What is he the member for?

Is he the Member for WhatItsWorth? The member for WhatHe’sWorth?

Or maybe it is time he was the member who WentAway.

And then today he comes out with this statement:

This is why we need Mr Rudd to immediately and categorically reverse this decision to accept inmates of Guantanamo Bay for resettlement in Australia.

How can Rudd possibly reverse a decision that has not been made? I mean really – can Malcolm have a real position for once?

What is he on about?

Generation of Aussie Teens Lost to Binge Drinking

Every now and then you come across an individual that is truly passionate and dedicated to a worthwhile cause.

One such individual, for me at least anyway, is Paul Dillon, the director of the private consultancy Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia.

For what must be some ten years or more, Paul Dillon has been at the forefront of educating young Australians about the effects of various drugs and alcohol abuse. He has done so without being sanctimonious or condescending – unlike the approach taken by so many other public figures.

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Attributing statements

Sorry to be in moderator mode, but can everyone please ensure that any comments that you make that are direct quotes from another site are correctly attributed. I understand that sometimes linking is a bit difficult, but please try to indicate where you have taken your comments from. 

We are not all auditioning for politics, where they all seem to enjoy plagiarism. 😛