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Over the next couple of days we will be making some changes to the blog, so if anyone has any suggestions – please put them in this thread and we will see what we can accommodate. Note that we are limited quite a bit by wordpress and the template we are currently using, but we will endeavour to do what we can to improve our home.


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  1. if anyone has any suggestions – please put them in this thread

    How about a whole new set of posters? That would be good. Oh yes, and commenters, too. That’s it: new posters and commenters. The current ones – including myself – are a bit boring, really. And the decor could do with a bit of a spruce-up as well. It’s so – I dont know – what’s the word? – boooring.

    Aside from that – no. No suggestions. Everything’s just fine.

    /B. Fawlty

  2. Links could be expanded.

    I’d like to be able to embed non-YouTube videos in posts.

    Easy RSS.

    Expanded/revised categories. Link to categories.

    Keep up great work.

  3. Never got my head around RSS… can you tell us now it works?

    On the categories, I think I can add a widget for them.

    Categories now added as a widget… we might need to edit them down a bit.

  4. I’d like the blog to make me a frozen margerita (actually make it a jug) with crushed salt around the rim, at approximately 4.30pm every afternoon.

    And then at approximately 7.00pm to light me a rather tightly rolled cuban cigar, tenderly assembled and served by one of those handsome young armed guards from Tianemen Square with a large henessey in hand.


  5. A frozen Margarita Pracathaan? The mind boggles.

  6. Joni, would you be able to fix up the email address on the top right menu item? (I don;t know whow to do it)…


  7. okidoki!

  8. Yay! Our first email (plus my response!). Does the generosity of some people ever cease to amaze you??

    — On Mon, 22/12/08, Sylves Usman wrote:

    From: Sylves Usman
    Received: Monday, 22 December, 2008, 5:58 AM


    Dear Friend,


    I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we never met before. I am the Director in charge of Auditing section of Bank of African(B.O.A).

    I Hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of Twenty-Two Million and Six Hundred Thousand united state dollars ($22.6 mUSD) Immediately to your account.

    The fund has been dormant (in-active) for 10 years in our Bank here without any body coming for it.

    I want to release the fund to you as the nearest person to our deceased customer (the owner of the account) who died a long with his supposed next of kin in air crash since on February 16, 1998.

    I don’t want the fund to go into our Bank treasury as an abandoned fund, so this is the reason why I contacted you, so that my Bank will release the fund to you as the nearest person to the deceased customer.

    Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Upon receipt of your reply, I will send you the application form you will fill and send to the bank for transfer of the fund into your bank account and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business. And also 10% had been mapped out for you for the expense you will make in this transaction and 50% is for me. I need you information so that I will send you the application form.


    FAX NO.

    Waiting for your urgent call so that we will starts immediately.

    Best Regards,
    Mr.Ben Zongo.
    TEL: +226 71 34 45 00


    From: blogocrats
    Received: Monday, 22 December, 2008, 10:21 AM

    Dear Ben,

    It is with much sadness that I read about your customer’s fatal airplane crash and loss of the entire family.

    Death is such a tragedy, however seeing as it happened 20 years ago I guess you’re over it now.

    My heartfelt sympathies.

    In terms of the financial arrangements, thank you so much for your unexpected and gracious offer.

    Cooincidentally, I happen to find myself in need of a significant amount of cash.

    What with the economy the way it is and with Christmas just upon us, it sure would come in handy.

    I reckon about $US11 million just about ought to cover it.

    My superannuation has also taken a hammering, which makes my situation particularly pressing.

    I’m not sure if you have superannuation in Africa, but it’s what the government makes our employers pay into a compulsory fund in in our country in order for people to save for their retirement – that’s how we survive after we stop working to earn a living. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    It sounds simple, but unfortunately it’s very complicated.

    My nephew is about to go into hospital too, which causes me great sadness.

    The prognosis is not good. His condition is serious and he may not make it.

    But I do not wish to burden you with my heavy heart.

    In saying that though, your most gracious offer of 50% of $US22.6 million is a heavenly blessing which proves that the gods are indeed shining brightly upon me and family this morning.

    Perhaps there is hope for my nephew after all.

