Never the mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!!

Howdy folks!

And welcome to our happy chatty weekend thread.

Well it’s less than a week to go to the “big day”. Frankly, I can’t wait unti it’s all over, but that’s just me.

In fact, this year, you may be surprised to know that I’ve been making a bit of an effort. I know a thing or two about “faking” the “christmas spirit” and will gleefully exchange an unsolicited well-meaning “have a merry christmas” from a complete stranger with a cheerful “you too!”  while quietly wishing they’d be struck by a passing bus.

The feigned sincerity is nauseating,  but hey, you can’t knock me for at least making an attempt.

Which brings me to the subject of death.

The other day I posed the question “how would we all like to depart this mortal coil?”

Personally I favour something dramatic, like falling to my death from the lofty heights of the dress circle at the Capitol Theatre preferably during the humming chorus of Madame Butterfly.  Something like that’ll do me.

Poetic, yet suitably tragic.

Mind you, I have known a couple of friends to die in similar, albeit peculiar fitting circumstances. A guy I used to know in Sydney had a thing for blowing taxi drivers. Bascially, he couldn’t get it up unless there was a meter running.

Died of throat cancer a few years later.

Another drowned in a pool of his own vomit. ” What a gracious way to go,”  I thought to myself at the time.

Of course, I’ve known of other friends who have died of suicide, overdoses, car accidents and AIDs, and while the end result is the same in each case (ie death), they do lack a certain “pizzazz”.

Then there’s the common fantasy or “phallacy” of snuffing it in the middle of having sex.

Personally I wouldn’t favour this particular form of exit strategy. Let’s face it. Sex is a pretty messy business at the best of times without introducing a corpse into the occasion, unless of course, that’s what you had in mind in the first place.

Some people like the idea of quietly passing away during their sleep.  I think that has to be the saddest form of death. Quietly slipping away as if you’d never existed in the first place.  

No, I like the idea of my death being a moment of Titanic proportions. You know, with hordes of people coming to my rescue as I lay resplendant on the chaise, in my smoking jacket, gently exhaling the final puffs of a Van Hartog cigar in one hand, while struggling to raise a rather large glass of port in the other,  and then as a few concerned citizens lean forth to hear me whisper my final words, I shall pause for a moment, for dramatic effect, and then softly and gently utter  three simple words – “Effe Youse all”

Happy Christmas.


This week’s music is for Min.


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  1. I have no fear of dying because my parachute failed to open. Frankly, I know I will never die in a parachuting accident. Nor will I be taken by a shark, fall off a high mountain, or slam a motorbike into something unmovable.

    It is unlikely I will be a murder victim, unless it is a random kill. I will not die of a drug overdose or from slitting my wrists.

    I will not be struck by lighting while playing golf or die while partaking in any sporting activity.

    Some people at my age have been known to suffer a heart attack while having an orgasm. That sound nice, but knowing my luck I’ll die just before the orgasm. In all honesty, I can’t even tell the difference between a heart attack and an orgasm.

    I’m accepting the fact that either my lupus or diabetes will eventually finish me off, so my departure won’t be remembered for any heroics.

    I’d certainly hate to die from spider bites.

  2. Thank God that Christ was an only child !

  3. Is Australia’s ‘perfect diver’ paying the price for coming out?

  4. Thanks heaps Reb. I just wish that I could fit into the dress. And I’ll bet that you do too.

    Terrific topic Reb, and just in time for Christmas..I am planning to fall of the perch gracefully and quietly, which hubby would agree would probably be the only time in my life that I’ve ever been quiet.

    I have no plans for doing away with myself should I contract Alzheimers in which case I’ll just become (even more) annoying, but could be an option if I contract some painful disease and I could see that others aren’t coping.

    Excellent post Miglo..thoroughly enjoyable reading.

  5. Oh dear IATW..JC had older brothers, most likely half brothers from Joseph’s previous marriage. Don’t you know your bible?

  6. Re, based on the intro, you’ve been reading David Sedaris again. Great style.

  7. In mean Reb, not Re

  8. 5. Min | December 19, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    That’s news to me…………….!

    I’m more into non fiction these days Min

  9. I know one thing, I have a greater chance of dying from hundreds of things more so than terrorism, yet I’m supposed to be scared to my boots of terrorism forever and a day more so than all the other things that can kill me and I’ll more than likely die of.

    Anyway dying peacefully in my sleep as dad did appeals to me in the stark contrast to the painful and awful way my mum died.

  10. IATW..I’m just a family historian and one thing that the Romans were good at was The Census.

  11. 10. Min | December 19, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Bloody Hell Min………………!

    Your family tree must resemble a rainforest if you can trace yourself back to the Roman Census.


  12. Shit somehow got my topics crossed. Delete the above please and this of course asking to delete the above as it would look silly asking to delete a post that’s been deleted.

  13. Miglo,

    I thought you’d appreciate the “van hartog” moment…

    Tom of Melbourne,

    I’ve read “When You are Engulfed in Flames” twice now. I’m tempted to go back to “the smoking section” for a third time.


  14. No IATW I can’t trace myself back to JC. Although come to think of it…

    Just to restate a previous offer. If anyone wants to do their family tree (cos they’re bored or feeling family minded)..just let me know. I have all the discs for Vic, most of them for SA and the Australian Vital Records Index. Freebie for all Blogocrats. problem Adrian. Have done this myself especially on Tim’s blog. I agree. My father passed this year from prostate cancer and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  15. 12. Adrian of Nowra | December 19, 2008 at 1:29

    Walrus scratches head contemplating Adrian’s last 2 posts

    Have you started on the “sauce” already…………….Being Christmas time and all

  16. I think Oscar Wilde’s last words were “Either these curtains go, or I do.”

  17. A drama queen to the very end reb, I like your style.

    Some people like the idea of quietly passing away during their sleep. I think that has to be the saddest form of death. Quietly slipping away as if you’d never existed in the first place.

