No 1 Cricket tragic dumped – Australia cricket slumps

We have just had our first series lost since 1992-93 – Howard rose lazarus-like in 1995 to take over the leadership of the Liberal party and then onto being PM from 1996 till 2007 – which were the golden years of Australian cricket.

Coincidence? I think not.

Personally I blame the failure of the Aussie cricket team on all of those darstardly nasty Howard Haters who impolitely dumped Howard from the front bench of Australian politics.

I hope you all feel good now!


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  1. pmsl – OK, that was good. Especially because I cannot stand cricket… even golf has more action to watch than most test matches I’ve seen!

  2. Nice one Joni..

    That reminds me of this little gem from JWH’s Pakistani Tour.

  3. His bowling ability will be dearly missed I think we should all hang our heads in shame and get him to coach the Australian team. He could send them off to challenge the basketball team, you know get into a battle for no reason at all but for the good of the spectators. He will decide who comes to the game and what they wear.

  4. Howard did not become PM until 1996.
    This means that the 1993-4, 94-5, and 95-6 series wins occurred under Paul Keating, and the 2007-8 series win was under our current PM Kevin Rudd.

    Australia’s long time position at the top of world Cricket is continuing despite the tour loss to South Africa, just the gap has narrowed significantly. Where once we dominated, with clear distance between us and the second best team, there is now very little between Australia, India and South Africa. This will continue to be the case for the short term.

    Australia have some soul-searching to do, and some clearing out… there are promising players in the Sheffield Shield competition… but Australia has a habit of letting some talent become over-ripe on the vine of the Sheffield Shield competition before giving a chance for selected for a test cricket vintage… I wonder what will happen now?

  5. No doubt Howard is crestfallen at the moment. The only thing that might cheer him up is if Keating were to stumble off the kerb and fall under a bus.

    I don’t mind losing at cricket and our run had to end sooner or later but it’s the pathetic way our alleged best XI meekly succumbed. Our two ‘strike’ bowlers can’t manage to bowl consistently at the stumps and one of those bowlers thinks he’s in a grinning competition with the batsmen. Mr Cricket has turned into Mr Wicked. Hayden should don the chef’s apron and concentrate on writing cook books. As for the pup…he scores night after night in the sack with Lara. What can you say about Roy…let’s just fly him back to the NT and let him chase those barramundi in the Mary River. It’s time to bell the cat. A thoroughgoing change must be made to the team and it’s time to give the young guns a chance.

  6. Libs in power drought and winning cricket team. Labor in power rain and losing cricket team.

    Make of that as you will, but as with the Liberals lucking into the greatest resources boom the world has seen, methinks they lucked into a great cricket team at a time of a rest of the world slump and the bad luck of a record drought.

  7. Just like the mining boom, Australia’s good run in international cricket had absolutely nothing to do with Howard. He is a mighty fine cricketer himself I might say – I still laugh very hard at his hopeless attempts.

    On the cricket, we need to sack the selectors, get a new captain (though keep him as a batsman – yes I know it won’t happen) and play smart cricket. South Africa played very well and thoroughly deserved the win. Australia still has a strong side but is not playing to its ability at the moment. I hope they can rectify that fairly soon.

  8. What Stephan said! And in spades.

  9. Haydos is not far from moving on…Lee was never a front line bowler in my opinion…Simmo and Watson are too injury prone I’m afraid and Ponting is being exposed since Warnie opted out.

    I trace down the origin of this golden age and it leads me to the world series division that gave us a fresh basis not beholding to the sycophany of the establishment.

    Time to blood the next generation of achievers.

  10. Bwahahahahaha!

    I will never tire of watching Australia’s biggest cricket fan showing off his special gift.

    Forgive my irreverence but I love seeing the arrogant institution of Australian cricket & the sideshooting cult of celebrity that it embodies eating a great big shit sandwich.
    More of the same please!
    I hope KFC abandons them to the Nutrigrain box.

  11. Howard was a very fine bowler. His bag of tricks was full of all sorts of stuff. I could pick most of his deliveries but his arm ball and flipper were impossible to read. It’s been rumored that Warnie was going nowhere until Howard pulled him aside for some private coaching. Howard even showed Warnie how to use a mobile phone.

  12. The Australian Cricket were just like Howard, they grew arrogant, ignorant and self centred. The ACA became Hitler like in their expectations of the crowds, no mexican wave, no singing, no fun, they even kicked the Balmy Army bugler out of the Gabba. This is a sport that is imploding because they have no regard for the ones who pay the bills…the public. Imagine a National Hero who is a Sex fiend, who grabs cameras from kids and breaks it in front of him, and we still talk of Warne as a public Hero. If this had have been NRL, he would have been kicked out of the game before his career started. Time is a great leveller, and yes, the world doesn’t owe the Australian Cricket team a thing.

  13. Yeeehaw dave!

    Smash down our flimsy icons of distraction!

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