Keim on Gitmo, and torture timelines

Stephen Keim, the barrister for Dr Haneef, has written an article in The Australian that some blogocrats are referring to in other threads, and I thought that it warranted it’s own thread.

The policy of the Bush administration was to place its captives in a legal black hole.

To achieve this, on February 7, 2002, President George W. Bush declared that detainees at Guantanamo had no rights under the Geneva Conventions.

Another step involved the approval by former Bush defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld of interrogation techniques that threw out the old rules and allowed cruel and degrading treatment tantamount to torture.

A third step in this process involved Bush’s order, dated November 13, 2001, to the effect that any non-American citizens captured by US forces would be subject to trial by military commission.

I get some of my information on Gitmo and torture from American Torture, and a few weeks ago they detailed the timeline for the approval of “enhanced interrorgation” and how a recent US Senate report has proven that the “enhanced interrorgation” started before the legal processed was approved – which could lead Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney in some deep water.

But when it comes to the question of prosecuting Rumsfeld and others for the crime of torture, it’s generally accepted (by the mainstream media and cable punditry) that the Bush Administration has created sufficient legal cover for themselves, and that we will have to look to international intervention, under the concept of universal jurisdiction, to prosecute these individuals.

But even by their own pathetic lights, the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld troika and their assistants failed to protect themselves, as their rush to cover their tracks came TWO MONTHS TOO LATE.

And last week we had Turnbull with all the authority of Cartman in his police uniform on South Park demanding that the government reverse a non-existent policy to take in some Gitmo detainees.

The closure of Gitmo is going to be very revealing, I think some dirty secrets will be revealed – but what about the other “black sites”? Will they be closed? And will the US end the process of “extraordinary rendition”?


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  1. I mentioned on another thread, why the rush by George Bush to offload detainees onto other countries? Obama has made an iron clad committment to close the place down, so surely GWB should be only too happy to let Obama sort out the whole sorry mess.

    The only thing that comes to mind is that GWB is very concerned that the detainees might end up in the US of A – fear of litigation? Fear of soiling his already very tarnished reputation viz torture? Fear that the detainees will all end up on late night talk shows (see above re the GWB legacy plus his own opinion of himself).

    Re the latter part of the above statement..from the SMH.–it-was-bushed/2009/01/04/1231003841497.html “Iraq burned, New Orleans flooded, and Bush remained oblivious to each and every pratfall on his watch. Americans essentially stopped listening to him after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, but he still doesn’t grasp the finality of their defection.”….”The man who emerges is a narcissist with no self-awareness whatsoever..”.

  2. Gitmo should be left open(without occupants off course) to remind us of how little was known about human rights and how stupid power can make us when/while correcting(occupying) another countries ethics(stealing oil).

    While Bush remains uncharged for his crimes American politics to me is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The last thing politics has to do with is its people.

    Min you just opened up a new area for me to think about. Others thoughts are often treasure when it comes to figuring things out.

  3. Bush won’t be charged with anything just like our former PM and his band of rapscallions!

    There is one system for the people and another for politicians…until it is addressed by a leader of conviction it will remain the same.

    What other vocation would a person get effectively sacked because he flicked up and be rewarded with a nice little package for the rest of his life provided by the people that sacked him???

    Sheer madness in my opinion!

  4. Hello least Bush won’t get his wish to go down in history at the President who defeated terrorism..Mission not Accomplished.

    If Bush is ever charged with anything, it will take another 2 decades and then it will depend upon what happens next.

    I keep imagining..what if..what if all the US resources had been sent against the Taliban instead of Bush’s Boy’s Own Adventure to Iraq?

    How many Iraqi’s would be alive today..would the Taliban now be defeated. Would the Afghanis now have a sustainable economy rather than the opium poppy (purchased by whom?).

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