    Well reb, that’s how my father died recently (4/9/08) I have tears springing to my eyes as I write, I still can’t talk about him without crying. Dad quietly slipped away while his family watched over him, all wishing he could stay.

    After the terrible pain and suffering he had with pancreatic cancer (despite the drugs) it was a comfort to see him enter semi consciousness, coma and finally stop breathing. His mighty heart never failed him though, still beating strong after the last breaths. Other than the cancer, he was a sprightly, active obscenely healthy and adventurous elderly man. Only 77 years old.

    Diagnosis, then death within a month – very cruel, we’re still reeling from the loss. The sadness of someones death, I guess, comes from not how you go, but how you lived.

    Me, I want death at my own hand, voluntary euthanasia – my decision and my choice – no one else should have the right or the power to decide for me.

    1. Miglo

    I loved that poignant and humorous post.

    …so my departure won’t be remembered for any heroics.

    But I would bet that you will be, and for all your other wonderful qualities, the ability to write the post above, for instance.

    Sometimes I think that it is getting through the living that takes the heroics.

  18. 15. About to after the boss gives us the usual early knock off. He’s already had enough trying to deal with dickheads overseas so it should be any minute now.

    As to my post on deleting. I double stuffed up by thinking I had stuffed up when I hadn’t stuffed up. Damn IE’s woeful implementation of tabs and Firefox with the too efficient Tab Mix Plus. Not going to explain further than that.

  19. Kittylitter @17

    KL, my heartfelt apologies if my post has brought back some painful memories. Despite my post, I think that quietly passing away surrounded by family and friends must be the least-painful way of passing away for evryone concerned.

    I had a very close friend pass away earlier this year from liver cancer. He phoned me to tell me he news. I phoned back a few weeks later and he was already gone.

    Strangely, while I was initially very tearful, I felt a great sense of peace descending upon me, and I continued to “feel his presence” for many weeks later. He was of Hindu faith.

    I think the world and our spiritual existence is far more mysterious and awe inspiring than we can ever comprehend.

    When I’m occasionally hassled by the bible bashers “have you accepted the lord Jesus Christ” etc, I just say, no I don;t believe all that stuff. When they ask well what do you believe in? I just say “that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.”

    So far, during the course of my life, and certain spiritual experiences I have encountered, that so far, is about the only conclusion I have been able to reach fairly confidently.

    Christianity and everything that goes with it, has no place in my like…

  20. I want a great line to part this mortal coil with.

    Leave ’em laughing i say.

    I like Spike Milligan’s ‘I told you i was sick’!


    Here lies Lester Moore; Four slugs from a .44; No Les No More.
    — Tombstone Arizona

    Sir John Strange; Here lies an honest lawyer, And that is Strange.
    — Tombstone in England

  21. Sorry to hear about your father Kittylitter. Your post indicates that you loved and admired him greatly.

    Life can be so cruel.

    Earth is a very dangerous place: no-one gets off alive.

  22. A psychic once told me that this is my last life. I’ve served my terms, my learning is complete, and my soul will be ascending to the highest realm.

    Fancy that! A bastard like me ascending to the highest realm.

  23. No aplogies necessary reb, it’s a good topic.

    18. Adrian of Nowra
    hehe, you better make that drink a double then!

    Earth is a very dangerous place: no-one gets off alive.

    Miglo, that could be a great departing line, you’re good at this!

  24. 19. reb
    Strangely, while I was initially very tearful, I felt a great sense of peace descending upon me, and I continued to “feel his presence” for many weeks later. He was of Hindu faith.

    That reminds me. Mum and Dad were in the habit of having ‘drinks’ after dad walked their dog in the afternoon (Dad’s favourite time of day, he reckoned if he couldn’t have a drink he may as well just slit his own throat). On the dot of 4:00pm was pre dinner ‘drinks’ time.

    About two days after dad’s death, right on 4pm the screen door to mum’s house would suddenly open, kept doing it for days and mum and my sister were convinced it was dad, coming home for ‘drinks’.

    When mum and my sister told my nephew of the occurence he said ‘oh, I’ve noticed that latch on the door has been broken for awhile now.’

    It’s fixed, and it doesn’t open anymore.

  25. #21. Miglo | December 19, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Earth is a very dangerous place: no-one gets off alive.

    Except for astronauts.

  26. Kittylitter sorry to hear about your sad news.

  27. Nitrogen narcosis would have to be the best way to leave this world.

  28. Nitrogen narcosis ?

    Please explain….

  29. 2. I Am The Walrus

    God may be Chinese…IATW

  30. reb

    It’s a state of intoxication you experience at depths greater than 30-40m when diving due to nitrogen in the blood. It’s quite safe provided you don’t doing anything while you are ‘narced’.

    Diving Blue Hole in Belize – swiming through the stalactites with Bull Sharkes swiming OH was quite an experience when mildly narced!

  31. sreb, you amaze me sometimes!

    “…And welcome to our happy chatty weekend thread….”

    …about ways to die! Very happy.. 😕

    Could I please make a request re language, I know my g/kids occasionally read blogocrats and, as I discovered today, so does scapette – I’m guessing there may be others, ta… (…and yes, I also admit to certain outbursts…myself)

  32. aquanaut – actually – that would be a pretty good way to go.

    Discussions like this always remind me of an old joke(?) I remember hearing –

    “I want to die like my great Uncle – in my sleep – not screaming in fear like the passengers in his car”

  33. I watched the Batman Movie The Dark Knight the other night. Talk about over rated !!!!!!!!!!

    In fact, perhaps it was the second beer I was having, but about halfway through I almost lost complete track of what the hell was going on.

    Oh………………….Heath was OK……….I suppose.

  34. The deeper you go the effects of narcosis are like being drunk and euphoric and no matter what is to happen your happy and excited even if your gonna die.

