Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!

G’day an’ haz it ga-in..?

(that’s the best Aussie accent I can do I’m afraid).

Well it’s the end of another working week, and less than two weeks to go until Christmas. How exciting.

The media has been full of more doom and gloom, with a report out today suggesting that the current global financial crisis is now officially worse than the “Great Depression” which I guess means it will now be remembered hence forth as the “mediocre depression”.

Australians love the word “great” don’t we?

We’ve got the “great outdoors,” “the great Australian bight,” “the great aussie meat pie,” “the great southern land.”

Such a marvelous, colourful vocabulary.

By the way, Joni’s in “lmbo” today – having his shoulder attended to by a surgeon.

(Get it – in “limbo”) hee-hee…

I wonder if he’ll have one of those “awake while the operation is happening” experiences. I certainly hope so. Or maybe something like out of that movie “Hostel”….No….No….NO!!!! AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway, pull up a chair, pour yourself an egg nog, and let it all hang out with yer blog family!

This week’s comedy clip is from Ross Sharp!



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  1. A query. What’s this obsession w/ Blagojevich’s hair? Is this “the attack of the chose to be baldies” or something? At least the guy has some freakin’ hair! This idea that guys are like monkeys if they let their hair & beards grow is totally bogus. My wife reckons she’d rather run her hands thru thick hair than over the stubble of someone who looks like they just escaped from prison…or the Neo-Cons military adventures. Bloody short hairs…:) Your time in the limelight is almost over…HAIR is coming!

    That feels better. No naturally bald people or those undergoing medical treatment were hurt in the making of this comment.

  2. “By the way, Joni’s in “lmbo” today – having his shoulder attended to by a surgeon.

    (Get it – in “limbo”) hee-hee…’

    Mmmmmm. might have it you hadn’t spelt ‘limbo’ incorrectly and if you want to get pedantic a shoulder isn’t really a limb, it’s part of the torso.

    Pollynitpick 🙂

    “My wife reckons she’d rather run her hands thru thick hair ”

    Based on your photo she’s probably too scared to say anything else 🙂

  3. State sins a stain

    Good ol’ Denis Shanahan at it again, not letting the real facts get in the way of his having a go at the Labor government and predicting their doom at the next election, this time because of an apparent backlash from NSW voters who are really peeved at their NSW State Labor government.

    There’s certain information Dennis very conveniently leaves out in that short piece. One is that he rightly states Federal Labor’s primary vote has retracted since the last election, but then he doesn’t mention the fact that so has the Federal opposition’s. He also conveniently doesn’t mention the TPP, which he normally jumps on when there is even a decimal point gain to the opposition. So in trying to have us believe Rudd will lose the next election because of the NSW backlash, he misses the latest poll data that has Labor at the same position In relative terms as the last election, 56/44.

    Shanahan also misses the the face to face interviews where as much as the people criticise the State Labor government, a good proportion don’t believe the opposition will do a better job.

  4. “Based on your photo she’s probably too scared to say anything else ”

    lol…I wondered if anyone would pick up on that…well spotted Pollyto.

  5. Adrian,

    You should be pleased Shanahan is engaging in this sort of running commentary on the polls – it means he’s got nothing of substance to whack (federal) Labor with.

  6. True Tony but I really wish he would honestly whack Federal Labor because there are things to genuinely whack them with instead of throwing up red herrings about a State government losing the Federal government an election in two years time.

    And to find out how much genuine stuff there is to criticise and hold Rudd to account for just go to the left wing blogs, they are are certainly not being reticent in doing so. Now if only the right wing media and bloggers had been as diligent when Howard was in power, maybe Howard would still be in power.

  7. Adrian,

    Shanahan’s argument is flawed because of the numbers. The sample size of the poll was 1138 nationwide. It does not state, to my knowledge, the sample size from people in NSW. Obviously that sample size for NSW would be much smaller than the nationwide sample .That would have involved a large margin for error for that state. To have a reasonably accurate poll (within 3 percent margin for error or less) for Federal voting intentions in NSW they’d need to have a much larger sample size (at least 1100) for that state only.

  8. That’s not the way I read it Alastair.

    Here’s the latest piece from Poll Bludger where he states:

    We also have Newspoll’s latest quarterly aggregation of polling broken down by state and age group. The outstanding features is a picture of relative Labor weakness in New South Wales, consistent with the theme that the state government is damaging their brand there.

