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Our inimitable blogocrat (I am the) Walrus invites you to attend a regular Monday gas bag at the “Walrus Watercooler”.

Give us an update on what you got up to during the weekend, social events or ocassions, or just use the opportunity to spread scurrilous gossip about other people.


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  1. Ho, ho ho! 110,000 hits after some ‘brave souls’ were predicting only 100,000 by christmas.

  2. I’m sorry. Was that meant to be a compliment?

  3. Yes reb! How some people underestimated your popularity.

  4. Shock…………….Horror !

    Australia loses test match to South Africa so lets shaft half the team scream the headlines.

    Oh………………….and you can all sing Happy Birthday to Walrus.

    48 years old today………………..and no grey hair……………..Yippeeeee!

    Must be my healthy lifestyle………….!

  5. 2. reb

    Well I recognise over achievers, sreb, congrats to blogocrats!

    Especially, joni and yourself…well done…

    …now lets see…based on three months experience, build in exponential growth, include the number of people who will be out of work next year (time on their hands and anger in their hearts), lower cost of internet…mmmm….I predict at least 1 million hits…by December 2009…easy… 😎

  6. “Must be my healthy lifestyle………….!”

    Yes, a good hair colour is an essential lifestyle ingredient 🙂

  7. 4. I Am The Walrus

    Is that the hair all over yer body, IATW?

  8. Ooops! Happy Birthday you old fart!

  9. If I don’t get back here before hand…

    Have a good holiday everyone, keep safe.

    Screw Xmas.

  10. Is that the hair all over yer body, IATW?

    7. TB Queensland | December 22, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    Yes TB………………… unlike reb or joni I’m not into the “Back, Sack, and Crack” waxing style

  11. 10. I Am The Walrus

    whooo! You are awful!

  12. 48 and no grey hairs? I’m absolutely positive that means you have a genetic disposition for rapidly loosing all your hair after 50.

    Me, I had lots of grey hair at 40 and now at over 50 still have a profuse mane that even impresses the barber.

  13. IATW

    The boyf wants me to do that, but I refuse. I AM A MAN!


    Happy birthday!

  14. And just a small point…. but how on earth do you know about “back, sack and crack”?

  15. 12. Adrian of Nowra …at over 50 still have a profuse mane that even impresses the barber.

    whooo! Here’s another one, IATW, I never thought Adrian was “that” way inclined – is he nice then, your barber, Adrian…?

  16. 13. joni | December 22, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Joni,……………….I’m in an industry that attracts all the beautiful people.

    I see Jennifer and Megan quite regularly……………….then there’s Jodhi, and Sandra, and Jessica etc etc etc…………………and then there’s the less interesting (to me) male contingent.

  17. Is the above what they call bloke talk? For some strange reason I always thought that bloke talk consisted of booze, footy and booze and footy..and not discussions about hair (head or body). And so I’ve learnt something new.

  18. min, that’s because the blogaycrats are a “special” bunch.

  19. “Australia loses test match to South Africa so lets shaft half the team scream the headlines.”

    An overreaction I believe. The captain didn’t help by blaming the bowlers for the loss. The only change I’d make is appoint a different captain. I think Ponting is a very ordinary captain, although obviously a very fine batsman.

  20. Bit of sad news – The Minister for War, Water, Finance & Fun is down with the flu – had her to the Doc’s this morning (that’s “really” serious for her!) – anyway he reckons another three to four days at least…just rest and good old panadol.

    Now for the sad bit – I had to strip the bed, wash the sheets and pillow cases, then remake the bed! (Just jokin’ – some folks around here don’t get satire/humour)

    Just got the two little ones (7&5) to keep busy, at the moment they are making treasure maps hiding a couple of lollies and then finding them – — yeah? That’s what I thought – but they’re happy – nice maps but…as we say in Queensland…

    Speaking of Queensland – I see the pollies perks have been “upgraded” (ie been given more money to waste) in our time of economic need – highly credible by Ms Bligh & The Bread Fruits…

  21. TB. It was a real hide by Bligh. She promised a freeze on ministers perks but increased a whole bunch just before the freeze.

  22. On the cricket, just had lunch with some mates and we were discussing the cricket. I said that we should not panic just because we have lost a couple of tests, just bring Warne and McGrath back in for the next test – that’s all.

  23. 22. joni | December 22, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Yeh lets not panic………………………!

    I wonder what Lillee and Thommo are doin’ on Boxing Day ?

  24. That was exactly what one of the mates said, and I said that Richie will be at the ground, why not get him to roll the arm over?

  25. Oh and Bill Lawry will be there too………………………he could just bore the Soof Arfricarns to death with a bit of batting

  26. Maybe get Tony Grieg out in the middle for the jaapies. That can only assist us.

  27. If we are gunna have Tony Grieg out there we must Chappelli in for some real fireworks

  28. So this is where all the ABCs funding goes to

  29. Have a good holiday everyone, keep safe. (Human Toilet).

    Same to you and all my fellow Blogocrats.

    For obvious reasons I’m not at work today but blogging still goes on.

    I’m happy to say that at 54 I have a full head of hair, and I keep resisiting calls from the wife to grow it long enough to wear a pony tail. She fails to observe that my hair prefers to grow in numerous directions and at various rates rather than down. These days I insist on maintaining it short and neat with a dob of gel to spike it a bit. Typical Canberra public servant.

