New Year Caption Competition!



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  1. Yuck. Mateus.

  2. Are you telling me that those kids weren’t thrown overboard.

  3. You’re telling me I now have to pay?

  4. Who farted in my glass?

  5. I left the glass full, and look, after only twelve months of Labor and wandering leadersless in the wilderness, the glass isn’t even half empty for the LNP. I’d better give Labor another spray to fill up the LNP tanks with holier-than-thou water.

  6. …& the old fool grimaced in deserved pain as the silver-dappled creatures nesting above his eyesockets once more prepared to consumate their unnatural coupling in an orgy of biological eruptions…

    …somebody give me a refill so I can wash down those Rectinol horse-tablets, the burning is making me hallucinate…

  7. Waddya mean…Medibank no longer covers dental? What idiot thought that one up.

    ps..who is the guy reflected in the glasses. JWH’s dentist??

  8. John Howard’s conscience finally kicks in.

  9. Ahhhrg the eyebrows are back, quick a drink and tweezers.

  10. Tis hemlock! Effing Costello!

    Twas only a promise. Never a commitment.

  11. A Brazillian? Not again, it hurts.

  12. Well, to tell the truth – I was expecting to join the Most Noble Royal Order of the Garter not get the Royal Order of the Boot.

  13. “What? You mean I won’t be Prime Minister forever? There goes the Mugabe dream!”

  14. Master of Ceremonies: And up next to speak, Maxine McKew.

  15. “A threesome? Are you kidding me?”

    ” We tried that ” team” approach at the last election and all we ended up with was being well and truly f**ked!”

  16. But reb, the reason the “team” approach failed at the last election is because both Howard and Costello wanted to be on top.

  17. Howard: What do you mean in thirty years the public will know the truth?

  18. Joni @ 16


  19. reb

    And notice I used the word “on” and not “a” … hehe

  20. Howard: what do you mean the blogocrats find me sexually stimulating?

  21. Reb! Those walls are disgusting.

  22. No no no. Not Durham Town again.

  23. “Arrgh Chardonnay,. For a minute there, Janet, I was worried I was going to turn into a socialist.”

  24. Damn, there was supposed to be a [spit, spit] thing in there after ‘Chardonnay’ but I think it interpretted it as faulty HTML and deleted it – bugger!.

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