    Once again may I thank you from the bottom of my heart with sincere gratitude and may the heavenly gods shower your family with many blessings of love.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon so that we may progress with the transaction further.

    May god bless you and your family..

    Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

  9. ROFL – that is just sooooo funny!

    But I still think you should have thanked him from the heart of your bottom.

  10. Dear Mr Professor.

    Please you forgot to enclose for our consideration your personal details. In order to expedite this top secret transaction, just your banking details will be sufficient.

    Looking very much to your reply,

    Mr B. Zongo.

  11. Continued from @11

    Ben Zongo has written to me again! This guy is just so generous. I feel sorry for his poor family situation though…

    From: Blogo Crats
    Subject: Re: from ben zongo
    Received: Tuesday, 23 December, 2008, 12:32 AM

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for prompt response also. It is indeed very good to hear from you again and I trust that your wife and family are well.

    Thank you for complimenting my english. That is very kind of you. I am originally from Budapest as the name O’Crat may suggest, so english is in fact my second language.

    Your english is also very good too if you don’t mind me saying.

    As I mentioned in my last letter, I am a retired professor with a Phd in Micropaleontology.

    Micropaleontology is the study of very old prehistoric fossils.

    These are very old and very small fossils. Coincidentally, I am also writing a book about our former Prime Minister.

    It was with great sadness that I read about the death of the late Mr Kurt Kuhle due to his tragic airplane crash over the Israel sea in 2001.

    It is very sad that his entire family is now dead. But I guess that’s life.

    I have been to Egypt many times, primarily to oversee archaeological projects including the Giza project which is truly fascinating.

    I intend to return to Egypt in the not too distant future to continue my studies.

    I also am deeply saddened to hear about your own personal difficult circumstances.

    The banking industry is very difficult at the moment, and to hear that your family’s very survival is at risk weighs heavy on my heart. May the gods shower you with abundant blesssings of wealth and happiness.

    You are indeed blessed to have a lovely wife, two sons and a daughter and you must care for their wellbeing dearly.

    We must do everything we can to ensure your family are safe and cared for.

    I am very excited about the transaction and how it may benefit your family as well as my own. I have two sons and four grandchildren.

    As you know, I also have a nephew who is gravely ill so I am keen to proceed as soon as possible or he will die soon. I could not live with myself if this were to happen.

    I understand that we need to keep this transaction top secret and that I “can’t allow my left hand to know what my right hand is doing.”

    This all makes perfect sense to me.

    I am particularly comforted by your reassurance that this is all real and clear as moonlight.

    Please be encouraged by my willingness to proceed.

    I am used to doing things highly confidentially as micropaleontology is also a highly confidential business due to the likelihood of uncovering rare and mystical objects during archaeological excavations of ancient sites.

    Please do not tell anyone.

    I look forward to hearing from you again soon as to how we may proceed.

    May God shower many blessings on your family and loved ones.


    Professor Blog O’Crats Phd (retired)

    — On Mon, 22/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    Subject: from ben zongo
    Received: Monday, 22 December, 2008, 4:31 PM

    Dear Friend

    Thanks for your prompt reply to my mail. Regard to your mail, there is no problem. Your english is quite understanable and I do understand your english, ok.

    This transaction is real and clear as the moonlight.

    It is a risk free and hitch free transaction, the important thing is it requires Top Secret, till the fund hits into your account. This is a business that requires full confidentiality, you don’t allow your right hand to know what your left is doing and vice verse.
    Now I will like to use this opportunity to tell you the detail information concerning our deceased customer. The deceased account holder with our bank was Mr Kurt Kuhle from ELEXANDRIA EGYPT who naturalized here in Burkina Faso for (16) years. He held account number BOA-N°4934109, ROUTING No: 91002211 with our bank. He died in Siber airline that crashed into sea at Israel on 4th October 2001 with his family.

    Since his death, this account has been dormant and nobody has applied to our bank for the release of this money to him or her as the next of kin.

    I know that you will not disappoint me when this money enters your account.

    I have all my hope of life survival with my family in this transaction. I am a simple banker whose credibility is still intact and with my maturity and understanding, I promise to give you the best co-operation.

