Merry Midweek Mayhem!

Hello, and welcome to Midweek Mayhem, our special Christmas edition.

Rather than blab on about the usual Christmas stuff, I thought instead it would be nice to reflect upon what we all have achieved here at Blogocrats.

From our humble beginnings we have managed to assemble a real nice mixed bag of people. We may not always agree (which would be dull if we did), and we come from all walks of life and bring different experiences and perspectives to the forum, which is great!

Also, a reminder that this blog is for us all. If anyone wants to contibute any topic for discussion or any ideas or suggestions, just email us at

We will continue to post topics during the Christmas – New Year period, so please feel welcome to keep dropping by to read and participate.

May we all have a safe and happy holiday!

reb & joni


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  1. Yes, we have come a long way since the beginning that was only a hand full of posters.

    I believe the mix of people here gives a good insight on various topics and I have this “hunch” that there will be more posters here in the future…if I have anything to do with it…LOL!

    So have a good xmas Blogocrats.

  2. if anyone is interested in the Global Warming debate, there is a very good thread over at Club Troppo. A high level of expertise on display, It will continue for some time.

  3. Cheers all!

    Great job, joni reb.

  4. N5

    I have been trying to follow that debate, but the techincal nature leaves me on the outer. But still a great thread.

  5. joni, I don’t pretend to understand the scientific and mathematical detail on that thread in particular and the broader debate. While I ‘believe’ in AGW I do so on the basis of faith. I have no other realistic option.

    BTW, in debating terms the ‘skeptic’ seems way behind.

  6. Yes I’ve been reading that thread too. David Evans must have felt like a one-armed paper-hanger with the number of responses he had to make to the 20 or so inquisitors. The moderator did manage to pretty much achieve his aim of civil discourse though – a lot like what goes on here. 😀

  7. My Christmas ‘crap’ means having 2 of my 3 children home, a seafood Chrissie dinner and hubby currently running around in circles trying to find ice ;))

  8. Have a great Christmas and New Year all. Joni, Reb, well done on getting the blog up and running and in a healthy state.

  9. Back on topic. Firstly dear Matty Price passed and then Tim departed and then Reb and Joni wrote to me. I think at the time that I described ourselves as ‘orphans’. However, thanks to Reb and Joni’s exceptional effort, plus of course others such as Kevin Rennie we now have home.

    I don’t know how to describe how this blog (and the word ‘blog’ doesn’t seem adequate) is different…maybe respect, imagination, music & poetry, care, intelligence/effort, and of course recipes…

  10. plus the top five…very interesting tastes.

  11. Merry Christams to all Blogiocrats.

    Special thanks to reb and joni for their efforts and their sense of humour at being teased.

    I’m off to catch a bus ‘home’ for christmas with the family and boxing day is our traditional leftovers picnic so I won’t be around for the proposed insult-a-thon but please feel free to consider yourselves duly insulted. 🙂

  12. It would be good to see some readers join in the xmas party…I know you are out there.

  13. Ross @ 8.

    Thanks Ross (and everyone) for kind support and feedback.

    Ross, have you been following my correspondence with Nigerian scam artist “Ben Zobi” over at the email thread?

    It might you give you a bit of a laff. I must say I’ve had a hoot writing to him, and reading his replies!


  14. Great effort guys!

    When Blogocracy petered out I assumed that most of the interesting contributors would dissipate into the ether, thankfully due to your toil this hasn’t been the case & I’m stoked by the assembled commentors here at the new joint. Bravo to all involved.

    I probably won’t be around for a couple of days as I have to meet someone in Africa with my bank details to collect a cool $1000000US; I think you’ll all agree that I thoroughly deserve it.

    Hope to drop in & insult everybody on Boxing Day…& here’s to the arrogant OZ cricket team getting another sound whipping by the benevolent Sith Iffrikans.
    Cheers & Happy Holidays!

  15. I won’t be here for a few days either. Scarlett Johansson has accepted my offer of marriage after I purchased her snotty tissue from eBay and sent her a Vegemite jar full of my skin flakes and pubic hairs.

    She thought that was a sweet gesture and sent me a box of used sanitary pads in return.

    God’s blessings are indeed showering His children with the glory of His love and peace be with all this season of the gracious giving of gifty thingymajigs.

  16. 17. Ross Sharp

    Bejesus, RS! I’m just having a nice cuppa! Correction – was!

  17. Merry Christmas & a Happy & Safe New Year to all the Blogocrat Family…

    …I hope Santa brings you just what you want…

    …let’s hope next year is as “fruitful” as this one, with ideas and points of view, humour and sharing each others sorrow, passion and compassion, visions and insights, friendship and companionship, learning and knowledge, challenge and acceptance – but most of all – acknowledgement that each one of us is different but that’s why we post here…

    …and finally, a double toast – to absent friends…and thanks for the birth of the Blogocrats…

  18. Merry syphilis and a happy gonorrhea to everyone.

    Raises glass to TB’s toast and to every blogger for making this place what it is.
    Hope you have a good holiday.

