2009, the year ahead…

2009 is the Year of The Ox

2009 is the Year of The Ox

You’re really got to hand it to the Chinese.

You might not be able to understand them, but they’ve brought some pretty cool things into the world. 


They invented paper (I think), yum cha, fireworks and are a pretty hard working bunch of people.

They also make really good food, but their wine is a bit touch n’ go. That’s probably why they stick to tea. It’s healthier too.

The Chinese also have their own version of the “western horoscope”  called “the Chinese horoscope,” which coincidentally is also made up of twelve symbols. The twelve symbols are all animals.

The big difference between “the western horoscope” and “the chinese horoscope” is that rather than your “western” symbol being based on the month you were born, the “chinese” symbol is based upon which year you were born, thus occurring every twelve years rather each month for twelve months. If you know what I mean.

The “chinese” horoscope is based on the fact that people born, say in “the year of the horse” have the characteristics of that particular animal. 

Naturally, and quite appropriately I might add, I happen to be born in the year of the horse. 

The funny thing about the chinese horoscope is that it tends to be quite accurate.

2008, the “year of the rat,” for example, was predicted to be a pretty bloody ordinary year for everyone regardless of your “star sign”.

Unless a miracle occurs between now and Chinese New Year, I would say that forecast has turned out to be pretty bloody accurate.

2009, apparently is meant to be a bit rosier.

The chinese have also got the art of gift-giving down-pat.

Instead of spending endless hours  meandering aimlessly around shopping malls surveying the same old crap and wondering what to buy all their friends and family, they simply give each other a wad of cash! 

In my opinion, this is vastly superior alternative to the western tradition of gift-giving and ensures that no one ends up with some piece of unwanted crap from Copper Art (or whatever it’s called these days).  

It also gets the inconvenience of the capitalistic, commercial aspect of the celebration out of the way hassle-free!

That way, the Chinese get to spend more fun with family, eating and drinking and just plain being silly. It’s a refreshing alternative to the western way of doing things.

If you’d like to find out what your chinese horoscope symbol is, and what 2009 holds for you, you can do so here.





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  1. “They invented paper (I think),”

    Sure did, His name was Tsai Lun and being a eunuch, his mind wasn’t distracted by matters sexual.

    His invention won him the Emperor’s favour which in turn led him to engage in political intrigue. When things go too tough, he committed suicide – drank poison.

    Not sure whether it made the papers or not.

  2. I was born in Year of the Dog.

    Woof. Feed me, take me for a walk and give me a cuddle occasionally and I’m putty.

    I even have a tail, though it’s on the wrong side of my body and doesn’t wag. It stands up and begs, instead.


  3. 2008 the Year of the Rat eh?

    LOL, how can that be? 2007 was the Year of the End of the Rat.

    And thank goodness for that!

  4. I get my Chinese fortune cookies from a beautiful Chinese lady named OneHungLow.

  5. Ross. I’ll bet that it wags.

  6. Younger daughter is a Rat, elder daughter is a Snake, son is a Monkey (figures). Hubby is a Rat and I’m a Rabbit. Yes sounds about right, mother the bunny.

    According to my horoscope I have to spend less on entertaining lovers. Oh bugger, there goes my social life.

  7. I’m a Rat and I’ve had a good year on all fronts.

    Next year will be an interesting one as far as the economy and other stuff is concerned.

  8. Oh dear, not good news for me, the horse:

    “Bai Fu is a star that signifies animal bites, Horses who have pets or who are working closely with animals are advised to take extra caution.”

    “Another interpretation for the star Bai Fu is a woman without sense who might bring great annoyance to the Horse.”

    Why do I get the feeling it’s going to be the latter?

  9. Scaper:

    according to the chinese horoscope…

    “Tthe year of the Ox looks promising for the Rat in terms of career. This is particularly because of the star Tang Fu shining on him. This star represents leadership and authority, which could benefit those working on the management level and positions of authority as they can expect to have good performance in terms of career luck.”

    “Another area benefitting from this star are those working in the outdoors such as field jobs.

    “One unlucky star shining upon the Rat in 2009 is the star Xie Yin which represents injuries, especially on the face, or surgical operations

    Did anyone mention botox??

  10. Has anyone here checked out the Aztec horoscope?

    Apparently my sign is drought…how ironic.


  11. And who’d have guess it, I am a goat!

    And the predictions for me do not look good. 😦

  12. No no no scaper… I do not want Catholics “snarling” at my groin! LOL

    And there were plenty of LOL moments in Jack’s piece.

  13. I thought you would have a chuckle…I certainly did!

    Jack is that type of guy.

  14. If it wasn’t for the fact that the popes comments contribute to the abuse that the boyf and I get – the popes comments would be funny too.

    And I love how the Smirking Liberal say that the church has seen lots of changes in 2000 years and is not going to start to change their stance on gays just because it is “hip”. I guess that Copernicus, Bruno, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Halley, Darwin, Hubble would all find that comforting.


  15. The Smirker has a point…they will be left behind in the ensuing years to a point of irrelevance.

    The conversation there will be interesting…I’ll most probably get into the fray tomorrow.

  16. It never ceases to amaze me that the pope is so passionately homophobic, yet those dainty little red shoes of his are just “so gay”.

    I notice he doesn’t kiss the tarmac anymore. He can kiss my sweet white ass as far as I’m concerned.

    Actually, scratch that. I’d probably end up with rabies or something.

  17. Or at the very least, a holy arse.

  18. I was born on the year of the Ox and I am also a Taurean. I am very bovine.

  19. “Or at the very least, a holy arse.”

    That wouldn’t be the inspiration for that Neil Diamond song now would it?

  20. I’m a Dragon and I’ve gotta say that I am less the wiser from having read my predictions (which actually seem to be more about the snake and Ox than the dragon. Illuminating pieces from the forecast are:
    The year of the Ox 2009 would be bringing in some major changes in the life of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000). However, these changes could either be good or bad, but they are crucial and there would be lots of them.

    Excellent, there will be changes (duh) and they could be good or bad (excellent – clear as mud, any other options?)

    Without any lucky key stars shining on the Ox in 2009, there wouldn’t be any much accomplishments for him. In fact, he should avoid being involved in any forms of investment or gambling as he likely to be on the losing end. The unlucky star Lan Gan can set obstacles on his career path, which is why the Dragon should really be prepared for anything in the coming year.

    But I’m a dragon, I wan’t to know what this year brings for me, not the Ox? Be prepared huh? – lucky I was a Boy Scout once and am “always prepared” 🙂

    On the gambling front, do I take it from this that I will be unlucky or that the Ox is unlucky? If the latter, shouldn’t I just see who the Ox is betting on and then bet on something else? Any Ox’s playing the stockmarket at the moment and want to give me some “Hot Tips” 😉

  21. joni, how about a post on reflections on the year that was (or does this only happen once the year has officially ended?)

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