Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!

The place where we get to talk about anything and everything – now with seasonal festivities and good will to all blokes n’ sheilas.

And of course this week’s Midweek Mayhem is an extra special one cos we get to announce the esteemed winner of our highly unpopular “Make up your own Crap Christmas Carol” competition!!

The entries are in, and as usual the quality ranged from pretty f**kin’ ordinary to absolute Shite!

Despite the attractive prize of the extraordinarily rare and highly sought after CD “The Stars of Country!”

Competition was fierce and there was bitter debate between the team of judges – me and two bottles of Coonawarra shiraz.

However, as with any competition there can only be one winner, so it gives me great pleasure to award the winner of this year’s “Crap Carol Competition” to……

(drum roll please)…


For his rendition of “So this is Christmas, the war is over” (or something like that)

Well done Walrus!!  Can you please send me your postal address ito smcm88@yahoo.com n order that you may receive your well-deserved prize!

Walrus’s winning entry

Sung to the tune of “So this is Christmas (the War is Over)”

So this is Christmas
And it’s not been much fun
Another Debt Rollover
A rights issue just begun

And so this is Christmas
With bankers on the run
Buy beer and gold shares
Sell Rio cause they’re bung

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Kerry Packers young son
Might need to sell the Lear

And so this is Christmas
An ABC upgrade is wrong
Eddie’s rich but the kiddies
Join the rest of the throng

And so Happy Christmas
Freddie Mac and Fannie
Your debts are like Wow
But its all shite now
And I cant see any beer

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
With bankers on the run
But we have some beer

And so sub prime is like Tetanus
To have it is no fun
As another Lear flies over
On the Washington run

And so Happy Christmas
Its because Hummers weigh a ton
I fear a margin call has just begun
Time to fold and be gone

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
With bankers on the run
But we have some beer

War is over if you want it
War is over now


90 Responses

  1. BASTARDS…………………………..!

  2. Excusez moi. I thought that I had won it ‘cos I’m Carol. You mean Walrus wins just ‘cos he came up with something clever.

    Crap Carol competition..that’s ok, I can cope. If Joni can cope, then I can cope.

    Hugs Min aka Carol

  3. There are a few here who want to add their name to this list; the others will no doubt write them down so they’ll know who’s responsible when all the polar bears are dead:


  4. Our gracious winner has kindly donated the prize back to the Blogocrats Museum located in Hobart Tasmania.

    The prize itself will form the first exhibit seen by visitors on entry to the Museum when it opens.

    Reb thanks the winner for his/her generosity.

    Understandably the winner wishes to remain anonymous……………….!

  5. Why does Chris Pyne remind me of Batman Returns? (citation Sky News). No doubt due to a full day at the Tweed mall.

  6. Just back from the GP, and the news is all good. The holes in my shoulder are healing perfectly, and the range of motion etc is great for so soon after the operation.

    joni 🙂

  7. So Joni, shoe throwing is not entirely ruled out.

  8. Good for you, joni.

    It won’t be long before you are swinging nude off the chandelier.

    I’m sure Reb will elaborate on my comment.

  9. I think shoes might be a bit big at the moment, but I think I could manage to fling a thong or two.

  10. Good news, joni

    All I can say about the Chrismas Carol Comp is – whew!

    Well Done – IATW – something to hang on the Chrissy Tree! 😆

  11. Your undies???

  12. In the new year I’m going to sack Telstra Bigpond as my broadband supplier. Any suggestions as to a better one?

  13. I use Pacnet, and I must say that there technical service and reliability is excellent.

  14. And, James, I’m about to flick the current e-mail delivery system, i.e. OE.
    I shall welcome suggestions for a superior e-mail system provider.

  15. Just sitting here listening to Dark Side of the Moon in glorious 5.1 Surround sound on the SACD version. Any other blogocrats use SACD’s or DVD Audio’s?

    In my (small) collection I have:

    Pet Sound – Beach Boys (DVDA)
    Avalon – Roxy Music (SACD)
    Automatic for the People (DVDA)

    And I am still waiting waiting waiting for Wish You Were Here on SACD, which allegedly is still in the pipeline.