    My Xmas will be spent with the wife’s family, all of who are anal. I’m hoping to come down with something contagious beforehand to escape the ordeal. I’ve just purchased a book on writing VBA for Microsoft Access 2007, and in all honesty that book sounds more exciting than the Xmas planned for me by others. I kid you not.

    No idea when the funeral will be. As dad died of an accident (a broken hip) his body has to go to the coroner in Melbourne, where he could be held for up to ten days because of the Xmas break. Once the body is returned to Horsham we can plan the Adelaide funeral, likely now to be sometime in January. We really would like closure.

  30. Bill Lawry didn’t have a grey hair until he was 50, then half bald in no time. (Adrian).

    I must add that Lawry’s batting rate was about the same speed as the growth rate of his hair.

    Someone once suggested that the ideal Xmas present for him would have been a pack of Laxettes. That way he was sure to get some runs.

  31. Miglo et 60+ hubby still has a full head of hair (courtesy of his Italian ancestors), almost completely grey though. Some of the younger tradies at work suggested that he try Grecian 2000. Cheeky whipper-snippers.

    It’s awful Miglo..this whole inquest thing. And especially over the holiday period when everything is held up even longer than normal.

    When I knew that my Dad’s passing wasn’t far away I spent the time writing what I was going to say and planning the extras such as photos/memorial cards. I am certain that you will have it all planned, but if you would like to know what I did, just email me and I’ll send it along.

    Love Min

  32. Miglo, I registered my condolences on the Frolykzes thread, but just in case ya missed it I’d like to echo them here.

    Sorry to hear about your dad mate.

  33. Saw it boss. Thanks mate.

  34. “Back, crack and sack?”

    That sounds like something that bosses will be doing to employees in the new year.

  35. Hi Miglo…chin up.

    I received a case of German beer yesterday call Bitberger…is it a keeper or pass it on?

  36. Bloody hell Min. You just made me remember that I’m the chosen one to deliver the eulogy. Me of all people: a man of so few words.

    Please email me what you did, it will be appreciated.

    If all else fails I can get John McPh to add a few thousand words.

  37. Bitburger…Maccas in a bottle???

  38. Speaking of healthy lifestyle, I haven’t had a drink of grog for ten days (with the expection of Saturday) where I couldn’t resist a nice bottle of shiraz.

    Test number two, is to make it through this week.

    “Does it make you irritable, I hear you ask?

    What do you fu*kin’ think!!!!

  39. I received a case of German beer yesterday.

    What! You’ve still got it? The scaper I know would have had them finished by now.

    You’re slipping, mate.

  40. Reb, play Durham Town a few times. Then try to abstain. I bet you can’t.

  41. Must admit that you guys have cheered me up a bit today.

    Blogocrats Counselling Service. Always there for you.

  42. Miglo, happy hols (pack the ceegars and WT)

    I have just returned from my sons home (35 me, to 46 he, same street) where these two young blokes “attempted” to fix a powered roller door…

    …couldn’t help myself when I saw the brand new thongs on the youngest (19 as it turned out) – asked him if his Chinese safety boots came with a guarantee …nice white ones they were too…

    …nothing changes…

    …I shall refrain from any comments on the most boreing game ever invented by the Poms …

  43. Happy B’day Walrus,

    If I get to 48 with a full head of hair I’ll be pretty happy – frankly I just glad to have made it to 32 with the bulk of it.

    And the cricket … Given that the Bowlers scored more runs than most of the batsmen, I’m thinking the people under threat should be closer to the top order than those rolling their arm over. Fair enough that they didn’t get the wickets but Lee bolwed well for little result and Johnston got them at the other end largely because of the tight bowling from Lee. Possibly swap Siddel for Clark (if he’s fit) but that’s about it. Hayden shoud have retired gracefully – he was unlucky in the second innings but he hasn’t looked confident all season.

  44. “These days I insist on maintaining it short and neat with a dob of gel to spike it a bit”.

    As can be seen on my gravatar.

  45. “As can be seen on my gravatar.”

    ???? your gravatar is wearing a false beard and a hat that looks suspiciously like it is intended to cover a bald patch.

  46. Miglo @41.

    “Reb, play Durham Town a few times. Then try to abstain. I bet you can’t.”


    You remind me of my grandmother, who, when I was a 12 year old boy would make me nice coconut milkshakes when my family visited her.

    They were laced with Malibu and White rum.

    I would then dress up with my auntie’s leopard skin fur and feather boa and perform for the family to shirley bassey songs like “I who have nothing” and “Diamond are Forever”.

    The writing was on the wall, wouldn’t you say…

  47. You remind me of my grandmother.

    Was she an old duck?

  48. Funny you should mention that. Not so much a “duck” but mad as a cut snake – quite eccentric.

    She used to encourage me to play “dress up”. Y’know “admiral this” “pirate that”. My favourite was my Kenneth Williams impersonations…

  49. Reb painted the hallway in seven days.

    And he saw that it was good.

  50. PS – Reb, grandson of duck.

  51. “Reb painted the hallway in seven days.

    And he saw that it was good.”

    enough but ‘why the hell didn’t I pay a painter? 7 f*ing days to paint a bl***y hallway’.

  52. … and sorry for the lack of new threads today as I am trying to catch up so many emails from the last week and a half. But I hope to get a thread up tonight on the expiry of the control order on David Hicks and the bizzare interview with Dick “Yes I am” Cheney.