    We must hurry up with this transaction so that our bank and the government shall not claim and inherit this money because it has over-stayed.

    After the bank have approve your application as next of kin to our late customer I will fly down your country for investment with my own share but I will advise you to keep this transaction as a top secret because no body again knows about it except you and I.

    For Security Reason Please Keep all communication via:

    God’s Blessing to us.


    Mr Ben Zongo.

    Tel:+226 71 34 45 00.

    N/B: Keep this transcation only with you and myself alone.

  12. These are very old and very small fossils. Coincidentally, I am also writing a book about our former Prime Minister.

    I have tears in my eyes!

  13. I filled out the details on one of these things last year…everything bar the mobile number.

    I sure you can guess who’s details…

  14. Bwahahahahhaha, ROFLMAO!

    Gold, pure Gold.

  15. The Latest from Ben Zongo. He really seems like a nice fellow:

    — On Tue, 23/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    Subject: Application Text Retype With Your Bank Detail And Send To The Bank.
    To: “Blogo Crats”
    Received: Tuesday, 23 December, 2008, 2:54 PM

    Dear Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

    I thank you for your prompt reply as well your good understanding.

    Thanks very much for your caring. Regard to your mail you wrote I am very excited about the transaction and how it may benefit your family as well as my own.

    You are blessed to have two sons and four grandchildren.

    Here I rested my full confident and 100% trust in your capability and honesty to conclude this transaction with me.

    I thank God as well for your life and life of your family. Most I happy noting you have ground children, this shows many blessings of God.

    I also pray your nephew who is gravely ill shall have more days to live on this earth by Gods mercy.

    In all I am thankfully to your understand and kind nature. Honestly I am now putting my trust confident on you and believing you shall not betray and disappoint me. I am 100% putting my trust and full confident in you and I know God will help us have a smooth successfully conclusion on this transaction.

    Please send your application to the bank customer service email I’d for urgent attention.

    Kindly inform me as soon as you have sent the application to the bank and call me on my direct telephone because i want to hear your voice as someone transacting a business with me.

    Please for our oral discussion kindly call me at my Direct Telephone: +226 71 34 45 00.

    God’s Blessing to us.

    Mr. Ben Zongo

    — On Tue, 23/12/08,

    Subject: Re: Application Text Retype With Your Bank Detail And Send To The Bank.
    received: Tuesday, 23 December, 2008, 11:29 PM

    Dear Ben,

    Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply. I am grateful for your kind thoughts and best wishes for family and groundchildren.

    God is truly showering us with a bounty of blessings.

    I am also deeply touched by your concern for my gravely ill nephew.

    Unfortunately he is suffering from acute leukaemia.

    He is slipping in and out of consciousness and the doctors have informed me that he may pass away at any time.

    This fills my heart with sorrow.

    I cannot begin to describe the grief that this bears on my heavy heart.

    In fact he’s probably already dead as I write these very words.

    I can only hope that his passing is peaceful with God’s mercy and that his soul has everlasting peace in heaven’s eternity.

    As much as I hate to leave during this period of great sadness, I have just been informed of a major archeological discovery of very rare eukaryotic microorganisms in Xian, China .

    As a micropaleontologist this is a truly miraculous discovery!

    God is indeed shining his heavenly love upon me.

    However I cannot disclose any further details as it is highly confidential. I hope you understand.

    Nevertheless, tomorrow morning I must travel to China to survey the archeological site and evaluate the significance of this discovery. My flights are booked and I’m ready to go.

    Sometimes I get travel sickness so please pray for me.

    I am sure you are as excited about the potentially historic nature of this revelation as I am. God is truly watching over us.

    Tomorrow I shall arrive in Beijing and travel by four wheel drive to Xian. The trip takes about two hours.

    Please pray for me as the road can be treacherous.

    I shall also pray that God protects our families and my groundchildren during this time.

    I am looking forward to completing our transaction and expect to be able to do this using my bank account in Beijing .

    Will it be ok if I send you the details of my account details by email to complete the transaction?