  16. No-one else runs a cable past my house – but then I’ve never had any trouble with Telstra – never changed…(sorry originally I was on dial up with some mob whose name escapes me)…

    ..having said that, more cable opportunity might be good for competitive prices…

  17. No-one else runs a cable past my house

    16. TB Queensland | December 17, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    After winning thaaaat prize…………..I’d be quite happy if someone just ran a rope past my house……!

  18. Yes Joni I have the Pink Floyd 30th Anniversary SACD version of DSOTM, and many other SACDs, mainly re-release of Rolling Stones classic early albums. Great sound.

    There is a website naming album titles which are allegedly soon to be released in SACD. I shall find for you and pass on.

  19. Joni when you were drunk the other night you promised me an arm wrestle over the rights of your vehicle. Hope your a man of your word.

    Glad things are getting better for you joni.

  20. I use Telstra and have (to my great surprise) actually found them to be quite good. Previous supplier was Dodo so the bar was set pretty low I admit, but still – I can’t complain.

    Microsoft IE on the other hand …

    (you will all be pleased to know that I have Google Chrome at home and Firefox at work (because the work firewall keeps blocking the Chrome installation) so there shouldn’t be any more outbursts of expletives and (hopefully) less half completed posts.

  21. Bizarre – the built in spell checker on Google Chrome actually shows up the word ‘Google’ as being spelt incorrectly – options are:
    Goggle; and (my personal favourite)
    Go ogle


  22. Vehicle?? I just use a big blue Mercedes chauffeured vehicle as my transport?

    And me drunk? Never!

  23. Isn’t it interesting that the Premier of Queensland is using botox?

    It must be something about that state that causes residents to want to inject poison into their collective noggins.

    I say – use more of it, inject it through the skull, cause paralysis in a few extra functions in the head region. Do the country a favour, make it compulsory for Queenslanders.

  24. Tom,

    (at the risk of upsetting some here) What makes you think it is not compulsory? 😉

  25. It must be something about that state that causes residents to want to inject poison into their collective noggins.

    They are happy to poison their noggins, but don’t dare suggest the ‘high risk’ poison flouride be added to the water to save their teeth (worst dental decay in Australia). The debate is ever ongoing, a strong lobby against it. I mean they are only five decades behind the rest of Australia. Gives a whole new meaning to Queenslanders being “different”.

  26. I see Mimi McPherson has declared herself bankrupt.

    Must be time for her to try out again for Australia’s Funniest Home Videos………………………………….with one of her boyfriends of course.

  27. Walrus, do you mean her solo act video…”Friggin in the Riggin?”

  28. Yes scaper that’s the one…………..Hehehehehehehehehehehe !

  29. 25. kittylitter You Dared ….

    Re flouride – to be effective it has to be applied directly to teeth. If it is ingested there is a higher risk of bone disease.

    My personal objection is having anything “added” to my food or water that I have to remove myself – luckily we have always boiled and filtered (via a Royal Daulton filter fitted to our pottery jar) our water and that will “apparently” remove most of the bloody stuff – if parents (and adults) want to take flouride in whatever form that’s fine – what will they put in the water supply next year – thalidomide – agent orange – DDT (these were all considered “safe” products at one time…

    BTW our children had flouride treatment and flouride tablets (we were unaware of possible bone issues at the time)

    Some mob wants to put a chemical into our bread supply to help mothers to be – the chemical can be taken orally in tablet form – why foist it on me…I have no intention of birthing!

    Next I’ll have to go to church on Sunday because the majority do…(well they don’t actually but you know what I mean…

    Its like this bloody aspartame being added to everything to make it “sugar free” …another chemical to add to the list of future possible carcinogens…

    Surely I’m entitled to clean natural air and water?

  30. TB,

    Do you want “the stars of country CD?” seeing as that miserable ungrateful sod Walrus decided to dis-own it?

  31. Hey…………………I donated it to the Museum

  32. Although if I could swap it for Mimi’s latest video I’d be interested !

  33. So we can generalise about Queenslanders – poison their foreheads to prevent display of emotion, bad teeth, and vote for politicians like Pauline Hanson & Russ Hinze

    Obviously the inclination to poison their heads is affecting their brains.

  34. Tom, Tom – I’m not Jerry, y’know…

    reb, has IATW refused his prize? An immediate ban for a week, nay a month, I say – to the stocks, ungrateful serf (typical of a rich bean counters) people have far to much these days to demonstrate decent thanks…why enter the comp at all?