    PB links to the Possum data but doesn’t mention where Possum states the NSW State data doesn’t give the full story.

    To me it seems sample size was a problem.

  9. Sorry that should read:

    “To me it seems sample size was not a problem.”

  10. geeeeeeeeez. We’re trying to have frolyczom fun and you blokes had to go get all serious and bring up the mad meanderings of Denis ‘We own the polls’ ShamIAm.

    Lighten up lads.

  11. Good point PollyTO.

    Let’s have some fun!

    I’ve just bought Batman on Blu-ray to watch tonight!!! woo-hoo!

  12. My mistake, on closer look it is a compilation of Newspolls from October to November. The combined sample size is probably fine. However, I don’t believe combining different polls over a two-month period could give a reliably accurate idea of federal voting intention in NSW. The NSW breakdown doesn’t even include the latest poll, which is a large surge in support for the Rudd Government. I believe the reporting of the combined polls in NSW is out of date and flawed.

  13. It’s a free world Polly (and I believe a free blog). By the way, don’t eat me because I may have done consecutive posts 😉

  14. “It’s a free world Polly”

    Lighten up Alastair, it was only a joke.

  15. ShamIAm…a classic example!

  16. ahhh good old Dennis, still sitting tense in his chair w/ hands clenched, forehead furrowed w/ intensity, eyes bulging, writing claptrap and willing the unlikely to happen. Remember this?:

    “In the first week of July, Howard equalled Rudd on preferred prime minister for the first time since February. This was a significant achievement for the Liberal strategy and a potential turning point for the campaign. It was apparent Howard had gathered his composure and was back in the game in late April and the rise in his polling had taken a while to reflect the reality and be noted, in part because of the whole notion Labor was going to win.

    The Coalition’s primary vote is still in dire straits but since June the regular ALP advantage in double digits, a peak of 18 points in March, has been reduced to between seven and nine points in the past four Newspoll surveys.

    That’s still cold comfort for the Coalition on the preferred prime minister and primary vote but it is an improvement in both measures. ”

    (Howard can’t lose if he’s seen as a winner, Dennis Shanahan, August 10, 2007
    The Australian)

    Perhaps he should do the daily horoscopes….

  17. Perhaps he should do the daily horoscopes….

    LOL. I just choked on my coffee over that one.

  18. “By the way, don’t eat me because I may have done consecutive posts ”

    Mate, one or two short posts in a row aren’t a problem -If you look at the thread I made that comment on it was dominated by Tracie posting many very long posts one after another.

  19. “Let’s have some fun!”

    I guess I’ll get drunk then. And throw more darts at Dennis & co…:)

    Just kidding…

    yea, I’m looking forward to getting in some BlueRay DVDs too…just wish there were more in the local stores. I’ve made a list…gonna take in all those blockbusters & “in your face” films from 08 the picky critics generally told us to avoid. Sometimes i likes to go a little bit crazy & feed on the empires most crass offerings…then i take a long shower and start watching the small indie & foreign films that came out of the various festivals…just to regain sanity & earnestness…can’t be in the pleasure zone for too long…i might break out in corporate hives….the type that have the faces of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt on them.

    It’s Heroes & Eureka tonite on IQ2. I luv time shifting technology.

  20. “Angelina JUlie” !


  21. Uma Thurman…..

    Mmmmmmmmmm………enough to may a gay boy jump the fence….!

  22. Carol…Caroline???

    One for the patient out of the op.

    Music break.

  23. Ok to keep this light and fun.

    Andrew Robb has just stated the government’s infrastructure stimulus package is welcome but it’s a pity it took them 13 months to do something for infrastructure.

    After cleaning the spray of the mouthful of coffee I had just sipped off my coffee table and fruit bowl I had a real good chuckle. Thanks Andrew for brightening up what had been a dreary day (weather and work wise). Next time you make a joke like that how about a little wry smile so you don’t look so serious like you really mean it.

  24. Now I had to clean the beer off my monitor…thanks for nothing Robb!

  25. 24. Adrian of Nowra

    No, Adrian, this is fun:

    My 39 year old daughter and I took on the five grandkids this afternoon, in the back yard, with water pistols and water bombs – you should see the HD video The Minister took – the giggles, laughs and will to win was incredible…

    …but guess what – no-one actually won – we just had a FUN time…yay!

    …even though my $900 dollar glasses (thank goodness they are toughened and titanium framed) fell out of my pocket and got trampled in the grass…

    …oh! and the drought has broken in Brissy, looks like another storm tonight – Fun, fun , fun, fun, funfunfunfuuun….

