Boxing Day

And so we move into Boxing Day. Cricket and the Sydney to Hobart on the TV.

I am still prevaricating about venturing into the city for some shopping – maybe I will wait until tomorrow.

And it is good to see that the promoter of peace and goodwill in the world has decided that Christmas is the perfect time to have another attack on certain parts of society, saying “that saving mankind from homosexual and transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction and that the Catholic Church had a responsibility to “protect man from the destruction of himself“.

But of course, I am not supposed to get upset by this.

In the US, we have had a Christmas Day shooting.

Season of goodwill, eh?

But in sad news, news today of the passing of Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter.

A couple of nights ago I watched a series of programs on the passing of Dorothy Porter in early December. I did not realise her importance  – and will try and search out and read her verse-novel The Monkey’s Mask.

Over to you blogocrats, play nicely – some here are suffering from some sore heads.



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  1. Well, the girls have returned bags in hand from their shopping expedition and still had money left over…a rarity I can tell you!

    Mrs scaper has a hankering for some cocktails…any ideas???

    We’ve got Kahlua, scotch, Bundy, Baileys Irish Cream, bananas, strawberries and thickened cream…or maybe I should throw a bit of everything in the blender and see what happens?

  2. scaper, I’d just have a pint of baileys with some ice.

    But then if you did just throw everything in the blender it certainly would be “interesting” to see what happens.

    I’w been working the garden, and now going to have nice cup of tea and watch a DVD..

    I have simple pleasures, but sophisticated tastes!

  3. Reb, I am thinking along the line of Kahlua, Baileys, banana and cream with a dash of milk.

    Maybe roll the inside rim with chocolate sauce and garnish with a strawberry rosette.

  4. Sorry reb for usurping your Friday Frolyks thread. me bad.

    I decided against the shopping today – will do it tomorrow. Just about to prepare a potato (or is that potatoe?) curry for dinner – let it settle for a few hours before eating. YumYum.

  5. Love it scaper! Can I come over to share?

    Absolutely no shopping for yours truly. I think that if I have to go within cooee of a department store for the next month it will be too soon.

    Ah yes, the wonderful Eartha Kitt. A sexy African American from a time when the only role for blacks was that of a doorman or a waiter..not a waitress mind you, that would have been far too sexy. No one could roll those RRRRRsss like Eartha.

  6. With due respect to the Rev Geoffrey Kirk but I couldn’t help but note his ‘oh really’ statement: “It should not be a surprise that the Pope is a Catholic…

    I should imagine that the Pope with apply at least as much vigilance regarding pedofile priests. Oh that’s right..they’re priests and hence were lead into sin by nubile 8 year olds. Just a coupla’ Hail Mary’s and bob’s yer uncle.

    Well, homosexuality didn’t seem to do King David any harm, in fact some of the most beautiful poetry of the Bible came from David’s songs to Jonathon.

  7. If its any consolation, joni, this is the last Pope we’ll see according to some interpretations of Nostradamus’ quatrains…it’ll also mean pestilence and war will follow but we’re pretty used to that by now…hey? (BTW did you say the Pope is a Catholic …??)

    You lot have “finished” and we are about to “re-start” next door…

    …The Minister has just informed me that she is getting better by the minute…mmmm…hope so…(had to leave early yesterday, she got very tired very quickly)…

  8. TB, according to the book, “The Nostradamus Code” there will be at least three more of those popey people…the third last is supposed to be assassinated in Europe where two rivers meet and the last two have a rapid demise.

  9. And I can provide a prediction. There is only one thing that will stop the Ascension and this is human ego.

    Therefore, conclusion, it isn’t going to happen as no human can separate themselves from the ego.

  10. No nope of ascension because our species have not truly come down from the trees.

    Mankind has regressed as far as its true inward spirituality is concerned.

  11. Scaper @3:

    “I am thinking along the line of Kahlua, Baileys, banana and cream with a dash of milk. Maybe roll the inside rim with chocolate sauce and garnish with a strawberry rosette”

    That really has to be the ‘femnine” side of you coming out scaper..


    Joni @4 …no worries…:)

    And poor old Eartha Kitt. Loved her rendition of “I need a Man”

    and her perfomance as Cat Woman in Batman…

    She was puuurfect.. Another legend gone…

  12. Reb, just made her another one and she complained she could not taste alcohol in the last one so I upped the portions…I’ll give her taste!