    …and then to offer it to me because IATW refused – how churlish…ttttttttt!

  35. TB,

    In the rest of Australia, tooth decay levels have become much lower since the introduction of fluoride in the water. It seems to me that the fluoride at the those levels has in fact helped fight tooth decay.

  36. I agree Alastair, I think that Australia severely underestimates the health problems and social problems associated with tooth decay. My crew who grew up in Victoria and are now age 31, 28 and 24 and have 5 very small fillings between them. This compares with their peers many of whom now have false teeth, that is if they can afford them.

  37. FFS! Does anyone want this “Stars of Country” CD?



  38. Reb,

    Can you rip one of the tracks and put it on youtube? We can then have it as our theme song.

  39. joni,

    Howabout “Bonanza?”

    On another note look at this.

    Who would’ve guessed – David Marr (explains his toffy accent I suppose) and Fran “sensible shoes” Kelly.


  40. FFS! Does anyone want this “Stars of Country” CD?

    37. reb | December 18, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    I’d prefer a good old dose of leprosy !

  41. Bonanza???

    A pain in the bum.

    Music break.


  42. I have been to Bonanza on the banks of Lake Tahoe. Absolutely fantastic. All day I kept singing the theme song… and I guess I will now be for the rest of the day.

    But we couldn’t possibly have Bonanza as our theme song – as Sparta points out that we all hate all Americans?!?

  43. ANNA Bligh is under pressure from one of Queensland’s most influential and controversial indigenous leaders to dump her Government’s anti-uranium stance.

  44. Failed Link
    ANNA Bligh is under pressure from one of Queensland’s most influential and controversial indigenous leaders to dump her Government’s anti-uranium stance.

  45. Bonanza? Duffers. That’s the theme from Rawhide..remember Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates..whoops too young?? The theme from Bonanza is at: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=kA-PdP4k4Xw&NR=1 The original theme didn’t have lyrics, but this one is by Lorne Green aka Ben Cartright.

    Rawhide as a theme song might work???

  46. Carlyle, this keep it in the ground policy can not last for ever…there are a lot of nuclear power stations in the world and if they get short of supply then they will eventually invade and dig the stuff up themselves.

    I will be supporting the opposition at the next state election due to the born to rule attitude by Bligh…Murrandoo has every right to request a meeting with Bligh as she works for us and to dismiss this just shows her disregard for that fact.

    I hope she gets flogged badly enough to affect her aspirations to go into federal politics as she is being groomed for this move.

  47. Sorry Reb..I don’t have CDs. It’s all on 78’s and 45’s.

  48. Beats the rolls for my old piano Min 🙂

  49. 45. Min Rawhide as a theme song might work???

    Min, that could be seen as a “raunchy” by some of the posters here..? Or were you just being tongue in cheek, so to speak?

  50. TB, I will be in your neck of the woods tomorrow…got any beer in the fridge?

  51. 50. scaper

    Always, mate! I’m retired remember!

  52. Oh! and if you pop in, only $4.00 a stubby (just leave it on the fridge, as my old man used to say…) 😆 😆

  53. I’ll email you later my phone number…should be up there just before lunch.

  54. Hey, Gran (Min) how’s the new baby?

  55. NORTHERN parts of the Great Barrier Reef is likely to suffer severe coral bleaching this summer, the conservation group WWF Australia warns.
    “The bleaching, predicted to occur between now and February, could have a devastating impact on coral reef ecosystems, killing coral and destroying food chains,” Mr Leck said.
    These prophets only have to fluke it right occasionally. They cannot lose. If they are wrong, the media forgets about it & the prophets sure do not remind them. Now & then, they will be right. Natural events eventually recur. When they are right, wow, “I told you so”.

  56. Carlyle, coral can not live for ever, it is the cycle of nature.


    This must because of CC too!

  57. Hello TB…the new baby is absolutely gorgeous. At only a week old, she is already focussing and turning her head towards sounds and when up on your shoulder can turn her head. Has strong likes and dislikes…had better quit or else I will go on for ever and ever and ever ;-)) Have got a dollar jar to save up for another trip up to Cairns..asap..missing the kids already.