    Once again, I am very thankful for your generous offer of $11 million, and am confident that God will help us have a smooth transaction. I must ask that we keep this transaction strictly between us and not tell anyone about it.

    May God shower you and your family with many blessings..


    Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

  16. God’s getting plenty of mentions in this matter – I hope he has time to keep up all the goodwill he/she is dispersing.

  17. I thought the bit about “the dead nephew” was a nice touch if I don’t mind sayng so myself.

  18. “I thought the bit about “the dead nephew” was a nice touch if I don’t mind sayng so myselfcannibal.”

    Not as good as the mention of your ‘groundchildren’. Sounds quite painful.

  19. Funny sh!t guys!

    Reb, you should stop making sport of the poor Zongo. It’s obvious that he’s just trying to do you a favour, shame on you.
    God will punish your groundchildren.

  20. 20. reb

    …but why are you going to China? You’re retired…

    …and what the f%ck is a eukaryotic microorganism…

    …I thought you were gay and you’ve got kids and groundchildren…

    sreb, you’re telling fibs! if you don’t tell Mr Zongo the truth I will…

    …it’ll cost you $5.5 million for me to keep quiet…

  21. “…it’ll cost you $5.5 million for me to keep quiet…”

    Make it $4.5 million and you’ve got a deal.

    Now just send me your bank account details and passwords and I shall transfer the funds immediately.

    And howabout some sympathy for me dead nephew, ya miserable sod.

  22. “Tomorrow I shall arrive in Beijing and travel by four wheel drive to Xian. The trip takes about two hours”

    Two hours to do slightly less than 1 000 kilometres in a 4X4? No wonder you say

    “pray for me as the road can be treacherous”

    With speedsters like you on the road, it’s more than treacherous. Lol.

    Indeed anyone who travels at that speed by car would get ‘travel sickness’.

  23. 24. reb


  24. You drive a hard bargain TB.

    Don’t you know I have four “ground children” and two sons to support?

  25. 27. reb

    Is that a yes or a no?

    Are you paying for the nephew? and what type of leukemia has he got?

  26. 28. TB

    Well you’ve got me over a barrell (so to speak). What choice do I have?

    It’s the type of leukemia that affects the blood.

    A very rare and dangerous type that results in instant death.

    Maybe Ben Zongo might forward a down payment to help with the treatment.

    I’ll ask him about that next time..

  27. How much will it cost? D’ya reckon?

  28. Pure gold. I love how his bank has a Yahoo email address.


  29. How thoughtful. Christmas wishes from my African friend Ben Zongo….

    On Wed, 24/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    Subject: Happy Christmas in advance & Safe Journey.
    Received: Wednesday, 24 December, 2008, 1:46 PM

    Professor Blog O’Crats PhD

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I pray God guide you and grant you safe journey through your trip.

    Well your bank account in Beijing is ok and good for the transaction. You have to use your Beijing bank account to fill in the Application Text and send it to the bank customer service email i.d and send a copy to me for my verification.

    I pray God in his mercy guide and protect our family.

    I pray for sound health and quick recovery to your nephew and with God grace there shall be any sudden death.

    Both of us shall leave to see our grand children and great ground children according to the riches and promises of God to us.

    Please get me inform as soon as you have sent the application to the bank to enable follow it up in the bank.

    Happy Christmas in advance and wish you successfully trip.

    Till I hear from you as soon as you have sent the application..

    My Regard to your family

    God’s Blessing to us.

    Mr. Ben Zongo.

  30. Boxing Day Greetings from Ben Zongo:

    — On Fri, 26/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    Subject: Greetings – Please Are You Back From Your Trip.
    Received: Friday, 26 December, 2008, 1:45 PM

    Dear Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

    I hope your are fine and you had nice trip. Have you come back from your Beijing-China trip?

    I pray God grant you journey mercy.

    Waiting to hear urgently from you.

    Gods Blessing to us.

    Mr. Ben Zongo

    — On Fri, 26/12/08, Blogo Crats wrote:

    From: Blogo Crats
    Subject: Re: Greetings – Please Are You Back From Your Trip.
    Received: Friday, 26 December, 2008, 9:12 PM

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your email and kind thoughts.

