome any time for a Min bbq and seafood platter. But it’s probably wise to byo or else you will have to put up with my taste in wine (it all tastes like vinegar to me).

  132. “Two porn moguls, including Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt, are seeking a $US5 billion ($A7 billion) bailout from Washington…..,”

    54. joni | January 8, 2009 at 9:35 am

    They both clearly misread all of the headlines of “Washington Rescues Banking Industry” as….. “Washington Rescues Bonking Industry”

  133. IATW

    LOL – very good… I am amazed that more of the blogocrats are not interested in this move. Then again, if it was the American Cephalopod Industry it might have caused more excitement. 😛

  134. or “Washington Rescues W@nking Industry”

  135. reb… their motto could be “Lend a Hand”.

  136. I am just settling down to a Jaraman shiraz… and very nice it is too!

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    And can everyone just chill and play nicely – I am getting very upset with all the playing the person and not the threads.

    Roger Waters is singing about “locked doors” and “throwing away keys” and I am drifting in and out of the eclipse. DSOM in 5.1 is just bliss – so please don’t ruin my evening.

  137. I am now onto Pet Sounds in 5.1.

    More bliss.

  138. Stop talking about wine joni!!

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