  35. TB @ 31.

    Re: language. Noted with apologies. I got carried away. Post updated accordingly.


  36. Just saw your post Dave.. @ 30

  37. aquanut @34.

    That sounds pretty good if you ask me. Sounds a bit like the pre-op injection you get in hospital.

    The good thing is, that there are some pretty sympathetic doctors around.

    My friend who died of liver cancer would occasionally ring me up laughing his head off – completely dosed up to the eyeballs with morphine.

    He remarked that he had enough morphine in the cupboard to sedate a small army of gladiators…

  38. 35. reb

    Mate, no apology needed and thanks. I know this is an adult blog and someone will come along to crucify my post but I think we should encourage younger “readers”…

    33. I Am The Walrus

    I’m with you IATW, I think a lot of people got carried away with HL dying and his “performance” was well…a peformance…as for plot…a bit like Qantum of Solace ve-ery thin…

    …a bit like going to a funeral (to continue the dying theme) and listening to people rave about the body in the coffin and wondering if you are at the right funeral…or if these people actually knew the person they are describing about…

  39. Dave i did a 72 meter dive for 1 1/2 minutes only to complete a maths test to see my condition. That was more pressure on the body then i care to take ever again.

  40. OK who put the – “about” on the end of my post!

    Sorry ‘t’were me – changing words from talking to describing Grrrr!

  41. Reb your not wrong and it is tempting as life gets worse by the week. But i help a lot of people some it feels great to help and others you wish you let drown(i wouldnt) so i feel like its a cop out to leave yet.

    Reb the pain of loosing a good mate. I keep putting my mate to the back of my mind as i still cant deal with his loss, its just to damn hard or im to weak.

  42. 38. TB Queensland | December 19, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    And when did the last comic strip character (like the Joker)win an Academy Award ?

    Seems to me they only go to “serious movies”

  43. “Reb the pain of loosing a good mate”

    I know. You’re not weak aquanut. It can take many years to recover from losing someone close.

    But eventuatlly you will. And you will still have the fond memories to reflect upon.

    At least, that has been my experience..

  44. By the way, if anyone wants a bit of a laugh at this point, may I suggest watching today’s youtube clip!

  45. @ 43
    Thanks, i really needed that.
    Gave me an uplift.

  46. So sorry to hear this Kittylitter. I likewise lost my father this year. 8/3/08. And likewise with my father, a strong heart beat until the last. Just before my Dad passed a person at the hospice mentioned, Don’t be frightened if your loved one appears to have visions of those who have already passed or has a vision. This is normal. Now my Dad was a ‘bush baptist’ and quite cyncial about anything remotely associated with religion or an after life.

    However 2 days before his passing when my mother and my son had taken a break I walked into the room to see my father looking at ‘something’. It was over in the corner of the room and whatever my father saw it was wondrous. I sat there watching him until I thought, Oh no, maybe he’s about to pass. And so I picked up his hand and said Dad, Dad. My father looked at me and patted my hand to say, It’s alright. I don’t think that he wanted to come back because what he saw was something…well, I don’t know.

    My father died age 88yrs from prostate cancer having survived WW2, peritonitis and a bypass where they wanted to amputate both of his legs (which would have killed him anyway as Dad loved to walk)..and then this bloody F*n* cancer got him. He should be alive today if any of the hospitals had bothered to check for prostate cancer.

  47. Now that reb has us all reduced to tears, I thought to lighten the mood via reb’s quote: Sex is a pretty messy business..

    Is it? And why? Please explain.

  48. Same min, and your faithful dog too? I’ll be pleased to see the end of 2008, a very bad year!

    Dave 55
    I’m still laughing over that joke!

  49. So how are we all feeling these days???

    I see how Kevin’s post which was a celebration of our natural beauty has degenerated into an attack by some on ownership of four wheel drives…I would not be surprised if Kevin decided not to post here anymore.

    If people here have a problem with four wheel drives, well tough!

    There is no law that prevents a person driving these vehicles and if people have a problem then lobby your local member or start a movement to change the law…good luck on that one as this is still a democracy.

    Then I see on the Banker thread that a genuine concern is now called an argument…WTF!!!

    Then I get pulled up on a spelling mistake…how petty is that???

    The Shoe-orrism thread is quite interesting…apparently another poster is accused of being drunk because he posted a passionate comment that made sense to me, but I’m just a dumb landscaper/businessman!

    This site is degenerating into a PC wonderland where people are getting turned off commenting due to the attacks on their individuality…if the hosts and others here want a transition into a battleground then that can be arranged.

    I have noticed this phenomena on a few other blogs that I visit and I’m starting to think that all this global correction has got to the people and in days of yore when the difficulties had to be faced we were united…I wonder what the diggers would think?

    Merry Xmas to all here…for all it is worth!

  50. Merry xmas Scaper,
    You bring up some good points. There are still way more good people on this site then misery who just like company type people. Opinions at Christmas time was always going to be up and down.

    Just be yourself buddy, dont let your personality be hijacked.

  51. Re – political correctness on this site

    Blogocracy was a politically correct site. Most of the contributors were left oriented and the leads by Tim Dunlop were consistently predictable.

    I must admit that I enjoy this site far more. By comparison to its predecessor, it is more participative in the expression of opinion, leads are accessible, moderation is minimal, discussion and debate is vigorous but generally respectful.

    If contributors post nonsense, this is used in evidence against them – repeatedly. This is as it should be, it’s part of the fun.

  52. This is as it should be, it’s part of the fun.

    Yes Tom, I’m sure that many of us enjoy attacking you. You’re just a walking punching bag.

  53. My wife is out of town for the night and I’ve been left strict instructions to clean the top of the stove, extremely dirty following last night’s cooking experiment. Reminder notes have been placed strategically around the house.

    I’ll think about it.

    Now where did I hide the pack of half corona? Now where did she hide the corkscrew?

  54. No worries Miglo, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By the way, have you ever landed one? I haven’t noticed.