    With God’s will and your prayers I have arrived safely at the archaelogical site at Xian in China.

    It was a bit hairy there for a moment as the distance was much greater than I had originally anticipated.

    So we had to travel with great haste in our jeep, like the spirit of the running Zebra in desperate need of a shag.

    The archaelogical site is truly miraculous!

    We have discovered some ancient vessels as well as some ancient chinese weaponry.

    The most exciting find so far amongst the ruins is an ancient sarcophagus bearing ornate chinese inscriptions.

    Our team of translators are frantically working to decipher what the fuck it all means, but we believe that it may be the tomb of the late emperor Nasi Goreng.

    You might have heard of him. A great warrior who once ruled Xian during the 15th Century.

    Once our equipment is in place, we should be able to open the sarcophagus tommorow.

    This will be a moment of great revelation.

    A true miracle as I’m sure you can appreciate.

    The sarcophagus could be filled with great riches, or it might just be full of shite. Who knows? Tomorrow we shall discover its contents all the same.

    Please have faith in me my friend, I am very keen to complete our transaction, as I have spent a shitload ( a lot ) of money on the expedition so far. I will return to Beijing tomorrow where I will arrange the transfer of funds to your account.

    In the interim, please understand that I cannot disclose my present location in Xian due to the highly confidential nature of the expedition and the location of the archaelogical site. If anyone should find it, we’re fucked.

    Presently we have established camp in cleverly disguised orange tents to blend in with the local landscape. We acknowledge our presence on google maps so must move slowly and quietly to avoid detection.

    May God shower you and your family with many blessings and I look forward to completing our transaction tomorrow. I shall contact by email as soon as I reach Beijing

    By the way my nephew snuffed it. Poor ***t.

    best regards

    Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

  31. Camouflage orange tents! LOL

  32. The latest from Ben Zongo. I must say that my expedition is going extremely well.

    — On Fri, 26/12/08, Ben Zongo wrote:

    From: Ben Zongo
    To: “Blogo Crats”
    Received: Friday, 26 December, 2008, 10:01 PM
    Subject: Greetings – God’s Protection is all over you.

    Dear Professor Blog O’Crats PhD (retired)

    I received your mail which was well understood..

    Regard to your mail I quote as you wrote “I look forward to completing our transaction tomorrow. I shall contact by email as soon as I reach Beijing.”

    Ok, please try all your best tomorrow in regards to our transaction because time is no longer on our side. I am hoping us to successfully conclude this transaction before this year runs off.

    Please update me as soon as you are through in Beijing in regards to our business transaction.

    God will be with you and showed his protection on you.

    Gods Blessing to us


    Mr. Ben Zongo

    Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008
    From: Blogo Crats
    Subject: Re: Greetings – God’s Protection is all over you.

    Dear Ben

    Thank you for your email.

    It is very reassuring to know that God’s protection is all over me. Last night it was pearl jam, but that’s another story.

    We are truly blessed.

    The ancient sarcophagus has indeed been proven to be that of the late Chinese Emperor Nasi Goreng.

    We are progressively removing the lid to reveal the contents of the tomb.

    As you can understand, this is a very delicate operation that requires meticulous precision and has to be done very slowly.

    Otherwise it could all easily be f**ked.

    This is a miraculous discovery of truly historic proportions. We are already attracting to some interest from the Chinese media, but at this stage areplaying down the significance of the discovery.

    I am scheduled to arrive in Beijing tomorrow, at which point I shall be in a position to send you my bank account details to your email address.

    I am most thankful for generous offer to deposit $11 million in to my account.

    To be honest, this archaelogical expedition is costing a f**king shitload of money, so it will indeed be a heavenly blessing.

    It is also very hot and dusty which plays havoc with my asthma.

    Please pray for me, as the road trip to Beijing is long and treacherous.

    May God watch over us and I pray that he showers you and your family with a heavenly load.


    Professor Blog O Crats PhD

  33. The final chapter.

    On Sat, 27/12/08, Blogo Crats wrote:

    From: Blogo Crats
    Subject: It’s a miracle!
    Received: Saturday, 27 December, 2008, 4:44 AM

    Dear Ben,

    It is a miracle!