  53. Polly- it was all the drinks breaks and lines of speed (or was that God who was taking the speed reb (I couldn’t quite work that one out)?

    I agree though – 7 days for a hallway!?! – it is either very long, very tricky, lots of coats (or different colour) or reb is just slow…

    Can we do a reader poll on those options?

  54. Miglo..have emailed. Hope that this is useful.


  55. “7 days for a hallway!?! – it is either very long, very tricky”

    hehe, after 7 days I’d be expecting Trompe L’oeil.

  56. or reb is just slow…

    correct. reb is just slow. I hate painting…..

  57. Eeek!!!! She is nekid!

  58. But is it art?

  59. In breaking news!

    Apparently Michael Jackson is close to death and needs an emergency lung transplant.

    Poor ***t.

    Reports say he is “too weak to speak” and may not be strong enough for the operation..

  60. I see the government is giving our money to a multinational.,25197,24833248-601,00.html
    Mr Rudd said: “The new car will provide Australian motorists with an Australian-made car that is around 20 per cent more fuel efficient and produces 20 per cent less in carbon emissions than current larger vehicles.”

    The new model will mark the first time that low-displacement forced-induction petrol engines have been commercially manufactured in Australia.

    Mr Rudd said the Government would contribute $149 million over three years, starting in 2009-10, to the project.

    I don’t see why this corporation should not pay us back instead of pocketing the profits and putting their hand out again somewhere down the track.

  61. But is it art?

    # 60. reb | December 22, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    How old is she ?

  62. Walrus, it’s the bloke on the left that seems to be “spewing” on her that I’m worried about!

  63. “Walrus, it’s the bloke on the left that seems to be “spewing” on her that I’m worried about!”

    I thought that was a self portrait showing reb’s attitude to being made to paint the hall. Spewing.

  64. The walls aren’t bad reb. What’s the ceiling like?

  65. joni | December 22, 2008 at 3:37 pm
    Eeek!!!! She is nekid! Joni..she has a hand over her bosom and a hand and long tresses cover her nether region.

    Nothing wrong with painting reb. What you do is, masking tape, a roller and a tray and bob’s yer uncle yer got the job done in less than a day.

  66. The ceiling was a bit trickier, coz I had to get some scaffolding in, but I think the end result was worth it.

  67. oh sure Min.

    Masking tape. Don’t talk to me about masking tape. All it does is rip off the paintwork underneath that you’re trying to protect.

    Whoever invented masking tape should be made to eat it.

  68. Would think you’d have done something about those cracks in the ceiling before painting.

  69. I reckon the two guys were done “back, sack, crack – both front and back”.

  70. Reb, you’re supposed to get the one for painting, not the one for packaging.

  71. Hello Pollyt* seems that we need to get these blokes organised.

  72. I have been using the painting one, but it turns out you have to remove it about two hours after painting.

    If you dont do that it gets stuck to the wall.

    I can only do so many things at once. It is a limitation of the male species….

  73. Reb, re 2 hours use the kitchen timer – you turn it around twice. Otherwise there is this little spongey/wedge thingy that can be attached to a pole and you can avoid masking tape completely (Min’s best option).

  74. “but it turns out you have to remove it about two hours after painting.”

    Ooops. If left too long use a hair dryer to soften the tape glue and lift off carefully.

    Min & Pol’s Handy Household Hints (TM)

  75. I could just imagine reb cooking a xmas turkey…

  76. “If left too long use a hair dryer to soften the tape glue and lift off carefully”

    If any glue left behind then Chux Magic Erasers work well. They also work well on those black scuff marks that appear on walls.

    Min & Pol’s Handy Household Hints (TM)

  77. …and the thick plottens – where do they get these twits from?

    THE Federal Government’s controversial internet censorship plan may extend to filter more web activity than first thought, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed today.
    In a post on his department’s blog, Senator Conroy today said technology that could filter data sent directly between computers would be tested as part of the upcoming live filtering trial.,28348,24833959-5014239,00.html

  78. Knew it, God is wearing a pink toga.

  79. 80. Adrian of Nowra

    Is that really, sreb, on the left?

  80. TB, re the bloke on the left, that the pool boy.

  81. Thank you PollyT. I don’t currently have any black scuff marks on the walls, but if hubby doesn’t behave himself then this could easily become a future problem.

  82. Malcolm Fraser (ABC PM – no link yet) has just urged South Africa to turn off Zimbabwe’s electricity in order to put pressure on Bob Mugabe. That’s a bit rich coming from the man who was instrumental in bringing this tyrant to power. Still, better late than never I suppose.

  83. 81. Nah that is sreb on the right in the pink toga, he has always thought he was God.

  84. If God created Man in his own image, then I have more than returned the favour.

    And Min and Polly, why don’t just both come ’round and paint my place next time?

    I’ll throw in the vol au vents and gin n tonics at 4.00pm…

  85. 86. reb

    Mateus, sreb, seduce ’eme wif Mateus!

  86. Would anyone like to comment on this video of Kevin Rudd addressing the troops in Afghanistan. Do you think he is talking down to the diggers, or is it his attempt at empathising with them? (In particular, watch for where he says the nation will be “thinkin'” of them.)

  87. “Mateus, sreb, seduce ‘eme wif Mateus!”

    For min, maybe. Me, I like the odd G&T.