  55. 51. Tom of Melbourne

    Yes, Tom, I agree, T

    There are the occasional snipers who don’t contribute but I would hope that in general the core posters would/will only let that go so far anyway…

    …I would suspect (don’t want to research and prove either) that 99% of posters are civil and often apologise if content is misunderstood…

    …if anyone is personally attacked they have three choices ignore, challenge or leave – or, on many occasions thank other posters for defending you’re position…

  56. 54. Tom of Melbourne


  57. By the way, have you ever landed one? I haven’t noticed.

    That’s because you’re always too consumed with your self importance. Tunnel vision must be a curse at times.

  58. 57. Miglo

    …and ya karnt bild tunls wifout uwniyans (bu!), hey, Miglo

  59. TB, we’ll soon be hearing that tunnels were always built better under Howard.

  60. kittylitter | December 19, 2008 at 5:19 pm Yes that was year ’08, Dad passed, the dog died then I was presented with my 1st grandchild. Little grandie was born 9 months to the day that Dad died (trust my mother to notice this).

  61. Some of the greatest people have now passed on.

  62. 61. Miglo

    You’d think they’d be able to spell anthology – then again…

  63. I was talking with this guyat Bribe today, he was in a wheelchair/motor buggy and had a bad disability which made it hard for him to get his words out properly. He was telling me that he got mugged about a month or so ago and they push him and his buggy over and took what little he had. How bloody sad.

    What would you do if you caught 4 youths doing this to a disabled person?

  64. That’s disgusting aquanut. Hopefully fate will have something is store for them.

  65. What would you do if you caught 4 youths doing this to a disabled person?

    It depends on the situation…

  66. Friends, my father just passed away 5 minutes ago. Two years fighting in the jungles of New Guinea, 40 years a bushie fighting the harshest that this country could throw at him, and he dies of a broken hip.

    It’s times like this that I appreciate having friends like the Blogocrats.

    Time for a very stiff drink and a few moments solitude.

  67. Miglo, Buddy.
    I dont know what to say to you. So sorry to hear that.

  68. We are here for you, mate…keep your chin up.

  69. I know my comments dont mean much but do a little favour, don’t be alone with the drink tonight.

  70. Miglo

    So sorry, my friend.

  71. Miglo @66,

    Very sorry to hear the news… take care…


  72. I am so very sorry Miglo, I know how you feel.

    My thoughts are with you and your family in this time of grief.

    If it’s any consolation, my own family were my rock of support through the shared grief. My own three children (all adults in their own right now, the youngest 21 this year). Well, I could not have been prouder of them. They rose to the occasion and gave so much of themselves and more. Pop’s legacy lives on in the kids.
    Since I’ve already been sad and teary for most of the day, I’m now going to have a drink for Miglo and his Dad and all the Dad’s.

    I have a few things to say re the ‘sniping’ and commentary from scaper and TB’s unconditional support (as I’m not sure if I’m being maligned here) even though scaper I believe has got it wrong. But this is not the time or the place.

  73. Scaper @49:

    “This site is degenerating into a PC wonderland where people are getting turned off commenting due to the attacks on their individuality…if the hosts and others here want a transition into a battleground then that can be arranged.”

    A “PC Wonderland?” Really….??

    Scaper, you like a number of others, here are passioniate contributors. Which is great. You and I have both had disagreements in the past, and we have also agreed on many other subjects.

    I don’t think the site is PC at all.

    No one has ever had a comment rejected (to my knowledge), and I at least try to play devil’s advocate occasionally, or at least attempt a bit of balance, by posting on “What Does Kevin Rudd Really Stand For?” as well as the same topic for Malcolm Turnbull (for example).

    Personally I haven’t felt any real sense of personal animosity on this site, I occassionally give TB and Walrus a bit of a ribbing, and I enjoy being on the receiving end of the same.

    It’s also important to keep in mind that words said in a post, just like email, can often be misinterpreted as potentially offensive when in fact they’re intended as humour.

    I also understand that many people here enjoy the sense of friendship and social exchange with people that perhaps we wouldn’t normally encounter in our “normal” day-to-day lives.

    Some have developed “in person” friendhips such as yourself and TB.

    You might be surprised to know that joni an I have never met, however we’ve spent a great deal of time and effort firstly trying to establish a home for the blogocracy refugees, and further to keep writing and posting topics for discussion.

    I can’t begin to tell you the countless hours I have spent working on this site and I imagine the same also goes for joni.

    All the while we have both been working full time in pretty demanding jobs.

    Personally I’m proud of what we have ALL been able to achieve here, and that means everyone who takes the time to read and comment as well as post topics for discussion.

    I’m not looking for any praise here, just merely trying to point out that I don’t think this place is as nasty as you suggest.

    In fact I would suggest quite the opposite.

    Although there will be occasional disagreements and arguments I think it is far from being “a battleground.”

    And I fail to comprehend why you feel that me, joni or any of the other authors/contribtuors would like to see it degenerate into this?

    I won’t comment on your remark that you suggest that “you can arrange this”.

    Perhaps you may like to reflect upon what that remark really says about you.

    Of course, if you think this place is descending into “a battleground” that’s your opinion, and you are entitled to it.

  74. scaper…………………………………..I love your enthusiasm but you are startin’ to sound like an ocker version of Sparta !

    Ha ………………….Only jokin….’

  75. Reb

    By Monday morning the Weekend Threads becomes a bit jam packed/big and usually hijacked accidentally/purposefully by whoever is active over the weekend.

    Can we have a new Monday morning thread called perhaps “By the Watercooler” to talk about what occurred over the weekend. What people did/heard/saw on the News ?

    e.g. Did you/he/she finally bonk XXX at the company Christmas Party ?

    Adrian of Nowra…………..Walrus and wife + now 5 pets with 4 legs each (always taking in the homeless) are wondering what the general feel on property is down south in your area as we are looking for an apartment in Husky ?

