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Sorry to be in moderator mode, but can everyone please ensure that any comments that you make that are direct quotes from another site are correctly attributed. I understand that sometimes linking is a bit difficult, but please try to indicate where you have taken your comments from. 

We are not all auditioning for politics, where they all seem to enjoy plagiarism. 😛



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  1. Anything that just sounds like abject nonsense can generally be attributed to me.

  2. What reb said, anything that sounds like abject nonsense can be attributed to him. 😉

  3. Adrian

    Ya beat me to it!

  4. You know, You didn’t all have to agree so swiftly and enthusiastically!!!

  5. I’m still trying to work out his post on the Internet thread…

  6. Anything that just sounds like abject nonsense can generally be attributed to me. (Reb).

    So the rumours are true. You really ARE Neil of Sydney.

  7. Miglo@6 BINGO! Brilliant pick-up Migs. I always had my suspicions.

  8. Congrats Joni. This is an ethics thread.

    Maybe we should create a category that addresses the subject of ethics and conduct as a sideline.

    I think it’s a great way to explore shared values that helps define what we stand for and against generally.

  9. John

    It is accidentally an ethics thread, it is just that I hate when people lift stuff from other sites without attribute. It is good to see the context of what the other site is saying. Additionally it is interesting to look into some of the links that are used to see the real story – such as Stephen’s comment on the level of aid that Palestinian gets, and how the World Bank article actually says that Israel is responsible for some of the poverty because of the blockade of Gaza – but the site he quoted from omits that fact.

  10. I’ll put up my hand and state I have sometimes of being guilty of deliberately lifting sections out of context that support my argument, but I will add the proviso that I nearly always (have been remiss occasionally) include the link to the source so people can see the full context.

    Sometimes you see something that so fully supports what you are attempting to convey you want to use it, but on further reading find there are ifs and buts that weaken what at first you thought was substantive and apt.

    So now you face the dilemma of either not using it at all (which I often do) or using it but linking to the full piece or using it and also using the ifs and buts.

  11. Damn stuffed up the cut and paste again. You know what I mean.

  12. Miglo @6.

    “So the rumours are true. You really ARE Neil of Sydney.”

    That hurt!

    I know that I generally talk a load of garbage, make ill-informed, gross generalisations, in a completely unrelated and quite frankly useless manner by way of contributing to the blog.

    But to accuse me of being Neil of Sydney? I’d have to triple my efforts tenfold!

    Hmmm “triple my efforts tenfold”. Does that actually make any sense?

  13. Made sense to me…thirty it is.

  14. joni, just a small correction if I may…it’s Stephan not Stephen.

    Perhaps I should have used a standalone paragraph when I lifted that info about aid to Palestine. I thought my use of quotes indicated that it wasn’t my own assessment of the situation regarding aid to Palestine. On the subject of aid to Palestine, a dated article from 2004 indicates that aid has been flowing into Palestine since 1993. I’m prepared to accept the fact that aid to Palestine was flowing earlier than that. I’m also prepared to accept the fact that huge aid has found its way to Israel. Believe it or not Parramatta does receive TV and radio broadcasts and we also have newspapers delivered out our way.

    Damage to buildings and infrastructure is a concomitant with a lethal bombing campaign so is it surprising that aid to Palestine is a result of that bombing? No. Given the blockade it’s also unsurprising that poverty exists in Palestine. Must we delve into the minutiae of the current hostilities or can we extrapolate and interpolate?

    Here’s the article I mentioned earlier (and yes, Israel has received aid since its creation):

    LEAD: Koizumi promises continued support to Palestinians
    Japan Policy & Politics, Feb 17, 2004

    Since April 1993, Japan has provided more than $674 million to help Palestinians, according to Japanese officials. The amount per year stood between $51 million and $89 million through fiscal 2000, but it dropped to $35 million in fiscal 2001, $19 million in fiscal 2002 and just under $31 million so far this fiscal year, the officials said.

  15. “I know that I generally talk a load of garbage, make ill-informed, gross generalisations, in a completely unrelated and quite frankly useless manner by way of contributing to the blog.”stuntreb

    And the sacrilege, don’t forget the heathenistic sacrilege!

    Well buddy, I think we’re entertaining, even if we’re only entertaining me. Our garbage has charisma!…actually mine is probably more like sewerage than charisma, but it makes me laugh to think that people actually read it.

    BTW, I think that Stephan is a valuable & intelligent contributor, despite being contrary to most of my own views. Selective contextualisation is a devious habit of both sides of the political spectrum.

    I agree that courtesy dictates that attributions are requisite though.

  16. That hurt! (Reb).

    No savagery intended reb. Please be comforted in the knowledge that you will always be a better painter.

  17. Stephan,

    I am sorry – my mistake.

  18. Toilet Maestro @ 15

    “And the sacrilege, don’t forget the heathenistic sacrilege!”

    Thanks for reminding me of the mindless oversight.

    “All you god-fearing sons of bitches can all go and rot in hell!”

    Yes Fred Nille, that means YOU!

    And all the middle-class **nts that go to Hillsong….!

    Hmmm… I feel better now…


  19. I see what you did there. You said what you really meant, while seeming like you didn’t. Cool.

  20. Sorry for joining this one late but … who do we attribute comments made by Julie Bishop to? Reb?

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