Merry Christmas Everyone!



This is our Christmas Day thread, where we can all catch up for a yuletide chat.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a Boxing Day thread where we can all just abuse the hell out of each other.

So was Santa good to you…?


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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I just had a lovely breakfast with the boyf, and opened our pressies. This afternoon we are off to a friends place for a barbie and drinkypoos. Woohoo!

  2. I’m still hungover from last night. I blame the mulled wine.

    Now I have to head off to an early Christmas lunch – starts at 11.00am .

    Who in their right mind starts eating lunch (and drinking at 11.00am?)

    Will check back in later.

    Have a great day everyone!

  3. How thoughtful. Christmas wishes from my African friend Ben Zongo….

    On Wed, 24/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    Subject: Happy Christmas in advance & Safe Journey.
    Received: Wednesday, 24 December, 2008, 1:46 PM

    Professor Blog O’Crats PhD

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I pray God guide you and grant you safe journey through your trip.

    Well your bank account in Beijing is ok and good for the transaction. You have to use your Beijing bank account to fill in the Application Text and send it to the bank customer service email i.d and send a copy to me for my verification.

    I pray God in his mercy guide and protect our family.

    I pray for sound health and quick recovery to your nephew and with God grace there shall be any sudden death.

    Both of us shall leave to see our grand children and great ground children according to the riches and promises of God to us.

    Please get me inform as soon as you have sent the application to the bank to enable follow it up in the bank.

    Happy Christmas in advance and wish you successfully trip.

    Till I hear from you as soon as you have sent the application..

    My Regard to your family

    God’s Blessing to us.

    Mr. Ben Zongo.

  4. My Xmas has started the same as Reb’s. Hungover.

    I’m now being pressured to load the car with the presents I wrapped last night for the spoilt, greedy, selfish little rugrats called her grandchildren.

    I’m guessing that once they tear off the neatly wrapped paper they’ll enjoy the presents for about 5 minutes before leaving them strategically placed in a position where I’m most likley to trip over them.

    I’m also guessing that the mother of all fusses will be made over the nasty little brats by everybody but me ’cause I’m too damn hungover to care.

    As long as I find a place to relax with a bottle and a half corona I guess that’ll do me for Xmas.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Here’s a song to get you into the loving family spirit.

  5. Just phoned my mum, sister, sons and grandchildren, sent text messages to friends. Now off to have lunch with residents and friends at our Residential Resort Complex.
    Merry Xmas to all.

  6. Just finished making the egg-nog. (request from son-in-law) usually a Christmas Eve tradition – but The Minister is still not well…

    Christmas CD’s playing – Bing Crosby, Ray Connif Singers, Salvo’s Brass Band, Johnny Mathis…

    Phoned our son’s family – they’re in Gympie with his in-laws this year.

    Christmas Dinner next door at our daughter’s

    Tomorrow at back neighbours…

    The new all black iSi Soda Syphon works a treat with the WT!

    Christmas comes but once a year (you lucky old bastard Miglo! ho ho ho…) 😀

  7. Hey, neat trick with the avatar, sreb, nice!

    BTW are we still a goer for a $5 mill split?

  8. TB

    Notice the banner at the top too.

  9. Bing Crosby? Stone the crows.
    We’ve got Led Zeppelin screaming out of the hi-fi rock box.
    Not one Kneel cd to be found anywhere. And thank the holy jedi for that.

    But hey, what I really meant to say was,
    ‘have a good, and safe one, one and all, families included.
    Spread love all round. We need it.

  10. Merry Christmas everyone,

    It has been good to see Blogocrats take up where Blogocracy left off.

    Always a good honest read.

    Here is my online greeting for this year

    Have a great day.

  11. Christmas CD’s playing – Bing Crosby, Ray Connif Singers, Salvo’s Brass Band, Johnny Mathis… TB Queensland | December 25, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Breaking News!

    A man known only as TB of Queensland was assaulted by 189 members of his neighbourhood this morning after his neighbours experienced a collective brain spasm that drove them to repeated occasions of vile and viloent abuse upon his person involving nail-studded titanium strap-on dildos, several live chickens and a wombat on LSD.