  76. Good idea Walrus “By the watercooler”

    Can you remind me on Monday in case I forget. Off to get some kip now…

  77. Miglo, just saw your post re your Dad – my deepest sympathy, old mate…

    …Lest We Forget…

    You must be very proud of him…

  78. 72. kittylitter

    Suggest you re-read my post at 55. before you drag me into your slanging match with, scaper…

    73. reb

    sreb, absolutely…ol’ friend!

  79. 78. TB Queensland

    I did re-read it TB and I wholeheartedly apologise if I have you wrong.

    Maybe i’m being sensitive about being called a ‘sniper’ by scaper (who has obviously only read our remarks today to james of north melbourne, which are a carry over from james’ personal attack on huh yesterday re being drunk) and then you follow on re the snipers who don’t contribute – are you still talking about me?. That’s how I took it anyway.

    In the one day, I’m told by James that I contribute too much and then by you and scaper that I don’t contribute! Well who is the decider of valid contributions, does it depend upon whether you agree or not?

    scaper gets all hot under the collar because there’s a stoush going on about 4WD’s on the thread. Why he needs to put his comment about that thread on this one is beyond me . Why not place his comment right there on the offending thread that he’s talking about. And WTH has it got to do with what diggers would think? it’s the kind of debating nonsense that tom says needs to be challenged and I agree.

    If scaper cared to look carefully over the thread and the other sho-orrism one, he would see that the personal attack has each time been started by james of north melbourne.

    Tell me, why is scaper allowed to hold and aggressively state his strong individual opinion on just about anything (with an alarming threatening tone i might add) yet when others do, they are ‘attacking’ someone’s individuality?

    Also, there is no need for scaper to give himself the role of ‘blog policeman’ here, judging and condemning comments based on his own personal bias and prejudices.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll give as good as I get. James and nature5 haven’t held back.

    Sometimes when differences of opinion happen there can be heated discussion and we all learn something. I don’t come here just for a social chit-chat, gossip and exchanging pleasantries, (although that can happen) I want some intellectual stimulation as well.

    We’re not all going to think the same, you can’t ask to have people stopped from commenting, because you don’t like the way they think!

  80. kittylitter

    Thank you for apology and it is wholeheartedly accepted…

    Just to try and explain my position. I will react, sometimes, but I avoid instigating personal attacks or calling people names – (Could I suggest you read your replies to me re flouride to get an idea of what I mean…) and I have been known to flare up on Blogocracy – I have tried to curb that here on blogocrats as I believe most of us have…

    …there is debating and there is being argumentative and rude, I prefer the former…as The Minister keeps telling me – “…you are retired now, you’ve got nothing to prove…” (BTW, she’s right up to a point…)

    …you seem to have this strange idea that scaper and I are joined at the hip – far from it, if you read some of my more recent posts, I too have suggested that scaper “chill out” – if you are curious as to why I suggested we “have a beer” its because we have been talking about it since Blogocracy and the ALP won the election…and it sounded like he needed one, so do you, BTW…

    …as for Blog Policeman – if anyone should put their hand up for playing that role then its me – and most posters here tolerate that (I am after all Granda to a number of people…)

    …it was discussed a few weeks ago that most of the posters here want to keep it civil, that’s both left and right wing (and those in between) – I think we all agree – we a have a fabulous group of regulars, with a vast array of knowledge, life and work experience, different ages, families and most definitely gender… 😉

    …if we spend time spitting at each other, none of us get to gather and dissect what we all have to offer…

    …and scaper, ol’ mate, remember you can choose to ignore other people’s spats they usually sort ’em out themselves (ie James et al)…if it gets out of hand the Blog Policeman might say a few words…just you get on with flogging The Great Southern!

    Today is our family Christmas Dinner one of my favourite days of the year – there will be our two kids and their spouses, five grandchilden, my Mum (86 yo – she has awful short term memory loss, I rang her last night to invite her and I will have to ring her this morning to remind her and then again just before I pick her up this arvo…), The Minister and yours truly…

    So from TB & Family, a Very Merry Christmas to each and every blogocrat – posters and readers (we know you’re out there)…

    …and I’ll be back tomorrow (…probably late afternoon – based upon passed Christmas Dinners!)

  81. Well said TB @ 80.

  82. reb,

    I agree with your agreement with TB.

  83. In unrelated news, apparently rabid-mouthed broadcaster Alan Jones has had a tumour removed from his skull.

    Last time it was his arse.

    I guess eventually they will stumble across his brain at some point.

    A process of elimination I suspect.

  84. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……!

    TB of Qld, I thought you were havin’ a drink with scaper yesterday…………………………..Did you just set him off by sheer force of your own personality…………….?


  85. Agreed reb !

    I saw a photo of Alan Jones flash up on Skynews this morning and immediately exclaimed to Mrs Walrus with a degree of anticipated glee………………..


    ……… is he dead?”

    Clearly not a statement to be proud of but if you have read the book “Jonestown” by Paul Barry as a Sydney lad you would understand.

    Such a conniving, deceptive manipulative A-hole that he is

  86. Walrus, yes we did have a few beers, a good chat and lunch on his top patio whilst looking at the great view of Brisbane and surrounds…he even belted out a few songs…he is a very good singer in my opinion.

  87. Ah beer, I remember that from a long time ago. I am trying to stay a bit sober until the shoulder gets a bit better. Don’t want to have a stumble and wreck all of the good work that has been done.

    And I am just doing a couple of hours work to clear my email in-tray before Monday, after which I need to get the boyf his Christmas present. And I am hoping that my sling will elicit some sympathy and will allow me to queue jump the long lines. Maybe a few whimpering noises will help too.

  88. Scaper:

    “he is a very good singer in my opinion.”

    I remain to be convinced. Although wouldn’t be surpsried. what did he sing, pray tell?