  88. Adrian @ 85.


  89. Hey! I resemble that remark!!

  90. 88. Tony of South Yarra

    (Note: I refer to Army, Navy & Air Force when I say, Digger)


    Empathise? I don’t think so, mate…

    What a dumb thing for the PM to say “…in Australia other families will be giving presents, tucking into …etc etc…” that always makes you feel better…hey?

    This is not sarcastic ToSY but will you and your family be thinking of the Diggers OS, at Christmas?

    Diggers families do but most others don’t…and its not a problem for most ADF people – Diggers are usually pragmatic about their role in life…

    FYI we always have a NYE party at our place, (’cause its easy for the kids to stagger home) and we usually have a number of ex and sometimes serving members come along – we always toast absent friends (both military and civilian) and then toast the Diggers currently serving – anywhere…that’s my cue to sing, John Lennon’s, Imagine…

    …and I always quote JL “…what if we had a war and nobody came…”

    Maybe you might consider something similar…?

  91. TB

    Lovely sentiments. And remember that some of the blogocrats (like min) have family currently serving in our military.

    For the boyf and myself, we will be having special thought for prisoners of conscience during this time, especially those around the world who are locked up for their beliefs.

    John Tan is a friend of ours.

  92. Thanks, joni, you make a good point – we all have different concerns and that steers our Christmas thoughts …I think Imagine really says it all…including John Tan…

    …and of course I am aware of Min and the matelot…plus Adrian also a drunken sailor ;-)…

    I suspect there are a few among us who have served (or may be serving) …I just remembered Hemingway…he was a VNV…

  93. Empathise? I don’t think so, mate…

    I didn’t think so either. It seems like he’s trying too hard to be one of the boys (which he isn’t, and never will be – that’s just not who he is).

    I would like to think the diggers didn’t take offence to the way he spoke to them – almost as if he had to dumb down his language so they would understand him. Let’s face it: many of todays military are very well educated indeed – officers, of course, but also special forces, who are selected not only for their elite physical abilities, but also for their mental prowess.

    And as far as thinking of them on Christmas day: no, not usually; but this year I hope to make the effort, even if only for a minute or two.

  94. 95. Tony of South Yarra

    Not just officers and special ops…Tony

    …my son was an Army Apprentice (intake 44) 1989, at 17 – he was selected from 890 applicants – the ADF only selected 86 for Army Apprentices School, Bandiana, he later joined 3RAR (Paras) and later was deployed for seven months in E Timor (two days leave) with INTERFET and the UN…in civvie streeet he’s now a Tech. Sales Manager…

    …the ADF is elite from top to bottom…and the buggars know it!

    …I was going to apologise for boasting…but, nah, I was RAEME too…

  95. I shall have to sign off for two reasons:

    The Minister has left her sick bed and said she’s hungry – great sign of getting better…yes!

    She’s watching Top Gear by herself! (’cause she knows I’m a fan)

    catch youse tomorrow…

  96. I’ve heard more than enough PM and Defence Minister speeches in my 20+ years and I think you are attempting to make a mountain out of molehill ToSY. Yet another lame attempt to pin something on Rudd and discredit him as this came out of a Crikey article.

    Rudd would have had eats and chats with the troops well before his speech and he would have taken in their talk and dialog then used that in his speech.

    Let me tell you something ToSY. Why do you think Presidents/PM’s etc. and other senior pollies use school kids and the military for their PR stunts and vidgrab backdrops? They are both a captured audience that can’t do anything to upset the apple cart. Most of the time the troops hate having to put on a cheesy grin and bear the awful speeches they give. One of the exceptions was Bomber Beazley as Defence Minister, he was almost universally liked.

    Howard was amongst the worst for this and he shamelessly used the troops for political gain but then completely lost their respect with the children overboard affair where he attempted to implicate the Navy to cover his own back. That was despicable.

    What Rudd did was not worse or better than just about every other pollie who has ever stood up in front of troops with the media there to record the event. Expect a lot more of it before he is eventually replaced as PM.

  97. One of the exceptions was Bomber Beazley as Defence Minister, he was almost universally liked. Adrian @ 98

    Without doubt…Adrian…groomed for Defence Minister and one of the best (if not “the”) pity he was promoted to his level of incompetence…

    …and ya can’t fool the diggers, they know what’s going on, always have, lways will.

  98. Adrian/TB

    One time it would be nice if the government of the day would select an opposition member to hold a cabinet position because they were the most qualified. Does anyone know whether we have a precedent in Australia for this?

  99. Adrian @ 98

    Just so you understand where I’m coming from: my beef wasn’t that Rudd gave a boring PM / MOD speech. My question was whether his demeanour was condescending to the personnel he was addressing.

    Have you ever heard him pronounce “thinkin'” like that in any other setting? Do you think that’s his normal pronunciation? I don’t. He seems to believe that either a) his audience was too dumb to understand him if he spoke naturally, or b) that he would endear himself to them if he spoke the same way (he thought) they did.

  100. “would be nice if the government of the day would select an opposition member to hold a cabinet position because they were the most qualified. ”

    Joni, you seem to think that Ministers are ‘qualified’ in terms of expertise. Lol. As I understand it, joni you are in the IT business. Do you really want Conroy making IT decisions on his own? Do you want Nicola Rixon making ‘Health’ decisions?

    Politicians are there to make political decisions. By definition, Opposition members can’t make good political decisions as judged by Governments of the day.. Tis an oxymoron.