  26. Isn’t that what it’s all about TB above all else? Something all these governments and industry people have totally missed in their belief money and the economy are what life is.

    Howard and the US neocons should read that simple post every time the slightest thought of the economy coming ahead of all else jumps into their head.

  27. scaper @23
    The year, 1969, just completed the HSC and with three others loaded into the old man’s beetle headed off for the original ‘schoolies’. Not the Gold Coast of course, rather, a small town in the upper hunter called Merriwa. And guess what was played on the ever reliable Sanyo casette player as we drove through the countryside but, you guessed it, SC.
    Also remember ‘performing’ that song at the Murrrurundi Golf Club with another bloke a few years later. Easy chords and simple tune. (I know ND is not day rigour on this blog but WTH).

    Finally thanks to reb and joni for setting up this blog. Although not a regular contributor I visit every day. Merry Christmas to all (jsut in case).

  28. Yes , Adrian, and we’ve been saying it for along time now – I prefer to live in a society rather than survive in an economy…

    …I know that we all need money to survive (the reason I mentioned $900 glasses) and I know that markets fluctuate – but this boom and bust nonsense was supposed to have been fixed by the “reserve banks’ decades ago…

    ….”good” (sustainable) money and lifestyle takes a lifetime of hard work to develop – I have a great lifestyle (I compared it to the “Darling Buds of May” today) and I have no qualms that I earnt it without hurting other people, what bothers me is people next year swinging to extremes – eg I deserve it, or, I’ll take it, not my fault etc…

    …work ethic is a bit of a worry at the moment in our own family – the baby boomer gen and the X gen are quite concerned about our Y gen…but we’ll sort it…

    …don’t misunderstand, they are good kids but knowledge and experience are great trainers – but awfully expensive sometimes…

  29. handyrab, Merriwa eh?

    I lived about 60K’s from there where I sent my lucerne in the early 80’s…beautiful country.

    Yes, SC reminds me of bygone times…I first got into that song listening on an eight track in a panel van at Cropper Creek.

  30. #Although not a regular contributor I visit every day. Merry Christmas to all (jsut in case).

    Nice to see your around and happy christmas in return.

  31. Hey aqua, small world eh?

    It must be the water in those parts…

  32. TB and Adrian,

    I’ve always believed that “the best things in life are free”

    – feeding the ducks in a park in nice warm day

    – bushwalking in the mist

    – a picnic in the park with friends and family

    – or just quietly reading a book

    Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, never has and never will.

    Oh, and although I might come across as a bitter and twisted old sod (hard to believe I know).

    Here’s to a happy christmas to all!

  33. #29. TB Queensland | December 12, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    …I know that we all need money to survive (the reason I mentioned $900 glasses)

    I know the answer to this but will post anyway.

    If you had thought of it, would the risk of damaging $900 glasses stopped you from having a backyard water fight with the grand kids?

    I have never ever regretted a single damaged mobile, camera, set of sunnies or ruined set of good clothes due to playing with the kids in the family and their friends. My bestest ever memories are made of that and just typing this has bought a smile to my face as so many good memories are triggered.

  34. Yer right you knew the answer!

    family just arriveed for brekkie – The Ministrs B/day

    gotta go!

  35. IS IT JUST ME or …………………………….does that Governor of Illinois trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat look like the classic villain from a cartoon we used to watch when we were all much younger ?????

    What is it with the hair ??????????????????

    Is that a wig or what………….?

    He kinda looks like William Delaney ( movie arch villain from the late 1980’s)

  36. Correction not William Delaney………………….but William Devine !

  37. I meant Devane…………..I give up…………!

  38. Walrus, he looks suspiciously like an aging 70’s porn star..

    (not that there’s anything wrong with that….)

  39. I think it best I report the experience on the open thread…nineteen bloody needles in the forehead and eye areas and got a very strong chemical taste in the back of my throat still!

    It was not Botox but a variation called Dysport I believe and the effects were immediate according to the girls that were watching…the pain was not that bad up top but the ones next to the eyes made me grimace.

    Apparently the full effect takes two to three days so there is a lot more to come and so far I’m rapt…it should last about four months due to my metabolism rate.

  40. The war is over!

    My wife captured the giant spider (she’s not scared of spiders) and it sits harmlessly in a large jar. And how much smaller it looks in captivity.