  13. Interesting cocktail called Polar Bear.
    Combine in a blender (pref and old one) equal amounts of gin, icecream and ice.
    Serve immediately. It’s surprisingly refreshing….and potent.

  14. The ultimate cocktail. I call it a Sharplosion.

    Take one glass each of all alcohol varieties available. Put in a bucket. Add ice. Drink through straw. Straight from bucket.

    Dial 000.

  15. Hi handyrab, hope you had a good one…I’ll have to add gin to my armoury…and tequila…and vodka…and while I’m at it a new house with a bar to stock the stuff in.

    A bucket, Ross…well aren’t you turning into a snag…an eighteenth century chamber pot would be the go.

  16. Actually at a partya while back I was introduced to vodka with Liptons Ice tea.

    A surprisingly refreshing, almost creamy velvety texture.

    I just had a sip and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.

    However the girl who was mixing them and encouraging others to “have a taste” was off her tits.

    Maybe we need to have a “detox” thread?

  17. Maybe we need to have a “detox” thread? reb | December 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    I’ll detox when I’m dead. Birdie num-num.

  18. I usually use foot patches to detox once a year…I’ve been told that there is a new lemon detox method but unfortunately that triggers weight loss.

    Maybe a Dead Sea rap might be better?

  19. Detox is what your liver does.
    Using a detox program is useless to say the least.
    By the way if you do need a detox, your liver has failed and seek a little more then medical advice.

    I slept all day, funny but i still feel tired, saltwater will wake me up.

  20. I slept all day, funny but i still feel tired, saltwater will wake me up.

    Bloody hell, aquanut, you’d drink just about anything.

  21. lol miglo

    .. Burp!

  22. Drink water…plus a little freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. At least 6 glasses per day and voila the world’s cheapest yet most effective detox.

  23. Min, have you heard about the Lemon Detox Diet?

    I might give it a go but will most probably eat during the treatment as I don’t have any excess weight to lose.

  24. Speaking of the catholic church, Jack the Insider will have a scathing thread up either today or tomorrow on the homophobic religion that tolerates pedophiles in their ranks!

    It should be a good read.

  25. Boy, it’s quiet here this morning…everyone must of gone to church to prey!

    Has any of the Brisbane people here noticed the smell of our drinking water since fluoride has been added?

    It smells like sulphur and soon one will need to stick a gas mask on to tolerate the smell in the shower!

    I’m not against fluoridation per se, but introducing a corrosive chemical to scaled up water mains and old plumbing has its dangers which far outweigh a few holes in one’s teeth.

  26. I guess everyone is aware of the grossly disproportionate use of force by the state of Israel resulting in hundreds of casualties, both civilian & militant.
    Since Hamas resumed rocket attacks on Wednesday (I think?) one Israeli has been killed & a few wounded; witness the self-perpetuating over-reaction of Goliath.
    Predictably the US & UK have obstinately refused to condemn the Israeli heavyhandedness, in line with their usual unproductive acquiescence.

    This looks to be heading towards escalation. More tragedy for the long suffering inmates of Gaza.

  27. 26. Toiletboss

    HD, if you throw rocks at a bloke bigger than you – and that bigger bloke has been abused all his life – what do think is going to happen?

    Hamas’ strategy IS provocation, to get everyone involved – Western countries, Middle Eastern countries – let’s have another bloodbath…

    …the best strategy for the Yanks and Poms – do nothing to escalate the situation further…

    25. scaper…

    You should know better, scaper, links like that will just provoke another “social experiment” or bring down the wrath of “believers”…

    …we have boiled and filtered our drinking water for some years now…guess what…boiling fluridated water increases its potency …how wonderful…

  28. “…the best strategy for the Yanks and Poms – do nothing to escalate the situation further…”TB

    I must respectfully disagree. By not condemning the overkill, the US in particular (possibly the only country that Israel is beholden to) is allowing the situation to escalate further.
    It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of obfuscation & stalling, the same tactic was adopted during the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon. It will take days (at best) for any sort of reprimand, meanwhile Israel is cynically pulverising targets with absolute impunity.

    While Israeli retaliation may appear to be somewhat justified (although not IMHO) Hamas is already ordering out the suicide bombers (there have been no suicide-bombers inside Israel since 2005 [?]). This will unleash far more civilian deaths than the inaccurate & sporadic rocket attacks, which are generally a reaction of Palestinian frustration at the dehumanising occupation within Gaza.

    So yes, they are indeed having “another bloodbath”…but it is a very onesided bloodbath; soon it may result in unprecedented carnage outside of Gaza. Not exactly a winning strategy.