    Your shoulder operation was performed by an ‘expert’. The notion that a politician is empowered to cut and snip is crazy.

  101. N5,

    Fair enough. I guess that is a difference between our system (Westminster) where the cabinet comes from the elected pool and the US where it is the best person for the job.

    You think I’d know better being a regular “Yes Minister” watcher.

    I feel foolish now – I blame the pain killers.

  102. I am delighted with this site & the breadth & generally good humour of the contributors. 93. joni Great link by the way.
    I much prefer the Phoenix to the original & applaud the efforts of those who got it established & run this blog.

  103. joni | December 22, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    “guess that is a difference between our system (Westminster) where the cabinet comes from the elected pool and the US where it is the best person for the job.”

    As you say, the ‘separation of powers’ is very different under the Westminster and the US system, yet the same ‘concept’ has currency and legitimacy in both locations.

    While I studied the US government system some years ago, I claim no expertise and indeed I claim no expertise in the current Australian political climate.

    While it is theoretically possible for a non elected official to be a Cabinet Minister in Australia, I am unaware of any instance where that has occurred. Although I know of many, many instances where the Cabinet Minister was simply a puppet manipulated by those with expertise. Indeed Rudd fits that bill to a tee,

    Good governments must be about teamwork, while at the same time there must be a creative tension. It seems to me that Obama is on the money.

    As for the ‘pain killers’, I trust that such need will soon pass.

  104. Honestly Tony, just like the Crikey piece which makes a similar claim that Rudd changed to ‘ockerism’ for the troops, you are making a mountain out of molehill. It is in no way condescending and it certainly didn’t appear to me as if the troops were miffed or felt belittled by it.

    Howard also noticeably changed his persona for the occasion, including speech mannerisms and dropping ockerisms, but I never heard any claims of condescension against him for doing it. (Well I often did but got no traction so concluded it must be a generally accepted norm for PMs).

    I have a couple of friends on HMAS Parramatta who I’m in contact with via email and can ask them what they thought of Rudd’s speech but I can pretty well guess their reply. “Just another fuckin’ pollie wasting our time big noting himself, but at least it gave us a break from work and smallie eats.”

    Tony I winced a little when I heard Rudd drop into that type of speech mannerism just as I did when Howard did it, but it appears to be the norm for our leaders on occasions like this, so now I just go with the flow and don’t attempt to make something terrible out it or read more into it than what it really is, which certainly isn’t condescending.

  105. 100. joni | December 22, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    There is no precedent I’m aware of or can find. There have been a very small handful of defections which have ended up in the ex-opposition member getting a position in the government of the party they once opposed.

    No joni even if the opposition member were far more qualified, competent and liked than his counterpart in government, there should not be a system that allows them a government position. Our whole democratic system would collapse under that model and you would more or less have an unworkable government.

    There is ample opportunity for competent oppositions to influence policy and have significant input into the policy process. If they genuinely have good ideas that are beneficial for the country and its people, yet are ignored or denigrated by a dominate government who implement inferior policies, then oppositions still have ample opportunity to present their superior policies to the people and the people will decide.

    Having said all that. Yes incumbency infers a huge advantage to a party, even an incompetent one, just look at NSW.

  106. Tony I winced a little when I heard Rudd drop into that type of speech mannerism

    Thank you, you get that bit.

    just as I did when Howard did it

    Fair argument if it’s correct. Personally, I don’t recall him doing it. Please provide an example so I can criticise him for it in my next comment.

    By the way, it seems Rudd dropped in a few soft swear words>/a> as well. Did Howard ever do this?

  107. Oops. didn’t close that linky thing properly. Maybe this will fix it:

  108. Fixed?

  109. Yep ToSY, it seems to work.

  110. Still think you are trying to blow this up Tony. This has been the tactic by the right from the first moment Rudd won office, make mountains out of molehills for every action, word, nuance and gesture made by Rudd.

    As to Howard, you obviously haven’t seen Keating the Musical. I looked for a concrete example of Howard doing it and admit amongst reams of criticisms of Howard’s speeches (I could not find any praise) there are no transcripts I could quote. This will be the same as Rudd’s speech, in a couple of years noone will even know what he said at the end of 2008.

    Howard has used ‘bloody’ and defended its use in the “Where the Bloody Hell Are You” ads.

  111. This has been the tactic by the right from the first moment Rudd won office

    Maybe, but you wouldn’t class the SMH as a newspaper of ‘the right’ would you?

  112. It’s right, left or neutral depending on the author or story or the composition of the piece. Just because a paper other than the Australian publishes a story doesn’t mean the story is a blow up or not a wingnut piece.

    Tony this is just another case of the Rudd salute to Bush and several other nuances and gestures he has been jumped on since day dot, and it will go the way of the others to disappear off the radar very quickly. And in every case you have attempted to give these things substance and importance well beyond what it actually is only because it’s Rudd.

    Now you are attempting to make a big thing out of the fact I had a slight wince at the speech (and it’s not the first Rudd statement or speech I’ve had a wince at). God I fully winced at just about all of Howard’s speeches and every time Downer opens his mouth even if nothing comes out. Yet I didn’t make a song and dance about it as you do on every opportunity with Rudd.

    This is a nothing Tony, pap, nonsense, meaningless, air, pointless, non-historic, flitting and a molehill. The troops he gave the speech to are playing with the cricket set they were given and have completely forgotten what Rudd said or how he said it. Only some wingnuts continue to attempt to make something of it.