    Being a bird eating spider, I’m wondering what it survived on in the house over the last two weeks.

    No more looking under chairs, behind doors, behind curtains. I am free to move around the house again.

  41. surgery done
    lots of pain
    having to type lefthaned
    feeling sorry for myself
    thx for the best wishes blogocrats… missed u all

  42. Gawd – its like a bloody hospital ward – oh! BTW mouth healing well had the stitches out last week… hehe sorry guys – althogh yours was self inflicted, scaper! …and we do expect before and after photos!

  43. Joni. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  44. TB, wife inflicted, thank you!

    You and others will see the before and after shots I reckon.

    Just another experience in life.

  45. Wishing you a speedy recovery Joni.

  46. Welcome back joni, now get back to work.

    Scaper, are you telling me that after all those needles, the positive effects only last for four months??

  47. Miglo,

    I’ve heard that those spiders usually travel in squads.

    In fact, there could well be a nest of them somewhere under your house.

    And these nests have been known to growm as large as a small automobile y’know?

    and what happened to daffy duck?

  48. Seriously joni, a big welcome back! And hope you get better soon.

    Despite what the wowsers say, I find that mixing strong pain killers with scotch can swiftly alleviate any feelings of muscular pain.

    …..or any feelings at all for the matter…

    And TB, gargling scotch (or WT in your case) can also alleviate dental pain…


  49. Joni hope you get better quickly. I was thinking of captain hook but i guess it dosnt fit in this case.

    Scaper, so in your next photo you should look about 18yrs old? 🙂

  50. aquanut.

    I’ve tracked down the before and after shots!

    Remember you saw it here first!

  51. 45. scaper

    Wife, manipulated more like – you must have more money than sense as they say in the north of UK (sreb and TB territory!)

    49. reb

    Maa-aate, you are s-ooo, right re WT! The ultimate in medication!

    …and joni, sreb as said for quite a long time now that all your comments are armless – 😆 GWS! 😆

  52. Reb @ 33. back at ya buddy. hope you have a calming christmas.
    Cant wait for the updated shots.

  53. 95,491 hits !!

    Well here’s a PREDICTION! 100,000 hits before Christmas Eve – 24th December 2008!

    …just for the “wankers” who need “proof”…its easy ’cause there’s been an average of 27,000 hits a month – can’t be bothered working out the median ’cause that should be even higher…just a GUT FEELING! 🙄

  54. When i wrote my post i didnt realise you included the link in your comment. Reb the link didnt work for me.

  55. Have I morphed into a metrosexuall.

    Music break.

  56. Take it easy joni.

    Hope the recovery is swift.

  57. Hi TB,

    At the risk of showing my ignorance: what kind of poison potion drink is WT?

  58. 58. Tony of South Yarra

    Wild Turkey Bourbon, ToSY – nectar of the Gods (including me of course 😆 ) I prefer mine with soda and The Miinister has just purchased me my very own soda syphon and sixty CO2 gas bottles for Christmas!

  59. I should have added that every glass I drink is strictly monitored by The Minister for War, Water, Finance and Fun…can get tricky…as I think Miglo will attest…

  60. You think you could let off some of that CO2, TB? It’s pissing rain down here in Melbourne and effing freezing. 😉

  61. ToSY

    Wish I could, not sure about, scaper, he’s on ‘tother side of Brisbane but it is about 66% humidity and in the “office” (old habits die hard) here on the Northside (we’re about 6kms from the coats) and 32 degrees (Celsious, Tom) – must be that AGW kicking in in Brissy and The New Ice Age in Melbourne – easy…BTW wish it would rain here – y’reckon me CO2 bulbs would work?

  62. Coast – effing – coast – I’m about 10m from the effing coats!

  63. 61. Tony of South Yarra | December 13, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    You think you could let off some of that CO2, TB? It’s pissing rain down here in Melbourne and effing freezing.

    What about the poor Russians Tony. For the first time in living memory for many in Moscow, Red Square is a lush verdant sea of green lawn. Apart from a little slush, no snow to be seen and all the Christmas trees they have put up around the area look forlorn with no snow on them.

    Australian and US scientists are just about to set off for their second mission on researching deep ocean corals in the Southern Ocean. This time they have a much more sophisticated and larger rover capable of deeper research and better sample gathering.