  58. 57. Min

    Lovely! I have a pet theory that each generation is just a smidgen quicker, smarter than the last seems its holding up in the Min clan!

    BTW I know exactly how you feel, our third grandson was born in Townsville Hospital (his father was stationed there) we took every opportunity to visit…business, friends’ birthdays, Christmas – our son was deployed to E Timor (September) just after we had arranged Christmas in Townsville in 1999 – sad but glad to be there……they now live at 46 up the road from us at 35…

    …speaking of deployments where’s the matelot, now?

  59. Hello again TB. Rawhide..well tongue in cheek for want of a better place to put it ;))

    I thoroughly enjoyed scapers find of the Blue’s Bros rendition of Rawhide, but thought to find the Frankie Laine original. A few deceased animal images but I do love Frankie Laine’s lyrical baritone voice. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=pkXN_IKqgDY

  60. TB the matelot is on the Patrol Boats out of Cairns. Anyone watch the tellie show Sea Patrol, this is son steering the RHIB. Not that it’s a rest, but a good break after 2 tours of the Gulf and 2 tours of East Timor including shore patrol with the Federal Police.

    Has now made LS apart from a 2 month course back down to Cerberus early ’09.

  61. 50. scaper… | December 18, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    TB, I will be in your neck of the woods tomorrow…got any beer in the fridge?

    51. TB Queensland | December 18, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    50. scaper

    Always, mate! I’m retired remember!

    Alcohol is a poison – toxic to the body. TB does not ingest poisonous chemicals! Not even for friends or the greater common good.

    The poor, the needy and the uneducated can all go and buy bottled water or flouride pills, that’s how QLD’s public health progresses and why QLD has the rottenest teeth in Australia. I’m glad medicare wasn’t founded upon the same principles.

  62. Just an update on my concerns of Telstra being excluded from the NBN process due to their arrogance…well, my fears could be realised.

    This whole process could be tied up in the courts for years and we will be the losers!


  63. Sun’s Power Hits New Low, May Endanger Earth?

    The so-called Maunder Minimum, a time of low solar activity, lasted from about 1645 to 1715. During this time, access to Greenland was largely cut off by ice, and canals in Holland routinely froze solid, according to NASA.
    Glaciers advanced in the Alps, and sea ice increased so much that no open water flowed around Iceland in the year 1695.
    The latest observations show that the sun is even more mercurial than previous research could have found. “The sun is a variable star after all,” Crooker said.

    Earth Atmosphere “Breathes,” Thanks to Solar Winds

    There is so much that we do not know about the primary engine driving our climate.

  64. Carlyle, have you knowledge of magnetars?

    The only reference that I can find at the moment is here.


    Not the best source of information but if you scroll down to known magnetars I’m sure you can join the dots.

  65. 60. Min

    Frankie certainly has “different” voice (nicely!).

    Congrats to the matelot! Big fan of Patrol Boat…often wonder what the “real” sailors think about it…son and I often have a laugh at some of the “special ops” diggers…but its still an entertaining show…


    61. kittylitter

    Mmmm…claws out tonight, kl? Out of context, adding your own meaning to my words scores no points I’m afraid – if your passionate, fine – I have my opinion – it comes with the turf…unless your trying to be humorous? 😯

    This may give an alternative point of view to flouridation of water:


    By spending $200 million a year the Qld Govt hopes to prevent dental health problems – they would be much better adding flouride to soft drinks, Coke, Pepsi, cordials and bottled water ’cause that’s the problem and that’s what most kids drink! It’s like diet drinks that actually increase the risk of obesity!

    No need to get all twitter & bisted – just make your case nicely…


    53. scaper…

    scaper, have you sent your email yet?

  66. You should get it about now.

  67. Frankie Lane Gunfight at the OK Corral

    The Pigs (A bit of local culture. Git it inter yer)

  68. Scaper 64. I have read about them Scaper. There sure are some powerfull forces out there. A site I visit at least once a day is http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3033063
    There are lots of up to date links to all things scientific. There are several current articles relating to the sun that are interesting.

  69. 67. Carlyle

    Yep, GFAOKC in my movie library, Carlyle! Bert and Kirk!

    The Pigs – definitely Taswegians (I think one looks like, sreb!) – odd though only one head each? Maybe Mexicans?

    Can sing/play good though!