  19. Ross @ 17:

    “used sanitary pads”

    How thoughtful. Just it time for Christmas. I’d suggest hanging them on the Christmas tree.

  20. Well I’m well and truly sozzled after a big night at the golf club – only came home ’cause the wife dragged me out to help her wrap 400 milliion gifts – so I’m in the mood to drop the mean facade and wish you all a merry Xmas.

    Big hellos to Reb and Joni for starting up Blogocrats, big hellos to Min, Tingleboss, scaper, TB, Kittylitter, Adrian, John McPh, aquanut, Dave55, Lenkhi, Jane, Ross, Tom of Melbourne, Kevin, Pollytickedoff and anybody else my alcohol pickled brain has forgotten. I know that I have missed a couple of names, but don’t be offended – it’s the sate of my mind at said moment.

  21. Cheers Miglo.
    Seems you could become a professional gift wrapper.

  22. Yes aquanut. I’ve been going through all these gifts and there’s nothing for me.

    Maybe I’ve been a bad boy this year.

    I’m certainly in the bad books at the moment.

  23. Hello Miglo,

    Likewise I have returned from a local restaurant after a botle of white wine and two complimentary mugs of of some warmed up red wine. I can’t remember what it’s called,ah – Mulled wine – I think.

    The BF is watching some martial arts movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

    I tried to watch it but it’s just bollocks.

    Boxing Day is definetly the starting day of my no more drinking days. I says as I gently caress a rather fine and generously proportioned glass of shiraz.

    Did I ever tell you I used to smoke a pipe? I have a smoking cabinet tha dates back to 1893..

  24. I’ve just polished off a bottle of white and I’m still sober.

    Reb – Your BF watches martial arts movies? Trade him in. That’s just disgusting.

    Here’s somfin for youse and Joni – Keith Olbermann on Prop 8 –

    Now … where’d I put my beer? … Oh, look, a penguin! No, it’s a hedgehog. I didn’t know hedgehogs liked beer.

    Come here, boy! …

  25. Miglo i’m sure your wife figured it might take a little of the surprise away if she had you wrap your own gift. Im thinking a zulu spear to kill those spiders.

  26. I’ve made an abortion of wrapping the presents and I’ve fallen further into the bad books.


  27. “Your BF watches martial arts movies?”

    I know Ross. Imagine how I feel?

    He’s Chinese mind you, so I guess it goes with the territory.

    It’s the Ying and Yang thing. He gets to watch Chinese movies on our home theatre sytem, I get to quaff back a bottle or red while spending endless hours on the intertube.

  28. Reb dose your BF do martial arts at all?

  29. Miglo,

    I can’t even wrap Christmas presents when I’m sober, never mind half-pissed.

    Last christmas I just wrapped the family’s presents in gaffer tape. With what little wrapping paper I had left (due to to cutting it to the wrong size) and then just wrapped the rest in newspaper.

    Fuck it. It’s all just going to be ripped to shreds anyway.

  30. Well, seeing as how miglo is in a good mood I thought I’d better add my 2cents.
    I’m posting from mum’s laptop just in case you’re wondering about the obscure address.
    Drunk as hell & have been helping to chop up veges etc….wonders never cease.
    Drinking Pepperjack Shiraz & it’s sliding down easily, gonna blaze & then murder countless multitudes online with Battlefield Bad Company. Aaaah, leisure…apart from family & friends it’s what we live for.

    Peace. HDTBoTBL

    BTW, thanx for the syph hexx.
    …& well put TB.

  31. Aquanut.

    Are you kiidding me? He’s worse than Miglo when it comes to spiders n stuff. He made me remove a beetle from the bathroom even though it was already dead. FFS!

    I must say, he’s a very good cook though. A trained chef in traditional Nonya Malaysian food, so we never go hungry in the reb household.

  32. Well, seeing as how miglo is in a good mood I thought I’d better add my 2cents.
    I’m posting from mum’s laptop just in case you’re wondering about the obscure address.
    Drunk as hell & have been helping to chop up veges etc….wonders never cease.
    Drinking Pepperjack Shiraz & it’s sliding down easily, gonna blaze & then murder countless multitudes online with Battlefield Bad Company. Aaaah, leisure…apart from family & friends it’s what we live for.

    Peace. HDTBoTBL

    BTW, thanx for the syph hexx.
    …& well put TB.

  33. lol

  34. Do we have other martial artists among us?

    I’ve done Shotokan for many years, good for the body & mental discipline.

  35. LOL@reb@31

    I tried wrapping a box of p!ss that I bought for my brother today, didn’t go quite as badly as having to use the newspaper but it ended up looking like sh!t on toast nonetheless.
    Funny, coz I’m usually pretty good with my hands.

