Sunday Top Five – beers

I know a few of the blogocrats have been wanting the top five to be about beers, so here it is.

And I am in so much pain, anyone suggest some natural remedies?



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  1. anyone suggest some natural remedies?

    Go straight for the drugs joni, did you get some to take home with you after surgery? As strong as you can get and take them, no-one should be a hero when it comes to pain. Get drugged up and sit back and do nothing – rest.

    Cold packs? and NSAID’s (on full stomach, in addition to other analgesia) and my personal favourite, an ouzo and diet coke in a tall glass to help sleep – alcohol is natural isn’t it?

  2. Favourite every day beer: Coopers Sparkling Ale
    Dark Ale: Leffe Brun (Belgian)
    Wheat Beer: Hoegaarden (flavoured using coriander and orange peel)
    Premium Ale: Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale (released only once a year)
    Special Occasion: Chimay Blue (made by trappist monks, but very expensive)

    Favourite beer establishment: Belgian Beer Cafe (at the Bluestone Cafe, RVIB, St kilda Rd, Melbourne).

  3. Mmmmmmmm, beer!

    I find it very hard to choose 5 faves though. My taste in beer seems to ebb & flow depending upon how much of a certain beer I have consumed & the duration (usually in months or years) of the consumption.

    Let’s see, as a poor uni student in the early 90’s I drank anything I could get my hands on…but usually Southwark(Blech, Teh Green Death, before they turned the label to “heritage blue”) or West End(blech, blech, blech). Correct me if I’m wrong but I reckon a carton was only about $20 at the time?
    After uni, as a poor production worker, I drank shiiiiiitloads of VB (BLEEEEECH, Teh Green Death MK2) for years…I don’t know why & even though it’s shameful I think it was the budget low price?
    Graduated to Tooheys Xtra Dry (Blech) & drank way too much of it for way too long.
    Moved back to the country & had a bit of luck selling the house in Adelaide so developed a bit of a taste for Coronas (half-Blech) & drank way too much for way too long, so much so that I’ve had enough of ’em.
    After a holiday in Apollo Bay, got a hankering to drink lots of Cascade Premium Lager…have gone off of it a bit but still like it.
    My current beer of choice, for the last 12 months or so, is Heineken…hands down! Can’t get enough of it.
    Don’t mind some of the boutique stuff from W.A. like Redback & Beez Neez.

    Wild Turkey doesn’t count as beer, but it should because it’s superior.

    ToSY, once upon a time I had a thing for the deadly Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale. I recall scoffing at the %per vol. on the side of the box & wading into it with my brother as if it was normal, “safe” beer; a dozen each.
    Needless to say, I vaguely recall laying prostate on the floorboards in the kitchen, unable to undergo motility, still able to see & incapable of speech.
    Don’t drink much of that stuff these days, I can still taste my incapacitation.

    Good to see that a lot of people seem to like Coopers in its’ various forms, South Australia’s finest; West End can kiss my arse.

  4. “Go straight for the drugs joni, did you get some to take home with you after surgery? As strong as you can get and take them, no-one should be a hero when it comes to pain. Get drugged up and sit back and do nothing – rest.”kittylitter

    I strongly second that joni. The pain of surgery is bound to be worse after 24hrs or so because the heavy stuff they use to put you under has well & truly worn off & your body’s inflamatory responses etc. will be going apeshit. Take the pills, feel better, rest.
    It’s amazing how easy it is to take being able bodied for granted, for those of us not recently under the knife that is.

    I could also suggest “cookies” (MMMMMMMM, Cooookies) as a “natural remedy”, but given the state you live in (NSW) you might be better advised to stay out of trouble; the law down here is a little more forgiving.

    Happy recuperations.

  5. Pain killers, joni…while your body is fighting pain, it can’t use those resources to help you heal…rest lots of water or herbal tea (s#it, did I write that?)


    1. Theakstons Old Peculiar
    2. Hahn Premium (not that other insipid half beer)
    3. Stella Artois (’cause its nice and bitter and I like saying Artois)
    4. Stella (Egypt Export) – brewed from the original, nice drop and in “big” stubbies (like the Theakston)
    5. Guiness (although its technically not a beer but a stout it can’t be left out)
    I love the legend of Guiness and new born babies. Every mother who gives birth in Dublin returns to her room to find a large bottle of Guiness and glasses…stout is full of iron and of course is good for new mum’s and assists in their recovery (JONI, ha ha!) – however, my theory is that’s why the Irish refer to it as mother’s milk…and i have never met an Irish person who doesn’t like the Guiness…

    …HD is perfectly right to draw attention to the extreme quality and value of WT…perhaps we could have a list for favourite spirits?

  6. “i have never met an Irish person who doesn’t like the Guiness…”TB

    There’s something in that methinks.

    Personally, I can’t bring myself to swill on aerated gravy….eeeeww! blech!
    Is it really drunk(en) at room temperature? or is that just a pervading myth about beer consumption in the nether regions of our planet?

  7. Having a WT now, cheers TB.

  8. I am on the drugs from the hospital, but still the pain is there. I suppose I should not b surprised considering that they put some screws into my arms to secure the tendons. Ouch.

    My fav beers:

    1. Leffe Blonde
    2. Hoeagaarden
    3. Sleemans Cream Ale (small Canadian brewery)
    4. Nigerian Lager (Guiness)
    5. the local tap beer wherever I am in the world.

  9. By the way – in my sick twisted way, I asked the surgeon for a copy of the photos that he took when operating, and now I can see inside my shoulder.

    Does that make me a freak?

  10. “Does that make me a freak?”joni

    No, that makes you morbidly curious…along with most of the rest of humanity (who have the stomach to be so).