    66. scaper…

    Just arrived…will discuss with The Minister and reply…PS don’t tell, kittylitter, she may get jealous… :mrgreen: (always wanted to use that smiley!) Hehe!

  70. unless your trying to be humorous?

    twitter & bisted – that’s not me.

    Oh, I thought I was very funny TB! 🙂

    …to soft drinks, Coke, Pepsi, cordials and bottled water ’cause that’s the problem and that’s what most kids drink!

    I’m sure they still get to drink some water. I’m told that flouride added to H2O is especially good in early childhood, before the bad soft drink habits develop. Baby’s formula made with flourided H2O is going to prevent tooth decay as the teeth erupt. Besides, even if the cordial is made with flourided water, then it is still has a preventative and maintaining affect, better than cordial without flouride.

    I don’t see how people can be scared of something that has been in use and effective for five decades already, it is perfectly safe.

    Flouride is recommended by:

    * Public Health Association of Australia
    * Australian Medical Association
    * Australian Dental Association
    * World Health Organization
    * FDI World Dental Federation
    * Australian Institute of Environmental Health
    * Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

    Sometimes we just have to bow to the greater good.

  71. Carlyle, the stuff about the tears in the earth’s magnetic field is astounding…especially when the magnetic fields are aligned.

    I will need time to digest this information…thanks for that.

  72. TB..re often wonder what the “real” sailors think about it…

    The real sailors do a lot of the stunt work as actors are not permitted to operate Navy equipment..lucky that they’re not busy hey. Son said that the actors are a good bunch of people but that a lot of it is imaginary especially the fraternising ;).

    Ah well..I do have some odds tastes when it comes to music and I’d be the first to admit it.

    Just a note re dental decay. Apparently one of the worst culprits is bottled water as it is minus minerals. And of course my ‘favourites’, the Health and Energy Drinks which are chokka full of sodium and artificial favorings and colorings. Eg..a parent thinks that they’re doing the healthy thing by not allowing their child coke and cordial but instead provide them with Health/Energy Drinks. A bit like Nutrigrain…wham, pow..Man-Sports Food…and it has the same calorie content as Coca Pops and around the same fibre content.

  73. Hi all. Finally have my PC back after a near death experience.

    The wife, after being introduced to Blogocrats and the subsequent appeal that Blogocrats have to offer, suggested that it would be good to eventually catch up with each other in person.

    How does this sound then? On our first anniversary we could arrange a drink fest, perhaps in Sydney which will be fairly central to a number of us.

    Your thoughts please.

    My dad is still hanging in there, but he had a fall and broke his hip yesterday, and for 91 year olds it usually suggests that the end is near. We are braced for the ultimate.

    I’m with Min that Frankie Laine’s version of Rawhide is without equal. And speaking of Min – all my email addresses were wiped out when the computer hiccuped – could you email me again please so I have your address again?

    One other thing: I had a bottle of Mateus with Chinese the other night. Does it have any alcohol in it?

  74. 55. Carlyle | December 18, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Just like you only have to fluke it every now and again for some cold snaps so you can claim the moral high ground. Or come across some website that appears to justify your stance.

    I see no difference between them and the radical denialists.

  75. Hello Miglo..so pleased to hear from you and especially to know that your Dad is still with us. They did make’em tough, what’s a broken hip, I’m certain that your Dad will choof on.

    You obviously didn’t have enough Mateus..probably you needed at least another bottle.

    Will email straight away..expect a photo of the grandie.

  76. 70. kittylitter

    kittyl, you are still missing my point – it may not be OK long term – did you read my link?

    I worked for James Hardie they knew about asbestosis and its causes long before 1986 (when general use stopped) and governments allowed its use up until last year in motor vehicles – are you concerned about those corporate and government decisions – ’cause I was – a) as a father – my son spent 15 years in the trade – b) as an ex-motor mechanic myself and c) as an OH&S Manager and Consultant for over 20 years…as for your “poor and needy” line – flouride is as cheap as chips! (Gawd knows why it costs $200 million a year!) – the point you should make is that rotten parenting causes rotten teeth – my kids got flouride when we were poor and needy…

    …and if it affects bone degeneration in older people I suppose that is caring and kind…GMAB

    …oh! and my point – what are they going to put into our water next?