    Authorities report that he is expected to survive the horrid ordeal, though it is understood he has resolved never to inflict a particluar brand of Christmas music on them again and will resort to light classics and the occasional burst of Sinatra from now on.

    A fund has now been established to aid in his recovery, and donors are requested to send as many gauze bandages, band-aids, and antiseptics as they can muster. Also, if anyone has a few spare sets of dentures that would be most appreciated.

  12. Lol Ross.
    Its not very appropriate but i once saw a headline” Kids exposed to TB”.

  13. 17,000 extra hits by christmas day, i could of predicted that in my sleep.

  14. Yes, Merry Xmas everyone…I too woke up w/ a hangover after we had a gorgeous Xmas eve roast dinner w/ all the usual bar the meat which was replaced by a delicious mushroom wellington in decorated pastry covered in a sherry & leak-based sauce. Even got Yorkshire pudding. Had plenty of bloody Marys & beer.

    Now I’m all fit & polished & raring to go again after intense exercise, and popping flax seed oil & acidophilus pills & some vitamin B Complex. The wife’s relies arrive in an hour & the fun begins…the gifts under the tree are virtually jumping like mexican beans waiting to be freed.

    Xmas music on random:

    A Charlie Brown Christmas: Vince Guaraldi

    It’s Xmas Time Again: Various soul artists (including songs ‘Santa Claus wants Some Lovin” & ‘I’ll Be Your Santa Baby’…much fun)

    Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas CD1
    Low: Christmas
    Snowden: Licorice EP

    “We’ve got Led Zeppelin screaming out of the hi-fi rock box.”

    Sweet…:) Luv the Zep.

    Have a goodie

  15. 8. joni

    YES! Well Done! Nice! (clenched fist downward arm movement! Ya know what I mean)

    Sorry, joni, just got back form daughter’s next door – thank, Christ, kids are OK but the in-laws are bloody hard work!

    10. Ross Sharp

    No taste, RS, (ratshit alright!) but I knew someone would react! Just not so violently – howerver to be expected based on the “used tampon” post!

    …and don’t talk to me about friggin’ dentures – only three months (and another $5000) to go!

    11. aquanut

    Ha! Ha!
    Just as long as it wasn’t the other way round! :LOL:

    13. nasking

    Sounds like Drunkish to me or Furby language…

    …mushroom bloody Wellington? The mind boggles! An’t Duke’ll turn int grave…

    …and Yorkshire puds without roast taties and BEEF – bloody sacrilege…wash yer mouth out…wi’ a nice Theakston’s Old Peculiar and stop thee playin’ wi’ reel man’s fude…

  16. Oh well, the day is almost over and have yet to get into the prawns.

    Tomorrow is scaper’s day…I banish the girls to the sales and watch the cricket.

  17. Thank f*** that’s over.

    Every present unwrapped by every spoilt brat had to be filmed by every relative.


    Took a bottle of Wynns Coonawarra cab sav to drink by myself, but shock horror, I had to share it with 8 people.


    After lunch the brats went to sleep so there was to be no noise for two hours. Talking was kept to a whisper.


    Thanked the hosts for a lovely day and I screamed all the way home.

  18. So I take it you had a good day?

  19. 16. Miglo

    Thinking of you @ 6., mate

    Christmas comes but once a year (you lucky old bastard Miglo! ho ho ho…)

    Just having a nice Gentleman Jack, a gift from my sister on my 60th (who does not even whisper my name – well she doesn’t talk to me – anyway) – a year and a half ago – luverly – but I shall return to the WT – next …

    …feeling a bit sad ’cause me lad and his family is away (and The Minister is crook)…but I know its once in a while…and they are usually here…

    …I used to train people in how to deal with change (talking about it is one way!) but its still bloody hard…

  20. So I take it you had a good day?

    I am now.