    Malaria has now become a problem in the Scandinavian countries as they go on a massive mosquito eradication program. For the first time ever Asian Tiger mosquitoes are being discovered all over these areas. Tiger mosquitoes are a tropical species never seen in cold climates.

    A sea urchin is causing environmental damage and negatively impacting on Tasmania’s rock lobster industry as the urchins denude the sea bottom starving the lobsters. This species of urchin is a tropical species and has never been found in cold waters before.

    Anyway according to the the chief scientist onboard the US research vessel doing the Southern Ocean deep sea coral research, the month long trip should indicate if the southern oceans are warming as deep sea corals are an excellent indicate of ocean climatic turnovers.

  64. For the first time in living memory for many in Moscow, Red Square is a lush verdant sea of green lawn. Apart from a little slush, no snow to be seen and all the Christmas trees they have put up around the area look forlorn with no snow on them.

    Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, Adrian. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll discover the joy of wearing board shorts at Christmas – instead of thermal underwear. = ; ^ )

  65. Reb,

    The duck is on my computer which is in for repair, so I’m on the wife’s PC and she doesn’t have a duck.

    How come computer hard drives die just after the warranty period expires? One of life’s great mysteries (which is not confined to computers) is that things break, break down, bend, warp, dissolve or die within moments of the warranty ending.

    And TB, I know all too well the feeling of having every drink counted by others, as well as fat and sugar levels examined by those who know better than myself.

    I think I preferred the good old days when we didn’t know that such pleasures were bad for us.

    Back to Reb again: my wife – in her first foray into Blogocrats – had a good laugh over your spider squad talk.

    She found it funny. I found it scary.

    I’m wondering if she was laughing over your story or over the knowledge in knowing that I’ll again be living in fear.

  66. I see some contributors are speculating about the effects of botox on men.

    I also really think it is a great thing to share the foibles of our close family members.

    As most will be aware, I’m really in favour of surgical cosmetic enhancement of the male form, surgery improves women too.

    Botox, silicon implants, great ideas, and such a pity it is not covered by medicare. After all, an attractive, socially acceptable appearance is great for health and wellbeing.

    I’d suggest that botox leaves people looking rather mummified. A certain Tutankhamen like complexion, and what is wrong with looking like someone as famous as an Egyptian pharaoh? Nothing at all.

    Huge fake breasts for her. Ironed on, starched looking face for him. A spray on tan for both. Happy, contented families. Nothing wrong with this. Should be more of it.

    By the way, my wife’s parole officer agrees.

  67. “I’m really in favour of surgical cosmetic enhancement of the male form, surgery improves women too. ”

    Tom, I couldn’t agree more. I won’t be satisfied until I’ve achieved that “kelvinator fridge door” appearance of our Nicole.

    Guess that means I’ll need to dye my hair blond too, and walk about pouting at everyone.

    Still, I reckon it’s worth the sacrifice…

  68. oh dear,

    what’s the bet he’s not the only one….,27574,24797672-38198,00.html

  69. I think you should all stop needling, scaper 😉

  70. Hi Adrian,

    May I be so bold as to offer you some light Sunday reading?

    The topic of the first article is explained by the title; the second examines the precautionary principle. Enjoy.

    Just what are falling temperatures evidence of?

    Only a reckless mind could believe in safety first

  71. 67. Miglo | December 13, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    How come computer hard drives die just after the warranty period expires? One of life’s great mysteries (which is not confined to computers) is that things break, break down, bend, warp, dissolve or die within moments of the warranty ending.

    Not a mystery at all Mig.

    After all this time and the millions sold manufacturers know the MBT (meantime between failure) of their hard drives pretty well to a tee. The last thing they are going to do is give a warranty that goes beyond their known MBF.

    This is why vital systems have multiple redundant hard drive arrays and now days can hot swap a failed hard drive with a new one without interruption or loss of data.

    Anyway solid state hard drives are starting to make headway into the market (still expensive and of moderate capacity at the moment). When they become mainstream it will solve one of a computers biggest restrictions, mechanical hard drives prone to regular failure.

  72. Adrian and Miglo,

    Similarly, why can’t they invent a toothbrush that lasts more than 6-8 weeks? Surely it can’t be that difficult to invent one that lasts 6 months or more?

  73. 74. reb

    I thought you would just drop your dentures in a glass with a tablet, reb? 😉

  74. TB @ 75.

    He did that once TB, but the Tooth Fairy took them.

  75. Not much money for the Northern Territory infrastructure…oh well the mining companies have built a railway before and when the time is right, again…I would have preferred it to be built as a federal initiative.

