Slumdog Millionaire: It is written

Posted by Kevin Rennie

The first two thirds of this film are enthralling. The lives of three Muslim Mumbai orphans are both stirring and disturbing. Slumdog Millionaire follows the brothers Jamal and Salim, and their friend Latika, a girl of their age, as they struggle to survive amongst absolute poverty and cruel exploitation.

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Pretty in Pink

From SMH:

A team of Ecuadoran and Italian researchers has discovered a unique species of pink land iguanas living on the Galapagos Islands.

At least they are just lizards, imagine what excitement it would have cause to the blogocrats (well, some of us anyway) if it was an octopus?


Govt Deceives Public Over Pulp Mill “Approval”

Yesterday, it was reported in The Australian that the Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett announced new conditions for the Gunns pulp mill project – effectively withholding final approval for a vital environmental impact management plan.

Gunns has until March 2011 to complete detailed hydrodynamic studies to prove that 64,000 tonnes of effluent to be released daily into Bass Strait will not harm marine life.

This means that final approval for the EIMP will not occur for at least a further 26 months. Continue reading

Garrett’s Gunns Decision

There is still a lot of detail to be discovered in the decision of Peter Garrett yesterday. Adrian just listened to a story on ABC where it appears that the decision to go ahead with building the plant was all down to Turnbull.

This is what Adrian posted over at the watercooler:

OK I just heard the interview with Peter Garrett and the route he has taken makes a lot more sense.

If Peter is to be believed, and there is no reason not to believe him as this is easily checked, then the process of Requirement Modules was setup by Malcolm Turnbull and legally must be followed through. The modules approved so far has meant that there has been nothing but lack of finance stopping Gunns from having started building the mill from February 2008, so Garrett hasn’t approved construction, the module process implemented by Turnbull has.

Garrett within legal grounds has asked Gunns to undertake stricter environmental impact studies on the remaining three modules, which Garrett has not approved. It is up to Gunns to make the decision to go ahead without the approval for the final three modules, and as Garrett said in the interview if Gunns does do that then they must be absolutely certain they can meet the strict environmental conditions imposed on them.

Can we bring all of the discussion over to this thread?


Update: I have closed this thread to comment as reb is currently getting a more detailed thread up.