Following Gaza from Afar

Posted by Kevin Rennie

Though Gaza is a long way from Australia, there have been many reactions to the catastrophe unfolding there. Many Australians have been using their blogs to post links that help to provide both information and analysis of what’s happening that is not always covered in the mainstream media.

Planet IRF has been posting AlJazeeraEnglish videos. He re-titled ‘Sderot residents live on the edge 30 Dec 08’ as Sympathy for victims…

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How (not) to be Ignored on the Internet

Did you know you’re just one of hundreds of millions worldwide who read and comment on the 133 million English language blogs currently being tracked by Technocrati?

While those figures mean there is a huge audience for your opinion, they also mean the competition for that audience is fierce. If you want your thoughts to be read, and – just as important – understood, why not give yourself every chance?

Jesse Hines has some useful tips:

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Never the Frolykz, Here’s Weekend Wonderland!

Hello everyone,

And welcome to our weekend thread.  An open forum for discussion for one and all…

I trust you’ve all had an eventful week or two with family and friends, and discovered the true meaning of…well…something.

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2009: The Year Ethics Came Back Into Vogue?‏

Okay,  it’s time to unleash a little creative thinking on the dark side..

I have no problem with alleged crimes being committed if the lesson attached highlights the importance of sound ethics in the way many people conduct themselves (yes, especially politicians).  I’m inspired already by this example from the world of finance.

Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff, accused of masterminding a massive investment fraud, has been handed an ethics lesson by thieves who stole a statue from his Florida mansion, and promptly returned it, according to local press.

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Funding required, stat!

This mornings SMH has an article detailing the crisis that we have in the Emergency Departments here in NSW.

Mrs Skinner said: “They are the worst emergency department figures I have seen in my 13 years in the job. No wonder the Government tried to hide them. The Garling inquiry was told that stressed ED staff need more doctors, experienced nurses and beds in wards but nothing has been done.”

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