    We have opened the sarcophagus of the ancient Chinese Emperor, Nasi Goreng.

    We have discovered many riches, including an ancient golden lamp, which, when rubbed with a glenty waxed cloth, results in summoning a mystical genie which not only speaks good english, but has offered us abundant wealth and riches for the rest of eternity.

    We are truly blessed, while you my friend, are truly rooted!

    I have forwarded all our correspondence to the Secret Service Department of our Federal Agencies who are most keen to have a discussion with you.

    They will be in contact with you soon.

    In the meantime, may God shower you with abundant blessings.

    Prof Blog O’Crats

  34. Oh bugger, that leaves me out. I can’t find a ‘glenty waxed cloth’..I do have a Chux superwipe tho’..

  35. sreb! I suppose our African deal is off now? 😥

    Wasn’t Nasi Goreng the Emperor that built the Great Wall of China to keep out the rabbits..?

    Is the genie Sol T, or just a little sweetie, 😯

    We could negotiate a “Chinese” deal? 😡

    You know you rub my lamp and I’ll rub mine…or…I’ll rub you’re lamp and …no…erm…

    …time fer another WT… 😎

  36. Stop Stop Stop the mutual rubbing of lamps.

  37. There’s more than one lamp?

    How many lamps are we lookin’ at ‘ere, I may have a couple of buyers…

    …time fer another WT…

    …buggar, “…you’re salad is ready…” …she calls…

    …The Minister is ba-a-ack…all guns firing…luv it…oops! ‘er…

  38. “There’s more than one lamp?”

    God is truly showering us with heavenly blessings!!

    We have indeed discovered yet another magical lamp. This one is slightly different in that continues to to flow a neverending river of WT.

    It’s a miracle!

    I’d be prepared to let it go for $5000, which is a steal really when you think about it.

    Yes, the late emperor Nasi Goreng, the protector of humankind from a rare breed of rampaging flesh eating giant rabbits.

    Your knowledge of history is impressive TB, unlike Ben Zongo who obviously didn’t have a clue.

    I am yet to hear back from Ben following my more recent corresepondence. I sincerely hope no ill will has fallen upon his struggling family.

  39. …F#ck yer heavenly blessings…mate! I’m not Sith Effrikan…I can see a scam when there is one…

    …neverending WT…hey?

    $5000….mmmm…that’s about 5 years supply (providing I get my special price still…)

    Can it deliver Rare Breed?

  40. bet a Nigerian, I’ll raise you a Tanznikan (and yes rude comments have already been thought of).

    Below is a direct copy from my Yahoo account..and no, not from span but under the heading of Hello Dear…

    My name is Mrs, Alima Issaka of Tanzania, I am married to
    (Eng Mr.Pius Issaka) from united kingdom(U.K) who has
    an appointment in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso as the chief managing
    director to(Abbas Gold Mining Association Burkina-Faso West Africa)
    under Engineering project/contract awarding section.

    My husband died as a result of a brief illness after his return from Accra Ghana
    on project inspection on Saturday 10 th December 2005.

    Before his death as a result of our joint account
    venture we have $7.3 million (us)dollars in our fixed deposit account.

    Due to my bareness I don’t have a child and am
    of age, I am 68 years now and my doctor told me that
    based on my kidney and liver failure disease. I can
    not stay to live up to three months ahead, and I am having
    serious problem with my husband’s family members.

    I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am
    going. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of
    the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that the lord will
    fight my course and I shall hold my peace.

    Therefore I need a God or Allah fearing person who will assure
    me that he/she will use this fund to help the
    Motherless babies, Orphanage and Charity
    organization, Less privileged
    Propagating the word of God /Allah.

    I took this decision because I don’t have any child
    that will inherit this money. As soon as I receive
    your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank.

    I want you to always pray for me because I don’t
    have much days to live.

    Yours in the lord
    Mrs, Alima Issaka.

    Ans: I am praying for you and I am certain that the Lord will seek you out to provide good justice.

  41. Very “polite” response Min.

    I would’ve replied “Oh, just die!”

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