Midweek Mayhem, the first for 2009!

Welcome to our first Midweek Mayhem thread for 2009!

I would like to start off this year by thanking everyone (on behalf of me and joni) for all your contributions since the blog began. Can you believe it’s been over a year now?

As many of you know, Blogocrats came about after the demise of Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy site over at news limited.  Me and joni threw our heads together and with joni’s IT knowledge and my encouragement from the sidelines “Blogocrats” was born.

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Myth Busting: Australia’s Economic Superheroes.

Recently whilst browsing through a local bookshop I came across a title that caught my attention, probably because it had a cartoon of Peter Costello dressed in a tight fitting super-hero costume. Its title was also very catchy Ozonomics: Inside the Myth of Australia’s Economic Superheroes.

The Author Andrew Charlton is an economist  and his thesis seems to describe an ongoing debate here at Blogocrats.  Last year in an opinion piece published by SMH Charlton asserts:

In Australia the battle for the title of “better economic manager” has become one of competing narratives. Howard and Peter Costello, backlit by the conspicuous boom, have an obvious advantage over the Labor story which is unflatteringly silhouetted against the recession they presided over.

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Truth in War

Shimon Peres:

Do you know why so many Palestinian children are killed and no Israeli children are killed? We take care of our children.


A missile launcher and a number of anti tank missiles were discovered hidden in a Palestinian school yard in Sajalya, northern Gaza Strip, during an IDF operation against terror threats. The IDF force returned fire at an armed Palestinian gunman who opened fire at the soldiers and identified hitting him.

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