    Personally I reckon it’s all just a waste of gaudy paper.

  36. wing chung 15yr, great discipline indeed
    Nice to have you here Tingledrunk.

  37. Umm, I’m Toiletboss Hexx, just inebriated & not posting from home mate…ta for the welcome though.

  38. Tingledrunk!

    Pepperjack Shiraz? One of my favourites! I imagine Miglo would also approve!


  39. A smoking cabinet?

    What, you go into a cupboard to have a fag? Doesn’t it get a little stuffy?

    I tried smoking in a drawer once and all that happened was I set fire to my underpants. Happily, I wasn’t wearing them at the time.

  40. I’m guessing that Tingledrunk was born in Kingston, SA.

  41. Too late. He’s already exposed himself.

  42. Wing Chung is great to watch! I have a good mate who is an absolute machine at it, as you must be if you’ve been doing it for 15 yrs.
    I’ve gotten my daughter into Tae Kwon Do (limited options in this country town) as I think that martial arts can teach you a lot about yourself & it can be followed for the duration of your life; she loves it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that she was born with one eye (it’s never been an issue, but may become one as she gets older) but the martial arts has done wonders for her balance & coordination.
    Recommend it to anyone.

  43. reb@40

    Yeah, a nice drop mate!

    Apart from being a phenomenal person Dr. Mum has great taste in wine.

  44. Pepperjack shiraz. Nice marinade.

  45. Pepperjack Shiraz.

  46. Goodnight all.

    Not sure if that was a swipe or not miglo, you mean man you.

  47. Post 47 was an error. I’m not myself.

  48. Mmmmmmmmmm, Pepperjack Shiraz, mmmmmmmmm.

    I aint fussy, & I aint gonna pretend that I wouldn’t drink just about anything out of a pothole if it smelled like it had a bit-o-cohol init.

  49. Tboss,
    @44 well said.
    Your daughter has got her self into a good art. Hope she sticks with it.

  50. Tingledrunk:

    “Do we have other martial artists among us? I’ve done Shotokan for many years, good for the body & mental discipline.”

    Hmmm. Kind of. I’ve “done” a number of chinese, japanese, koreans, singaporeans and malaysians over the years.

    I see it it as my duty to fostering our relationships with our SE Asian neighbours.

    It’s a tough job. But alas someone has to do it.

    My sense of self-sacrifice for the greater good of our nation knows no bounds.

  51. blogocrats

    I am not even gonna attempt to read all the posts since I left work now… and so I am just gonna (drunkly) say…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  52. Ross @ 26

    My friend – you made me cry. The boyf was in the room after a shower and I asked him to watch the rest with me after 1.27 – because Olbernam spoke what I feel. And that is one of the bestet (spelling mistake intended) presents ever.

  53. Merry Xmas to all Blogocrats. Great to be all back together.
    Thanks especially to Joni and Reb. Great effort there lads.

    If the inspiration for this blog just happens to tune in, may I say a big thank you and a big:

  54. Dear Friends,

    Good Morning to all. I’m getting ready to head off and will be incommunicado for about a week, so play nice while I’m away.

    I would like to thank reb and joni for their wonderful initiative in getting this place up and running. There are not many blogs that I know of where you could have the kind of broad-ranging discussions we have, with the mixed array of people that we’ve got here, without any nastiness or ill-will to speak of. Well done guys, and may blogocrats go from strength to strength.

    Thanks, too, to scaper, who rounded me up and herded me in this general direction after the demise of our old stomping ground (as he has done with several others since I’ve been back too). Good work.

    Finally, I’d like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year. Look forward to speaking to you all soon.

    Kind Regards,


  55. Merry xmas all.

    Eat, drink and be Merry and enjoy whatever xmas means to you (which for me is eating, drinking and being merry with family).

    Have a good one


  56. Good morning…well all the presents have been opened and there is half a tree of paper and cardboard piled up in the middle of the lounge room floor.

    I think I’m going to have a beer to help me with the tech overload this morning…Mrs scaper’s bluetooth headphones for her mobile is charging and then I will couple it to her phone…then I’ve got to install the software and get scapette’s digital camera, MP3 player and her digital video recorder up and going!

    Ho, Ho, bloody HO!!!

  57. Tony, I have endeavoured to get as many of the old gang together as possible…mainly through Jack the Insider’s and Andrew Bolt’s sites.

    Got to make some form of contribution to compensate for my ordinary posts…

  58. Merry Christmas all you Blogocrats, left, right, progressive, conservative, traditional, (even Adrian & Reb)!

  59. Happy Christmas to you too Sparta!


  60. Yeah, merry xmas to you and yours also, Sparta.
    Your RWDB facade does not fool anyone.

    We know deep down you are a truly good bloke.
    All the best.

  61. Merry Xmas all. Special thank you to reb and joni for getting this place up and running and to the rest of the contributors who make it a worthwhile place to visit. cheers.

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