  89. joni, try the five cent trick when in line…drop a five cent coin on the ground, ask the person in front to kindy pick it up because of your injury then jump in front of him or her in the line.

    See how many places you can get up the line before someone objects…my best was eight the last time I was in the situation of being injured.

  90. “I am hoping that my sling will elicit some sympathy and will allow me to queue jump the long lines. Maybe a few whimpering noises will help too”

    I wouldn’t be so sure. You live in Sydney remember?

    You’re more likely to thrown to the floor with the maddening crowd shouting “leave him, he’s too slow!!”

  91. Well the sling did not help on the bus this morning, a lady basically just barged past me – slamming her bad into my shoulder. But being a brave poof – I just let the tears well up in my eyes.

    Five cent coins??? What are they? hehe

    And we use the coin-drop trick for other reasons here in Sydney 😉

  92. Off to Fox Studios now for the Company piss up.

    Catcha all later………………!

    Hiccup !

  93. I think he sang three songs and found one on YouTube which I believe he did a better and cleaner version of.

    Music break.

  94. Have fun IATW,

    Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long!

  95. 80. TB Queensland (with the indulgement of reb and joni)

    I do have a few more points to raise.

    The reason i’m having a problem with your comments (and scaper’s) is that i keep getting an undercurrent that I am being some kind of ‘troublemaker’ here. I have to say that I do not believe that to be justified.

    just to try and explain my position. I will react, sometimes, but I avoid instigating personal attacks or calling people names – (Could I suggest you read your replies to me re flouride to get an idea of what I mean…)

    I’m not a name caller either…unless provoked by someone else TB and I don’t believe that I make personal attacks upon people, again, unless in retaliation to someone else. My responses are usually about the issue, what people are saying rather than who they are. As i said, if it comes my way, then I might return with a bit of added interest or just ignore, whatever my mood at the time. I don’t run screaming to an umpire or policeman to say “it’s not fair” and “I don’t like the way they are playing and I want you to stop it”.

    The flouride reply was actually satire and meant to be humorous rather than a personal attack, maybe it didn’t come across so well (I thought i was pretty hilarious!), this is where the printed word doesn’t always get the inflection and meaning of the spoken word. You will observe that I did not carry the debate further when I saw that you had reacted with hostility.

    BTW, not a mention of James of north melbourne and his name calling, personal attacks and ridicule that have instigated much of the slanging and ‘sniping’ over the last couple of days? Scaper actually going off half-cocked and suggesting that it was ‘james the victim’?

    Personally, I like huh’s comments and interjections, i find she is spot on in her observations and remarks, yet others are (too) quick to take offence.

    …as for Blog Policeman – if anyone should put their hand up for playing that role then its me – and most posters here tolerate that (I am after all Granda to a number of people…)

    And …just in case you think i’ll let it slide…being a grandad doesn’t make you wise and all knowing and right, it just makes you a grandad (not mine, I might add!). Age does not automatically equal maturity or wisdom.
    Depends on how you play the role of ‘policeman’ in my view, I would insist on complete impartiality and consistency in applying and interpreting the ‘laws.’ 🙂 No offence meant, and no personal attack implied there, it is just my opinion and the way that I think!

    Now, I’ve had my say, (I feel a bit like The Dixie Chicks and ‘Not Ready To Make Nice.’) I’m done. Seasons Greetings to you all.

  96. 80. TB Queensland
    Kindly & wise Granddad.

  97. Isn’t fluoride meant to make people susceptible to brainwashing?

  98. Most of us find relief in humour when the subject of our mortality comes up. On Thursday my brother-in-law had a cancerous kidney removed, yesterday my sister had lumps in both breasts removed. The prognosis seems to be good with both of them. The remarkable thing over & over in these situations is how well the victims cope. Of course they have their down times but generally I find human beings are remarkable in the way they cope with the knowledge of their mortality.

    Two little jokes on the subject.
    French actor Maurice Chevalier once remarked, ‘I hate the idea of growing old, untill I consider the alternative’.

    The second might have come from the Irish commedian Dave Allen, I do not remember. We will suppose it was Allen.
    Allen asks an Irishman, ‘If you had just one wish that you knew would be granted, what would it be’?
    Irishman, ‘I would wish to know the exact spot where I will be when I die’.
    Allen, ‘Why would you want to know that’?
    Irishman, ‘I’d never go near the place’.

  99. Very entertaining discussion!

    For me to be associated with anything “politically correct” is either hilarious, or defamatory.

    For anything I post to be taken seriously is merely hilarious.

    Keep us the good work!

  100. I want some intellectual stimulation as well. (Kittylitter).

    Well that rules me out!

    And thanks to all those Blogocrats who have passed on their best wishes over my father’s passing. You are a special mob.

    As they say, life still goes on. But there’s just a part of it missing.

  101. PS – how ironic! The theme of this blog has been death, and look what happens.

    Can I suggest that we have a blog about winning Power Ball.

  102. Hello TB, I dread to think what my 84 year old mum is doing this Christmas down in Melbourne. Her first Christmas without Dad. She didn’t want to come up here but I should imagine that one particular cousin has invited her around (I’m an only child), but knowing her she’ll probably knock back the invitation. I’ll have to rally the troups and make certain each of the kids phones their Nana. I’ve sent photos and knitting patterns and am going to send her a potted orchid (she who has consistently told me for the last decade or so that she doesn’t want anything for Christmas), so hopefully this will tide her over.

  103. Miglo, one thing that struck me was how your Dad managed to hang on until you got there. Likewise with my father. He was supposed to have departed 2 weeks earlier but waited until each grandchild had visited (which included organising time off work and flying down from Cairns and Brisbane to Melbourne), then 2 days after Jeff’s marathon flight back from Karrartha, decided that it was time.