    72. Min

    One of my pet bitches with the show was the “emotional” content – thanks (and to the matelot!). The Unit (Ch 7) handles it much better – ie with the wives – and they now have a new female member of The Unit and the role is played well and professionally (so far – wait till the soap opera writers get involved)….

    re dental health and drinks – I can’t find a link but one of the bottled water companies (I think Coca Cola Amatil) actually requested a licence to include flouride (via government) and was refused – apparently bottled water must be “pure” – obviously it doesn’t matter about tap water…? Mmmm

  77. TB – my late father worked for James Hardie too. It was known in those days as Hardie Trading. Dad was a leather worker making conveyor belts.

  78. 77. Min

    This is not meant to be disrespectful but I bet your dad thought they were wonderful at the time – it was a continuing theme as we conducted a screening test (for asbestosis and mesothelioma) every year (two groups every two years) – most of the poor old buggars had no idea how Hardies had used them…

    …I had grown up in Yorkshire as a kid and it reminded me of the stories I had heard of the way coal mine owners had treated the miners – bloody cannon fodder for profit!

    Apologies, Min, don’t want to upset you, I just get bloody angry!

  79. Miglo,

    Hang in there. Your blog friends are thinking of you.

    You resorted to Mateus Rose? A man of your standards? Let me guess a westernised chinese restaurant in the back of nowhere.

    My doctor tells me I’m doing remarkably well at my “cut down on drink” endeavour. Six days and counting, and the blood pressure is down to 89 which, apparently is almost normal.

    So I thought I’d celebrate with a nice bottle of shiraz.

    Fuck it. You only live once.

    And if I followed my doctor’s advice to a tee, I’d be walking around with one of those walking frames.

    Personally, I’d rather be struck by lightning.

    Which brings me to another topic – “How would would you prefer to exit this world?”

    Perhaps a post for tomorrow, work permitting!

  80. Almost the back of nowhere Reb. Country Victoria, actually.

    Nothing decent graced the wine list, and I’m not prepared to pay $30 for a below-average wine that I can get for $12 at a bottlo. The setting was ripe to try a Mateus.

    The food was crap. Needed washing down with a bold red, I pondered at the time.

    The half corona was at least enjoyable.

  81. “How would would you prefer to exit this world?”

    It was always my fear that I’d be shot by a jealous husband.

  82. 69. TB Queensland Yes, bit of a soft spot for those old movies. High Noon with Gary Cooper & The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance with James Stewart are other old favourites.

  83. Back again TB. Hubby came home and expected to be fed. Noo indeed my father did not think that Hardie Trading were wonderful. He lost a finger age 18, no worker’s comp in those days.

    As Dad was a returned serviceman he was able to retire at 60yrs and I believe pointed the rude finger when he walked out the door. He had worked for Hardie’s from prior to WW2 and they treated him like dirt.

  84. Carlyle: I can’t say that I enjoy western movies..maybe How The West Was Won due to the presence of James Stewart. However, that theme from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a great one. For the young’uns http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=vDN4L7cAQf0&feature=related Actually all this stuff is looking better the older I get..which is a bit of a worry.

  85. Carlyle – and TB,

    I grew up watching old westerns, mostly because we didn’t have TV reception out west and had to rely on videos and the local video shop (actually a neighbour who taped stuff off the tele in BH and then rented it out from home).

    My all time favorite is still Rooster Cogburn – one of John Wayne’s last movies which also stared Katherine Hepburn.

    Some of the new ones are pretty good as well. 3:10 toYuma, the Russell Crow/ Christain Bale movie is excellent.

  86. 84. Min |
    Thanks for that clip Min.
    Pity life was not as black or white, right or wrong as those old movies.

  87. 83. Min

    What can I say, Min – good on him (and he’d have to be an ex digger!)

    85. Dave55

    Dave, my ten year old g/son has just discovered JW he watched Rooster! a coupla months ago…

    …gotta go, scaper and scapette have just arrived!!!

  88. TB,

    I would have been about that age when I first saw it as well.

    Say G’day to scaper for me.

  89. AUSTRALIA’S aid agency AusAID has been revealed as one of the biggest donors to the foundation run by former US president Bill Clinton.

    Could someone please explain this for me?

  90. Carlyle

    I am thinking of a thread on that very topic!

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