  21. 19. Miglo

    No…and I should be…I have everything any one could want…but I can’t put my finger on my problem…don’t feel like singing, don’t feel like modelling (railway, smart arse!), don’t feel like…anything…

  22. And so, on a vaguely serious note, I spend Christmas with the parents in Sydney as per usual. There’s just the three of us, myself having forgotten to fulfil my responsibilities to society by not getting married to someone I could grow to loathe over many years or having children who could grow up to be either serial killers, margin-lenders or members of the NSW state Labor party.

    I do the food. Seafood bruschetta, followed by a roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary and roast vegetables with an onion and rosemary gravy. There’s also a kilo of king prawns. It’s all good.

    My father, who turned 80 a few months ago, has a chronic lung disorder (there’s a name for it, but I forget. You get the picture from “chronic” and “disorder”), and he breathes like a backed up toilet would sound when you go at it with a plunger and a bottle of Drano. This delightful noise is frequently punctuated by prolonged coughing fits that sound (I imagine) like a person would sound if they were trying to simultaneously hoik up their stomach lining while gargling with a mouth full of bull testicles. It’s quite the appetiser. And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on until I feel like screaming out to the world “Will someone please put this man out of his misery?!”.

    My mother, who’s as deaf as a post, shouts “WHAT?” and “EH?!” a lot, pretty much whenever someone speaks, so I tend to quietness and just go about my business trying to ignore it all. It’s like being stuck in a Neil Simon play with added material by Chuck Pahuliak.

    I realise, around 1pm, that I won’t have enough booze to anesthatise myself during the afternoon and evening, and am reduced to topping up my glass with some ghastly variety of wine from a cask they keep in the fridge.

    They don’t drink much, but, by God, I have to in order to maintain some semblance of sanity.

    In a couple weeks, I turn 50. I hope I die before I get old. Age doesn’t bring about wisdom. It just kills you.

  23. Thanks RS, (I think)

    Just 20 years to go – buggar – and I know how quickly…

    …I watched my father (who I loathed – that was nice of me) die of emphysemia…and it was horrible…

    …who suggested a get together in Sydney – YES!

  24. Ross, set another seat at the table next year. I’m coming over. I think you’ll make a good drinking partner.

    And I’m fun to be around.

  25. TB @ 20.

    I know the answer. You’re pissed.

  26. Yet, on a lighter note …

    A couple days ago, I spent a day and a night with a couple I used to share a flat with (or rather, they shared a flat with me). I’ve known him for 20 years, and his wife for about 10. They now live on the NSW central coast, and it’s a lovely set-up they have. We ate, drank, wandered about the beach, ate and drank some more and later in the evening chowed down on an odd type of biscuit, the likes of which Arnotts never made and you won’t find ’em in Baker’s Delight neither.

    Chattering away between ourselves like so many noisy mynahs drunk on overripe fruit, the night came to a head when I discovered among my friend’s cd collection, a disc entitled “King of Pop” by Michael Jackson …

    “Now look,” I say to my friend, “you weren’t raised in my flat to descend to these depths of tasteless stupidity, mate. That’s just evil and I intend to do something about it to restore some sense of normalcy to your life” to which he feebly protested “It was cheap, and there are a couple of good songs on it”.

    “Bollocks”, I reply, grabbing the offending item and running into the street with it, shouting “Cheap CD! So cheap it’s free!!”

    He gives chase, but soon gives up as I’m quite the dodger when I’ve got my gander up (so to speak) about a righteous mission.

    Eventually, I return to their house, the cd tucked into my jeans and, with sneaky aplomb, pop into the bathroom and drop it into the toilet.

    Mission accomplished. Another soul saved from the burning rings of Satan’s gilded mansions.

    And with that tale told, adieu to all Blogocrats for now till, er, the next day or two at least, and I hope all had a sweet time. May all your wives/partners look like Scarlett Johannson and your husbands/partners like George Clooney and may you all be drunk enough to at least think they do until you’re done doin’ the dirty deeds you’re wantin’ to do.