    I can point you towards some good gore-obsessed muzak to go with your beer & pain, LOL.

  11. HD, me too (with my own soda water straight from the new soda syphon – no salt to destroy the taste!) “clink” (we have too much in common, HD, its getting scary! – although spiders don’t bother me…)


    5. the local tap beer wherever I am in the world.

    YES! I always do this too! Had some awful brews but occasionally some beauties – Warhammer springs to mind (German) nice and Three Monks (Dutch), all the European brewers have their own glasses to enhance the flavour. I ordered the local in Atlanta, Georgia and got Red Brick – it looked like muddy water (probably significant in the Deep South!) and tasted pretty much the same…worst part, they served it in a tall 1/2 litre glass – took ages to drink! He he!

    HD, as for warm ale – some Pommie pubs do but lager is always chilled and the Guiness I was served in Dublin was chilled – the closest to the real Guiness (other than on tap) is the can with the widget. Tip: Never drink beer, ale or lager before Guiness it usually tastes awful – start with the G and you’ll love it! (iT must be “gulped” not sipped – (that’s reserved for our WT, HD, “clink” again…

  12. “we have too much in common, HD, its getting scary! – although spiders don’t bother me”TB

    Spiders don’t phase me, it’s the snakes I have an issue with. Spiders I can stomp on with fearless cowardice.

  13. Spiders don’t bother my wife, either.

    HD, most of the spiders that bother me can be found crawling along walls and ceilings. Would love to see a demo of you stomping on them while doing a backflip.

    Chad could do it.

  14. “Chad could do it”

    LOL, his inflated ego could wither them through walls.

  15. Top beers?

    1. Guiness
    2. Guiness
    3. Guiness
    4. Guiness
    5. Guiness

    By the way, an w@nker that drinks that mexican crap Corona, or castlemaine xxxx should be executed on the spot.

  16. 15. reb


    …if you have to stick a lump of fruit in yer beer to make it taste “nice” – someone has a problem…as for XXXX, its not the beer I drank as a 20 yo, must be the Kiwi influence!

  17. I’m pretty boring when it comes to beer…I mostly drink Crownies but now and then have VB and the only imported beer that I would drink is Tiger Beer as I got a taste for it from my days in Singapore and Malaysia.

  18. It’s all about the Tucher gentlemen!!!!!

    Nothing like a good Hefe!!!!

  19. I wish you a speedy recovery there joni and by all means, bring on the opioids already!!!

  20. 1. Cold out of a tap
    2. Cold out of a fridge
    3. Cold out of an esky

    …as long as it’s beer or the label says it’s beer.

    Sorry only have three favourites.

  21. My Top 6 (because I couldn’t drop any of them off) in no particular order:

    1. Chimay Blue
    2. Cooper Vintage
    3. Tooheys Old
    4. Old Speckled Hen
    5. Gage Road Lager
    6. Harp

    Honourable mentions to Boags Premium and Cascade Premium and Coopers Sparkling and Pale Ales.

    Boags Draught and Carlton Draught being the two best Standard Tap Beers IMO (after ‘Black” of course).

    And I have to agree with reb about Corona (or any of the similar Central and Southern American Beers of a similar style) and XXXX Bitter (I have been known to drink XXXX Gold but only when I’m driving and only because it tastes better than any light beer or other Mid Strength on the market).

  22. Even VB Adrian? Really?

  23. Adrian, surely Southwark must be exluded.

  24. Yes Miglo there are things that are labelled beer that even cold I would only ever taste once and never touch again. Southwark comes under that category, and in deference to our American friend on this blog it also includes nearly all what Americans call beer. Yet strangely as much as I took the piss out of their piss I drank copious amounts of it over the years, getting pissed, pissed off, having the piss taken and pissing it up against the wall.

  25. Adrian,

    Agree wholeheartedly about the American beers. Some of the Micro breweries are doing OK work though and Sam Adams berrs are pretty good. The less said about the rest the better.

  26. All this beer talk is making me thirsty so I just opened a Crownie, poured it into a long iced Crownie glass, had a nice big sip and licked the froth off my top lip…ahhh!

  27. kittylitter | December 14, 2008 at 2:31 pm I thought that I was the only one who drank ouzo and diet coke. The ouzo bit comes from a Greek Macedonian b/f when I was 19yrs old. OUPA OUPA!!

  28. reb

    Well shoot me now. I like Corona 🙂

  29. 20. Adrian of Nowra

    Just remembered you started life as a matelot – didn’t you? That explains it!

  30. Shane@28.

    That’s something that personally, I wouldn’t really have owned up to.

    But if you want to drink something that tastes like Camels’ piss, be my guest.

    Mind you, I haven’t actually drank camels’ piss but I’d hazard a guess that it tastes better than Corona!

    Where’s Miglo, when I need him to introduce some class into this joint??

  31. 27. Min

    Well, I’m in good company then min. I might even have one tonight. Season’s best to you and yours.

    It’s my all time favourite, I might have a fling with other trendy new drinks, but ouzo and diet coke (don’t forget the tall glass, ice please, no straw) is ‘home’, can drink it and never ‘feel’ drunk or sick like I do with over consumption of any other alcohol.

  32. reb

    IIm happy to own up to liking Corona. Its the differences that make people interesting. if we were all the same who would people gossip to and bitch about 🙂

    As for camels piss, can’t tell you what it tastes like. I draw the line at drinking any type of piss.

  33. I used to drink craploads of Mexican Camelpiss. Over time, the aftertaste (which I’d genuinely describe as “urinal full of half-smoked cigarette butts”) got the better of me & I’m well & truly over them.

    As a past transgressor, I’m interested to know, wil Badass of Stunts be hunting me down & ending my blasphemous existence?

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