  104. By Gee joni, it’s lucky that this ‘lady’ wasn’t within my sights or else she would have had Min to content with.

  105. I think Aldous Huxley had the right idea… better dying through chemistry (see his deathbed request – which was granted)

  106. Hopeless days of man, Adrian Faulton, lost in prison system
    While I do not agree with all the conclusions of the author of this piece, Natasha Robinson | December 20, 2008 , I find it strange that we tolerate the poor performance of our elected officials when it comes to the welfare of people like this man & the mentally ill. I blame PC policies that led to this situation. The previous system was seriously flawed but then we have not scrapped our hospitals though they are seriously flawed also.

  107. Interesting link Dave Bath.

    I’m surprised to read that they had his ashes cremated. I thought they would’ve had them ground up into small square piece of paper which a picture of a strawberry on it!


  108. Speaking of fridge faces…the botox has kicked in and my eyes are much more open, kind of the staring into headlights look and I can do the evil Jack Nicholson thing with my eyebrows!

    I don’t think I’ll let it happen again though.

  109. 106. Carlyle | December 20, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Hopeless days of man, Adrian Faulton, lost in prison system
    While I do not agree with all the conclusions of the author of this piece, Natasha Robinson | December 20, 2008 , I find it strange that we tolerate the poor performance of our elected officials when it comes to the welfare of people like this man & the mentally ill. I blame PC policies that led to this situation.

    Very telling that under the previous federal supposedly non-PC government when mentally handicapped people like Cornelia Rau and several others were lost in their system and treated abysmally there was not a peep of criticism about PC from you. Change of government, and bingo everything is the fault of PC and a soft approach with the previous “flawed” according to you system being better.

    And what the hell has flawed hospital systems got to do with flawed criminal systems? They cannot be equated as they are flawed and viable in totally different ways for different reasons, and the hospital system has been changed many times and flawed hospitals and health systems have been scrapped, just ask Jeff Kennett who scrapped some and introduced a new model.

  110. Min, if you are out there…finally caught up with swamprat at The Australian blogs and we exchanged seasons greetings…he has not been that well lately and I suggested that he go to Jack’s and if he does I will get him over here.

    I like swampy’s outlook on things and he would be a good addition to the mix.

  111. Is anyone else here having troubles with their avatar???

    I have the logo as mine but the bat and legs keeps popping up here instead.

    Any suggestions why this occurs, joni?

  112. Worth reading:

    (No School Left Unsold
    Arne Duncan’s Privatization Agenda

  113. I’ve just been over and had a look at Shoe-orrism.

    I think the chances of dying of old age while reading a John McPh post have greatly increased.

  114. I’ve been posting at Andrew Bolt’s site lately…promoting that other thingy and I have come to the conclusion that if politics was taken completely out of the equation, I believe there would be a cohesive move to adapt to future challenges.

    Just an observation.

  115. I think the poor boy must have rabies. Does not contribute anything or offer constructive ideas or introduce new topics for debate. Too weak to cock his leg. Just snarls & froths at the mouth. How utterly inadequate.

  116. 116. Carlyle

    Who are you talking about, C? (We have a few of ’em, around here – “poor boy” – narrows it down a bit) – BTW your post falls into line with your complaint???? (eg constructive ideas, introduce new topics)

  117. At last we seem to have a worthy cricket opponent. Congrats to the Proteas.

  118. Maybe the loss will invigorate my waning interest, Carlyle.

    I have a hunch that Haydos will retire after the SCG test…hopefully in style.

    I’ve got the thigh pad that he destroyed in the Sydney test in 2003 after he smashed the change room door…shall be donating it to the Jane McGrath Foundation in the near future.

  119. I have an old cricket match on reel, there are three games on it. I also have the harbour bridge being built (55 mins in total).

  120. Hexx, that reel on the Harbour Bridge construction would be very interesting…a piece of history.

  121. 120. aquanut

    I have the Hornibrook Highway being constructed from beginning to end on Super 8 (including Joh Bjelke Petersons official opening – 20 mins) 😉

  122. Gee, now Joh’s opening and all I have got is a ripped up stinky thigh pad that I will giving away!

    Oh well…who knows?

  123. aquanut, I have a souvenired card that my father was given when he attended the opening of the Harbour Bridge. At the fifty year anniversary, I was amongst the flotilla of vessels that sailed under the bridge. Unforgettable.
    TB from a couple of comments you have made, you must have a wonderful library of film. I hope you have been able to make digital copies. You too aquanut.
    Scaper, that would be an excellent gesture & yes it can only add fresh interest if Australia has serious competition.
    My memories of cricket test matches go back to the 40s, crouching over the cabinet of a short-wave wireless in the early hours, by the light of kerosene lamps, listening to the tests at Lords. In those days the Boxing Day tests were against the English. Unfortunately the rise of football in England seems to have lead to a decline in their cricketing prowess. I hope that situation is not permanent.

  124. I was told i wasnt aloud to leave the state with it. The only way i could get the museum off my back was to tell them it burnt down with the garage. It also came with a mortor shell which has ingraving on it in a wierd style unreadable to me. The best thing i have is the chinese coins . I nearly brought them down to you once carlyle back on Tims blog days.

  125. Ah aquanut. The penny has just dropped. There was me enthusiastically talking to you about mining & bad air, not realising you were talking about diving. Cheers.

  126. 124. Carlyle

    As you may recall I bought a HD camera a few months ago and I shall copy all my Super 8 next year (the older you get the more precious memories become)…

    …still have my projector (obviously, to copy) the g/kids love watching their mums and dads…

  127. Well the places i go and pop my head up in shafts it was still handy advice Carlyle.

    TB you have your own projector, thats great. I wish i had one of my own. I use to work at roseville cinema in sydney and late nights watching my film was ok.

  128. Got a full face mask.Talk about luxury, it has voice system,valve system for ear pressure, unbreakable glass and a built in tourch and laser(wow dose this thing play pac-man too).
    It was bought for me from the usa navy diver assoc for the work i did overseas months after the tsunumi to recover as many people as possible.
    This is a big thing for a person like myself to be noticed by the best in the ocean.
    I should feel like a man for a week after this. Arrr
    #trust me to post this under fiction books.