  27. Back from a long long lunch with friends which was wonderful.

    Boyf has to work tomorrow at the post-Christmas sales – I hope he survives.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  28. Merry Christmas!!

  29. Climatologist and cyclone chaser Jon Knott, of James Cook University, said the 30-year cycle hinged on the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation.

    “It is the oscillation in sea surface temperatures lasting for about 20 to 30 years,” he said.

    “Records going back over several centuries show a very clear 20 to 30-year oscillation, which produces big cyclones, huge floods and massive storms.

    “It is getting towards the time when the IPO goes into the negative or cool state, meaning we will see an increasing number of land-falling cyclones.”,23739,24842133-952,00.html

    But, but, but…the warming of the water is supposed to kill the Great Barrier Reef and it is man made CC, not weather cycles of twenty to thirty years.

    These climatologists must be mistaken…they need a stern lecture from the distinguished Mr Flannery!

  30. I have surfaced!

    Yesterday we had Christmas lunch with Dave the Tiler. I call him that cos that’s his name and profession. He bears an uncanny resemblence to sir Les Patterson.

    And his extended family. I think there was about 12 of us, although it can be difficult to keep track

    Much to my surprise. It was actually quite nice.

    Up until the point when, as we sat down to lunch, Dave the Tiler suggested we all hold hands and say “grace”. My immediate thought was “oh f**k” but at least I wasn’t nominated to say it, otherwise I would’ve been really stuffed.

    Anyway, we had a few bottles of wine, several ports, and then I cracked open another nice bottle of red when we got home.

    After such an exhausting experience I fell asleep on the couch about 8.00pm and slept right through to this morning.

    I suspect today will be a rather slow day.

    And I am renewing my commitment to cutting down of the grog. I will ask Ben Zongo to pray for me.

  31. reb, be thankful that Ben Zongo didn’t include a penis enlargement voucher as a bonus.

  32. Well, that wouldn’t have been so bad Stephan.

    Of course, it would’ve been a completely unneccessary accessory in my particular case.

  33. TB @ 6.

    “The Ray Connif singers”

    FFS. Do you listen to anyone that’s still alive these days??

  34. Morning reb, morning all,

    We were in bed by 1030pm, sober-ish and up at 7am.

    I need to brave the shops to get some coffee cups that actually fit into the new coffee machine.

  35. FFS. Do you listen to anyone that’s still alive these days??

    Yes, I’m sure he listens to that Roger fellow. What’s his name again?

  36. 35. Miglo

    Whittaker? Miglo, Roger Whittaker, best thing to ever come out of Sith Effrika (apart from the current cricket team apparently)… 😉

  37. Now I feel sick.

    Just channel surfing between the cricket and the yatching, and who pops up in an Hawaiian shirt and a beer.

    The odious “journalist” – Akerman.

    Nurse! Bucket please.

  38. So, when is there going to be a new thread up?

  39. And I’m back. Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours started early and ended late and the middle bit was the seafood buffet and bbq. As usual I made about twice the amount of food as was necessary and so everyone headed off laiden down with cray, cheese, dips and assorted.

    Before sitting down to pop the bonbons and read the cheesy jokes the young’uns headed into the pool. I may not have any curtains, I may not have a laundry cupboard but by gee the pool resplendant with waterfall is nice ;))

  40. 29. scaper… | December 26, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Oh how to completely misrepresent something, take it in isolation and not tell an entire story.

    Please go away and read up on the warmest La Niña on record (within a supposed cooling cycle) and the research going on at the moment of the increased effects on climate change on these cyclic storms. What powers storms? Heat, mostly ocean heat, and oceans are warming at record levels.

  41. Adrian of Nowra | December 26, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    Give up Adrian.

    Take the prediction of rising sea levels due to AGW Today I was near the beach and the water levels were actually falling. Lol. In fact they fell quite a lot. Some people call it the ‘tide’ but if one wants to be simplistic …. then the attribution of any meaning is possible.

    The concept of ‘cycles within trends’ should not be too difficult to grasp. But apparently, that”s the case. The difference between climate and weather: tides and rising sea levels – I won’t go on.