  113. I see that the former government has been cleared of any conspiracy in the Haneef affair.,25197,24835971-601,00.html

    Disappointed…yes, surprised…hardly!

    Governments change, nothing else does.

  114. scaper – once the report is released we will have a full thread on it.

  115. Meanwhile I will sharpen my axe…

  116. Careful with that axe, Eugene.

  117. No problems with the axe…angle grinders are another story…LOL!

  118. Angel grinders??? Oh – angLe grinders. hehe

  119. 106. Adrian of Nowra – Absolutely!

    Tony, I didn’t realise you were trying to score poitical points – as far as the ADF (and thier families I might add) are concerned – politicians just get in the way – can/never will understand soldiers, sailors and airmen – or what they do – just be thankful they do it and we have the best in the world – its quality not quantity…

    …and, wow, another friggin’ cricket set!

    …oh! and Tony, you never answered my question, will you and your family be thinking of our Diggers OS as you scoff and quaff?

    …now that’s why Diggers get p!ssed off – hypocrisy…

    …at least our lot don’t falsely smile and clap and cheer like the Yanks!

  120. ‘careful with that axe, Eugene’ – Joni

    Showing your age there Joni, and mine too. S**t.

  121. TB,

    …oh! and Tony, you never answered my question, will you and your family be thinking of our Diggers OS as you scoff and quaff?

    You must have missed my reply then. This from my comment at 95 above:

    And as far as thinking of them on Christmas day: no, not usually; but this year I hope to make the effort, even if only for a minute or two.

    (As far as trying to score political points: I have no need to do that, but I do enjoy arguing the various topics here, so perhaps scoring debating points would be more accurate.)

  122. Scaper @ 115

    “I see that the former government has been cleared of any conspiracy in the Haneef affair.”

    I think he still has some explaining to do for that hairdo.

    The truth, like the hair dye, will eventually come out in the wash.

  123. OB,

    How about we scream our last scream whilst being with several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict?

  124. 123. Tony of South Yarra

    Yep! Missed ToSY, apologies and point taken!

  125. You lot.

    I was wondering whether we should have a Christmas Day thread – “Waifs and Strays’ for those of us that might want to catch up on Christmas day and/or evening, and tell everyone what the day was like.

    And we could all get pissed!

    Maybe we could have another thread on Boxing day where we just abuse each other, call each other names like slut and slag etc cetera… just like real life!

    Whaddaya think?

  126. NP TB

  127. Great idea reb…

  128. Good idea reb, but must I wait until Boxing Day to abuse you?

    I’m already primed.

  129. 127. reb

    Won’t we do that anyway?

  130. reb @124. I should imagine that what the finding means is that Andrews acted within his powers (which he did) and that there was no proof of political interference in the legal processes.

    Blind Freddy could see that the whole thing was politically motivated ie trying for a pre-election repeat of The Children Overboard Affair viz fear of terrorism. However unless Andrews put into writing or specifically stated to a number of people who are prepared to come forward, I am going to cancel Haneef’s visa because the Liberal government needs a boost in the polls, then Andrews is going to come out of it least on paper.

    Years later no one except a Cairns taxi driver believes that children were thrown overboard (proof of the evil nature of asylum seekers) and the Haneef case is going to go the same way. Andrews career is stuffed.

  131. Time for a Christmas poem!

    “Rock Away Rest”

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas at Rock-Away Rest,
    And all of us seniors were looking our best.
    Our glasses, how sparkly, our wrinkles, how merry;
    Our punch bowl held prune juice plus three drops of sherry.

    A bedsock was taped to each walker, in hope
    That Santa would bring us soft candy and soap.
    We surely were lucky to be there with friends,
    Secure in this residence and in our Depends.

    Our grandkids had sent us some Christmasy crafts,
    Like angels in snowsuits and penguins on rafts.
    The dental assistant had borrowed our teeth,
    And from them she’d crafted a holiday wreath.

    The bed pans, so shiny, all stood in a row,
    Reflecting our candle’s magnificent glow.
    Our supper so festive — the joy wouldn’t stop —
    Was creamy warm oatmeal with sprinkles on top.

    Our salad was Jell-O, so jiggly and great,
    Then puree of fruitcake was spooned on each plate.
    The social director then had us play games,
    Like “Where Are You Living?”And “What Are Your Names?”

    Old Grandfather Looper was feeling his oats,
    Proclaiming that reindeer were nothing but goats.
    Our resident wand’rer was tied to her chair,
    In hopes that at bedtime she still would be there.

    Security lights on the new fallen snow
    Made outdoors seem noon to the old folks below.
    Then out on the porch there arose quite a clatter
    (But we are so deaf that it just didn’t matter).

    A strange little fellow flew in through the door,
    Then tripped on the sill and fell flat on the floor.
    ‘Twas just our director, all togged out in red.
    He jiggled and chuckled and patted each head.

    We knew from the way that he strutted and jived
    Our social- security checks had arrived.
    We sang — how we sang — in our monotone croak,
    Till the clock tinkled out its soft eight-p.m. stroke.

    And soon we were snuggling deep in our beds.
    While nurses distributed nocturnal meds.
    And so ends our Christmas at Rock-Away Rest.
    ‘fore long you’ll be with us, We wish you the best.