    BTW, I drank fluoridated H2O for more than a decade & it had absolutely no deleterious effects on me, the pipework didn’t fall apart either.
    I’m not sure that I comprehend the paranoia associated with fluoride. I think that “a few holes in teeth” is a much worse problem than corroded pipes. I imagine it is all in response to the alarming rate of tooth decay in children…although this can be primarily laid at the feet of irresponsible parenting once again; FFS, if people are gonna let their yougsters eat sickly junk then they should at least have the deceny to make sure that they brush their teeth.
    As one who certainly recognises the ridiculous cost of dental treatment TB I think you may understand why I think prevention is not a bad way to go.
    All that said, you may well be in possession of facts about fluoridation of which I’m not aware.

    Happy Holidays to you & yours mate.

  29. I grew up drinking fluoridated water and I’m still here…my point is there is something amiss when the water smells like sulphur which I suspect is the scale being broken down by the corrosive nature of the stuff.

    A lot of people don’t want it in their water and have no choice…this is being disguised as a health issue instead of being put to the people which should of been the case as far as I’m concerned…just like daylight saving!

    As far as the ME is concerned, there will never be peace there as long as the fifty first state of America exists…Iran knows that.

  30. I’m with you Toiletboss, on this Hamas/Israeli issue.
    Way too simplistic to continually apportion blame for the ‘situation’ at Hamas. The State of Israel was created by the initial brutal terrorist actions the Irgun, Zionist ‘freedom fighters’.
    Oh well!

    Au contraire Scaper, one could say the US is the 3rd state of Israel after Israel and the West Bank.

  31. “As far as the ME is concerned, there will never be peace there as long as the fifty first state of America exists…Iran knows that.”

    Also contributing to the ill-feelings are the fifty second state (Iraq) & the fifty third state (Afghanistan)…although the fifty third is mounting an increasingly successful attempt to secede.
    A poor attempt at humor by me BTW, it’s a terrible situation with no end in sight; & not completely attributable to the US or any one other single country. Still, it is more than a little hypocritical of them to only publicly condemn one side of violence when the other side is grinding a civilian population of 1.5 million into hamburger & starving those that aren’t destined to be mince.
    What a f@ckin’ mess!!!

    The mains water in my town is all bore water pumped from the aquifer into a water tower, no fuoride. It just about melts the skin off of your face & smells like rotten arse, it cannot be drunk…unless you have no taste buds, so we rely on our rain water tank. I drank Adelaide water for 13 years (widely considered to be undrinkable sewerage-juice) with no real complaints but I can’t drink the water here, bleeech!

  32. Hello scaper, I’m just wondering about the sulphur smell as fluoride has neither taste nor smell.

    Might the sulphur smell have something to do with disturbing acid suphate soils? Having lived at Billinudgel and surrounds for 18 years the smell from disturbed soils can be very potent. This is all that I can think of re a sulphur smell.

    Fluoride was added to Melbourne’s drinking water in ’77 and so all of my crew grew up drinking water with added fluoride. As mentioned on a previous blog, they have 5 small fillings between the 3 of them.

    Dental decay is a huge problem in Australia (thank you JWH for removing dental benefits from Medicare).


    ~~The Howard government abolished the program at the end of 1996. The effects were immediate and devastating. Waiting lists and waiting times have blown out, there’s been a shift to emergency dental care, such as extractions, and increased costs as dental problems get worse while waiting.

    The Federal Government (the previous one, my note) says dentistry falls under the jurisdiction of the states, and it’s up to the states to pick up the funding shortfall. Only Queensland has done this. (Despite this, Queenslanders have the worst teeth in the nation — due to a lack of fluoridated water.) ~~~

    He/she who doesn’t believe that dental problems are a serious issue has never had a child crying on the phone from a dental surgery in acute pain due to an abcessed tooth with the dentist refused to treat her without being paid $2,000.00 up front.

  33. “I’m with you Toiletboss, on this Hamas/Israeli issue.
    Way too simplistic to continually apportion blame for the ’situation’ at Hamas. ‘OB

    No doubt.

    I hadn’t seen the news for about a week until this morning so was dismayed to see the pattern of subjugation being opportunistically ramped up.
    It appears that the situation is serious indeed & I fear Israel will take the opening to pulverise Gaza once & for all while the US, true to form, runs interference at the UN & keeps the door open for massive over-retaliation ala Lebanon.
    As you point out, many are either unaware or ignorant of the fact that the modern “birth” of Israel involved “terrorist” bombings conducted by Zionist extremists. King David Hotel springs to mind.

