Protest for Palestine (Sydney)

This afternoon, the boyf and myself went to the rally in support of the population in Gaza who are now in the 8th day of airborne attacks from the IDF, which has now turned into a ground assault.

The rally went past the Egyptian Consulate where chants against Mubarak were heard. So everyone realises that it is not just the Israelis that need to act – the Egyptians also need to act.

Of course, there was the (somewhat) militant fringe to the protest, but overall it was a peaceful protest – where the chants stayed polite, if passionate. The organisers tried to keep the protest to being one of respect and to be in support of the people of Gaza. I estimated that there was a couple of thousand people in attendance.

One poignant moment was when a mobile phone call was taken from someone in Gaza – the whole crowd just went silent as they tried to hear the voice as it was broadcast through the PA system.

Here is a quick youtube clip that I made of the rally.


Top Five – Non-fiction books

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As Dave55 has pointed out, I promised a top five thread on non-fiction books.

My top five:

  1. The Big Bang – Simon Singh
  2. The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk
  3. The Minds Eye – Hofstadter and Dennet
  4. Voltaire’s Bastards – John Raulston Saul
  5. The Pythons – The Pythons

Some that did not make my top five: all of Bill Bryson, Godel, Escher, Bach (Hofstadter), The Code Book (Singh)

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