    The irony is that the scientists in question are not AGW deniers.

  42. ocean temp is 6 deg hotter in the same area i was in last year. Down to 20 meters its 3 deg hotter.

    Did i hear right that it snowed in los vagas ?

  43. After saying that i have to point out that the temp changes in a range of envirments underwater. So its not odd to find one day its colder then the next. But this is the same cave i enter and it is 45meter long with a drop. so i can get very accurate temp readings .My dive computer is top of the range anyone who dose diving can tell you a six thousand dollar computer does a lot and records everything.(even what time you farted).

  44. I see shooting the messenger is the mode…but why should I be surprised?

    Some experts say the sea is cooling and then there is others that say the sea is warming, so what is the real truth and how does that relate to the cycles?

    Personally I don’t believe the CC church or the deniers…they are both full of shat…the models are just models which do not take into account every possible influence like volcanic activity and massive solar storms that result from magnetars.

    And another thing…there is as much chance that the world will agree to cut emissions as there is of world peace!

    So if this AGW is really the case then we are either stuffed or we get our heads out of the clouds to face the challenges ahead and formulate real strategies to ensure our survival…sustainability.

  45. Scaper is debatable what is happening.

    Some think its getting warmer and some think its not cooling the water down enough by the end of the day

    So the question still remains is it the cooling thats failing or is it heating up?

  46. Hexx, that is the problem…so much conflicting information and way too much emotion on both sides that it is nigh on impossible to actually come to conclusion.

    I remember having a conversation years ago with a client who was a judge, he put it succinctly for me…there are three sides to an argument…one side, the other side and the TRUTH!!!

  47. The temp is changing we can agree on that i hope.
    The cause i am open to.
    Then there is pollution which is man made and helping destroy areas.
    So there may not be one cause but many or contributors.

    I;m doing my bit with pollution, it aint much but it is my hard work.

  48. Oh Scaper i wasnt attacking you. Far from it buddy.

  49. As you know my bag is native rehabilitation…my next project will be rehabilitating a riparian zone not far from home…this will commence in late autumn as there are way too many brown snakes in the area to work safely.

  50. I know that…I was referring to Adrian’s post…in fact there was a flaw in my opinion in the link.

    I’m still trying to work out how they can make this claim based on their “several centuries of data.”

  51. Scaper ring me. For that project my help is free if you need it.

  52. Stop reading my mind…LOL!

  53. 44. scaper… | December 27, 2008 at 8:37 am

    What experts say the oceans are cooling, that’s a new one on me?

    Talk of the models have a <a href=”“>look at this which compares many of the models out there with the real data since 1999. Note that by moving the starting year you will get slightly different results but no matter what the long term trend is still up, the inter & intra decadal trend is still up and the temperature of the oceans is still going up.

    Sorry scaper but the solar influence doesn’t add up and at most in some climate models has been attributed to 0.1 degree influence one way or the other, with around a two year lag of influence. Significant but nowhere near enough to account for the amount of warming that is occurring. Solar interaction with clouds as an influence on climate is far more promising, I’ve posted the link for this before and those researching it have been given a very large grant.

    And finally there is one thing the deniers have not been able to answer anywhere I have been to, nature’s reaction to climate change. How come the unprecedented shift in flora and flora in reaction to climate, like tropical Tiger mosquitoes being found and thriving in Scandinavian countries requiring a massive eradication program? That is just one example of thousands where tropical species are moving north and south into previous cold climate areas and cold climate species are retreating further north or south, or higher or are becoming heat stressed, like the plankton of the Arctic. That long term baited underwater camera located of WA is seeing species never known to the area (including a first in a tiger shark) and the decline of local native species, some very rare, all directly related to the increase in ocean temperature.