  34. Further to the above…

    With every new, indiscriminant, airstrike by Israel…the message of retribution & righteous bloodshed from Hamas only gains further traction. An obvious corollary from my pov.
    Expect things to get really archaic if Israel makes good with its’ recent statements about sending in its’ already positioned groud forces.

    BTW Oftenbark, most of my family, whom I saw over Xmas, are getting pantswettingly excited about seeing Leonard Cohen in a few weeks.

  35. Just for fun. Cheats Beef Wellington (tonight’s dinner). Piece of beef, sear in frying pan in 1 tablespoon light olive oil. Allow to cool. Smother in pate (I like peppercorn). Wrap in 2 sheets of puff pastry. Seal and baste with an egg yolk to brown. Bake for 30mins in a moderate oven. Serve with choice of veg.

  36. Min, I know cheats beef wellington well, and can highly recommend it.

  37. scaper …

    I can’t see why flouride would result in a sulfur smell. Scale is carbonates which don’t have sulfur in them and flouride itself doesn’t either so I don’t think a reaction between the two is causing the problem. Sounds more like Hydrogen Sulfide which dissolves in water than anything else.

    Some bore water can be quite sulfurous when the aquifer gets low. When I was in Belize – Caye Cauker, the water was very strongly sulfurous and it was almost impossible to have a shower without gagging. The smell doesn’t stick to you but rather comes out of solution and just floats away. As a test, bottle some of the water and leave a gap in the top of the bottle. Cap it and shake well then remove the cap and see if the smell is stronger. Leave the bottle for a bit with the cap off and see if it still smells.

  38. 28. Toiletboss

    HD, recognise the cost of dental health, absolutely! (Mine were knocked out when I was seven – while a doctor was removing my tonsils – re-inserted and became a subsequent issue about 40 years later), oh, and I spent the first 12 years of my life drinking flouridated water….

    …but that begs the question – after all this time why is there still dissension among the ranks of dentists AND doctors.

    Any way my personal problem is the addition of any chemical substance to drinking water – and that’s a bit hard…

    As for the ME – I wonder how people in IRAQ felt as we invaded their country for oil?

    I wonder how Australians would react if PNG rebels started lobbing rockets at Australia?

    ‘Cause we have only been attacked during WWII and most Aussies didn’t know about the bombing of NT and Western Australia until the ’50’s – but those that did wanted to bomb the crap out of Japan…

    …and I’ve always wondered how I would feel if any of my family were attacked, killed or wounded – I’ve got a pretty good idea…

    …BTW I do admit to very little knowledge concerning the good works of Hamas – and I have always wondered at the paranoia of Isrealis, being surrounded by so many good Arab and Islamic neighbours…

    …anyway, Happy Holidays to you & yours mate….too…

  39. As per usual lots of tearing of hair. You are clever people, any suggestions for a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem?

  40. Dave, been playing around with the water since my last post and I’ve come to the conclusion that after some time the cold water contained a soluble sediment that transformed to more of a fish tank smell then abated…I am not willing to taste it though.

    The hot water test had a very pungent odour at first and obviously a more rapid abatement.

    Well, had to do something because we are bowling ourselves out of the game at the MCG!

  41. As per my previous post, any dirt/litter? It’s acid suphate soil country.

  42. Min, there was a discussion here today somewhere on that issue…it was interesting.

  43. Hello Mr lovely legs. Can’t find anything except my own comments (boring, boring). Can you point me to the number? Poor old me, eyes going south due to convergence plus no skin on either of my ain’t ever goin’ to grow. Ah well, I’ll contribute to the blog as long as I am able. Thus endeth the whinge for the day.

  44. Scroll up…silly me was looking all over the place but here.

  45. Sorry Min…misunderstood.

    Well,I’ll throw a card on the table…there will never be any semblance of a peace in the ME until the state of Israel is either dismantled or destroyed.

    There is no middle ground for a truce in my opinion.

  46. Here’s a question that cuts through all the BS of the US giving a greenlight to mass carnage, even as more moderate (and dare I say, sane) voices call for reinstitution of a truce: did Israel mete out justice on precisely the persons launching rockets into Southern Israel (the most basic standard of justice…the person who does the crime pays the fine), or are they merely engaging in an indiscriminate orgy of killing Palestinian randoms, whether badged as Hamas or not? Oh, and please be careful children and sundry psycopaths while you’re targetting and killing people who may or may not have had any involvement with the thing you complain of, not to kill any ‘civilians’, because killing non-civilians is doubleplus good and killing civilians is doubleplus bad, when killing itself naturally is the thing left unconsidered as a naturally good thing for people to be doing.