    I have no idea who wrote it – email from a friend…

  132. “Good idea reb, but must I wait until Boxing Day to abuse you?
    I’m already primed.”miglo

    As you may imagine, I’m saving up some special abuse for the Showdowns…but if there’s gonna be a free for all on Boxing Day then I’m in!

  133. I’m saving up some special abuse for the Showdowns…

    Why aren’t I surprised?

  134. I may further add, Tingleboss, that Crow’s supporters often display aggressive acts of nastiness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Despite being losers.

  135. miglo@136

    LOL, Tingleboss.

    You must have run into some zealots somewhere along the line.
    I’m not one, neither aggressive nor nasty…scornful maybe.


  136. The AFP has accepted the findings of the inquiry and Mr McClelland said that mistakes had been made from officer level to the highest level.

    “At the end of the day political leaders and agency heads must accept responsibility for errors that occurred on their watch,” he said.

    “But we have full confidence in all agency heads.”

    Asked about the issue of an apology to Dr Haneef, he said that question should be addressed to those who were in government at the time.,23739,24836925-5003402,00.html

    Confidence in Kelty???

    Is the McClelland person a member of the party that said sorry to the Aboriginals this year for actions by past governments and people but will not offer an apology to Haneef or any compensation because it did not happen under the new government’s watch???

    This whole thing stinks of double standards and of a government that will slide to the depths of the last…just in another fashion.

  137. “This whole thing stinks of double standards and of a government that will slide to the depths of the last…just in another fashion”scaper

    Such issues lead me to think you are right, although the current lot have a long way to sink yet before they plumb such murky depths.
    Still, no excuse for the double standards IMHO.

  138. 139. Toiletboss

    Took the last lot 12 years before most folks woke up to ’em – but I do hope Rudd & Co eventally get some “balls” they do have the potential…

  139. 138. scaper… | December 23, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    “At the end of the day political leaders and agency heads must accept responsibility for errors that occurred on their watch,” he said.

    Now here is what absolutely and utterly craps me off about the whole politics thing. I lost count of the amount of times Howard said he accepted full responsibility for such and such or so and so. How many times those who took the fall accepted responsibility and all the ministers who take the responsibility for their department and personal stuff ups.

    Yet in every single case, and it continues on, for all the responsibility they take, not a single one is punished, demoted, chastised or reformed. They continue on as normal and in many cases are promoted, given rewards, pay rises or a generous retirement so they are out of the way.

    Accepting responsibility means utterly nothing in the political and government sphere, except maybe as a way of buck passing in being responsible for making someone else take the responsibility for your stuff up and responsible for rewarding them for doing so.

    All responsibility but no consequence.

  140. TB @ 133

    Do you want the CD? I’ve still got the f**ken thing.

  141. 142. reb

    CD? Wot CD? 😆

  142. “The Stars of Country”

    From the “make up your own Christmas Carol Competition”

  143. reb

    I think you could give us a detailed Christmas Day review of each track on the CD.

    whadyareckon blogocrats?

  144. Are you kidding me? That would mean I’d have to listen to it!!


  145. Sometimes we all have to do things we do not like. hehe

  146. “That would mean I’d have to listen to it!!”

    Try doing it without listening to it. It’d probably be more interesting than a review based on listening anyway – afterall there are only so many ways to write AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  147. 148. Pollytickedoff

    Whatever, PTO, said! 😯

  148. Hell’s bells! Hubby went down to purchase the Christmas Mateus and there is none…sold out. Sigh and droop. Very obviously some Blogocrats have snaffled all supplies. Any suggestions for an alternative?

  149. Can’t help you there Min as I am not a big wine drinker…we have had Mateus droughts up here and when that happens Mrs scaper buys Italian Aste.

    Come to think of it…on the bottom her wish list (which is as long as a $300 grocery shopping docket) is the case of Mateus.

    Will have to pick one up tomorrow with the xmas Kahlua.

  150. 150. Min

    Any good ros’e, I’d say, Min…

    …or perhaps…a lambrusco…Brown Bros Tarrango (served very cold) is also nice…

  151. Stones Green Ginger…

  152. “Any suggestions for an alternative?’

    I don’t mind a drop of Lambrusco. It’s a fairly light, slightly sparkling italian red, best served chilled.

  153. Stones…reminds me of the feasts we used to have of roasted tree grubs with some salty chips in the Lockyer Valley in the early eighties…yummy!

  154. 153. Adrian of Nowra

    …tried Stones with whisky liqueur? (eg Drambuie)…

    …got The Stones in the cabinet but no Drambuie (…note to self…)

    154. Pollytickedoff

    PTO, I think it is also a white (?)

    Joke just in…

    A small boy was lost at a large shopping Centre.

    He approached a uniformed policeman and said, ‘I’ve lost my pop!’

    ‘The cop asked, ‘What’s he like?’

    The little boy hesitated for a moment and then replied,

    “Bundaberg Rum and sheilas with big tits”


  155. Tm Dunlop used to (and I imagine still does) share a drop of Lambrusco with his mum.

    I believe a nice chianti would also make a suitable substitute for Mateaus Min.

  156. 80. Adrian of Nowra

    “Is that really, sreb, on the left?”

    Excuse me, that fella’s willy is practically invisible, whereas I on the other hand….