    The effect of human-induced warming on biological and physical systems, such as patterns of species migration and seasonal shifts, came into clear focus this year. An international team of researchers conducted a sweeping analysis of nearly 30,000 biological species and physical phenomena, such as timing of pollen release and bird nesting, and trends in ice melting. For the first time, researchers attributed pronounced, worldwide changes in these systems to human-caused climate change (Nature 453, 353–357; 2008). Spurred on by concerns that species and ecosystems may not survive such shifts, conservationists began to talk seriously about relocating species to help them adapt (Science 321, 345–346; 2008). And threatened by the loss of its icy habitat.

  54. Sorry that link to the climate model comparison pictures is:

  55. ” How come the unprecedented shift in flora and flora in reaction to climate,”

    Even the crocodiles might be on the move!

    “The Environmental Protection Agency last month erected the warning signs after a 3.4m crocodile was reportedly sighted at Deep Creek on Fraser Island and a 2.5m crocodile was seen at Baffle Creek, about 150km north of Hervey Bay.”

    Even if these ‘sightings’ are only alcohol induced, the EPA can’t afford to take a chance. If true and there are crocs are to be found at Baffle Creek and on Frazer Island, the tourist dynamic changes.

    Certainly some tourists are attracted to ‘see’ crocs in the wild but more are attracted by the surfing.

    Next time I camp at Baffle Creek I will be a lot further from the bank.

  56. Sorry, can not take your link seriously because they identified the activity as from the sun which is wrong.

    Here is some information that I have yet to see from any side.

    Scroll down to known magnetars and look at the picture on the right…

    “The burst was so powerful that it had effects on Earth’s atmosphere, at a range of over 50,000 light years.”

    What about the volcanic activity under the Arctic Circle and the increased activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire?

    What about the destruction of forests all over the planet?

    Nah…it’s all because of that CO2!

    And having idiots like Flannery saying ridiculous things like pumping sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere will do the AGW camp no favours.

  57. GRB’s are well known and one close enough (inside our galaxy) could destroy us. They are the most powerful generator of energy known. Originally GRBs were thought to originate within our galaxy as it was postulated something with that much energy could not possibly exist so it had to be an energy source from within the galaxy closer to the earth.

    But how that is supposed to influence our climate at a steady increase in temperature over two centuries I haven’t a clue? Your Wikipedia link does not colligate them to climate change and I cannot find any confirmed direct causal link or modelling that corresponds to magnatars or GRBs being the causing of the last two centuries of warming.

  58. Oh and the climate change scientists are not saying it is all CO2 but a combination of that, an increase in other greenhouse gases and exacerbated by the large scale destruction of forests.

  59. If this is the case why is there not going to be more emphasis on rehabilitation and reforestation in the churn or should I say another financial industry that is called carbon tax???

    I have yet to hear anything by the Greens on this front either…the middle class feel goods that have hijacked the environmental high ground.

  60. scaper I’ll put it to you this way.

    Your bag is rehabilitation for which I very much admire you. Remember over at Tim’s I posted the link on the fantastic nature corridor being rehabilitated, starting in WA, the longest and largest in the world.

    All good stuff, but if the environmental zones are shifting and tropical species are moving north and south, cold climate flora and fauna are becoming stressed or moving into even more marginal cold climate areas and the tropical areas are drying out (causing an increase in and an intensity of fires in rainforests), so the rehabilitation of any area like the riparian one you are planning might be relatively short term, as the native flora you establish along the water course may well not be suited to that climate in 15 to 20 years.

    That is the problem with climate change, and whatever the cause something must be done to alleviate it. If it is solar caused, CO2 because of its known forcing properties most likely exacerbates it, so any reduction in atmospheric CO2 output is mostly likely to be beneficial, and alleviating CO2 output is the one thing mankind can achieve in a relatively short time at the least cost.

  61. Am about to head off for 8 days. Have the funeral to attend and while I’m in Adelaide I’ll see if I can do something about bonding with my sons. We are not close.

    If it works, then something good has come out of something bad.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  62. Hope it goes as expected and see you in a week or so Miglo.
    All the best on and in the new year.

  63. Good luck Miglo.

  64. Best wishes Miglo…

  65. You know that I’ll be thinking of you. If you need anything I’m just an email away. Min.

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