  129. 127. TB Queensland I started digetising my old famly videos about a year ago. I was an early enthuiast in the field & had a camera with twenty metres of coax back to the recorder. In those days your camera was not independent of the recorder. I had a Honewell 12V to 240V genemotor that connected to my car battery & powered the system, including a colour TV set I had to carry as a monitor, allowing me to film in the bush long before portable battery powered recorders & cameras were available. No built in screens in the cameras in those days. My old videos are mostly still good though with the wine of the genemotor on the soundtrack. A lot of them need more sophisticated playback equipment than I have. You can get a system with TBC, Time Based Correction, that takes the flicker & colour wash outs out of old stretched video tape. One day I’ll get the gear & retire to finish the project I hope.

  130. Aquanut, I consider I have lead a fairly adventurous life, but nothing like the things you have done. Why wouldn’t you feel proud to be recognized by your peers. There was an interesting show on TV recently re diver training for the Australian navy. I was thinking of you as I watched it.

  131. Yeah there is a short stubby bloke there that will train you till passing out is a pleasure I was his dive con so i did this training every second day. These days there is safety involved which is a good thing but people require more equipment to achieve the same results.
    I am proud Carlyle its just that it was the hardest job i ever did in terms of dealing with it afterwards.

  132. scaper I believe it was you who said the FHOG part of Rudd’s financial rescue package should go to housing for the poor, seems Rudd has gone one better. For the first time in many decades we have a PM looking at this problem seriously.

    How about $400 million for more housing for the homeless scaper, it’s gotta be a good start?

  133. 132. aquanut : I do not know how I would cope with that either. Not well I suspect. I hope you have some good mates, even though they could never fully understand.

  134. Adrian, I believe this will be money well spent.

    Here is an article by George that is spot on in my opinion.,25197,24831999-5013404,00.html

    Knowing what was ahead of us I thought the tax cuts dealt out at the last budget was not a wise decision but they locked themselves into this but I will not be holding my breath for the next one.

    I would gladly not get a tax cut, I would be will to take a tax increase if this was to solve the housing and services problem.

  135. More good stuff scaper. I just heard on ABC Breakfast News that Rudd has already flagged more will be needed and he will give it.

    I like the way he is doing this, looking at preventative, solution and then follow up.

    That is one thing that has impressed me about Rudd is his emphasis on preventative first in most things and then putting in a follow up and review program. Such a pleasant change from the previous government’s deliberate reactive stance, but only reactive when something became so bad it made headlines or became a vote loser/winner.

  136. I see the report on the Haneef case is being released.

    “Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has had the report for a month.”

    Why wait so long to release this…or is there intent to get it under the radar on the week of Xmas??

  137. “Why wait so long to release this…”

    There was a court case in Britain that needed to be finalised.

    “LONDON – A doctor who led failed car bomb attacks in Britain in revenge for U.S.-led military action in his family’s native Iraq was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison”

  138. scaper,

    It is going to be a very interesting report, and I wonder if Kelty will, or should, survive. And I am sure that we will be revisiting some famous quotes from blogocracy, especially where some were saying that he should remain locked up due to his “questionable character”.

  139. It seems that the culture of greed is well and alive in the US banking sector!

    Bailed out bank bosses lavished with bonuses…same old, same old.

  140. Condolences miglo, sorry to hear about your dad mate.

  141. As pertaining to the thread “topic”…

    When I die I’m sure it will be dramatic as I am cast into the inferno, with all of those fellow faithless doubters of the One True God, during the rapture as the repenting hypocrites are elevated towards divinity & Nirvana. Mr. Bidgood assures me that my time is near.

    Or, conversely, & much more likely…I will rot.

    In my sleep with peace of mind would be ideal, but the luxury of dying a peaceful death at home is denied to all but a lucky few.

  142. Not trying to reopen a can of worms here…BUT, I must say…

    scaper’s (schizoid) comment@49 is selfish & unnecessary, & more than a little patronising.

    All of his comments after 49 seem “normal” & balanced…WTF is up with that?!

  143. scaper… | December 22, 2008 at 9:12 am. Scaper, Senator McClelland decided not to release the report on Haneef until the Glasgow bomb decision was handed down by the British court. The trial lasted for 9 weeks and one has to be very careful about issuing information during the course of a trial.

  144. “apparently another poster is accused of being drunk because he posted a passionate comment”

    Yes, it was incredibly rude of Tom to make that comment about my post wasn’t it? Seems he didn’t appreciate it when the insult was returned though, funny that, another who can dish it but doesn;t like it dished out in rerturn.

  145. Was he not sentenced last week Min?

    I think the government held back because they want release to coincide with the announcement of the new oversight measures which is a very good idea in my opinion.,25197,24832002-601,00.html

  146. Huh – “Yes, it was incredibly rude of Tom to make that comment about my post wasn’t it? Seems he didn’t appreciate it when the insult was returned though, funny that, another who can dish it but doesn;t like it dished out in rerturn.”

    I must have missed the insults. Are you referring to something I posted? Which one? I don’t recall having insulted you recently, despite you being entitled to a dose.

    Are you mistaken again?

  147. Met a guy out at sea today, here i am few klms out to sea and this square buoy goes passed me while i was floating. I let the air out the vest and went down to see what this was. I found it was a guy who dose snuba at 7 meters. I thought wow another crazy diver until i found out he wanted help getting back to shore and frightened wasnt the word, more like he was scared sh*tless poor bloke.
    He was lucky i was on the surface.

  148. Meanwhile back at the batcave, that big elephant dog screwed my dog and she is pregnant. The chickens are bi-sexual they hump each other and try to crow in the morning.
    Life just dosnt get any better then this.

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