  76. TB@75

    You wotten scoundwel! My secwet is out!!

  77. This is disappointing.,25197,24800763-12377,00.html

    I thought the Australian people still owned a share of this company…oh well.

  78. scaper, Telstra put itself in the position of being excluded, and it was already known it would be dealt out months ago because of its bullying behaviour and right up until recently saying it would not tender at all as a way of intimidating the government.

    Telstra maybe Australian but it certainly doesn’t deserve this contract.

    In another way it’s a good thing as the non-Telstra contractor will have to roll out brand new infrastructure that will be better and more capable than much of the existing stuff Telstra was planning to use.

  79. Back in November we had a thread on the NBN, and how Telstra were reluctant to put in a bid, and how we knew that they would give in. And now Telstra is complaining that they are going to be excluded.

    What a bunch of sooks!

  80. Axia looks good at first reading….

  81. I hope the other tenders have the experience, not to mention the finance behind them to build the new system…don’t want a repeat of ABC somewhere down the track, or do we???

    It seems that Telstra was excluded on a minor technicality, here’s the rub…Telstra sicks the legal beagles onto the department in question which effectively puts a stay on the final decision until all legal avenues are exhausted and I’m sitting here in five years time still waiting for the damn thing to be constructed!!!

    Who loses out in the long run?

    We will see how this pans out.

  82. That Axia link didn’t work in my previous post. The correct URL is,24897,24784096-15306,00.html

    “Axia’s NBN plan ‘faster, cheaper’
    ACCESS to high-speed broadband could be twice as cheap and up to five times faster if little-known Canadian group Axia NetMedia gets its wish to build the federal Government’s $15 billion national broadband network.

    Axia comes to the NBN bidding table as an outsider but one with considerable experience in building next-generation networks and dislodging incumbents.

    Aside from its recent win to build the Singapore NBN, the group has already completed an open-access fibre network to service rural and metropolitan communities in the Canadian province of Alberta.

    It is now building 12 regional networks in French provinces. ”

    Be interesting what the Telstra lawyers can come up with scaper, seeing as they didn’t submit a conforming bid in the first place – I think their own arrogance has got the better of them this time..

  83. You could be right bacchus but there is the law or I should say the interpretation of such that could be used to lever Telstra back into the process…meanwhile nothing gets done.

    Fair…not really…immoral…never stopped them before.

  84. 100,000 by Christmas, hell, 100,000 a week before Christmas.

  85. 100,000 tomorrow. If im right i want an inground pool with spa and rocks.

  86. Well surprise, surprise.,25197,24806005-2702,00.html

    Will Conroy cave in or try to call Telstra’s legal bluff?

    The tactic I would employ would to accept Telstra’s bid then award it to another tender as the final decision rests with the government…this would avoid years of court action that would delay the system being built.

    I see Telstra might just go it alone…that’s all we need…duplication.

  87. Duplication of major infrastructure such as this might not be bad.

    Anyway Telstra has lost every legal fight it’s had with the government, and I don’t see it winning this one. Come on 13 pages as a response to a government complex tender.

    Our company went to six volumes with many sundry documents as well for the complex tender of an eight million dollar government contract we eventually won. Just the initial registration of interest was a 180 page document.

    13 pages on a one million dollar tender would be a joke and Telstra knows it, even if it was just a register of interest as they claim, but for a ten billion dollar major infrastructure project 13 pages is an insult, and thus Telstra haven’t a legal leg to stand on.

    This all harks back to the way the previous government wrongly sold off Telstra. The retail and infrastructure arms should have been split as Labor stridently called for at the time. Chalk up another Howard failure.

  88. I heard the opera house was getting structure damage.
    8 or so years ago we discovered a shaft under the opera house. After removing our gear and doing a search we could see it was used for secret purposes. It was three trucks wide and the lenght was unknown but we walked at least 2 klms before heading back.

    Lanterns, Tools, shoes, shirts and leather weather gear, books,Peddle cars and lots of writting on the wall. We reported it and a day later it was sealed with bricks and cement.

  89. An interesting Opinion piece on Telstra’s tactics re the NBN.

    IMO Telstra have shown supreme arrogance in relation to the tender. They seem to believe that because they were once government owned that means they should receive preferential treatment for their monopoly position forever and anon. In otherwords, their private pofits should be propped up at the expense of Australian communications consumers.

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