  157. 158. reb

    Jeese! Slow AND tiny! 😆

  158. …and it was me wot asked the question, yer dick, er, silly billy…

  159. Yeah reb, I was da one dat said yous was the enormously hung bloke on the right in the pink toga. You know this because first he’s God and know that if you are omnipotent that the last thing you would do is have a tiny willy, and secondly if you go around in a pink toga you’d want to be omnipotent and well hung.

  160. Adrian @161

    WTF!? WTF?! WTF?!

  161. Toiletboss

    I know – I am still in total shock at 161

  162. Just trying to prick reb’s ego.

  163. god has no ego…or something to that effect.

  164. Oh c’mon Toiletboss, god has to be all ego. Think about it.

  165. Hahahaha Joni. Can’t trick Joni, can we know?

    Syd Barrett is dead. Long live Syd Barrett (and Nick Mason, of course).

    No more turning away
    From the weak and the weary
    No more turning away from the coldness inside
    Just a world that we all must share
    It’s not enough just to stand and stare
    Is it only a dream that there’ll be no more turning away?

    A sincere Merry Xmas to all Blogocrats (Thought I’d get in first, sorta like a premature salutation).

  166. oops, *now, my bad. Ahhh, big deal. It’s the Lambrusco, you know.

  167. OB,

    You mean the late Rick Wright – not Nick Mason.

    But I understand the sentiment.

  168. Holy Toledo. Not having a good day, am I? Bloody Lambrusco!
    Things, can only get better.

    Sorry Joni.

  169. OB

    No worries – this is a blog where we react quickly not an exam.

    And did everyone see Lotharson on the Hicks/Cheney thread?

  170. You lot that think, that “I think that I’m God”

    Wot sort of nut job would consider, being him ‘Tin Tin” as his (or her) self as the creator of the universe?

    We’ve got the same hairdo. Granted.

    And we’ve both got a cute dog. That’s for sure.

    I’d like to say that there’s more to it. but there’aint.

    But then, we both enjoy a bone now and then…

    It’s not too much ti ask is it?

    Please don’t be too critical. I’m the shy retiring type.

    I can only take so much criticis in one day.


  171. I just think you’re a naughty boy. A very naughty boy. But loveable.

  172. “A sincere Merry Xmas to all Blogocrats “OB

    Back atcha! & to all others, Happy Holidays. Finished this arvo, now officially “off” until Monday!

    Keep safe, Celebrate the Vernal Equinox…or is it the Solstice??? drunkeness aint helping me remember.

    I’ve enjoyed the meeting of minds here once again. Well done to all involved. It’d be nice if Tim dropped in to say Hi but I understand that he’s probably at mass or sumptin’…LOL.

  173. yes joni,

    This is what he said on the climate change thread a few weeks ago (I hope he won’t mind, but it’s there for all to see anyway):

    I’ve been chronically ill for a few years, and about a year ago I just stopped reading blogs and commenting altogether. Maybe I’m getting a little better now – I poke my head up on the blogs every now and then


    We figured out what seems to be causing it about a year and a half ago, and I’m on a course of treatment that should fix it but may take another year or two – but it’s a much better state of affairs to know what it is and what to do about it.

    If you’re reading L, obviously I wouldn’t know you if I fell over you in person, but I’m pretty sure from your words and your style that you’re a decent human being, and I sincerely wish you well.

  174. “And did everyone see Lotharson on the Hicks/Cheney thread?”TB

    Lotharsson has actually been with us for a while, he has commented on another thread in the last month or so. As noted, a great contributor, very lucid & substantiated commentary. Lucky to have him.

    I regularly refer to the “Denialists Deck of Cards” that he posted at Tim’s.

  175. Tony

    I must’ve missed that in all of the comments and my shoulder surgery. I hope Lotharson stays and plays – because as you say – he/she is a very very decent human being (and so are you too).

  176. And I am just settling down now with a very nice Pirramimma Digby port…. very very passable.

  177. Much as I’m loathe to “promote” the ideological chameleon that is ABolt. Anybody wanting a good snicgger could do worse than having a look at this…

    Witness 98% of his metronomic regulars denouncing their future votes to their beloved post-Rodent party; primarily because their mental autocue Uncle Andrew thought of it first.
    Presumably 2% of them display some integrity & an ability to think outside of the rigid intellectual box that Bolt has trained them to salivate within.

    Enlightening, unsurprising & perversely amusing.

  178. Ummmm, that would be “a good SNIGGER”…not sure what a snicgger is.

  179. Back again..sigh..that wretched having to cook dinner thing keeps interrupting. Thank you to all for very helpful suggestions. Might stick with the lighter ones as we are having seafood..cray, bug plus barbecued barra, prawns and scallops.

  180. Back again..sigh..that wretched having to cook dinner thing keeps interrupting. Thank you to all for very helpful suggestions. Might stick with the lighter ones as we are having seafood..cray, bug plus barbecued barra, prawns and scallops.

    Whoops, having trouble posting..apologies if the above is duplicated.

  181. “we are having seafood..cray, bug plus barbecued barra, prawns and scallops”. (Min).

    I reckon that if I leave now and make minimal stops along the way I could make your place by tea time.

    Please leave me a couple of prawn spiders, half a tail, a dozen prawns and a few scallops.

    I’ll bring my own wine.

  182. Miglo..I always make far too much. You and L will most definitely have to come over to help polish it off ;))

    Another thing I found that I had eons ago for a birthday party is Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup. Pop one into the bottom of a tall glass top and with champers.

  183. Whoops sorry Miglo..I meant you and G.

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