  47. I thought “Hamas” was a dip made from chickpeas?

  48. I thought Hamas was a result of a bombed falafel.

  49. I think it was shown in Iraq that using violence to stop criminal acts (the missile attacks on Israel – car bombs in Iraq) is doomed to fail – it will only fuel the conflict.

  50. Does that mean “He died with a falafel in his hand” is based on an factual incident?

  51. One that crushes a falafel will have Hamas on his hands…seriously, would there be all this terroism if US played by the rules of the game they set up called the UN???

  52. Hey Scapes, and others, ask yourselves the following questions:

    1. Would Israel’s security be enhanced or put at risk by the creation of a Palestinian State.
    2. As the situation now stands, given the courage shown by Hamas who know without question they will suffer mercilessly at the hand of Israeli reprisals (disproportionate, of course):
    What do the Palestinians have to lose? A refugee camp?
    3. Ably assisted by the US, is real estate worth the loss of Israeli lives?

  53. Oops. Two more questions:

    4. Given the intransigent nature of Israel on the Palestinian question, is not Israel placing its own citizens in harms way?

    5. Whatever happened to the Shrub’s declaration of ‘a Palestinian state before the expiry of my term in office’.
    Yeah, right mate! What a dishonest, insincere bunch of profiteering crooks.
    George the village idiot.
    Dick, the most disgusting creature on this planet.
    Condi, the muffin making pianoforte playing provost, completely out of her league.

  54. I will try to give it a go, Oftenbark.

    1. If a Palestinian state was created then Israel would have much to fear because the method of destabilisation could not come into play and certain embargoes would be lifted to ensure supply from the Arab neighbors.

    2. The Palestinians have nothing left to lose…they have been denied the access of the staples of life and this has created a kind of apocalyptic outlook…their backs are against the wall.

    3. More importantly, if the US backs up or should I say turns a blind eye to the escalation will they become more of a focus on destruction by the insurgents?

    4. Is the real interest in preserving Israeli life or to create a situation of vindicated extermination?

    5. Hollow words indeed!

  55. So Scaper, this is how I see the situation.

    The Camp David accords, the Roadmap to Peace seem to have set compliance measures on Palestinians only.
    One cannot debate the creation of a Palestinian state on the one hand, and then claim on the other hand the Palestinian leader (Arafat) is a terrorist, and that Israel will not bow to demands of Palestinian terrorists.
    The expansion of Israeli settlements in the West bank ridicules any notion of a Palestinian State giving Israel more and more bargaining power, stacking the decks, as they say.
    Israelis left Gaza settlements more in consideration for their safety rather than acquiesce to the demands of Palestinians.
    Could you imagine Israel blocking passage to Gaza if Israelis inhabited that hellhole?

  56. Let us not forget, Gaza has two generations, and one oncoming, of youth that knows nothing but violence, hatred, revenge, poverty.
    Conditioned to lose, forever.

  57. Reminds me of the indigenous thread actually.

    We’ve come a long way in the last two millenium…

  58. Oftenbark

    The situation is grim and getting worse, For the second day, there has been air strikes. An extremely disproportionate reaction.

    More here.

    But they did send thousands of ‘text messages’ in Arabic telling the locals to ‘get out’. Where they were supposed to go, wasn’t explained. Unbelievable.

  59. And we see how an Israeli civil defence official said today about the action in Gaza:

    I will play music and celebrate what the Israeli air force is doing.


  60. So why isn’t Isreal bombing The West Bank?

    Lots more Palestinians there…

    Could it be that no rockets have been fired from there?

  61. Thanks for that link Nature 5, although, it sickens me to read of such wanton destruction of Palestinian infrastructure. Barbaric, at best.
    What sickens me more is the incessant ramblings of the moronic Washington sycophants stepping up to the Whitehouse podium insisting on cessation to hostilities, statement aimed directly at the Palestinians, followed by ‘Israel has a right to defend itself’.
    Unquestionably correct. However, the messengers are the future Rumsfelds, Cheneys, Wolfowitzs, Perles of this outgoing administration. My, we have a bright future. One could say, a ‘glowing’ future with these American imbeciles in Washington.

  62. TB:

    The West bank is real estate. Gaza is a refugee camp.
    Hamas was democratically elected. Hamas fed, clothed, nursed and educated its population in Gaza.
    Mahmoud Abbas did none of the above, has still not been able to declare a Palestinian State. Why?

  63. For anyone who thinks that this was simply a knee-jerk reaction:

    “instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for the operation over six months ago, even as Israel was beginning to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Hamas.”


    “In parallel, Israel continued to send out disinformation in announcing it would open the crossings to the Gaza Strip and that Olmert would decide whether to launch the strike following three more deliberations on Sunday – one day after the actual order to launch the operation was issued.”

    But I suppose that’s war.

    More here.

  64. Another excellent link there Nature 5. Interesting sub-headlines, interesting talkback blog section also.

  65. “interesting talkback blog section also.”

    Indeed. That’s why I both respect and dislike Americans. Lol.

    The ones I have met in my travels have been quite ‘liberal’ in their views and like the vast majority of Americans are articulate. But then again, the vast majority of Americans have never travelled beyond their shores and have closed minds.

    Bush as a presidential candidate was (is) a classic example.

    And while I’m on ‘stereotypes’ I might add that the ‘Israeli’ Jews I came in contact with in Chang Mai were the rudest most self-centered group I have ever met in my life.

    I suppose that comes about because of the Jews’ history of oppression. But they as a group were insufferable. A sociological explanation not a racial or genetic one, let me assure you.

  66. The ratinale keeps getting netter

    “Among the targets were at least 30 police stations throughout Gaza, which Israel says are part of Hamas’ “terror infrastructure.” An estimated two-thirds of the casualties were police officers or members of the various Hamas security forces, a senior Gazan medical official said”


    “What happened next has been broadcast repeatedly in all of its chaotic intensity across the Arab world and around the globe”

    Crusades or Jihad? It matters not.,0,7401089.story

    Via Juan Cole.

  67. The ratinale keeps getting nuttier. Try “the rationale keeps getting nuttier.”

    Bloody spell-check!

  68. Gotta say Nature 5, I’m extremely disappointed in our acting PM, Julia Gillard’s bland comment on the Gaza situation, along with that of the British PM, Mr. G. Brown, both adhering to the monotonous Whitehouse mantra.
    Yet, none sets forth a suggested timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian State, along with the necessary IMF, world bank loans which would ensure the dignity and stability of that new state.
    Seems East Timor, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzigovina, et al have statehood rights, whereas Palestine does not.
    Hmmm. Strange days indeed.

  69. Nature again well said.
    Tboss, may i ask how old you are, as i remember you were in your early 20’s, is that correct?( if so you show great maturity and more so then i ever displayed at that age) if im wrong,sorry bud.
    I am recovering after an embarrassing run in with teens.
    A few off them got the better off me in a nice dark lane way near the railway tracks.(dog was not with me) They stabbed at my neck area for what seemed like forever.. I got to a safe house i have in the area and after checking i was not stabbed but beaten.
    Good lessons to be gained….Nice amount of pain to be enjoyed for a short time AGAIN.

  70. Oh well, nothing WD-40 cant fix.

  71. 66. Nature 5 | December 28, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    The rationale keeps getting nuttier.

    Look at the history of Palestinian oppression by the Israelis and you will see that what Israel does is not nutty rationale at all but a very deliberate planned course of aggression and subjugation. In the end Israel will have more Palestinian land and the most populated piece of land in the world.

    Israelis always attack Palestinian police and law and order services first thing, and if you think about how you would go about inflicting the most damage to a people along with causing the most agony, suffering and destroying a populations morale.

    It worked as reporters on the scene stated the rescue effort and the scenes around Gaza were chaotic and disorganised, which was the aim of the Israelis.

  72. Adrian

    “but a very deliberate planned course of aggression and subjugation”

    I accept that but I also argue that in the long-term it is counterproductive. That’s why I think their reasoning as manifest in their ‘rationale’ is ‘nutty’.

    And this whole mess is not helped by the US who stands up for Israel without a hint of concern.

    For more updates.

  73. “hexx…Tboss, may i ask how old you are”

    I am 33 buddy.

  74. Oh… Now i feel stupid. Not sure why i was thinking early 20’s.
    Sorry for that.
    Well 33 aint far from me thats probably why i relate to a lot of your posts

  75. 33 but with the toilet-fixation of a 3 year old.

  76. Yeah ive been stuck in the s-bend a few times, when i use to get desperate for a dive.

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